The Best Rain Shower Heads of 2021

Rain shower heads are a luxurious and rejuvenating addition to the bathroom. With a wider-diameter face to cover you in warm water, this minor upgrade may give you a reason to sing in the shower. and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.

The Best Rain Shower Head Option


The average shower lasts eight minutes—that time can be used trying to clean your whole body under a tiny shower head, or those few minutes can be spent letting the warm water almost completely cover you because of a larger shower head. These oversize shower heads give you the feeling of showering in the rain and are designed to prompt relaxation.

The best rain shower head gives you water that flows down over the top of your head at just the right pressure and is made with low-maintenance parts. A rain shower feels extravagant, but it’s an affordable way to elevate your shower by simply switching out your existing shower head. This guide can help you decide which rain shower head is the best one for you.

  1. BEST OVERALL: DreamSpa Ultra-Luxury 9″ Rainfall Shower Head Combo
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: SparkPod Shower Head – High Pressure Rain
  3. BEST HIGH-END: SR Sun Rise Brushed Nickel 12 inch Rain Shower Head
  4. BEST HIGH PRESSURE: NearMoon HIGH PRESSURE Rain Shower head
  5. BEST LOW PRESSURE: Aqua Elegante 9 Inch Overhead Rain Shower Head
  6. BEST WITH HANDHELD COMBO: AILUKI 8″ High Pressure Rainfall Shower Head
  7. BEST WITH ADJUSTABLE FLOW: Suptaps 6 Inch High Pressure 4-Settings Rain Shower
  8. BEST LARGE: Qomolangma 16 Inch Brushed Shower Head
  9. BEST FOR SMALL SHOWERS: NearMoon High Pressure Shower Head, 8 inch
The Best Rain Shower Head Option


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Rain Shower Head

The best rain shower head revitalizes your shower routine, helps bring you to a place of relaxation, and feels like a spa in your home. There are some considerations you need to factor in before you purchase a rain shower, such as installation, fit, material, and more. Here are some factors to think about when selecting a rain shower head.

Wall-Mounted vs. Ceiling Mounted

There are two places to install a rain shower head, either on the wall or on the bathroom ceiling.

  • Wall-mounted rain shower heads install to the wall in the shower. They’re usually a simple DIY project that doesn’t require much work. Simply remove the previous shower head and attach the rain shower head. Rain shower wall installations may spray on an angle but you can get an extendable shower arm to move the rain shower above your head without installing new piping in the ceiling.
  • Ceiling-mounted rain showers connect to water piping in the ceiling. If you don’t currently have a ceiling-mounted shower head, this piping likely doesn’t exist, and you need a plumber to install some additional piping or choose a wall-mounted shower head with an extendable arm instead. Ceiling-mounted is how many of these showers are installed; however, wall-mounted rain shower heads are becoming more popular.

Style and Finish

Rain shower heads increase the sophistication and elegance of your shower. When selecting a rain shower head, durability is key; however, style selection creates cohesion with your other design elements. You may prefer to match the rain shower head to the other bathroom fixtures, such as the shower faucet set, so nothing seems out of place.

The finish of a rain shower head is a coating that gives it the visual aesthetic but doesn’t represent what the shower head is made of (which is generally ABS plastic or stainless steel). Some popular types of finish include chrome, brushed nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze.

  • Chrome is the most popular finish choice. It’s reflective, like a mirror, and is an affordable option. A timeless choice, chrome goes with traditional and modern styles.
  • Brushed nickel is a grayish color without the shine of chrome. It’s becoming more popular, possibly because it’s neutral enough to go with many different styles.
  • Oil-rubbed bronze is a warm and earthy color. It’s labor-intensive to create, which is reflected in the price. These fixtures work well with traditional and rustic styles, but they may not be as resilient as chrome and brushed nickel.

Shower Head Size

A rain shower head is quite a bit bigger than standard shower heads so they can give more area for the water to mimic rainfall. Rain shower heads start at 6 inches, but they can be 16 inches or more in diameter—extra-large sizes may require professional installation. Typical sizes for rain shower heads are between 8 and 10 inches wide. In general, the larger the shower head, the more water coverage you get in the shower.

Some rain shower heads come in a combo with a handheld shower head as well. The face of a handheld shower head is generally around 4.5 inches across. This size is better than rain shower heads to target specific areas when you’re in the shower.

Water Pressure

Rain shower heads aren’t typically high in pressure as they’re made to feel like soothing rainwater instead of a blast of concentrated spray. Many styles of rain shower heads advertise that they’re high-pressure, but they may not feel like it. Typically, the larger the shower head, the weaker the pressure since the water distributes over a greater surface area. Rain shower heads may not feel like they have the pressure that comes with standard high-pressure shower heads. If you want the option of more water pressure, a combo rain shower head and handheld shower head may give you the best of both worlds.

Water pressure is measured by the gallons per minute (GPM) that flow through the shower head. Shower heads can be as low as 1.5 GPM and up to 2.5 GPM. Lower GPM is for eco-friendly models, and higher GPM indicates higher pressure. However, manufacturers restrict this output to a maximum of 2.5 GPM, so you won’t find a shower head with higher water pressure.

Spray Settings

Rain shower heads are designed for a luxury shower experience that’s consistent and calming. Regular shower heads may have a variety of settings to target areas for quick and efficient showers. Spray settings found in some rain shower heads may include other relaxing settings, such as a mist spray that turns the water into fine water droplets or a waterfall setting that has the water come out in a thin and wide stream instead of droplets. Rain shower heads offer a rainlike spray that covers more area in the shower, which can be enhanced with technology. Some of these shower heads have aerated styles, sometimes with advanced air-induction technology, which helps save water without compromising the pressure in the shower. A device fits into the shower head and fills the water droplets with small air bubbles. The shower feels just as wet as a normal shower, but it uses about 30 percent less water.

Our Top Picks

The best rain shower head for your bathroom depends on the unique needs you have in terms of space, water pressure preference, and style. Based on the criteria above, this list focuses on certain features, which may suit a variety of preferences.

Best Overall

The Best Rain Shower Head Option: DreamSpa Ultra-Luxury 9" Rainfall Shower Head Combo

This luxury 9-inch shower head from DreamSpa helps you relax in the shower when you need the calming effect of a gentle rainfall. This size is big enough to rain down on both shoulders but not so big that it takes up a ton of room in the shower. Giving the best of both sizes, this shower head includes a 4.75-inch square handheld shower head with a 5-foot stainless-steel hose that you can turn on for quick and efficient showers with 2.5 GPM of force. The handheld shower head has a convenient push-button flow control to adjust the setting one-handed instead of turning a dial like with other shower heads. With rub-clean jets for easy cleaning and high-fashion design with a chrome finish over ABS plastic, this shower head suits most showers.

Easy to install, this rain shower mounts on the wall without the use of tools. The handheld shower head can be placed in a convenient location using a suction cup mount included in the set. A solid brass ball joint nut gives you an angle-adjustable shower head for the optimum setup and a leak-free connection. Though it doesn’t come with a shower arm, it connects to a standard arm for more versatile movement.


  • Overhead and handheld showerhead
  • Push-button flow control
  • 3 water-pressure settings
  • Built-in rub-clean jets


  • Shower arm not included

Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Rain Shower Head Option: SparkPod Shower Head - High Pressure Rain

SparkPod’s rain shower head is available in two options for water pressure; the 1.8 GPM gives you lower pressure to conserve water and the 2.5 GPM blasts you with higher pressure in the rain setting. Constructed from highly durable BPA-free ABS plastic, this shower head’s finish is chrome-plated to give it an aesthetic that matches most home showers. The 6-inch rain shower head has 90 easy-to-clean rubber jets that make it a low-maintenance shower head as it’s rustproof and resists water deposits, such as limescale. This shower head maxes out at 2.5 GPM, which is the greatest amount of water pressure you’re able to get. Installation of this rain shower head is easy; no tools are required. Simply mount it to the wall where your old shower head was previously.


  • 2 water pressure settings
  • 90 rubber jets included
  • Easy installation
  • Comes in 6 stylish colorways


  • Smaller than other showerheads

Best High-End

The Best Rain Shower Head Option: SR Sun Rise Brushed Nickel 12 inch Rain Shower Head

SR Sun Rise’s rain shower head elevates the style in your shower, as well as the functionality to give you a spa-like experience with the rainshower or a quick clean-and-go option with the handheld shower head. Constructed of stainless steel and a 10-layer chrome-plated finish, the rain shower head is oversize at 12 inches to cover more of your body with water at the same time. The L-style brass handheld shower head propels water farther outward than other types of shower heads, so you don’t have to hold it as close to your body to target cleaning areas. The incorporation of air technology gives this rain shower consistent, powerful pressure so water flows well even under low water-pressure conditions.

The sleek, modern style comes in four finishes to match the rest of the bathroom. A 15.7-inch metal shower arm is included to make sure the water falls over your head. The arm doesn’t adjust, so during installation, you may need to get an extension to mount the shower head higher for concealed installation. But for many showers, no additional supplies will be needed.


  • 12-inch design
  • Comes with overhead and handheld showerhead
  • Built-in high air pressure functionality
  • 15.7-inch shower arm included


  • Expensive
  • Shower arm is not adjustable
  • May need additional extension during installation

Best High Pressure

The Best Rain Shower Head Option: NearMoon HIGH PRESSURE Rain Shower head

This shower head from NearMoon gives you the most water pressure possible in a shower at 2.5 GPM. An ultra-thin design increases the water pressure to give high flow even when you have low water pressure. You can angle the shower head in whichever direction works best for you because of the swivel brass ball connector. Made of stainless steel and a chrome finish to match your decor, this shower head is durable and rust-resistant, which contributes to many years of use. The shower head sprays you with 100 food-grade silicone nozzles, which are low maintenance, as they’re self-cleaning and resist hard-water buildup to give you the most pressure possible as they’re not blocked by limescale. This one is suitable for indoor or outdoor showers, and installation is tool-free; the shower head can be installed on the wall or ceiling (as long as there’s an existing water hookup).


  • 100 thin, high-pressure nozzles at 2.5 GPM
  • Adjustable with brass ball connector
  • Rust-resistant stainless-steel construction
  • Compatible with indoor and outdoor showers


  • May not be effective at water-saving

Best Low Pressure

The Best Rain Shower Head Option: Aqua Elegante 9 Inch Overhead Rain Shower Head

For those who are conscious about water use, this 1.8 GPM shower head from Aqua Elegante has less water pressure to keep the rainfall soft on your head and shoulders and uses less water than a high-pressure shower head. The 9-inch shower head is made of thick, BPA-free ABS plastic that resists corrosion, doesn’t rust, and gives a traditional firm spray without additional pressure. Incorporating an advanced air-intake design, this shower head mixes air with water to minimize the amount of water used for each shower. The shower head uses mineral-resistant silicone nozzles to prevent calcium buildup inside and outside the jets, making it self-cleaning by design. Available in chrome, brushed nickel, or oil-rubbed bronze, this shower head fits in with most bathroom styles. The shower head offers a large range of motion, but to get greater versatility with positioning, you need to purchase a shower arm extension separately. This shower head is lightweight and simple to mount by yourself.


  • Versatile and adjustable
  • Air-intake design for water-saving capability
  • Corrosion and rust resistant
  • Self-cleaning jets


  • Shower arm not included
  • Smaller showerhead than comparable options

Best with Handheld Combo

The Best Rain Shower Head Option: AILUKI 8" High Pressure Rainfall Shower Head

AILUKI’s rainfall shower head is a two-in-one solution for both relaxing or efficient showers. You can use the rainfall spray, handheld spray, or both functions at the same time, unlike other shower combos that only have independent functions instead of operating simultaneously. The 4.5-inch handheld shower head has five settings for power mist, power rain, rain mist, rain massage, and pulsating massage to give you the type of shower you want each day. The 8-inch square rain shower head has an ultra-thin design and air-booster technology that gives superior rain spray with 2.5 GPM. Made of stainless steel and an all-chrome finish, this shower head resists rust, and the materials give it longevity. Included in the design are a durable brass 11-inch height and 180-degree-angle adjustable shower arm, 5-foot steel hose, and a water-flow regulator for high and low water pressure. For jets, you have 100 silicone nozzles on the rain shower head and another 73 on the handheld shower head, that are self-cleaning and prevent hard-water buildup. This combo set has tools-free installation and comes with an adhesive bracket to mount the handheld shower head in the shower.


  • 100 self-cleaning, silicone nozzles
  • 5 settings on the handheld showerhead
  • 180-degree adjustable shower arm
  • Water pressure adjustment (high or low)


  • Not water-saving
  • Slightly heavier than comparable options
  • Slightly smaller showerhead

Best with Adjustable Flow

The Best Rain Shower Head Option: Suptaps 6 Inch High Pressure 4-Settings Rain Shower

This sleek, modern-design shower head from Suptaps gives you four spray patterns to give your shower versatility beyond a soft rain shower. Rotating 360 degrees, the 6-inch shower head gives you the ability to select saturating spray, slice-dot massage spray, misty spray, or waterfall spray. This high-pressure 2.5 GPM shower head gives you good water pressure, even with lower water flow. It is made of durable ABS plastic with chrome plating. The shower head has 64 silicone jets, which help concentrate the water pressure instead of having to spread out over a greater surface area. It mounts easily to the wall in less than five minutes and requires only a wrench to tighten the shower head. It also includes Teflon tape that you can use to ensure there will be no leaks. The shower head itself adjusts 180 degrees to suit various height requirements. To make the positioning of this shower head even more versatile, it attaches to standard shower arms (sold separately).


  • 4 spray settings
  • 360-degree rotating head
  • Easy installation
  • Teflon tape included for no leaks


  • Fewer jets/nozzles than comparable options (64)
  • Shower arm not included

Best Large

The Best Rain Shower Head Option:Qomolangma 16 Inch Brushed Shower Head

Qomolangma’s 16-inch showerhead is made for those that want a tropical shower in their own home. Made to be mounted overhead or wall-mounted, this head is over 4.8 pounds of brushed stainless steel and comes with over 324 clear, silicone, and self-cleaning nozzles (plus five replacements). This ultrathin 2-mm showerhead also comes with 360-degree rotation and Teflon tape to protect from leakage. Installation is also easy to complete with only a wrench needed to screw the head to the existing overhead pipe.


  • 16-inch showerhead
  • 324 silicone nozzles
  • Easy installation


  • Heavier than other showerheads
  • Expensive compared to other alternatives

Best for Small Showers

The Best Rain Shower Head Option: NearMoon High Pressure Shower Head, 8 inch

This round NearMoon rain shower head is an 8-inch ultra-thin design that increases the feeling of the 2.5 GPM pressure. With the added air-in technology, there is less water used and a stronger water flow produced. Depending on the shower plumbing, this shower head can mount to the wall or ceiling, which can save you a little space for your shower products. Its 90 flexible, self-cleaning silicone jets prevent limescale buildup, and a fine, stainless-steel mesh prevents medium-size sediment from accumulating. A modern design made from stainless steel and brushed with a nickel finish, this is a durable and rust-resistant product. The shower head adjusts to your preferred angle, so there is no need for a shower hose or long shower arm to take up more room. Tool-free installation makes this a quick DIY job.


  • Built-in air-in technology
  • Wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted capability
  • Adjustable angle
  • Easy to install


  • Shower arm not included

Our Verdict

The right rain showerhead can help you unwind, morning or night. If you are seeking a showerhead combo that provides this with the versatility of two showerheads (handheld and overhead), high-tech push-button control, and multiple water-flow settings, we recommend the DreamSpa.

But if you are looking for a smaller, humble unit that is easy to install, comes with the highest-grade water pressure and color options, and even includes 90 rubber jets, we recommend the SparkPod.

How We Chose the Best Rain Shower Heads

This curated list of the best rain shower heads that have water-saving capability, multiple size and water pressure options, and the added benefit of spalike features was assembled after rigorous research into the products currently in stock and on the market.

Many of the options above are designed with comfort and ease of use in mind, with features like push-button control, air and water for adjustability, 180- and 360-degree rotation, and even the ability to install without the use of a handyman.

Though some of the options above do not come with their own shower arms, many of our top picks are budget-friendly and come with added Teflon tape or screws to prevent leaks for long-term use.


The best rain shower head gives you the relaxing shower you’re looking for without compromising on style, space, or water pressure. While a shower head may seem like an easy-to-use home addition, how they work, and what they require may generate more questions for the user. Here are some commonly asked questions and their answers about your new rain shower head.

Q. What should I look for when buying a rain shower head?

Choose a rain shower head that fits in your shower without infringing on your space, gives you easy installation to existing pipes (unless you’re hiring a plumber), and offers the type of water pressure and coverage you want.

Q. Do rain shower heads use more water?

No, they don’t. Manufacturers have a limit on the gallons per minute that a shower head uses, which is 2.5 GSM. This is the same number for other shower head options as well.

Q. How far above your head should a rain shower be?

There is no hard-and-fast rule here, but they should be high enough for the tallest person in your home to have a few inches between them and the shower head.

Q. How do you install a rain shower head?

Many rain shower heads are an easy DIY project with standard piping. Simply remove the existing shower head and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to install it. Some do not require any tools for installation; others need only common household tools.

Q. How do you clean a rain shower head?

Remove the shower head (and shower filter if applicable) and soak it in a container of distilled white vinegar for about an hour, then rinse with water and scrub any parts that need additional attention. Reattach the shower head, and flush it through with running water.

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