Mark Wolfe

Staff Writer


  • Specialties and interests: Gardening, landscaping, and home improvement topics
  • Education: Bachelor of Science in outdoor education from Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin; Georgia certified plant professional, and 20 years in the landscaping and nursery industries
  • Other work: Online contributor for Forbes, HGTV, HappySprout, 21Oak, and WORX Toolshed, and technical editor for the book Trees, Shrubs and Hedges For Your Home (Fox Chapel Publishing, second edition)


Mark Wolfe is a second-career freelance writer based in Georgia and has an extensive background in the horticulture industry. Since 2020, he has contributed numerous gardening and home improvement articles to, along with a variety of consumer product reviews.

Proudest DIY

“My proudest DIY project so far has been planning and building our family’s greenhouse from scratch,” Mark says. “The pole shed–style framework is covered with double-wall polycarbonate glazing, and the floor is gravel. It’s not glamorous, but it’s very functional and we love it.”

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