The Best Pedestal Fans of 2023

A quality pedestal fan can be the perfect solution for cooling a warm room or ventilating a garage. Read on to find one that suits your space, style, and budget.

By Tony Carrick | Updated Apr 27, 2023 1:16 PM

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The Best Pedestal Fans


Air conditioning can cool down a space, but a good pedestal fan can be a more cost-effective way to ease the heat, making 80-degree Fahrenheit temperatures feel 10 degrees lower. A metal stand elevates a fan head of up to 30 inches in diameter 4 feet or more off the floor, directing air to one spot or oscillating—circulating cool air throughout an entire room in a way that air conditioners can’t.

This guide explores all of the factors and features to consider when shopping for a pedestal fan, listing some of the best ones available.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Lasko 18-Inch Elegance & Performance Pedestal Fan
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Amazon Basics Oscillating Dual-Blade Pedestal Fan
  3. UPGRADE PICK: Hurricane Pro Series HGC736472 20-Inch Pedestal Fan
  4. BEST MISTING: iLiving 30-Inch Pedestal Outdoor Misting Fan
  5. BEST SPACE-SAVING: Lasko 2535 52-Inch Space-Saving Pedestal Tower Fan
  6. BEST HIGH-SPEED: Oemtools 30-Inch High-Velocity Indoor Pedestal Fan
  7. BEST QUIET: Rowenta VU5670 Turbo Silence Extreme Stand Fan
  8. BEST STYLE: Vornado VFAN Sr. Pedestal Vintage Air Circulator
  9. BEST INDUSTRIAL: Maxx Air 30-Inch 3-Speed Tilting Yoke Pedestal Fan
  10. BEST WITH REMOTE: Pelonis FS40-19PRD 16-Inch Pedestal Fan With DC Motor
The Best Pedestal Fans


How We Chose the Best Pedestal Fans 

We researched the most sought-after pedestal fans in their respective categories and discovered that the best models are determined by their size, materials, cubic-feet-per-minute (CFM) rating, fan speeds, and other special features included by top brands. For a more detailed explanation of CFM ratings, read the section on Air Delivery and Speed below.

While searching for the best pedestal fans available, we discovered that the best options included fan heads ranging from 16 to 30 inches, metal and plastic constructions, and CFM ratings of 191 to a whopping 9,500. Most of the fans that we chose also came with three to five fan speeds for circulating more air, standard or oscillating functions, broad bases, remote controls, and tilting heads. Plus, select picks have quiet operating volumes that won’t disrupt the household or office.

All in all, the above selection of fans is made for those looking for either a modest or powerful fan for the home office, living space, bedroom, or nursery.

Our Top Picks

The pedestal fans listed here were selected based on the considerations above, which narrowed the field to some of the best ones on the market. Any of these fans will provide better air circulation and a cooler feel to a living space or garage.

Best Overall

The Best Pedestal Fan Option: Lasko 18-Inch Elegance & Performance Pedestal Fan

With its wide range of adjustability, ample head size, and numerous modes, this pedestal fan from Lasko is a worthy pick for air circulation and making a bedroom or living area feel cooler. Composed of metal and plastic, this fan boasts a telescoping stand with height range adjustability from 38 inches to 54.5 inches. The head can be tilted up and down, allowing you to aim it in virtually any direction.

The five-blade 18-inch fan head provides ample airflow, making it ideal for bedrooms and living areas. This model has three speed modes and can function as a stationary fan or oscillate for maximum coverage. A broad base ensures this fan won’t tip over easily.

Product Specs

  • Size: 38 to 54.5 inches high by 20.5 inches wide by 20.5 inches deep
  • Materials: Metal and plastic
  • Maximum CFM: Not available
  • Fan modes: 3


  • Telescoping stand adjusts from 38 inches to 54.5 inches high
  • Tiltable head and oscillating feature allow fan to cover a broader area
  • 5-blade construction creates excellent airflow


  • Some users report that the fan is not durably constructed

Get the Lasko 18-inch pedestal fan at AmazonTractor Supply Co., or Overstock.

Best Bang For The Buck

The Best Pedestal Fan Option: Amazon Basics Oscillating Dual-Blade Pedestal Fan

This plastic and metal pedestal fan offers many of the same features as higher-end models at a budget-friendly price. Its broad base supports a telescoping pole that adjusts the head height up to 53.15 inches. The head also tilts forward and backward to allow you to aim the fan.

This fan will oscillate and includes a timer that allows you to set on/off times in half-hour increments up to 7.5 hours. Airflow modes include nature, sleep, and normal. A remote control is included so users can turn the fan on and off, change the speed, and adjust the various modes from across the room.

Product Specs

  • Size: 53.15 inches high (at highest level) by 17.72 inches wide by 15.75 inches deep
  • Materials: Plastic and metal
  • Maximum CFM: Unlisted
  • Fan modes: 3


  • Equipped with telescoping pole for adjustable height and a tiltable head
  • Comes with multiple modes, including nature, sleep, and normal
  • Remote control can change speeds, turn fan on and off, and cycle through modes


  • No listed CFM rating

Get the Amazon Basics pedestal fan at Amazon.

Upgrade Pick

The Best Pedestal Fan Option: Hurricane Pro Series HGC736472 20-Inch Pedestal Fan

This fan lives up to the Hurricane name, capable of moving tons of air with a 20-inch head that produces a max velocity of 1,400 revolutions per minute (rpm). While it lacks the user modes of some other fans, it’s more powerful, capable of moving 4,500 cubic feet of air per minute. This makes it ideal for circulating air in large living spaces without air conditioning. To support its powerful head, this fan features all-metal construction with aluminum blades and a powder-coat finish on the steel stand.

The fan’s height is adjustable (from 39 to 54 inches tall) and is supported by a large round base. A knob on the back of the fan head allows you to select one of three speed settings, while a second control toggles the fan’s operation between standard and oscillation. A replaceable fuse in the power cord protects the fan from overload.

Product Specs

  • Size: 39 to 54 inches high by 24.4 inches wide by 13.2 inches deep
  • Materials: Metal, aluminum, and steel
  • Maximum CFM: 4,500
  • Fan modes: 3


  • Durable construction with metal blades, steel stand, and powder-coat finish
  • Large 20-inch head capable of cooling larger rooms
  • Height can be adjusted from 39 inches up to 54 inches


  • Some customers complain about the fan arriving with damage

Get the Hurricane pedestal fan at Amazon.

Best Misting

The Best Pedestal Fan Option: iLiving 30-Inch Pedestal Outdoor Misting Fan

This outdoor fan goes beyond creating a breeze to allow you to stay cool on a hot day. It also comes with a detachable misting kit for additional cooling power. This outdoor fan includes an enclosed motor and a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) plug, making it safe for outdoor use. With its 30-inch diameter and ⅓-horsepower motor, it produces a max airflow of 8,400 CFM, providing plenty of breeze on hot days. There are two speed options, and the fan oscillates 70 degrees. This fan’s height is also adjustable up to 65 inches. It’s durably made with a black powder-coated finish to endure the elements. The misting feature attaches easily to the fan and connects to a garden hose.

Product Specs

  • Size: 54 to 65 inches high by 30 inches wide by 27 inches deep
  • Materials: Powder-coated zinc-plated steel and aluminum
  • Maximum CFM: 8,400 CFM
  • Fan modes: 2


  • Comes with a misting kit that attaches easily to the fan
  • Produces ample airflow of 8,400 CFM for outdoor use
  • Built with a sealed motor and GFCI plug for functioning outdoors


  • Customers complain that it requires a tool to turn the oscillation feature on and off

Get the iLiving pedestal fan at Amazon or The Home Depot.

Best Space-Saving

The Best Pedestal Fan Option: Lasko 2535 52-Inch Space-Saving Pedestal Tower Fan

A bulky pedestal fan can detract from a home’s aesthetics, especially in smaller spaces. This model boasts a tower fan design for a sleek, streamlined appearance. The fan head has a slim cylindrical shape with louvers that conceal the blades. The louvers direct air up or down, while an oscillating feature distributes air from side to side. A telescoping pole allows height adjustability from 41 to 52 inches.

This model is also loaded with features, including a wireless remote control and an LED display that makes it easy to adjust the fan’s three speed options. Other settings include a built-in timer that automatically shuts off the fan after a preset amount of time and a sleep mode that runs the fan at low speed for 6 hours.

Product Specs

  • Size: 41 to 52 inches high by 14 inches wide by 14 inches deep
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Maximum CFM: 191
  • Fan modes: 3


  • Streamlined shape is more attractive than traditional pedestal fans
  • Louvers allow you to direct the air up or down
  • Includes additional features including an automatic shut-off timer and sleep mode
  • Can be controlled from a remote or via an LED display control panel


  • Some customers complain that base is unstable, causing the fan to lean

Get the Lasko 52-inch pedestal fan on AmazonLowe’s, or The Home Depot.

Best High-Speed

The Best Pedestal Fan Option: Oemtools 30-Inch High-Velocity Indoor Pedestal Fan

Larger spaces that aren’t climate controlled, such as a workshop, garage, or warehouse, demand a fan that can move plenty of air. For such applications, it’s tough to beat the output of this model from Oemtools. With its 30-inch head, this beast of a fan can move 9,500 CFM, creating maximum air circulation to clear out exhaust or paint fumes and dust while making a warm space more comfortable.

To support that level of power, this fan is solidly built with three aluminum blades and a steel base. It can function as a stationary fan or oscillate 180 degrees for maximum circulation. Three speed settings allow it to blow at its full gale-force power or at more gentle levels. The stand raises or lowers the fan between 60 and 76 inches.

Product Specs

  • Size: 60 to 76 inches high by 32.75 inches wide by 7.25 inches deep
  • Materials: Metal, steel, and aluminum
  • Maximum CFM: 9,500
  • Fan modes: 3


  • Excellent air circulation with the ability to move up to 9,500 CFM
  • A 180-degree oscillating function allows for maximum coverage
  • Durably built with aluminum blades and a steel base


  • Large fan head and powerful motor make it louder than most pedestal fans
  • Heavy weight makes it more difficult to move than other fans

Get the Oemtools pedestal fan at Wayfair or Northern Tool + Equipment.

Best Quiet

The Best Pedestal Fan Option: Rowenta VU5670 Turbo Silence Extreme Stand Fan

A fan isn’t of much use in a living area if its noise overpowers a conversation or interrupts restful sleep. With its whisper-quiet operation, this model from Rowenta operates at just 35 decibels— the equivalent of rustling leaves. This quiet operation makes it ideal for the bedroom. There are five fan speeds in all, including a silent mode that creates just enough white noise for sleeping and a Turbo Boost setting for extra power.

The plastic and metal fan features a 16-inch head that produces 2,436 cubic feet of airflow per minute. The control panel includes an 8-hour timer and an energy-saving mode that automatically sets the fan at optimal speed. All of these settings are controllable via the fan’s convenient remote control.

Product Specs

  • Size: 43 to 55 inches high by 16 inches wide by 7.2 inches deep
  • Materials: Plastic and metal
  • Maximum CFM: 2,436
  • Fan modes: 5


  • Operates at a 35-decibel volume, about the same as a whisper
  • Has 5 fan speeds, including a quiet mode and a turbo speed
  • Additional functions include an 8-hour timer and an energy-efficient mode


  • Customers complain that the fan remote control doesn’t come with batteries

Get the Rowenta pedestal fan at Amazon or Wayfair.

Best Style

The Best Pedestal Fan Option: Vornado VFAN Sr. Pedestal Vintage Air Circulator

Though pedestal fans are well equipped to move ample air, they aren’t typically the most visually attractive appliances you can add to a living area. This fan changes that perception. It features a vintage look with a stylized rounded housing and base in two retro color options. These design qualities harks back to an era when fans were the only relief most homes had in the heat of the summer.

Yet the shape of the fan goes beyond aesthetics. The housing and curve of the blades cause the air to spiral, allowing it to travel farther than standard pedestal fans. It also includes three speed options, a height adjustment range of 42 to 55 inches, and a tiltable head for directing airflow. This fan is available in white with chrome highlights or green with gold and chrome highlights.

Product Specs

  • Size: 42 to 55 inches high by 18.1 inches wide by 15.5 inches deep
  • Materials: Metal
  • Maximum CFM: 613
  • Fan modes: 3


  • One of the more attractive pedestal fans with its vintage look
  • Comes in 2 color options to suit various room styles
  • Easy to direct airflow with tiltable head and adjustable height


  • Not as much airflow as other pedestal fans

Get the Vornado pedestal fan at Amazon, The Home Depot, or Target.

Best Industrial

The Best Pedestal Fan Option: Maxx Air 30-Inch 3-Speed Tilting Yoke Pedestal Fan

This fan’s large size and durable build quality make it the ideal choice for rugged environments. It features a thermally protected motor that lasts longer than standard motors. With its ¼-horsepower motor and large 30-inch fan blade, the Maxx Air is capable of producing up to 4,800 CFM when set to high. There are also medium and low speed settings. While the height can’t be adjusted, the fan head can be tilted up or down. Its all-metal construction and black powder-coated finish resists chips and scratches, making it ideal for workshops, workout rooms, garage workshops, and industrial locations. The fan is only rated for use indoors.

Product Specs

  • Size: 65 inches high by 36 inches wide by 27 inches deep
  • Materials: Steel and aluminum
  • Maximum CFM: 4,800
  • Fan modes: 3


  • Durably built with a thermally protected motor and all-metal construction
  • Adjustable tilt allows it to be aimed upward or downward
  • 3 speed-setting options with a maximum fan speed of 4,800 CFM


  • Fan sits at a fixed height and cannot be raised or lowered

Get the Maxx Air pedestal fan at Amazon or The Home Depot.

Best With Remote

The Best Pedestal Fan Option: Pelonis FS40-19PRD 16-Inch Pedestal Fan With DC Motor

Its broad range of adjustment and numerous functions make this Pelonis pedestal fan one of the best remote-controlled pedestal fans out there. The 16-inch fan is adjustable at a range between 3½ and 4 feet with a head that can tilt up to 24 degrees, making it versatile enough to provide ventilation in a bedroom, workshop, or home gym. The remote features an LED display and allows the user to turn the fan on and off and toggle through its 12 speed setting options. There’s also a 12-hour timer. In addition to its functionality, this fan is one of the quietest on the market with operation as low as just 38 decibels.

Product Specs

  • Size: 42 to 51.18 inches high by 15.75 inches wide by 15.75 inches deep
  • Materials: Metal and plastic
  • Maximum CFM: Not available
  • Fan modes: 12


  • Features a stand with adjustable height and a tiltable fan head
  • Tremendous versatility with 12 different speed options and a 12-hour timer
  • Includes remote control with an LED display that includes all fan functions


  • Some customers report that the fan will sometimes shut itself off

Get the Pelonis pedestal fan at Amazon or Newegg.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Pedestal Fan

Speed is perhaps the most important feature to consider when shopping for a pedestal fan because this determines how much air a fan can move. But size, material, mode options, and noise level are all important, too. Ahead, learn about these and other pedestal-fan characteristics to keep in mind.


Pedestal fans are designed to be tall and slender to circulate air through a room without taking up significant space. Most models are about 50 inches high with heads between approximately 18 and 30 inches in diameter. While a pedestal fan with a larger head occupies more space, it is also capable of moving more air.

Pedestal fans must accommodate the dimensions of the space they’ll be cooling, so it’s essential to consider room size so as not to end up with a model that’s too small. An 18-inch fan should function well for the average bedroom or small living area, while a larger 30-inch fan is suitable for ventilating a garage or large living room.

Material and Style

Most fans are made from either steel or high-grade plastic. Steel pedestal fans are more durable but are also heavier, which makes them more difficult to knock over but harder to move around. Their steel also means that they are prone to rust, which makes them poorly suited for humid coastal regions.

Fan blades are typically either aluminum or plastic. Plastic is lighter and hence easier for the fan’s motor to turn, whereas aluminum is more durable but requires more power. This makes fans with plastic fan blades slightly more energy efficient than those with heavier aluminum blades.

The aesthetic qualities of a pedestal fan can help it suit a room’s decor. Some feature sleek designs with cylindrical heads that will mesh with modern or transitional styles. Other designs have rounded housings and classic colors for a vintage look—nice with country, eclectic, and casual decor.

Air Delivery and Speed

Pedestal fans deliver air in one direction or by oscillation, where the head pans back and forth up to 180 degrees. Multiple spinning blades do the work, with some fans using three broad blades and others using four or five narrow ones. Blade rotation speed is measured in rpm, which determines how much air a fan moves.

The CFM rating determines how much air the fan can move at its highest speed. Most pedestal fans have a 2,500 CFM rating, meaning they can move about 2,500 cubic feet per minute—enough to circulate air delivery in an average-size bedroom or living area. Some large pedestal fans have a 9,000 CFM, making them nearly as powerful as window fans. If a CFM rating isn’t available, the number of blades and the fan’s diameter typically offer a general idea of its power.


Most pedestal fans have three speed settings: low, medium, and high. Some higher-end models feature additional speeds, like ultraquiet operation and maximum air circulation. You can adjust the speed with controls located on the fan’s head or via a remote control, if it’s included.

Pedestal fans may also have telescopic poles that allow you to adjust the head to different heights to target specific parts of a room. Adjustability typically ranges between 40 and 55 inches high for most pedestal fans. Some models also have tiltable heads that let users move and aim the fan upward or downward.

Fan Modes

Pedestal fans may come equipped with modes for easy operation, such as a thermostat that automatically turns the unit on and off based on room temperature. Some pedestal fans also have timers that turn them off after a preset number of hours, preventing the fan from accidentally being left on in an unoccupied room.

There may be a night mode, which runs the fan at a quiet speed for 6 hours before shutting off, and a turbo mode, which runs at high speed for maximum airflow and cooling power. You can set these modes on a control console on the fan or, if included, via a remote from across the room.

Noise Level

Pedestal fans operate in living spaces, so they should be quiet enough to avoid disrupting sleep or other activities like socializing, watching TV, or reading. With a noise level around 50 decibels, most pedestal fans are quieter than their box fan cousins, but they can still be loud, especially if they are at their highest speed settings and whirring over a conversation between house members or overpowering the audio coming from a TV. Fans with quiet technology operate at about 35 decibels, which is as loud as the sound of a whisper. Fans with quiet technology are typically more expensive than standard units.

Portability and Storage

Pedestal fans tend to have a tall build, which makes them somewhat awkward to transport from room to room. Even though many pedestal fans can stand as tall as 50 inches high, they typically weigh around 15 pounds—light enough to be lifted fairly easily. This light weight makes it easy for you to move the fan around a room to target specific areas or in and out of a closet for storage.

Most pedestal fans have adjustable heights. This allows you to easily lower them to the shortest height, which is usually around 40 inches, for easier storage.


Shoppers looking to buy a new pedestal fan usually have several questions ahead of making their purchase, including how much energy these fans consume and safe runtimes. Here are answers to some of the most common questions asked about these appliances.

Q. Do pedestal fans use a lot of electricity?

This type of electric fan is very efficient and uses a minimal amount of electricity to operate. They can actually help save electricity, making the room feel cooler without A/C use.

Q. Can pedestal fans overheat?

While any electrical appliance presents a fire risk, it’s unlikely that a pedestal fan will overheat. To be safe, check the power cord often, making sure it isn’t frayed or split.

Q. How do I choose a pedestal fan?

Select a pedestal fan based on your needs. A quiet 18-inch fan works best for small rooms while a large, powerful model is better suited for a garage or warehouse.

Q. How do I clean a pedestal fan?

Benign by unplugging the fan. Remove the protective grate from around the fan. Using a clean cloth, wipe away any dust or dirt that has accumulated on the fan blades. Clean the screen with a dry or damp cloth and then allow the screen to dry before reattaching it to the fan.

Q. What’s the difference between a pedestal fan and a tower fan?

Tower fans consist of a long cylindrical shaped head (hence the name tower), while pedestal fans have a traditional fan head mounted to a pole pedestal. In addition to looking different, tower fans move air along their entire length while pedestal fans only move air from the fan head. While tower fans provide a broader flow of air, pedestal fans are more powerful.

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