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You probably know me from TV. For the better part of a half century, as the host of shows like This Old House and Home Again with Bob Vila, I’ve been teaching and inspiring people to upgrade their homes and improve their lives. I learned firsthand about home building from my father, and I’ve written more than a dozen books about remodeling, buying your dream home, and visiting historic homes across America. It’s fair to say that buildings, especially homes, are my life’s work.

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How we test and review products

The Bob Vila Product Reviews team tirelessly researches and tests products to ensure they live up to the hype.

  1. Our team scours the market for best-in-class products.
  2. We do our homework and thoroughly vet popular products.
  3. We’ll test as many as we can get our hands on.
  4. Our unfiltered, honest opinion is what you see on the page.

Meet the Experts

We’re not just here to answer your questions and offer advice. BobVila.com seeks to educate and empower.


Our team of writers and editors are passionate about all things home. We are general contractors, master gardeners, real estate pros, historic preservationists, product testing specialists, and veteran journalists with expertise in everything from design to DIY. Our common bond is the mission of BobVila.com—to simplify, demystify, and chronicle the joys and challenges of homeownership through a commitment to accuracy, clarity, accessibility and good old-fashioned fun.


BobVila.com is the complete toolbox and ultimate resource for inspirational ideas and nitty-gritty know-how. It’s been that way since the site began in 2011. Our goal is to carry forward Bob Vila’s decades-long tradition of helping people maintain and upgrade their homes to live better each day.