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Every Pet Parent Needs This $10 Cleaner

Keep pet messes at bay and prevent future accidents with this inexpensive and safe cleaner.
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Removing Stains From the Carpet


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A dog’s sense of smell is 40 times stronger than a human’s. Cats do not smell as well as dogs, but it’s still way more potent than a person’s. As a pet parent and a former dog foster, I have learned the hard way that cleaning up after pet messes with regular cleaners doesn’t always mean it’s clean on the microscopic level. As long as a dog or cat can smell their personal or another animal’s scent, they will continue to take care of their business in the “accident zone.”

When I started fostering dogs, my mentors advised me to invest in a quality enzyme cleaner. I’ve always had animals and had never heard of the stuff because I never had issues with them having accidents indoors. However, I soon learned that when you introduce a stranger to your established pack, well, things like marking and other accidents will ensue. Surface cleaners, even bleach, will not break down biological matter that can seep into your surfaces. Moreover, most cleaners are not safe to use on carpet, upholstery, and other soft surfaces or around your pets. To eliminate pet messes, you need to use an enzymatic cleaner like Nature’s Miracle.

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What is an enzymatic cleaner?

An enzymatic cleaner contains good bacteria that produce enzymes when it comes into contact with organic matter. They work in tandem to clean by breaking down organic waste, such as urine and grease, into smaller pieces that the bacteria can more easily consume. As long as the bacteria has “food,” these microscopic “cleaners” multiply, continuing to remove traces of biological matter and odor from surfaces hours or even days after the initial application and will continue to work until the bacteria runs out of food.

Nature's Miracle

It’s safe for soft and hard surfaces.

Many household cleaners are not safe for every type of surface. Unfortunately, sometimes biological matter gets on your sofa or carpet, and you can clean up most of it. Still, anything that seeps down into the carpet pad or cushion on the couch lingers. Nature’s Miracle Original formula is ideal for any hard or soft surface, including clothing, and it works!

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This cleaner takes care of ANY biological mess.

Nature’s Miracle breaks down more than just pet urine and feces. It takes care of any biological mess from people or animals. You can use it to pre-treat grass stains on clothing or remove blood from a favorite tee. Trust me; this product was a lifesaver when my kids were potty training. It cleans urine out of mattresses and around the base of toilets like a charm.

Pit bull Puppie's first accident

It’s pet- and people-safe.

Many cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can irritate your lungs, eyes, and skin. Nature’s Miracle is not organic, but it has a limited amount of ingredients such as water, isopropyl alcohol, citrus fragrance, bacteria, and surfactants, that are safe to use around pets and people.

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It smells great!

Nature’s Miracle has a light citrus scent. It’s not overpowering and leaves your home or furniture smelling fresh after cleaning. The smell lingers on for days, making it an effective odor eliminator that won’t assault your senses.