I Tried The Affordable Eclipse Blackout Curtains – Did They Work?

The affordable price point and excellent light-blocking capabilities give these Eclipse blackout curtains our seal of approval.
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Eclipse Blackout Curtains

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While waking up to natural sunlight helps keep our bodies’ circadian rhythm in check, there are a number of instances when it might be desirable to prevent outside light from streaming into a bedroom window. Shift workers who need to sleep during the day, residents in urban settings with light pollution, and parents with newborns and infants who are having trouble sleeping would benefit from a set of quality blackout curtains, like these Eclipse blackout curtains.

Eclipse is one of the most respected brands in the industry, and this model exemplifies its high-quality offerings with an affordable price and impressive performance. I tested the Eclipse blackout curtain (available on Amazon) in my own bedroom, taking note of design, functionality, and performance. This review is based on my experience and reflects my viewpoint on why the Eclipse blackout curtains would make an excellent pick for many households.

Verdict: Eclipse blackout curtains are an excellent budget pick that gets the job done.

Eclipse Blackout Curtains Verdict
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Rating: 7.5/10


  • Superior room-darkening capabilities
  • Easy installation
  • Lightweight material
  • Affordable price


  • Light comes through the grommets
  • Narrow panel width
  • Material feels a bit cheap

Get the ECLIPSE Blackout Curtains on Amazon for $20.20 (per panel).

What Are Eclipse Blackout Curtains? 

Eclipse blackout curtains are one of the most affordable products of this type on the market and offer great bang for the buck. They block light, reduce noise pollution, and save energy, no matter the season. The curtains are made from polyester and feature Thermaback technology, which allows for lightweight construction while offering all the benefits of traditional blackout curtains.

The panels are available in three lengths: 63 inches, 84 inches, and 95 inches, providing options for a wide variety of window sizes. A couple of downsides, however, are that the panels are somewhat narrow at just 42 inches each. Standard curtain panels in the United States measure 54 inches, so be sure to verify the window’s dimensions before making a purchase. Additionally, be aware that each package contains a single panel.

Eclipse Blackout Curtains Great Color Selection
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Are The Eclipse Blackout Curtains Durable and Well Made?

Eclipse blackout curtains are available in a range of colors, including both light and dark shades. Shoppers can choose from eight hues to complement a room’s color scheme: white, beige, moss, peacock, navy, chocolate brown, smoke, and black. It’s important to note that, generally speaking, darker-colored blackout curtains offer better room-darkening performance. The inner lining of each panel is white, which reflects sunlight. The contrast may be undesirable on the darker-colored curtains for some shoppers if the lining is visible when the curtains are open.

The primary disadvantage of these curtains is the feel and aesthetic of the material. While they are lightweight at just 1.2 pounds for the 84-inch version, which means they won’t require an exceptionally sturdy curtain rod, the material feels and looks somewhat cheap compared to other blackout curtains on the market. So, while the Eclipse blackout curtains do get the job done in dorm rooms or rental properties, they may not be the ideal choice for a carefully designed bedroom.

Are Eclipse Blackout Curtains Easy to Install?

Like all curtains, Eclipse blackout curtains require several tools for installation. First, users will need to purchase a curtain rod separately and install the brackets into the wall using a drill. If a curtain rod is already installed, all that’s required is to take it down and fit the curtain panels onto the rod. Plan to use either a stepladder or a regular ladder, depending on the height of the windows. Setting up this particular model is a breeze due to the grommet header style, which allows users to slide them on with ease.

One disadvantage to Eclipse blackout curtains is that the microfiber polyester material was a bit wrinkled when I unpacked the curtains, creating a slightly messy look. However, since they are machine washable on a cold water gentle cycle and can handle both a low-temperature tumble dry and a warm iron, maintenance is simple.

Eclipse Blackout Curtains Excellent Light Blocking
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Do Well Do The Blackout Curtains Block Light and Provide Privacy?

The brand states that these blackout curtains block 98 to 99 percent of sunlight, which I found accurate based on my testing. Even in the middle of the day, the room was completely darkened, with little to no sunlight shining through the fabric. One downside, based on my windows, was that some light did come through the grommets. Since I have tall windows that reach almost to the ceiling and my curtain rod is just above the window frame, the Eclipse blackout curtains did allow some light to reach the room’s interior. However, this won’t be an issue for curtain rods installed 4 to 6 inches above the frame.

The curtains offer complete privacy, and when standing outside my bedroom (which is on the ground floor), it was impossible to see anything inside, including shadows and silhouettes.

Eclipse uses patented Thermaback technology to regulate the room temperature and reduce energy costs. These curtains insulate against heat in warm weather, while they help facilitate heat retention in cold weather. I tested the curtains on a hot summer day and found that my bedroom did feel noticeably cooler after keeping them closed for several hours during the height of the afternoon heat.

Eclipse Blackout Curtains How We Reviewed
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Are Eclipse Blackout Curtains Right for You?

Anyone looking for an affordable set of blackout curtains will be pleased with this purchase. While they aren’t the most luxurious material, the Eclipse blackout curtains are extremely practical, filtering out the majority of outside light and providing complete privacy, as well as both sound and temperature insulation. In addition, the simple installation requirements mean they are quick to set up, and the grommet style makes them easy to slide open and closed.

While shoppers with higher budgets may want to spring for a more high-end set of blackout curtains for their own bedrooms, this set is sufficient for kids’ rooms, dorm rooms, rental units, and any other space where style isn’t necessarily the top priority. Additionally, considering the narrow width of the panels, these curtains aren’t the ideal choice for covering wide windows.

Get the ECLIPSE Blackout Curtains on Amazon for $20.20 (per panel).

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