The Best Cooling Blankets for Hot Sleepers

Hot sleepers will benefit from bedding and blankets that encourage air circulation next to the body and wick moisture away. and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.

Best Cooling Blanket


Warm nighttime temps and hot flashes can make it challenging to get a restful night’s sleep, and if you wake up covered in sweat, your bedding might be part of the problem. Fabrics that don’t breathe tend to keep heat and moisture trapped against your skin, which leads to overheating, waking, kicking off the covers, and then getting cold and pulling them back up. This cycle can repeat multiple times throughout the night, leaving you feeling drained and unprepared to face the day.

Cooling blankets are made from select materials and utilize special technology to help keep you dry and comfortable all night long. The best cooling blanket for you will depend on your sleeping preferences. Ahead, learn what to consider when shopping for a cooling blanket, and find out why the following are top choices.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Slumber Cloud Cumulus Comforter
  3. BEST ELECTRIC: BedJet 3 Climate Comfort for Beds
  4. BEST WEIGHTED: Syrinx Weighted Blanket
  5. BEST LIGHTWEIGHT: Kpblis Cooling Bamboo Blanket
  6. BEST FOR TRAVEL: Cocoon CoolMax Blanket
  7. BEST LINEN: Brooklinen Linen Quilt
  8. BEST COTTON: Simple Being Weighted Blanket
  9. BEST COOLING COMFORTER: INGALIK All-Season Cotton Bed Comforter
Best Cooling Blanket


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Cooling Blanket

A cooling blanket should keep you from overheating and sweating and it should be soft on your skin, but there are additional considerations, such as its weight, material type, and how easy it is to clean.

Size and Weight

Cooling blankets come in all sizes, from cozy throws as small as 40 inches by 50 inches to standard bed-size blankets, including crib size, full size, queen, and up to California king. Weights vary widely and include featherlight blankets that weigh just a few ounces to cooling weighted blankets that can weigh up to 20 pounds. Weighted blankets derive their mass from tiny glass beads and are said to offer the sleeper the feeling of being held or hugged. However, they’re not suitable for pregnant women, children under 5 years old, or for anyone who cannot easily move under the weight of a 12- to 30-pound blanket. For the most cooling effect, pair a cooling blanket with cooling sheets, a cooling mattress pad, and a cooling pillow.


Bed blankets, quilts, comforters, bedspreads, and coverlets can help keep you dry and comfortable all night long. Most cooling blankets fall in the “traditional” category, but other options exist.

  • Traditional: This type of cooling blanket features specific fabric types and special weaves that wick moisture away from the body, so you don’t wake up in a pool of sweat. Moisture-wicking and breathability are vital qualities in blankets that don’t promote sweating and heat accumulation.
  • Air cooling: This revolutionary blanket type pairs with a small air conditioner that flows cool air between baffles in the blanket to keep you dry and sweat-free. Only a handful of air-cooling blankets are available.
  • Outlast technology: Developed for NASA, Outlast—a form of temperature-regulating technology—features tiny microencapsulated beads, known as “Thermocules,” that absorb excess heat from your body when you start to overheat and then release the heat when your body temperature drops. Cooling blankets with Outlast technology can help menopausal women who suffer from periodic hot flashes.


Fabrics that breathe and wick away moisture are the most likely to help you sleep comfortably. Lycra, a synthetic fiber that lends stretchiness to fabric, is a significant culprit in trapping sweat against the body. Avoid blankets that contain Lycra, and look for blankets made of the following materials.

  • Cotton: The most popular of all fibers, cotton naturally wicks away sweat as you sleep and encourages air circulation next to your skin.
  • Bamboo: One of the softest fibers around, bamboo wicks moisture away, encourages air circulation, and won’t cling to your skin like some fabrics do.
  • Tencel: Also known as “lyocell,” Tencel is a brand name of material created by a manufacturer of the same name. It features natural cellulosic fibers that offer breathability and softness against the skin.
  • Polyester: The only synthetic fiber on the list, polyester wicks moisture away quickly and when combined with cotton has an even higher level of breathability and softness.
  • Eucalyptus: A natural cellulose fiber, eucalyptus fibers are derived from the eucalyptus tree’s bark and processed to form a super-soft microfiber that feels heavenly against the skin and offers air circulation and wicking properties.
  • Linen: Derived from the flax plant, linen is strong and dries quickly, making it a top choice for cooling fabrics. The downside to linen is that it tends to wrinkle easily, but it remains smoother when blended with other fibers.

Knit vs. Weave

In general, the looser the fabric weave, the less likely the blanket will be able to trap in heat and sweat.

  • Knit: This refers to a fabric created by looping strands of yarn, and it makes a stretchy soft fabric that is cool on the skin as long as its fibers are among those listed above as being cooling.
  • Weave: Woven fabrics are produced on a loom with threads that overlap one another vertically and horizontally. Woven fabrics are cooler when they have a looser weave, such as a percale weave. Sateen weaves create a soft material but feature tighter weaves that are more likely to trap moisture and produce sweating.

Power Source

An electric outlet is necessary for operating air-cooling blankets. The small AC unit sits under the bed, and an air hose runs from the unit to the blanket above to keep a steady stream of cool (not cold) air circulating in the fabric above the sleeper. Air-cooling blankets often come with a heated air feature as well.

Ease of Cleaning

Many cooling blankets can be laundered in cool water and tumbled dry on a low setting. Check the tag on the blanket for additional instructions, such as the need for dry cleaning or line drying.

Our Top Picks

A cooling blanket should be comfortable and made to keep you from getting too hot while you sleep. The following cooling blankets suit a range of preferences and are considered some of the best on the market today.

Best Overall

Best Cooling Blanket Cumulus

Enjoy the soothing coolness of the Slumber Cloud Cumulus Comforter while you rest. As the top pick, this cooling blanket features Outlast technology: tiny microencapsulated beads called Thermocules which offset temperature fluctuations during the night. The Slumber Cloud blanket absorbs excess heat when your body temperature rises and then releases it back to you when your body cools down, so you’ll never get too hot or too cold during the night.

The blanket comes with a 100 percent damask cotton cover filled with patented ClimaDry fiberfill that offers the feeling of a soft down blanket while it regulates heat and wicks away moisture. The quilting on the blanket keeps the fiberfill evenly distributed throughout the blanket. This space-age cooling blanket is easy to care for—wash in the washer and tumble dry on low.

Best Bang For The Buck

Best Cooling Blanket DANGTOP

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get some cooling relief while you sleep. The DANGTOP Ultra-Cool Summer Blanket is lightweight and light on the wallet. Made from cool-to-the-touch bamboo fabric, the blanket will help you sleep better on those hot summer nights when temps can get toasty. It’s also suitable for hot sleepers in air-conditioned rooms.

The DANGTOP cooling blanket is cuddly soft and features an attractively textured weave that makes it look as good as it feels. You can wash the blanket by hand or use your machine’s gentle cycle, and then line dry.

Best Electric

Best Cooling Blanket BedJet3

For the ultimate in climate-controlled sleep, check out the BedJet 3 Climate Comfort for Beds. Instead of relying on fabric or fill for cooling, the BedJet features a mini AC unit that tucks out of sight beneath the bed. You can control the air temperature from your smartphone (Wi-Fi is necessary). A lightweight vacuum hose connects the BedJet to a special ventilated Cloud Sheet (sold separately). It circulates cool air through baffles in the sheet, keeping you cool, dry, and sweat-free.

The BedJet can also produce heat when desired, and the temperature of each side of the bed can be adjusted to suit the individual needs of two sleepers. Because this blanket produces cool air, you may want to turn your home’s air conditioner to a higher temperature to save on whole-house cooling bills.

Best Weighted

Best Cooling Blanket Syrinx

Enjoy the comforting feeling of a weighted blanket without waking up in a sweat with the Syrinx Weighted Cooling Blanket. It features a breathable 100 percent cotton shell and interior layers of soft fiberfill and tiny glass beads to give the blanket weight, from 5 to 25 pounds. The quilting pattern keeps the glass beads from shifting within the blanket, and the outer layers muffle the sound.

The blanket should be dry-cleaned or spot wiped for the best results, and if the blanket becomes wet, line drying is preferable to machine drying. This weighted cooling blanket is not intended for use by pregnant women, children under the age of 5, or for users with mobility issues who might find it difficult to move or push the blanket off.

Best Lightweight

Best Cooling Blanket Kpblis

If you prefer a lightweight blanket to a weighted one, check out the Kpblis Cooling Bamboo Blanket. Made from 100 percent bamboo fiber, the blanket is silky smooth on your skin and quickly wicks away moisture that can make you feel hot and sweaty. It features a textured weave that encourages air circulation, and at just 2.6 pounds, it won’t weigh you down.

The Kpblis bamboo blanket is machine washable, but don’t add bleach to the load. Hang it on a line to dry. Its 100 percent bamboo material may shrink slightly in the washer, but the weight of hanging to dry should return it to its original size.

Best For Travel

Best Cooling Blanket Cocoon

The luxurious lightweight Cocoon CoolMax Blanket folds down to a size of 7 inches by 3 inches, so you can stow it in a suitcase, backpack, or carry-on bag when you travel. Made from 100 percent CoolMax material (a patented polyester fabric manufactured by Invista), the blanket wicks away moisture to keep you dry and comfortable.

Weighing in at less than a pound, the CoolMax blanket is super lightweight and silky smooth, and it will help you keep your cool while traveling by train, plane, or car. The blanket can be machine washed on a cool setting, but do not add bleach to the wash cycle. Tumble dry on low.

Best Linen

Best Cooling Blanket Linen

The stonewashed fabric of the Brooklinen Linen Quilt offers a luxuriously soft feel. Featuring 100 percent linen derived from Belgian and French flax, the blanket breathes and wicks away moisture to help you stay dry overnight. It also comes with cooling polyester fill for added air circulation. Each blanket is individually washed and garment-dyed and features a subtle diamond stitching that adds an attractive texture to the surface. Machine wash on the cool cycle, and tumble dry on low.

Best Cotton

Best Cooling Blanket Simple

The nine-layer Simple Being Cotton Cooling Blanket features a breathable 100 percent cotton shell for skin comfort and to wick away moisture, so you stay dry as you sleep. Inner layers contain two polyester linings, four layers of soft polyfill, and a center layer of nontoxic, lead-free glass beads to add some weight (12 pounds) to the blanket.

The added mass mimics the feeling of being hugged and may help produce deep, restful sleep. The Simple Being blanket is machine washable and can be hung on a line to dry.

Best Cooling Comforter

Best Cooling Blanket INGALIK

Designed to slip inside a duvet cover, the INGALIK All-Season Cooling Duvet Insert is made from 100 percent cotton and filled with cooling polyester alternative-down fiberfill to give it loft and substance. While you can insert it into a duvet cover, the comforter features an attractive cross-stripe design that will look just as eye-catching if used on the bed by itself.

The box-stitched quilted panels keep the fiberfill in place, and the comforter can be machine washed on cool and tumbled dry on low.

Best Cooling Throw

Best Cooling Blanket LEISURE

Experience the exquisite softness of fleece in the LEISURE TOWN Cooling Throw Blanket that’s just the right size for snuggling under on a sofa or chair. The throw features 100 percent polyester microfiber for the softest feel, and it’s suitable for home, traveling, or camping. You can machine wash the Leisure Town blanket on the cool cycle and tumble dry on low. Cuddle up with this cozy throw, and stay comfortable without getting hot.

FAQs About Cooling Blankets

If you’re new to shopping for a cooling blanket, you’ll likely have some questions.

Q. How does a cooling blanket work?

Fibers that wick away sweat and increase air circulation help you stay dry as you sleep. Also, some blankets contain temperature-regulating technology to keep you cool.

Q. What is a cooling blanket used for?

A cooling blanket is for anyone who finds it difficult to sleep through the night due to becoming overheated and sweaty, including menopausal women who experience hot flashes and other hot sleepers.

Q. Is there a cooling blanket for hot flashes?

Any cooling blanket will help a person who suffers from hot flashes, but one with temperature-regulating technology may help the most.

Q. Is there a cooling blanket for night sweats?

Any of the blankets in the list of Top Picks is suitable for someone who experiences night sweats.

Q. Is there a cooling blanket for camping?

Camping during hot weather can make for miserable sleeping. Covering up with a cooling blanket or a cooling sheet will help you sleep better instead of lying on (or in) a sleeping bag.

Q. Can you wash a cooling blanket in a washing machine?

Most of the time, yes, but read the cleaning instructions on the tag to make sure the manufacturer doesn’t recommend a specific type of detergent or water temperature.

Q. How long does a cooling blanket last?

Like other blankets, a cooling blanket should last for years.