Kristen Mosier, Contributing Writer

Kristen Mosier

Contributing Writer


  • Specialties: Home improvement, homeownership, and mental health
  • Education: Bachelor of Arts in communication and a Master of Science in marriage and family therapy from the University of Scranton
  • Other work:

Best DIY Advice

Kristen’s best DIY advice is to take your time when embarking on a renovation. After moving into a new home, it may be tempting to jump into a home renovation project, but Kristen recommends living in the space for a while to truly understand how your family utilizes each room and what changes would be most helpful. She’ll often take a year or more before deciding on a final design for a renovation. For instance, Kristen lived with a ’70s-style bar in her entryway for 2 years before tackling this mudroom renovation, and now the result is exactly what was needed to keep her household running smoothly.

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