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Is the Purple Pillow Really as Comfortable as Everyone Says?

Thanks to its unusual polymer grid, this Purple Pillow stands out from the rest with exceptional durability and firm support.
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Purple Pillow Review
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When it’s time to hit the hay, a perfect pillow can make all the difference. A pillow can help prevent head and neck pain and also help you drift off to sleep in just minutes. Ideally, a pillow should be supportive and comfortable.

Finding that balance can be a challenge, made even tougher by the fact that pillows should be replaced every one to two years. After several months, pillows lose their shape, flatten out, and become neither comfortable nor supportive. Then the search is on for a new pillow, and there’s so much to consider including the type and size of pillow. Feathers, down alternative, and polyester fill traditional pillows, while latex and memory foam pillows offer high-tech support. These types of bed pillows make up most of the market, but they are not the only options.

Like its unique mattress, the Purple Pillow differentiates itself with the Purple Grid. Designed to provide durable support night after night, the Purple Pillow is not like any other pillow on the market. I took that as a great thing, so, being that I am such a fan of my Purple Hybrid Premier mattress, I decided to give the original Purple Pillow a chance, too.

Purple Pillow: At a Glance

Purple Pillow Review
Photo: Beth Cranston

Rating: [6/10]


  • Provides substantial support
  • Stays cool year-round
  • Maintains its shape


  • Hard to adjust
  • Can’t layer with other pillows
  • Not for stomach sleepers

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What Is the Purple Pillow?

Like the main layer in its mattresses, the Purple Pillow is made of the company’s unique, Hyper-Elastic Polymer grid. The pillow boasts many of the same benefits as Purple mattresses. It’s supportive, responsive, breathable, and durable—just in a much smaller package.

The Purple Pillow is 24 inches by 16 inches, and about 3 inches deep. Although it’s a bit smaller than a standard size pillow, which is 20 by 30 inches, it weighs quite a bit more at nearly 12 pounds. Each pillow comes with two polyester boosters so users can adjust the height of their pillow. Each booster is the same length and width as the pillow, while one booster is 1/2-inch thick and the other is 1-inch thick. The pillow also comes with a polyester blend cover designed to wick away moisture and keep the Purple grid clean. The Purple Pillow is latex-free and of made hypoallergenic materials and are CertiPUR-US and Clean Air GOLD certified, so you can breathe easy while you sleep.

In addition to the standard pillow, Purple offers the Harmony, TwinCloud, Purple Plush, and kids pillows. Of these, the Harmony and kids pillows feature Purple’s grid technology, while Twin Cloud has a silicon fiber fill and Plush has a poly fill. Harmony differs from the original pillow in that its grid surrounds a latex core. The kids pillows are simply smaller versions of the original.

Purple Pillow Review
Photo: Beth Cranston

How Comfortable Is the Purple Pillow?

Perhaps even more so than with a bed, the comfort of a pillow depends on sleeping position. Stomach and back sleepers don’t require as much loft as side sleepers.

Generally speaking, I am a combination sleeper, resting in any one of the three positions. However, I mainly sleep on my side, like about 60 percent of Americans, and sometimes on my back. That’s how I used this pillow for several days. I also attempted to use it on my stomach.


When laying on my side the Purple Pillow was not tall enough to fill the space between the edge of my shoulder and the side of my head. With my neck angled downward, I was unable to sleep on my side with the Purple Pillow alone.

However, when I inserted the pillow boosters, which added 1-1/2 inches to the height of the pillow, I felt quite a bit more comfortable. The extra padding provided a cushiony feel, which I preferred to the feel of the grid.

When on my side, I tend to adjust my regular pillows to create just the right loft and shape. While I found that the Purple Pillow conforms and responds, I couldn’t easily adjust it due to its weight. For me, this was a major downside.


I found the pillow most comfortable on my back. It cradled my neck perfectly and supported my head without sinking too much. With the inserts, however, it raised my head a bit more than I prefer, but not so much that I was uncomfortable. Also, because I needed the supports for when I was on my side, I decided to leave them in.


I could not use the Purple Pillow on my stomach as it was simply too tall and did not give way enough under my head. My neck created a v-shape in this position, not at all conducive to rest or sleep.

Overall Comfort

Although it gently cradled my head and neck, and adjusted quickly to my movement, the Purple Pillow lacked the adjustable loft, and frankly, the coziness of a traditional pillow. In this regard, it compares to a memory foam pillow. They both hold firm in their shape, a characteristic I found somewhat uncomfortable.

In contrast, traditional pillows, regardless of fill type, tend to give way, particularly after several nights, making them easy to adjust or combine with other pillows for customized comfort. After this product test, I found that I actually preferred that cozy comfort.

Purple Pillow Review
Photo: Beth Cranston

Is the Purple Pillow Worth the Money?

The Purple Pillow retails for $109. While that price may make this pillow a splurge, Purple often offers these pillows as a part of discount bundles that can include sheets and mattress protectors. These bundles often offer up to a 35-percent discount. For consumers already interested in the Purple mattress and are curious about this unique pillow, bundling the pillow with a mattress may make sense. (In fact, that’s what I did, and I’m glad I tried it.)

Plus, like the mattress, Purple offers a 100-night trial for the pillow along with free shipping and returns. What’s more, they offer a limited one-year warranty. While most people probably won’t use a warranty on a pillow, it’s nice to know a company stands by its product.

Purple Pillow Review
Photo: Beth Cranston

Is the Purple Pillow Right for You?

Sleepers who want serious support in a cool package, but are also unafraid to try something a little different, should check out the Purple pillow.

With its supportive durability, the Purple Pillow can be the perfect headrest for anyone—particularly back and side sleepers— seeking a firm, no-fluff-necessary pillow. It responds to pressure quickly, yet retains its shape night after night. That’s not a common characteristic for most traditional pillows, which require consistent shaping and re-fluffing.

In addition to outstanding support, the Purple Pillow’s grid allows for ample airflow, unlike memory foam pillows, to help maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature. The pillow’s breathability makes it a must-have for many hot sleepers.

Despite these great qualities, many sleepers (myself included) may not find complete comfort with this unique pillow. While I’m a big fan of my Purple Hybrid Premier mattress and felt well-supported by the pillow, I couldn’t get past the weight and inability to shape it. That said, for those who want to rest their heads on something cozy, the original Purple Pillow is not it.

Where to Buy the Purple Pillow

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