Power Up Your Mowing Game: Greenworks Redefines the Battery Lawn Mower

I tested the Greenworks Pro 60V cordless lawn mower—and I'm impressed! Here's what happened.
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The Greenworks Pro 60V 21-Inch Battery Lawn Mower sitting on a bright green lawn

Photo: Glenda Taylor for Bob Vila

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The meteoric rise of battery-powered tools and lawn mowers signals a paradigm shift. A growing departure from traditional gas-powered mowers in preference for eco-friendly cordless models represents a fundamental change in how people approach lawn care.

In our quest to find the best battery-powered lawn mower, the Bob Vila test team tried out several bestselling models from top-name manufacturers. Despite Greenworks being a relative newcomer in the power mower and tool industry, this environmentally responsible brand is gaining popularity among homeowners and professionals seeking eco-friendly alternatives to gas-powered tools. The company has made a remarkable impact with its innovative and high-performance lineup, and the Greenworks Pro 60V battery-powered lawn mower is among its excellent offerings.

I tested the 60-volt Greenworks electric lawn mower over several weeks, and this mower surpassed my expectations. OK, it’s not perfect, but its minor downfalls pale compared to its impressive power and game-changing self-propelled action.

Greenworks Pro 60V 21-Inch Battery Lawn Mower: At a Glance

A person using the Greenworks Pro 60V 21-Inch Battery Lawn Mower to mow a bright green lawn
Photo: Glenda Taylor for Bob Vila

Rating: 9.5/10


  • Self-propelled operation means no struggling to push the mower with adjustable self-propulsion speeds
  • Exceptionally sturdy 21-inch steel mower deck for durability
  • Push-button start frees the user from the hassle of pulling a start cord
  • 3 options for mown grass: rear bagging, side discharge, or mulching
  • Versatile mowing height that’s adjustable from 1.3 inches up to 4 inches, making it suitable for most grass types
  • Much quieter than a gas mower—approximately as loud as a household vacuum cleaner
  • Easy assembly: Insert handles and snap in the prewired control box; wheels come pre-attached
  • Powerful LED headlights make it easy to navigate the mower in low-light situations
  • Fold-down handles and vertical storage capability reduce space requirements
  • Mows large area up to ½ acre on a single charge


  • Relatively heavy (65 pounds) for manual maneuvering without engaging the self-propel feature
  • Longer charging time than some lithium-ion batteries (80 minutes)
  • Slight room for improvement in the design of the battery compartment

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What is the Greenworks Pro 60V cordless self-propelled mower?

The Greenworks Pro 60V self-propelled lawn mower, model MO60L424, represents a top-tier cordless electric mower. Equipped with a 21-inch stamped-steel deck and a high-performance brushless motor, this carbon-neutral mower boasts exceptional cutting capabilities.

This mower has convenient features including a push-button start, a padded handle, and user-friendly controls, showing that Greenworks has prioritized comfort and ease of use. The mower harnesses the power of two 4.0Ah 60V lithium-ion batteries, providing ample runtime (just over 1 hour in testing), and it comes with a dual port charger for charging both batteries simultaneously.

With 80 percent fewer moving parts than gas mowers, downtime and upkeep costs are virtually eliminated. The self-propulsion system offers two speeds, Low and High, indicated by images of a turtle and a rabbit. Plus, this Greenworks is so much quieter than a gas mower. It runs cooler, offers excellent cutting ability, and boasts weather-resistant construction, so it won’t suffer if inadvertently left outdoors in a shower. This 60-volt Greenworks mower is among the best cordless mowers we’ve had the pleasure of testing.

The handle on the Greenworks Pro 60V 21-Inch Battery Lawn Mower folded over for storage
Photo: Glenda Taylor for Bob Vila

What type of assembly and setup is required for this Greenworks mower?

Upon receiving the Greenworks Pro, I began the assembly process promptly. It weighed in at just under 80 pounds in the box (approximately 65 pounds fully assembled without batteries), so maneuvering the package was a tad cumbersome. However, the assembly itself proved to be a breeze.

Raising the lower section of the handle to the operating position and snapping the control module into the upper handles constituted the bulk of the assembly. The cutting blade and wheels came preinstalled, so setup-wise, there was nothing else to do. In total, unboxing and assembly took a mere 5 minutes.

Next, I plugged in the dual-port charger and loaded the batteries to charge. It took about 80 minutes to fully charge the two 4.0Ah 60V batteries—slightly longer than I expected, but they are high-capacity batteries.

A person using the Greenworks Pro 60V 21-Inch Battery Lawn Mower to mow a bright green lawn
Photo: Glenda Taylor for Bob Vila

Is the Greenworks 60V cordless mower easy to operate?

Mowing the lawn with this Greenworks model couldn’t be simpler, but I encountered one tiny design flaw before I could get going: The lid of the battery compartment doesn’t stay open to load the batteries. Instead, the spring-loaded lid kept trying to close, which made it necessary to hold it open with one hand and insert each battery—one at a time—with the other hand. That’s a minor issue, but Greenworks could solve it by adjusting the lid to remain open until the user intentionally closes it.

To start the mower, I inserted the red security key in the key slot in the battery compartment, held the power handle, and pressed and held the start button—the Greenworks brushless motor surged to life. After that, all I had to do was select the propulsion speed (Low or High) and squeeze one or both of the levers that angle downward from the hand grip to start the forward movement. The Greenworks lawn mower has intuitive controls and straightforward operation.

I used the same test area I’d previously used to test the Makita cordless mower—a section of lawn 130 feet long by 112 feet wide (about 14,500 square feet). I mowed the test area six times over 3 weeks, and each time, the Greenworks completed cutting the entire test site without running out of battery power. My test area features a combination of grass types, including a dense section of tall fescue, a weedy area, and a section of buffalo grass. One area of the test site features a slope, and the self-propulsion feature on the Greenworks made it easy to mow up the slope without needing to push the mower.

What type of lawn situation is best suited to the Greenworks 60V mower?

The Greenworks Pro self-propelled lawn mower is an excellent choice for small and medium-size yards. While it’s advertised as offering up to 60 minutes of runtime per charge, my testing yielded more than 60 minutes each time I mowed the test area. The longest the mower ran on a single charge was 1 hour and 17 minutes, perhaps because I used the Low-speed propulsion for most of that test. When I used the High speed or a combination of High and Low speeds, I got between 1 hour and 5 minutes and 1 hour and 11 minutes. By removing the rear bag and using the side-discharge feature, I seemed to get a few more minutes out of a charge.

However, lithium-ion batteries tend to lose some power over time, so don’t be surprised if your mower runs a few minutes less (per charge) in subsequent years. And don’t expect a lawn mower—even the best lawn mower—to do everything. Mowers won’t create a crisp definition line between a lawn and a driveway or sidewalk. Attention to the little details matters, so consider investing in a lawn edger or a battery trimmer to give your yard a finished look.

A person removing the rear bag of the Greenworks Pro 60V 21-Inch Battery Lawn Mower
Photo: Glenda Taylor for Bob Vila

Is the Greenworks 60V cordless lawn mowera quality product?

The Greenworks Pro 60V 21-inch lawn mower distinguishes itself through its superior build quality and thoughtful design. The heavy-duty steel deck ensures long-lasting durability, surpassing the standards set by most mowers on the market.

The front-wheel-drive self-propulsion system traverses various terrains, offering exceptional maneuverability even during turns. Additionally, I found that the machine’s forward weight counterbalances the bag’s weight, maintaining balance even when the bag is full.

This Greenworks mower boasts a user-friendly interface with well-laid-out controls and a comfortable cushioned handle. Furthermore, its space-saving design, complete with a fold-flat handle and vertical storage capability, requires a mere 2.5 square feet of storage floor space.

Lastly, Greenworks built the MO60L424 to be not only powerful but also quiet enough to avoid upsetting neighbors with early-morning mowing on the weekends. Holding my decibel tester a couple of feet away from the mower while it was running gave a reading of 75.7 decibels—about the same noise level as a household vacuum. My large riding mower generates over 100 decibels, and I must wear hearing protection when using it.

A person pushing the start button on the Greenworks Pro 60V 21-Inch Battery Lawn Mower
Photo: Glenda Taylor for Bob Vila

Is the Greenworks 60V battery-powered lawn mower right for you?

With a price tag between $500 and $600, the Greenworks Pro offers exceptional value for its performance and features. While it may cost more than entry-level self-propelled gas mowers, it is competitively priced compared with high-quality and similarly equipped electric mowers.

This self-propelled lawn mower prioritizes essential aspects, including mowing power, operational comfort, battery life, and overall functionality, rivaling the best options available. Moreover, its robust steel deck surpasses industry standards, while the front-wheel-drive self-propel system adds convenience. Considering its quality and thoughtful features, I feel the mower is a worthwhile investment within its price range.

Greenworks’ 60-volt cordless lawn mower holds its own against top-name cordless mowers, including the DeWalt battery-operated mower. It provides ease and comfort of operation across various terrains while eliminating the downsides of operating and maintaining a gas engine. Its impeccable cutting performance achieves neat and even results. Priced competitively and boasting excellent build quality, this mower is a solid choice for anyone maintaining a small or medium-size spread up to about half an acre.

Where to Buy the Greenworks Pro 60V Battery-Powered Mower

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