Donna Boyle Schwartz, Contributing Writer

Donna Boyle Schwartz

Contributing Writer



Donna Boyle Schwartz is an avid writer with years of experience covering the home and garden beat in addition to out-of-home topics such as sports and local events. These days, she researches and writes editorial and advertising features on a vast range of home-related topics, including housewares, furniture, home fashions, flooring, remodeling, construction, antiques, art, garden, collectibles, and color/design trends.

Best DIY Advice

“Plan the dive; dive the plan.” As an avid scuba diver since 1990, Donna has learned that you always need to be ready for the unexpected—and the same advice applies to DIY projects. Always come up with a written plan of action in the beginning, including a budget. Then, go over your plan step-by-step and ask “what if?” about every conceivable angle. Chances are you won’t think of everything, but it will at least give you a good starting point and help you avoid a lot of unpleasant surprises along the way.

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