Gretchen Heber, Contributing Writer & Editor

Gretchen Heber

Contributing Writer & Editor


  • Specialties and interests: Gardening
  • Education: Bachelor of Arts in journalism from San José State University
  • Other work: Austin American-Statesman, Gardener’s Path, Fluence, SFGate, Gannett

Proudest DIY

In one multi-month stretch, Gretchen and her husband went on an extreme board-and-batten run. It started innocently enough, with a single wall in the breakfast room. Before they knew it, they had board-and-battened parts of the kitchen, the back entryway, and the primary bedroom. At their current home, with 4 acres to landscape, they’re mostly in outdoor mode—transforming native Texas scrub to tidied-up native Texas scrub punctuated with bits of slightly more attractive native and adapted landscaping.

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