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12 Space-Saving Solutions for Tiny Bedrooms

A small bedroom can present big design challenges. When there's a depressingly finite amount of square footage to play with, must-haves like a bed and a dresser can be stubborn in their lack of flexibility. You may think there's no way to make your space feel bigger—short of moving the walls—but that's not necessarily true. With a bit of ingenuity, you can reclaim a surprising amount of real estate in your sleeping space. Here are 12 creative solutions, such as making smart storage choices, incorporating furniture that multitasks, and capitalizing on vertical space, that can turn a tiny retreat into something terrific.

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All the Angles

Can you fit two beds and a seating area in your tiny bedroom? It can be done, with some clever configuring. In this expertly arranged space, a larger bunk is stationed below a narrow twin bunk. By using a smaller mattress up top, the lower bunk can be used as a daybed for seating right up until bedtime.

Alcove Advantage

Slanted walls can create dead space, but tuck a bed into that corner and all of a sudden it just makes sense. Tuck a lamp with a bend in the arm into a nook, and mount pictures just below where the slanting ceiling meets the wall for kid-level decor.

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End to End

For a small bedroom that is also narrow, two beds can look right at home positioned end to end, and if the ceilings are tall enough, four beds is doubly good. Built-in bookcases in all sleeping quarters add storage without sacrificing floor space, and an awkward nook between the beds finds purpose as a play place.

Underbed Storage

Old dresser drawers mounted on casters or sliders present an opportunity for underbed storage. Paint the drawers to match the duvet cover or leave them as-is to offer an interesting counterpoint to the decor scheme.

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Smart Stowaway

Underbed storage is a no-brainer in a tiny room, but you don’t have to settle for containers that slide in among the dust bunnies. Raise things to a new level by opting for a platform bed with storage compartments.

Store Your Decor

When the ho-hum elements of your bedroom become part of the decor, the sheer beauty of your surroundings will distract you from the dearth of space. Architectural details along the back wall add beauty and built-in artwork while creating ledges on which to store books, plants, and other items of interest.

Daydream Believer

You might be inspired to spend more time in a small room if your bed can also serve as a sitting area. Daybeds make your bedroom feel like a place to relax, not just sleep.

Working in Your Sleep

It may not follow the principles of feng shui, but merging your sleeping space with your working space will certainly help you do more with less. You can purchase a work/sleep set, or if you’re feeling industrious, sites like have DIY plans.

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Lofted Play Space

All work and no play—you know the expression. Just as you can create a lofted work station, so too can you create a vertical play space. A climbing station and slide vault over a small seating area leaves space elsewhere in the room for the bed and other essentials. 

Odd Angles

When faced with a tight bedroom with awkward corners, some homeowners would throw in the towel. The blogger at Vintage Revivals, however, chose to rip out a built-in window seat and position the bed boldly beneath the window. Although the bed juts out into the living space, this placement allows for easy access to both sides of the bed and actually makes the room feel bigger and more useable than if the mattress were relegated to the corner. 

Bunkless Beds

No vertical space for a bunk bed? The double-bunk isn’t the only way to squeeze in more than one bed. By placing an extra mattress atop a rolling board, you can create a second sleeping area that slides easily under and out from beneath the bed. 

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Closet Office

Architectural necessity invaded the better part of this closet, but just because it posed an inconvenient spot for storing a wardrobe, doesn’t mean the space had to be without purpose. Here, the homeowner salvaged the inconvenient closet to create a study nook that’s just right for a young learner.