The Best Battery-Powered Lawn Mowers to Keep Your Yard Looking Beautiful, Tested

Make the switch to a greener yard with a high-performance battery-powered lawn mower.

Best Overall

The Milwaukee M18 Fuel 21" Dual Battery Mower Kit on a white background.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel 21" Dual Battery Mower Kit

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Best Bang for the Buck

The Snapper XD 82V MAX Cordless 21" Self-Propelled Mower on a white background.

Snapper XD 82V MAX Cordless 21" Self-Propelled Mower

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Best Push

The Greenworks Pro 80V 21" Brushless Push Lawn Mower on a white background.

Greenworks Pro 80V 21" Brushless Push Lawn Mower

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Whether you’re switching from gas-powered to green or buying your first cordless electric mower, battery-powered lawn mowers offer many advantages. In addition to being kinder to the environment, they’re also quieter and easier to start than gas-powered mowers. 

These innovative machines use powerful batteries that provide enough juice to mow lawns up to a half acre or larger. They also produce enough torque to cut through tall grass, and many are self-propelled, making them easier to operate. 

We tested the following battery-powered lawn mowers in different grass-growing environments to find out more about their capability, reliability, and overall user comfort. Read on to learn about the important features to consider, how to select the best battery-powered lawn mower for areas ranging from just a few square feet to a couple of acres, and how each mower performed in our hands-on tests. 

  1. BEST OVERALL: Milwaukee M18 Fuel 21″ Dual Battery Mower Kit
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Snapper XD 82V MAX Cordless 21″ Self-Propelled Mower
  3. BEST PUSH: Greenworks Pro 80V 21″ Brushless Push Lawn Mower
  4. BEST SELF-PROPELLED: Ego Power+ 21″ Self-Propelled Lawn Mower
  5. BEST RIDING MOWER: Ego Power+ 42″ Z6 Zero-Turn Riding Mower 
  6. BEST FOR LARGE LAWN: Greenworks 40V 21″ Cordless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower 
  7. BEST FOR SMALL YARD: Worx Nitro 80V 21″ Cordless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower
  8. BEST FOR MULCHING: Ego Power+ 22″ Aluminum Deck Select Cut Lawn Mower 
  9. BEST MANEUVERABILITY: Greenworks 80V 25″ Dual Blade Self-Propelled Mower
A man operating Milwaukee battery-powered lawn mower on a sunny day.
Photo: Debbie Wolfe for Bob Vila

How We Tested the Best Battery-Powered Lawn Mowers

We tested all mowers the same way and captured the results on a testing rubric for comparison. After fully charging the batteries, we used them to mow two different areas: one that had been consistently maintained at the normal mowing height and one that had been neglected and allowed to grow about 10 inches high. Both areas included a mix of flat and moderately sloped ground. As we mowed, we assessed general operator comfort, self-propelled capabilities, mowing power, and finished mowing quality. We mowed until the batteries ran out, recorded the runtime, and measured the area mowed. Finally, we recorded the time required to recharge the depleted batteries.

Because riding mowers offer many more features and control options, we tested the Ego Power+ Z6 over several days with multiple battery configurations. Lawn mower battery life plays such an outsized role in overall performance and customer satisfaction that we wanted to collect results on maintained and overgrown grass for groupings of two, four, and six batteries. The testing criteria and observation points for each test run were virtually the same as those for the other mowers. The great news is that all of these mowers delivered excellent mowing power, good-to-excellent cut quality, and plenty of runtime for real-world applications as shown in the individual reviews.

Testing Stats

  • Products tested: 9
  • Time spent testing: 22 hours
  • Tests performed:
  • Average price: $1,161.66

Our Top Picks

Any of the lawn mowers we tested could be a great choice for residential yard maintenance, but each one comes with its own pros and cons. The individual reviews ahead describe how each model performed in testing and why we consider them among the best battery-powered lawn mowers.

Best Overall

Milwaukee M18 Fuel 21" Dual Battery Mower Kit

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Our Ratings: Power 5/5; Cut Quality 5/5; Maneuverability 4/5; Runtime 4/5; Storability 4/5

Product Specs 

  • Runtime/recharge time: 60 minutes/90 minutes
  • Deck size: 21 inches
  • Mobility: Self-propelled


  • Outstanding torque and blade speed lifts tall grass blades and collects clippings
  • Instant power response overcomes tougher mowing conditions without bogging down
  • Excellent cut quality, whether mulching, discharging, or collecting the clippings
  • Self-propelled variable-speed rear-wheel drive with dual controls
  • Clearly visible LED battery life indicator


  • More expensive than most residential-quality battery-powered lawn mowers
  • Longer wheelbase is less maneuverable in constricted spaces

When Milwaukee Tool set out to design a lawn mower, it targeted professional quality and performance. The M18 Fuel 21-inch self-propelled lawn mower features a rugged steel deck, variable-speed rear-wheel drive, and a powerful motor that drives blade speed up to 3,300 revolutions per minute (rpm) and delivers more torque than a 200 cubic centimeter (cc) gas-powered mower. 

The kit we tested came with two 18-volt (V) 12 amp hour (Ah) rechargeable batteries and a dual charger. The mower uses two battery ports to draw from both batteries simultaneously, achieving 36V of operating power. This configuration allows up to 60 minutes of mowing per charge, and the batteries recharge in 2 hours.

The strong blade motor works well with the deep mowing deck, creating stronger uplift than any other battery electric mower we tested. In “high-lift” mode, it stood the grass blades straight up for a superclean cut after a single pass. It did a great job picking up leaves and debris for the same reason—lots of power and blade speed. It easily packed the bag full of clippings and didn’t leave clumps behind when mulching or discharging.

The above statement, however, applied to “high-lift” mode, which runs the blade at a constant 3,300 rpm. In standard mode, the blade spins at 2,800 rpm and then increases to top speed only when it senses extra-thick grass. The change is immediate. In standard mode, the M18 lawn mower had plenty of cutting force, but bagging was slightly less efficient because the slower blade speed reduced airflow and uplift.

Get the Milwaukee battery-powered lawn mower at Ace Hardware, The Home Depot, or Northern Tool + Equipment.

Best Bang for the Buck

Snapper XD 82V MAX Cordless 21" Self-Propelled Mower

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Our Ratings: Power 4.5/5; Cut Quality 4/5; Maneuverability 4/5; Runtime 4.5/5; Storability 4/5

Product Specs 

  • Runtime/recharge time: 90 minutes/60 minutes (2 batteries)
  • Deck size: 21 inches
  • Mobility: Self-propelled


  • Automatically adjusts to any individual user’s pace 
  • Powerful motor doesn’t bog down in dense grass 
  • Single-lever cutting-height adjustment for user-friendliness 
  • Folds into a compact unit for ease of storage 


  • Less runtime per charge than some competitors
  • StepSense feature feels somewhat “sticky”

The Snapper XD features a variable-speed transmission and design features that accommodate different grass-cutting demands. The StepSense feature automatically adjusts the self-propelled speed to match the user’s walking pace. Load-sensing technology in this model automatically adjusts power output based on the thickness of the grass to provide a clean cut while maximizing energy efficiency. 

The mower’s impressive 21-inch steel cutting deck boasts seven height adjustments that are easily changed from behind the mower with a single lever. The deck can mulch, side discharge, or bag with a capacity of up to 2.1 cubic feet of grass clippings. 

When the yard work is done, this mower folds up conveniently for vertical storage in the garage. The kit includes two 2.0-Ah batteries, which are supposed to provide up to 90 minutes of runtime but in practice only lasted for 60 minutes. They also recharged in about 60 minutes.

In our tests, the Snapper XD traversed all types of terrain and left behind a smooth, even cut on a single pass. It easily powered through overgrown grass and weeds up to 10 inches tall, although extended use in tall weeds reduced runtime by about half. 

We were more impressed by the blade motor’s load responsiveness than by the automated pace-adjustment system. The StepSense feature worked well on relatively flat ground, but on inclines, it felt somewhat sticky or uneven. In overall performance for the price, this mower offers excellent power and runtime to mow about a third of an acre (or 15,000 square feet) per charge.

Get the Snapper battery-powered lawn mower at Amazon.

Best Push

Greenworks Pro 80V 21" Brushless Push Lawn Mower

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Our Ratings: Power 4.5/5; Cut Quality 4/5; Maneuverability 4/5; Runtime 4.5/5; Storability 4/5

Product Specs 

  • Runtime/recharge time: 60 minutes/60 minutes
  • Deck size: 21 inches
  • Mobility: Push


  • One 4.0-Ah battery offers up to 60 minutes of runtime; ideal for both small and large yards 
  • Strong motor delivers powerful cutting performance; ideal for thin and thick grass varieties 
  • Easy-to-use controls integrated into the handle 


  • Included charger only charges 1 battery at a time
  • Not self-propelled; may cause some strain on the user 

Greenworks is known for its advancements in battery technology, and this model includes one 4.0Ah battery that delivers up to 60 minutes of runtime from a full charge, with a recharge time of just 60 minutes. This push mower features a 21-inch-wide mowing deck. Technology that adjusts the motor speed based on load helps to maximize battery life and maintain excellent cut quality. 

Adding to the impressive mowing coverage is a steel deck with seven positions that are easy to adjust with a large handle near the right rear wheel. Its sturdy steel deck adds durability similar to gas-powered models. 

A large start button and easy-to-maneuver speed control mean it can be manipulated with gloved hands. This push mower does not have motorized wheels, which keeps the price low and maximizes battery life for cutting grass. The three-in-one grass clipping capability allows for bagging, mulching, or side discharging, and a foldable handle design facilitates compact storage. 

Although this Greenworks push lawn mower required a bit more effort to move around the yard than the self-propelled mowers, its simplified design made it an extremely capable mower. The powerful motor gave “gaslike” performance. It had no trouble cutting dense, weedy grass up to 10 inches tall and left an excellent finished appearance. In all three mowing modes, including bagging, mulching, and side discharging, the resulting grass cut was perfectly smooth, with no uneven spots or stringy weeds left behind. It had plenty of power to mulch thick grass into virtually invisible clippings. 

The only downside of this mower was that hilly ground reduced the amount of area mowed per charge—not because of demand on the mower, but because the operator’s pace slowed. Everything else considered, we felt that this mower delivered the strongest mowing capability behind only the Milwaukee model, even though we had to push it. And the price was significantly less than the others.

Get the Greenworks 80V battery-powered lawn mower at Amazon or Lowe’s (with two 2.0Ah batteries).

Best Self-Propelled

Ego Power+ 21" Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

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Our Ratings: Power 4.5/5; Cut Quality 4/5; Maneuverability 4.5/5; Runtime 4/5; Storability 4/5 

Product Specs 

  • Runtime/recharge time: 60 minutes/60 minutes
  • Deck size: 21 inches
  • Mobility: Self-propelled, manually adjustable pace


  • Brushless motor provides long-term use and user-friendliness 
  • LED headlights allow for ample visibility or nighttime mowing 
  • Intuitive speed controls offer excellent user-friendliness 


  • Self-propelled motors make excessive noise; may not suit some users’ needs 

Even though the Ego Power+ model has been around for a couple of years, it still warrants strong consideration. It boasts 60 minutes of runtime, thanks to its high-efficiency brushless motor and 56V 7.5Ah battery. With its 21-inch deck and self-propelled wheels, this mower is suitable for yards up to a half acre. The variable-speed self-propel system is easy to adjust with a lever on the handlebar and drives the mower up to 3 miles per hour (mph). This mower also includes LED headlights and a rapid charger that powers up the 7.5Ah battery in just 60 minutes. 

We really liked this mower’s blend of mowing ability, operator comfort, affordability, and rapid recharging. In our tests, it easily mowed down tall weeds and traversed steep slopes. Its battery life appeared to be unaffected by the added workload. In tough conditions where we experienced declines in battery life up to 50 percent with some of the other mowers, the Ego mower only lost about 25 percent of its runtime. 

We docked points in two key areas: its noise level, specifically its louder-than-average self-propelled wheels, and its finish quality. The Ego Power+ was more likely than the other mowers to leave behind ragged edges or stringy weeds after mowing overgrown spots. But even with a couple of minor faults, this mower represents a really good value for general use.

Read our full review: Ego Power+ 21″ Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Get the Ego Power+ self-propelled battery-powered lawn mower at Amazon.

Best Riding Mower

Ego Power+ 42" Z6 Zero-Turn Riding Mower

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Product Specs 

Our Ratings: Power 4/5; Cut Quality 4/5; Maneuverability 5/5; Runtime 5/5; Storability 4/5

  • Runtime/recharge time: 120 minutes/120 minutes (4 batteries) 
  • Deck size: 42 inches
  • Mobility: Zero-turn riding mower


  • Four 56V 10Ah batteries included, with room for 2 additional batteries
  • Onboard rapid battery-charging system
  • 10-position 42-inch deck allows for ample cutting per pass 
  • Mows at speeds up to 7 mph/2.6 acres per hour
  • Bright LED headlights for low-light mowing


  • Batteries will need to be replaced in 5 to 10 years

Those with larger acreage can now have a battery-powered mower that can actually cut all of their grass on a single charge. The Ego Power+ riding mower is capable of mowing up to 2 acres per charge, with easy upgrades that can increase runtime to cut more than 3 acres per charge. Plus, it offers many of the same features found on gas-powered zero-turn mowers, such as adjustable lap bars to independently control the rear-drive wheels; heavy-duty front swivel casters; a comfortable high-back seat with adjustable suspension; a 42-inch deck with 10 height settings from 1.5 to 4.5 inches; and side discharging, mulching, and bagging capabilities. 

The electric motor delivers power equivalent to a 22-horsepower (hp) gasoline engine. The Z6 also boasts high-power LED headlights, a battery-level indicator, and independently adjustable modes and blade speeds. This mower comes with four 56V 10Ah lithium batteries, with six available battery slots onboard, and is compatible with any of Ego Power+’s other 56V batteries. It also comes with the fastest battery charger in the industry. 

With so many features to test, we spent more time with the Z6 than with any of the other battery-powered mowers in this roundup. For our first run, we charged the four 56V 10Ah batteries that came with the mower and cut as much grass as possible until the batteries ran out. Then we repeated the process with only two batteries, and again with a full “tank” of six batteries. 

The mower requires a minimum of 15Ah to operate, and the charger plugs into the mower to recharge all six batteries at once. Runtime and charge time were as follows: Two batteries charged in 1.25 hours and mowed 0.75 acre, four batteries charged in 2 hours and mowed 1.75 acres, and six batteries charged in 3 hours and mowed almost 3 acres (we mowed the entire available area with about 12 percent charge left in the batteries). 

We should also mention that the acreage we were mowing included a 1-acre rectangular field and two 1-acre home lots that, incorporating the size of the houses, are approximately 50 percent and 75 percent lawn. The total grass acreage is more like 2.25, with some significant slopes and obstacles to navigate. Since Ego offers an even bigger battery size at 56V and 12Ah, we estimate that runtime could possibly be stretched to mow up to 4 acres, depending on the condition of the grass and the lay of the land.

The Ego Power+ Z6’s operation was mostly excellent. Startup was easy, and maneuvering was intuitive. The apparent noise level was extremely quiet and limited to operating the mower deck. The machine travels almost silently when the blades are not running. The lap bars and drive wheels felt somewhat imprecise compared to other zero-turn mowers we’ve used. The machine pulled slightly to the left at full speed on flat ground under an average mowing load. The suspension seat was comfortable, but the relatively small rear tires and light weight of the machine made for a bouncy ride at times. It climbed and maneuvered fairly well on slopes, which is not a strength for most zero-turn mowers. 

For most mowing, we kept the machine in “standard” mode and the blades on half power with excellent results. We tested the top blade speed on an area of about 2,000 square feet of overgrown crabgrass that was about 12 inches high, and we had to slow the travel pace significantly to get an acceptable cut in that situation. The Ego Power+ battery-powered zero-turn mower would make a great choice for any large-acreage owner with lots of grass to maintain.

Get the Ego Power+ Z6 battery-powered lawn mower at Amazon, Lowe’s, or Ace Hardware

Best for Large Lawn

Greenworks 40V 21" Cordless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

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Our Ratings: Power 4.5/5; Cut Quality 4.5/5; Maneuverability 4/5; Runtime 4/5; Storability 4/5 

Product Specs 

  • Runtime/recharge time: 70 minutes/240 minutes (two 4Ah batteries)
  • Deck size: 21 inches
  • Mobility: Self-propelled, automatic pace adjustment


  • Can tackle small to large yards; 70 minutes of runtime per charge
  • Self-propelled with automatic pace adjustment; prevents any strain on the user 
  • Heavy-duty steel deck can handle thin to thick grass varieties 
  • Large 10-inch rear wheels and 8-inch front wheels 


  • Pace adjustment feature is less smooth than competitors
  • Less effective at mulching dense grass than comparable options 

With its 21-inch mowing swath and up to 70 minutes of runtime per charge, this efficient brushless lawn mower from Greenworks tackles larger yards, from one third to one half acre. Two 40V 4Ah batteries power it, and it includes a single-port battery charger that recharges each battery in 120 minutes. The Smart Pace self-propelled feature operates with a pressure-sensitive handle that automatically adjusts the speed of the wheels to the user’s walking pace. The single-lever height adjustment feature quickly sets the mowing deck to cut at any of seven positions from 1.375 to 3.75 inches. The kit includes a side discharge chute, bagger, and mulch plug to handle clippings in whichever way works best.

We were somewhat surprised that this mower performed similarly to others with significantly more battery power. It did have a greater tendency than the others to bog down in dense grass areas while in mulching mode, but otherwise it delivered excellent results. With the discharge chute in place, we had no trouble mowing overgrown weedy areas, but those areas diminished runtime by about half. Overall, the cut quality was quite good. Only the most difficult grass patches required a second pass to get acceptable results.

The Greenworks 40V system runs off one battery at a time, and it automatically switches to the second battery when the first battery is depleted. This allowed us to pull the depleted battery and start charging it while mowing on the second battery, reducing downtime to about 20 minutes after depleting the second battery. On a single battery, we averaged from 20 to 30 minutes of runtime depending on mowing conditions, terrain, and pace.

The self-propel system worked fairly well, but as is the case with most of these pressure-sensitive handle systems, it was not perfect. The sliding-handle mechanism felt a little sticky, so the mower did not accelerate as smoothly as we would have liked, especially going uphill. On downhills and flats, it occasionally felt as if the mower were running away instead of decelerating with the operator. Still, it was much easier to adjust to these minor sensations than to push the mower for an hour at a time. Because of its extended runtime and the battery-management abilities, this would be a good choice for those with larger lawns.

Get the Greenworks 40V battery-powered lawn mower at Amazon.

Best for Small Yard

Worx Nitro 80V 21" Cordless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

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Our Ratings: Power 4.5/5; Cut Quality 4.5/5; Maneuverability 4/5; Runtime 4/5; Storability 4/5 

Product Specs 

  • Runtime/recharge time: 60 minutes/120 minutes
  • Deck size: 21 inches
  • Mobility: Self-propelled, manual pace adjustment


  • Four 20V batteries achieve 80V 5Ah output 
  • Flexible onboard or removable charging system
  • Single-lever deck height adjustment for user-friendliness 
  • Bag, side discharge, or mulch; no mulch plug required
  • LED headlamps for mowing in low-light conditions


  • Removing and installing Base Camp is more awkward than a single battery
  • Does not include the longer-lasting 20V 6Ah Worx batteries

The Worx Nitro 80V power-share system packs a serious lawn mowing punch. This small lawn mower uses four 20V 5Ah batteries to deliver 80V of power for up to 60 minutes of mowing time per charge. It is a moderately priced, highly capable, self-propelled 21-inch mower that offers numerous features to compete with others we tested. For ease of operation, it incorporates a single-lever deck height adjustment; a one-touch fully collapsible handle; charge-level indicator; and choice of side discharging, bagging, or mulching. The built-in mulch/discharge lever eliminates dealing with a mulch plug. The quiet load-sensing multistage motor automatically increases output for difficult conditions. Plus, LED headlights extend mowing time past sundown.

A standout feature on the Nitro mower is the Base Camp power pack. It combines the power of the four included 20V 5Ah Worx Power Share Pro batteries to produce 80V 5Ah of power output. The power pack doubles as a four-way charger, recharging the depleted batteries in just 2 hours. It can be used for both onboard and offboard charging, and it is also compatible with the Worx Nitro 80V leaf blower.

The Worx mower performed quite well in terms of smart power output and finish quality. It did a great job conserving power while providing an excellent cut on previously maintained lawn areas, then increased output almost immediately to power through overgrown weedy lawn areas. The finish quality ranged from good to excellent in both the previously maintained area and in the overgrown area, with no need for a second pass. 

Battery runtime decreased by as much as 50 percent under a heavy mowing load, but the difference between sloped areas and flat ground was less pronounced. We awarded this one Best for Small Yard considering the amount of power that would be needed in reserve to blow off the driveway using the Base Camp-compatible 80V leaf blower. Those with between a quarter and a third of an acre of grass could probably do that without first recharging the batteries.

Get the Worx battery-powered lawn mower at Amazon (with two batteries), Walmart, or Target (with four batteries).

Best for Mulching

Ego Power+ 22" Aluminum Deck Select Cut Lawn Mower

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Our Ratings: Power 5/5; Cut Quality 5/5; Maneuverability 4/5; Runtime 4/5; Storability 4/5

Product Specs 

  • Runtime/recharge time: 70 minutes/60 minutes
  • Deck size: 22 inches
  • Mobility: Self-propelled


  • 3 blade speeds for optimal cut quality and prolonged battery life
  • Stacked mower blade configuration for fast, efficient mulching
  • Lightweight, tough, and corrosion-resistant cast-aluminum deck
  • Touch drive self-propelled with ergonomic handlebar controls 


  • Pronounced and consistent wheel motor noise when using self-propelled feature
  • Does not include an option for side discharging grass clippings

The Ego Power+ 22-inch self-propelled lawn mower is one of the most powerful battery-powered lawn mowers available, with commercial-grade cutting power. Powered by a 56V 10Ah battery, it produces just over 11 foot-pounds of torque. The top blade speed of 3,350 rpm creates outstanding airflow under the deck to pull grass blades upright for a superclean cut. At full power, this mower is equally adept at either mulching or bagging grass clippings.

Beyond raw power, the first thing about this mower that stood out to us was the aluminum deck. Aluminum is a higher-end mower deck material that is lighter than steel and will not rust over time. That first characteristic is important, since the big battery adds considerable weight. At about 85 pounds, this was one of the heavier mowers we tested, comparable to the (similarly powerful) Milwaukee M18. The possible downside of aluminum is that it is more brittle than steel, which could be problematic in rocky areas where hard impacts beneath the deck could cause cracks.

In action, this mower did everything well. The ergonomic handle was pretty comfortable with its centrally placed control panel and thumb-dial drive speed controller. It only offered options for mulching or bagging. It’s a shame that side discharge is not available for cutting down taller grass, but it did a good job mulching the tallest grass we mowed without bogging down or leaving clumps behind. 

Get the Ego Power+ Select Cut battery-powered lawn mower at Amazon, Lowe’s, or Ace Hardware.

Best Maneuverability

Greenworks 80V 25" Dual Blade Self-Propelled Mower

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Our Ratings: Power 4.5/5; Cut Quality 4.5/5; Maneuverability 5/5; Runtime 4/5; Storability 4/5 

Product Specs 

  • Runtime/recharge time: 60 minutes/60 minutes
  • Deck size: 25 inches
  • Mobility: Self-propelled


  • Wide cutting swath and short wheel base for faster mowing and easy maneuvering
  • Dual battery ports; automatically switches to second battery when first one is depleted
  • 2 short blades have stronger cutting force with less power draw than 1 long blade
  • One of the quietest battery-powered lawn mowers in our test group


  • Shallow deck and short blades produce less updraft for tall grass blades
  • When the clipping bag is full, the weight easily levers the front wheels off the ground

Even with its extra-wide mowing deck, the Greenworks 80V 25-inch dual-blade lawn mower was surprisingly nimble. It features a pair of 12.5-inch blades in a side-by-side configuration that shortens the wheelbase of the mowing deck for easier turning. Delivering an average of 1 hour of runtime per charge, this is a good mower for lawns up to a half acre, especially where numerous obstacles require the added maneuverability.

Dual blades are much more common on riding mowers than on walk-behinds, but the Greenworks 80V mower shows why two blades may be better than one. The shorter blades achieve higher rpm—2,800/3,200 in standard mode and 4,000/4,500 in turbo mode—with similar battery life to that of competitors with single 21-inch blades. The faster blade speed powers stronger airflow for a cleaner cut and better bag filling capability. In our tests it did a better job of picking up clippings, leaves, and debris off the lawn than most other mowers.

The other standout feature on this mower was its short wheelbase. The Greenworks 25-inch mower measured just 21-inches from the front wheel hub to the rear wheel hub, which is about 5 inches shorter than the average wheelbase for the mowers in this group. This configuration made it much easier to follow curved landscape bed lines and turn around obstacles. But it comes at the expense of bag handling. We noticed as the bag became full that the extra weight on the rear of the mower caused the front wheels to come off the ground, especially when mowing up an incline. 

For another option from Greenworks, you can also check out our review of the 60V version of their battery-powered Pro model.

Get the Greenworks 80V battery-powered lawn mower at Amazon, Best Buy (battery and charger not included), or Greenworks.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Battery-Powered Lawn Mower

When shopping for a battery-powered lawn mower, it’s crucial to consider the power and runtime, cut quality, weight, ease of use, and safety features. 

Power and Runtime

Battery-powered lawn mowers use batteries that range in power from 36V to 120V. While it seems logical to go with the biggest battery you can afford, keep in mind that there are trade-offs. A 60V to 80V battery is heavier than a 40V battery and therefore requires more power to propel it forward. This can decrease runtime and make a cordless electric lawn mower more difficult to maneuver. 

However, batteries with higher voltage can generate more power, which is needed for self-propelled wheels, and provide additional torque, which allows for more cutting power through dense grass. 

Runtime depends on many factors. Generally, a larger battery will provide more runtime. Thick or tall grass, slopes, and obstacles that can slow the mower down decrease runtime. Most mowers will run from a half hour to an hour on one charge, which should cover about 5,000 to 10,000 square feet before needing a charge. 

Cut Quality

Power affects cut quality. The larger the battery, the more power and torque a mower can generate to cut grass. Some mowers allow the user to adjust the torque or rpm of the blade, while others auto adjust based on the resistance that the blade senses. Altering the torque allows the operator to achieve a quality cut while preserving battery life. 

Many electric mowers also offer numerous height adjustments for the deck. They range from 1.5 to 4 inches, allowing the operator to cut the lawn to a desired length. 


The more powerful the mower, the heavier it is. This is primarily because bigger batteries weigh more. Deck size also makes a big difference. A larger mower with a 20-inch deck will weigh more than a smaller mower with a 14-inch deck.

Battery-powered mowers weigh from 35 pounds for smaller 13- and 14-inch decks to more than 70 pounds for a self-propelled mower with a 21-inch deck. A larger mower may cut more grass at a time, but a smaller mower is easier to maneuver. 

Ease of Use

One advantage of electric mowers compared to gas mowers is that they’re much easier to start. Electric mowers replace the frustrating pull start with a push-button start. They also feature large handles that make it easy to adjust the deck height. 

Higher-end battery-powered mowers include self-propelled features, so they are easier to maneuver around the yard. Most battery-powered mowers also fold into a more compact size and can stand vertically for easy storage. 

Safety Features

Like their gas-powered forerunners, electric mowers have built-in safety features to prevent accidents. These include safety bars on the handle that must be held closed to keep the motor running. They also are equipped with flaps and guards that prevent the mower from flinging debris at the operator. 


If you’re still wondering which mower is right for you, then read on for answers to some of the most common questions about battery-powered lawn mowers. 

Q. What is a major disadvantage of a battery-operated lawn mower?

Battery-powered lawn mowers require charged batteries, which have a limited runtime per charge and take an hour or more to recharge once depleted.

Q. How long do battery-powered lawn mowers last?

With proper storage and minimal maintenance, a battery-powered lawn mower will last at least ten years. However, the lithium-ion batteries that power these mowers may need to be replaced sooner.

Q. What is the difference between electric lawn mowers and battery-powered lawn mowers?

An electric mower can include battery-operated or corded options, powered by either a rechargeable battery or a power cord plugged into a standard 15V outlet. A battery-powered motor is cordless and runs solely off of one or more batteries.

Q. How do you turn on a battery-powered lawn mower?

A lawn mower with battery power is much easier to start than a gas-powered mower. Simply hold the safety bar in place, then press the start button. 

Q. How do you clean a battery-powered lawn mower?

Before cleaning a battery-powered lawn mower, unplug the battery to prevent potential shorts in the wiring. Then remove all attachments. Never hose off a battery-powered mower; water can damage the wiring inside the motor. Use a washcloth instead. Wring out the washcloth over a bucket, then wipe down the mower to remove grass and other debris. 

Q. How reliable are battery-powered lawn mowers?

Battery-powered mowers are very reliable. As long as the batteries are charged, they work. After 5 to 10 years, the battery will eventually need to be replaced when it no longer holds an adequate charge.

Q. Do battery lawn mowers need oil?

Battery-operated mowers do not use motor oil. They may benefit from a few drops of machine oil on occasion, just to keep the handle, wheels, and control cables working smoothly.

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