Daryna Tobey

Deputy Editor


  • Specialties and interests: Vegetable gardening, edible landscaping, wine tasting, cooking, and reading
  • Education: Bachelor of Arts in English literature from Harvard College, Master of Arts and Master of Philosophy in English literature from New York University
  • Other work: Former editor at Gannett, Reader’s Digest home and garden books, and Wine Enthusiast Magazine. Bylines on Fortune.com, Time.com, Eater, and Food52

Best DIY Advice

Outdoors: “Gardeners can save tons of money by getting free compost and mulch from their local municipalities. You may have to shovel the compost yourself, but fabric grow bags make durable, lightweight transport ‘buckets.'”  


Indoors: “I started this tradition during the early days of the pandemic, and it makes me so happy: In our home, string lights stay up year-round. (Command Hooks make them a snap to hang.) We have warm white icicle lights hanging around our living room windows, and they cast just the right amount of light for that first before-sunrise cup of coffee.”