The Best Soundproof Curtains of 2023

The best soundproof curtains for the home can reduce outside distractions and loud noises to help you concentrate, get some rest, or simply enjoy some quiet time.

Best Overall

The Best Soundproof Curtains Option: Nicetown Custom 2 Layers 100% Blackout Curtain

Nicetown Custom 2 Layers 100% Blackout Curtain

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Best Bang For The Buck

The Best Soundproof Curtains Option: BGment Insulated Blackout Soundproof Curtains

BGment Insulated Blackout Soundproof Curtains

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Upgrade Pick

The Best Soundproof Curtains Option: RYB Home 3 Layers 100% Blackout Soundproof Curtains

RYB Home 3 Layers 100% Blackout Soundproof Curtains

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For folks who live near busy streets and bustling areas, outside noise can infiltrate the home environment. This type of commotion can be annoying at best and disruptive at worst, affecting focus, relaxation, and sleep. One solution? Soundproof curtains. Unlike typical curtains, soundproof curtains can help absorb quieter sounds while muffling louder sounds, making them less distracting. These products are also typically designed as blackout curtains to offer greater privacy and keep outdoor light from entering the room.

This guide describes some of the best soundproof blackout curtains on the market today in a variety of categories, including use in a home theater or music studio. All of our top picks were selected after an in-depth review of the market and thorough product vetting. We also offer shoppers ample information about the types of soundproof curtains available and key features to consider to help ensure the right purchase for individual needs. Manage noise levels with the best soundproof curtains for home use ahead.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Nicetown Custom 2 Layers 100% Blackout Curtain
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: BGment Insulated Blackout Soundproof Curtains
  3. UPGRADE PICK: RYB Home 3 Layers 100% Blackout Soundproof Curtains
  4. BEST DOUBLE-LAYERED: Moondream 3-in-1 Blackout Thermal Soundproof Curtain
  5. BEST INSULATION: H.Versailtex Linen Blackout Soundproof Curtains
  6. BEST AUDIO INSULATION: Miuco Room-Darkening Blackout Soundproof Curtains
  7. BEST CURTAIN ALTERNATIVE: Stalwart Multi-Purpose Heavy-Duty Moving Blanket
  8. BEST STYLE: Deconovo Faux Linen 100% Total Blackout Curtains
  9. BEST FOR HOME STUDIOS: Filmcraft Heavy-Duty Studio Soundproof Blanket
  10. ALSO CONSIDER: Pony Dance Blackout Insulated Soundproof Curtains
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How We Chose the Best Soundproof Curtains

The right soundproof curtains can provide noise reduction, blackout capability, and even thermal insulation for all-around convenience and privacy. The selections for our top picks were highly rated for their overall performance, taking into account their materials, ease of installation, size, and colorways offered, as well as ease of care.

Many of our top picks are made of sturdy, thick materials like polyester, microfiber, and weave fabric, which offer good sound absorption and blackout capability. They are also relatively easy to install, with many options including grommets for hanging.

Thermal insulation is another added feature of some of our favorite curtains. To match decor styles and window dimensions, each product also comes in multiple colorways and sizes. Finally, many of the curtains that made our lineup are safe to machine wash for added convenience.

Our Top Picks

The products featured below have been selected because of their optimal overall performance, high-quality materials, relative ease of installation, and value for quality. Consider any one of these soundproof curtains as an effective option for helping to prevent ambient noise and light from infiltrating indoors.

Best Overall

Nicetown Custom 2 Layers 100% Blackout Curtain

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These Nicetown soundproof blackout curtains are made with two layers of thick triple-weave polyester fabric. This design provides noise reduction and an excellent blackout effect, helping to keep rooms quiet and peaceful. The two-layer design also blocks sunlight and ultraviolet (UV) rays plus adds a barrier of insulation to prevent cold and warm air from escaping or seeping in from outside.

These curtains are available in a very wide range of sizes, including customizable options directly from the brand. There are more than 30 color options to match a variety of room decors and personal preferences. If the curtains get dirty, they are hand-washable with a mild detergent and iron-safe on low heat.

Product Specs

  • Materials: Polyester
  • Colorways: 30+
  • Ease of installation: Easy


  • Dual-layered design and triple-weave fabric is effective in dampening noise
  • Excellent customizable options with a wide range of sizes and colors available
  • Stellar light-blocking ability; even light colors are effective at limiting sunlight


  • Some reviewers note that the curtains arrived wrinkled
  • Not machine washable; hand-washing is recommended

Get the Nicetown soundproof curtains at Amazon or Nicetown.

Best Bang For The Buck

BGment Insulated Blackout Soundproof Curtains

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Consider these budget-friendly soundproof blackout curtains from BGment to provide effective noise reduction at a reasonable cost. These are thermal-insulated curtains, which means that in addition to absorbing sounds from outside, they also help to balance the temperature of a room and reduce energy usage.

The curtains are designed with a triple-weave polyester fabric that looks visually appealing while blocking out a significant amount of sunlight. They come in 30 colors and 11 size options from 45 inches to 120 inches long by 38 inches to 70 inches wide, so it should be easy to find the ideal match for most windows.

Each of the two curtain panels features metal grommets to allow for easy hanging on most curtain rods. These easy-care curtains are machine washable in a cold-water gentle cycle. They can be placed in the dryer on a low heat setting and finished with a warm iron if needed.

Product Specs

  • Materials: Polyester
  • Colorways: 30
  • Ease of installation: Easy


  • An affordable option with excellent size and color range to choose from
  • Machine washable (cold, gentle cycle) and dryer-safe (low heat) for easy maintenance
  • Polyester fabric is true to color and drapes nicely for an elegant look


  • Not 100 percent blackout curtains due to somewhat thin construction

Get the BGment soundproof curtains at Amazon.

Upgrade Pick

RYB Home 3 Layers 100% Blackout Soundproof Curtains

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These high-performing soundproof blackout curtains from RYB Home are a worthwhile upgrade. They are especially effective at absorbing sounds due to the detachable felt-fabric liner located between the two heavy layers of triple-weave fabric. For times when soundproofing isn’t necessary, easily remove the liner using the hook-and-loop fasteners.

The three-layer design also enables these curtains to block out UV rays and sunlight; simply close the curtains to enjoy a completely dark room, regardless of the time of day. They can also help save money on energy costs by contributing additional thermal insulation to windows.

These acoustic curtains come in a variety of colors and sizes, including customizable dimensions when ordering directly from the brand website. The curtains can be machine washed and tumbled dry on low heat for easy maintenance; just remember to detach the felt liner prior to placing them in the machine. If needed, a warm iron can help remove any wrinkles.

Product Specs

  • Materials: Triple-weave fabric with detachable felt-fabric liner
  • Colorways: 15+
  • Ease of installation: Easy


  • Features a removable black felt inner lining for superior sound and light blocking
  • The color is on both the front and back of the panel to improve appearance
  • Safe for the washing machine and dryer (low heat)


  • Quite heavy; a sturdy curtain-rod system is necessary

Get the RYB Home soundproof curtains at Amazon or RYB Home.

Best Double-Layered

Moondream 3-in-1 Blackout Thermal Soundproof Curtain

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A multilayered design makes these Moondream 3-in-1 curtains a top pick for blocking sound and light and providing thermal insulation. The curtains feature three layers: a layer of blackout fabric, a thermal lining, and an attractive thick cotton fabric. Combined, these fabrics can reduce noise by up to 7 decibels and reduce heating costs by up to 37 percent.

These layers also offer a complete blackout effect, ideal for rooms that need darkness during the day. A reinforced grommet top section makes them easy to install, and the grommets are rustproof to ensure lasting performance. While size options are relatively limited (only four are available), this curtain does come in 14 colorways to suit a range of home decor.

Product Specs

  • Materials: Polyester and cotton
  • Colorways: 14
  • Ease of installation: Easy


  • Layered design includes a blackout fabric and thermal insulation lining
  • Outer layer is made of thick cotton for a luxe look and feel
  • Decibel reduction rating of up to 7 decibels for superior soundproofing


  • Curtains are dry-clean only
  • Limited size options compared to other curtains on this list

Get the Moondream soundproof curtains at Amazon or Moondream.

Best Insulation

H.Versailtex Linen Blackout Soundproof Curtains

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These thermal-insulated curtains from H.Versailtex not only provide sound absorption, but they are also specifically designed to help reduce energy costs by preventing warm or cool air from escaping the home. Thermal insulation can also block cold drafts in the winter to keep rooms warmer.

The curtains are made of a sturdy polyester blend that mimics the look of textured linen. This thick woven fabric also allows the curtains to block at least 85 percent of sunlight and UV rays from entering the room. Available in 15 attractive color choices, these insulated curtains can add a touch of style and sophistication to a space.

They come in three sizes to fit 52-inch-wide windows that range in length from 45 inches to 108 inches. Each curtain features eight copper grommets for easy hanging and moving. These soundproof curtains can be machine washed with nonchlorine bleach when necessary. Tumble dry on a low heat setting, and remove any wrinkles or creases with a warm iron.

Product Specs

  • Materials: Polyester blend
  • Colorways: 15
  • Ease of installation: Easy


  • Faux-linen appearance and attractive colorways make these curtains a stylish choice
  • Attractive copper finish on the grommets adds to the curtains’ distinctive look
  • Thick fabric provides good thermal insulation year-round to save on energy costs


  • Does not provide full blackout

Get the H.Versailtex soundproof curtains at Amazon.

Best Audio Insulation

Miuco Room-Darkening Blackout Soundproof Curtains

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Featuring two layers of polyester-blend fabric, these soundproof and room-darkening curtains from Miuco insulate rooms and dampen outside sounds. Featuring triple-weave construction, these sound-deadening curtains can also block up to 98 percent of sunlight and 100 percent of UV rays. The thermal insulation can help lower electric bills by reducing the amount of cool or warm air that escapes through the windows.

Available in 18 attractive color options, the curtains come in three sizes to fit 52-inch-wide windows that are between 63 inches and 95 inches long. When needed, conveniently machine wash and tumble dry these curtains, and use a warm iron to eliminate wrinkles.

Product Specs

  • Materials: Polyester/polyester-blend fabric
  • Colorways: 18
  • Ease of installation: Easy


  • Trendy color options, including shades like rust, aubergine, and sage green
  • Oil-rubbed bronze finish on the grommets adds to the stylish look
  • Weighted bottom hem ensures that the curtains hang nicely


  • Limited size options available

Get the Miuco soundproof curtains at Amazon.

Best Curtain Alternative

Stalwart Multi-Purpose Heavy-Duty Moving Blanket

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Those who want to DIY their own soundproof curtains, as well as folks who simply value versatility, can dampen noise considerably with this heavy-duty cotton-padded industrial moving blanket from Stalwart. The thick padded 100 percent polyester blanket absorbs outside sounds for a quieter and more enjoyable space. The multipurpose blanket features zigzag double stitching and bound corners for quality and durability—its primary purpose is to protect furniture during a move, so it ought to hold up extremely well.

At 73.5 inches long by 80 inches wide, the blanket is large enough to provide excellent coverage for a variety of window sizes. It features one blue side and one black side, allowing you to choose which color to display in the space. When needed, hand-wash this industrial blanket using cold water; it is not machine washable.

Product Specs

  • Materials: 100 percent polyester and cotton-padded industrial blanket
  • Colorways: 1
  • Ease of installation: Difficult


  • Versatile and multifunctional; suitable for various uses and projects
  • Durable materials, zigzag double stitching, and cloth-bound edges ensure superior durability


  • No hanging hardware or design elements included
  • Not machine washable
  • Limited size options

Get the Stalwart moving blanket at AmazonThe Home Depot, or Walmart.

Best Style

Deconovo Faux Linen 100% Total Blackout Curtains

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There’s no need to sacrifice style when purchasing the best sound-minimizing curtains, as these attractive Deconovo blackout curtains prove. The faux-linen material is textured for added interest, and while the blackout curtains only come in 17 colors, the decorator hues include forest green, wine red, and pale lilac. The brand also sells similar blackout curtains in a range of patterned designs. The curtains come in 12 size options ranging from 45 to 108 inches long by 42 inches to 52 inches wide.

Though made of soft, durable polyester, the curtains’ unique texture lends the appearance of fine linen for a more upscale and stylish look. Besides offering a fashion statement, the curtains have a heavy-duty back layer that offers total blackout and thermal-insulating capabilities as well as dampening sound.

Product Specs

  • Materials: Polyester
  • Colorways: 17
  • Ease of installation: Easy


  • Rich color options that can suit a host of different decor schemes
  • Luxurious linen appearance offers a more upscale look
  • Provides excellent blackout and thermal energy benefits due to back layer material


  • Not machine washable; washing by hand is recommended

Get the Deconovo soundproof curtains at Amazon, Deconovo, or Walmart.

Best Home Studios

Filmcraft Heavy-Duty Studio Soundproof Blanket

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A home studio has different needs than other rooms in the house, so it makes sense to opt for a professional product rather than residential curtains. The Filmcraft studio soundproof blanket is a relatively affordable pick that is versatile and effective. This sound blanket is designed for use on movie sets and stages and in recording studios to dampen sound, minimize unwanted noise, and block light. To make it easier to hang anywhere, the blanket has grommets on all sides.

Measuring 80 inches long by 72 inches wide, this sound-minimizing blanket also doubles as a protective sheet to cover set pieces and instruments in transit. It’s built to hold up to long days of filmmaking, which means it will be durable and long lasting in a home studio.

Product Specs

  • Materials: Polyester
  • Colorways: 1
  • Ease of installation: Moderate


  • Grommets on all sides allow for easier draping and hanging
  • Doubles as a protective blanket for transporting instruments and equipment
  • Very durable with zigzag weave and a double-stitched hem


  • Only 1 size option
  • No decorative accents; very industrial look

Get the Filmcraft soundproof blanket at Amazon, B&H, or Adorama.

Also Consider

Pony Dance Blackout Insulated Soundproof Curtains

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For sleek and effective soundproof curtains, this set from Pony Dance may fill the bill. These polyester panels feel luxurious and come in 34 colors and three standard sizes: 45 inches long by 53 inches wide, 54 inches long by 52 inches wide, and 72 inches long by 52 inches wide.

Though the color spectrum ranges from black to pure white, the manufacturer recommends darker shades for the best light-blocking capability. On those, expect 85 to 95 percent light blockage and a significant decrease in ambient noise, too.

These curtains have rod pocket installation rather than grommets, which affords greater versatility—the panels can be hung directly on the rod via the back tabs or rod pocket, or with the use of curtain clips. The overall appearance is sleeker, but this type of installation is a little bit trickier than simply sliding the rod through grommets.

Product Specs

  • Materials: Polyester
  • Colorways: 34
  • Ease of installation: Easy


  • Excellent light blocking due to tight triple-weaved fabric
  • Wide color range available, including many pretty pastel shades
  • 3 hanging options: via back tab, rod pocket, or clip rings (clip rings not included)


  • Rod pocket slows the installation process

Get the Pony Dance soundproof curtains at Amazon.

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What to Consider When Choosing Soundproof Curtains 

Good soundproof curtains will help absorb sound waves and reduce noise pollution, so they’re ideal for a bedroom, living room, home office, or home theater. Many can even double as blackout curtains or thermal curtains to help reduce natural light pollution and heating or cooling costs. There are a few features for shoppers to keep in mind when shopping for the best soundproof curtains.

Types of Soundproof Curtains 

Shopping for soundproof curtains starts with choosing a curtain type. There are three types of soundproof curtains: insulation curtains, audio insulation sheets, and industrial blankets.

Insulation Curtains 

Insulation curtains look similar to regular window curtains found in most homes and can come in a range of designs as well, from neutral colors to bold patterns. The main difference is that insulation curtains are made with heavier materials that block some noise. Insulation curtains also often function as blackout curtains since the thicker material that insulates the room from sound also works to block sunlight.

Another benefit of insulation curtains is that they can help lower energy bills. The same thick material that works to absorb sounds can also help contain thermal energy. This adds a layer of insulation and prevents air from entering or escaping through windows.

Audio Insulation Sheets 

While audio insulation sheets aren’t technically curtains, they can be hung to function like curtains. Audio insulation sheets are typically designed with grommets to allow them to hang from a curtain rod, making them easier to install than acoustic panels.

Audio insulation sheets are able to block more sound than insulation curtains and industrial blankets because they are constructed with multiple layers of very heavy fabric. They also function as a blackout curtain due to these multiple layers. However, the amount of fabric required to craft audio insulation sheets makes them a more expensive option.

Industrial Blankets 

Industrial blankets are primarily intended to protect furniture and other fragile items during the moving process. Because they are used for this purpose, industrial blankets are made with thick and padded material, which allows them to serve as soundproof curtains.

Some (but not all) industrial blankets are designed with grommets, which makes them easier to hang. Otherwise, you’ll have to find a way to drape them over windows or rig up a hanging mechanism so that they can help absorb outside sounds. Industrial blankets are one of the most budget-friendly options for reducing outside sounds in your indoor space.

Size and Weight

Before purchasing soundproof curtains, check to confirm that the product is available in the appropriate size. Measure the length and width of the window, and look for a curtain that is wide and long enough to sufficiently cover it. Ideally, soundproof curtains should cover a large portion of the wall, in addition to the window, to be most effective.

If possible, choose a curtain that is up to three times as wide as the window and 10 or more inches longer. Floor-to-ceiling soundproof curtains can be even more effective at noise reduction. Heavier soundproofing curtains are more effective at absorbing sounds and keeping your space quiet than lighter ones. This is especially true for lower-frequency sounds. If deciding between two soundproof curtains, the heavier option may be the better choice.


The materials used to make soundproof curtains will affect not only the way they look but also how well they will block and absorb sounds. More fibrous options, such as velvet curtains, can be more effective at noise reduction. Suede and polyester are also quality options to consider.

Many soundproof curtains on the market are crafted with a triple-weave fabric, making them denser and more effective. Thermal soundproof curtains also offer additional insulation as well. Thermal insulation can both help to reduce energy costs and also make the curtains more effective at absorbing sounds. A general rule of thumb to keep in mind when looking for soundproof curtains is that more material usually equals better soundproofing capabilities.


Before hanging a new set of soundproof curtains, consider the curtain rods currently installed to assess if they will work with the curtains. Since soundproof curtains are heavier than traditional curtains, make sure the curtain rod can support the weight of heavier curtains or consider installing new ones.

Depending on their dimensions, soundproof curtains could weigh 8 pounds or more, compared to about 2 pounds for traditional light-filtering curtains. In addition to rod strength, shoppers may also wish to consider buying a wraparound curtain rod. This style of curtain rod is more effective at blocking sounds since it attaches to the wall at a curve and allows the curtain to provide a more complete sound barrier.


The color of the soundproof curtains won’t affect their noise reduction but it will certainly affect the way they will look in a living space. Based on personal preferences and needs, consider acoustic curtains that match the aesthetic of the room—such as modern, vintage, or farmhouse, for example—and will coordinate with the decor as well.

Installation and Maintenance 

Finally, consider how easy it will be to install and maintain the soundproof curtains. One of the easiest ways to help soundproof a space is with insulation curtains that have grommets along the top for simple installation from a curtain rod.

Audio insulation sheets and industrial blankets may be more challenging to install depending on their design. Try to preview the manufacturer’s installation directions, if possible, before making a purchase. Also, take note of the manufacturer’s care and cleaning instructions for each potential purchase. Machine-washable options are easier to maintain.


Hopefully, you now know more about soundproof curtains and how to choose the best product to reduce noise in your home. If you still have a few questions, check out the following section for more information.

Q. How can I soundproof my curtains?

To increase the noise reduction of your existing curtains, add more layers of fabric. For best results, choose heavy and tightly woven fabrics, as they are more effective at reducing the amount of noise that enters your space. Ideally, the curtains should cover the full length of the wall—both above and below the window—since this will allow them to create a seal to block more sound.

Q. Do drapes block sound?

Yes, traditional drapes will block some sound. However, the amount of sound absorption will vary significantly based on their thickness and the quality of the seal they create over a window.

Q. How can I inexpensively soundproof a room?

You can soundproof a room in several ways without spending too much money. One idea is to use an industrial blanket, or even just thick regular blankets, to help soundproof windows and the surrounding wall space. The thick material can help to block a lot of noise from entering your space.

In addition to purchasing soundproof curtains, consider placing weatherstripping tape around your windows and door frames, and seal gaps between doors and their thresholds with a rubber doorstop to further soundproof a room.

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