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Editors’ Picks: The 9 Greatest Grays for Your Next Paint Job

Few colors in home design can be considered both fresh and traditional, but gray succeeds on both counts. It's been called the color of the season for more seasons than we can count, and yet it's still a go-to color pick for nearly any room in the house. Gray is a versatile neutral that, depending on its hue, can be paired with either warm colors or cool, crisp tones. Read on to find some of the most inspirational shades of gray for the home.

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Not My Fault (Kelly-Moore, KM5825)

“A warm, neutral gray like Not My Fault is welcoming and cozy,” says Mary Lawlor, manager of color marketing for Kelly-Moore Paints. “It’s a great choice to use with warm wood and fabric colors.”

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Granite Canyon (Kelly-Moore, KM4889)

“For an elegant yet not overly formal look, incorporate the richness and depth of a gray like Granite Canyon with a soft white like Swiss Coffee (23),” Kelly-Moore’s Lawlor suggests.

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Silvery Moonlight (Glidden, 50BG 63/014)

“Silvery Moonlight is a great light gray that pairs well with colors like Camel Tan (20YY 41/165) and Raindrop White (30GG 83/006),” says Misty Yeomans of Glidden’s color marketing team. “Try this in a bathroom for a fresh look.”

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Smooth Stone (Glidden, 50YY 63/041)

“This color is a fantastic warm neutral that looks rich and sophisticated when paired with a darker gray like Grey Tweed (30YY 22/059) and a clean white like Raindrop White (30GG 83/006),” Misty Yeomans points out.

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Crystal Haze (Dunn-Edwards, DE6219)

“This soft, whitened warm ‘greige’ brings just a hint of neutral coloring and allows other colorful elements in a room to stand out,” says Sara McLean, a color expert at Dunn-Edwards Paint.

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Metal .03 (Colorhouse, Metal .03)

“Our coolest gray yet, METAL .03 is a perfect alternative to blue for a boy’s room,” says the team at Colorhouse. And because Colorhouse’s paints contain no VOCs, they are great choices for children’s rooms—or any space in the house.

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Urban Grey (Glidden, 50RR 54/018)

If you want a touch of color in your gray, try Urban Grey (50RR 54/018). Misty Yeoman notes that this violet-tone gray is “trending in floral patterns and in the soft pastels we’re seeing everywhere.” Paired with white and a dark neutral like Wild Truffle (30YY 11/076), it sets an elegant mood.

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Metal Fringe (Dunn-Edwards, DET626)

For an all-gray room that doesn’t feel overly cold, Metal Fringe is a great bet. Sara McLean points out that the green and brown undertones “create a perfect blend of warmth and coolness for a great backdrop color.” To heat up this shade, pair it with warm neutral textiles and furnishings.

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Boat Anchor (Dunn-Edwards, DE6377)

A deep, dark gray like Boat Anchor is sure to appeal to more modern tastes. Sara McLean suggests that this striking color would be “a perfect choice for a loft.”

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