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9 Smarter Spots for the TV

Television sets are considered one of history’s greatest inventions and one of the biggest boons to in-home entertainment. Indeed, beginning shortly after World War II, these ubiquitous black boxes became the focal point of most American living rooms…where they remain, to this day, a decorator’s nightmare. But with the advent of modern, flat-screen technologies, today's stunningly slim televisions no longer have to dominate your living space. With just a little bit of creativity—and in most cases, less than $300 in mounting hardware—you can conceal “the boob tube” in any number of unexpected places. Click through for 9 inspiring, out-of-the-box placements.
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Bedside Manner

A traditional “hope chest” at the foot of the bed can provide the perfect hideaway for a fairly large flat-screen TV—the screen mounted to the inside of the lid, and any associated hardware or electronics hidden away on the inside of the chest. So during the day, you have an attractive piece of furniture flanking the bed; at night, the television is so close that you don’t have to squint or use binoculars to see a clear picture. See how one DIYer did it here!

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Mixed Media

You can use books as a decorative element, why not the television as well? Turn a set of sleek, attractive shelves into a modern-day entertainment center by using it to house a variety of media, including books, magazines, DVDs, and other electronics—including your mini movie screen. Mix in other eye-catching decorative elements like baskets and glassware, and the TV simply blends in to the fixture’s overall aesthetic.

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Hiding in Plain Sight

Clever placement of black gallery frames above an attractive Mid-Century media console allows this large TV to disappear into the background—becoming just another piece of framed art. As a bonus, the closed doors on this console provide an inconspicuous spot to tuck away associated electronics, cable boxes, game systems, and cords.

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Suspension of Belief

Break out of two-dimensional thinking and take advantage of all that unused vertical real estate in your rooms. Innovative mounting hardware from Chief allows you to suspend even very large televisions from the ceiling; the mount swivels so you can place the screen at the optimal angle for maximum viewing pleasure. Conceal unsightly electronics nearby and run the cords alongside the mounting hardware and through the ceiling for a seamless look.

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Best of Both Worlds

Want to snuggle up in front of a cozy fire…but afraid you’ll miss out on your favorite shows? Position the TV as an art element right above the fireplace, and marry function and fashion by inserting the screen into a decorative mantelpiece. See how one designer created a beautiful and functional fireplace/television combo! As an alternative, some artificial fireplaces have motorized screens built in behind the heating element, so that the TV rises up when you want to watch it—and disappears behind the fire when it’s off.

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Perfect Pop-Up

Stash a screen right in the kitchen counter with an innovative hardware system from TV Lift, which allows the screen to rise for viewing, and wholly disappear beneath the countertop when not needed. Plus, the compact and quiet lifting hardware swivels a full 360 degrees to deliver entertainment and instruction no matter which cook station you’re positioned at, be it stirring at the stove or washing dishes post-dinner.

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Art for Art's Sake

When you really don’t want the television to clash with your decorating scheme, you can completely camouflage it behind custom artwork. The custom hide-and-seek system from Blue Egg Brown Nest features vintage botanical prints, specially cut mattes, and chalk-painted frames connected by custom hinges, all designed to cover up the “bourgeois” entertainment device.

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The Great Outdoors

Outdoor entertaining is one of today’s hottest trends, and with your family’s entire focus shifting outside, why not take the TV there as well? Although most televisions won’t hold up to the weather, outdoor TVs from SkyVue are specifically designed to be installed on decks, patios, outdoor kitchens, sunrooms—you name it. These weatherproof TVs are designed with multiple mount configurations for easy set up in a variety of backyard environments and also come with speaker bars exclusively designed so the sound can be heard outdoors, in spite of background noise.

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Twilight Zone

Many homes (particularly the tiny variety) often leave a large segment of wall space wasted without a second thought—over the door. But this unclaimed locale can be put to good use as placement for a mounted television set, freeing up valuable real estate on both tabletops and the floor for other furnishings. Installing the screen on special articulated, swivel mounting hardware brackets will ensure that the set is viewable from virtually any convenient angle, but the TV tucks neatly back into place above the door when not in use. And best of all, it doesn’t overpower the living room landscape when guests arrive. 

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