Teresa Odle, Contributing Writer & Editor

Teresa Odle

Contributing Writer & Editor


  • Specialties and interests: Gardening, outdoor living, home improvement, and health care
  • Education and certificates: Bachelor of Fine Arts from Arizona State University; certifications in gardening and ski instruction
  • Other work: Former editor of African Violet Magazine, former freelance editor for Discovery Communications, editor for Cengage Learning (editor in the Life Sciences division), former master gardener

Best DIY Advice

Teresa and her husband love outdoor projects and really enjoyed having a rural 4-acre playground and test lab filled with plenty of critters, where one DIY project involved building  gabion walls and new raised beds in a large xeric garden. Her best DIY advice? “There is so much information online that it can be overwhelming. Be sure to vet online and social media info by checking the source and—when looking at plant choices and plant care tips—by seeking experts who live and grow in similar conditions.”

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