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How Much Do Closets by Design Cost?

Closets by Design has long been a household name for customized closet solutions and in-home design consultations. Typically, custom-designed closets cost between $150 and $400 per linear foot.
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How Much Do Closets by Design Cost: Elegant walk-in closet by Closets by Design showcasing the cost

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  • The average custom closet cost, such as for Closets by Design, ranges from $150 to $400 per linear foot.
  • Most Closets by Design costs are determined by the size and type of closet, installation location, materials and finish, and the collection that’s chosen by the customer.
  • Custom closets offer homeowners exceptional organization and storage options in styles that suit nearly every preference. Homeowners also appreciate the durability, increased home value, and efficient use of space that Closets by Design offers.
  • Some custom closets can be installed by patient and experienced DIYers, but Closets by Design systems are always installed by professionals who are familiar with how the closet systems work, which makes for a timely and high-quality result.

Closets by Design offers custom closet systems for walk-in and reach-in bedroom closets, pantries, home offices, and even garages. The company’s wide range of cabinet and storage options allows homeowners to custom design a beautiful closet with the features they need most. Founded in 1982, Closets by Design has nationwide franchise locations with pros who are ready to help homeowners solve their closet problems and maximize their space with easy closet planning solutions.

The average cost of custom closets runs between $150 and $400 per linear foot. Most custom closets end up costing between $2,500 and $5,000, though high-end boutique closets can run as high as $20,000 or more. Homeowners looking for a specific Closets by Design quote can schedule a free in-home consultation to discuss the style, budget, and price.

How Much Do Closets by Design Cost: Custom-built closet by Closets by Design with an estimated cost

Factors in Calculating Closets by Design Cost

Offering a range of custom closet systems and styles with a wide selection of material choices, door styles, accessories, and features, Closets by Design helps homeowners bring their closet dreams to life. An in-home design consultation with a Closets by Design professional can help homeowners zero in on their closet necessities for a space specifically tailored to their needs. This is especially helpful for homeowners who want help sorting through popular closet ideas.

Closet Size and Material

Closets by Design offers three finishes (solid colors, woodgrains, and textured panels) and dozens of material options from which to choose. The closet size is often based on the style of closet (such as reach-in or walk-in closets), but Closets by Design also offers storage systems for the home office, the garage, and the laundry room. In addition, the company offers unique wall bed systems (also known as Murphy beds) that can double as a closet, with optional add-ons like media centers, storage for pantries, and desk space for hobbies or work.

Walk-in closets are typically the largest closet system, allowing residents to put their wardrobe and accessories on display and enjoy a spacious room for dressing. Some designs include an island with drawers to add even more storage space. This type of closet typically costs between $5,000 and $10,000, with the higher range including a more complex design with more storage, features, and accessories. A Closets by Design walk-in closet can be installed in its own room or in a corner of a room as part of the larger space.

Reach-in closets offer a small-space solution that is only big enough for residents to reach into the closet rather than walk into the space. This type of closet can include some of the same accessories and features as a walk-in closet, so the setup is user-friendly and convenient. A reach-in closet style typically ranges from $1,200 to $5,000.

Door Type

Closets by Design often feature a blend of open shelving, doors, and drawers to create the ideal system. Door options include flat (a smooth panel with a square edge), deco (a raised panel style), and shaker (a flat panel that features a flat wood frame). Doors can also include a glass inset that’s frosted, clear, or mirrored for an average of $300 to $2,200.

Installation Location

The closet installation location may impact the cost depending on what other work needs to be done. For instance, if the homeowner is installing a walk-in closet by expanding a smaller, existing closet, they’ll spend more than if the closet were being installed in the corner of the room.

Another location factor to consider is whether a building permit is needed to install the closet system. Some municipalities require building permits for closets, while others don’t. Before installing a closet, it’s important for homeowners to discuss the requirements with the design consultant and local municipality. If the closet is going to be installed in a new location with new walls, then a building permit will likely be required at a cost of between $100 and $450.

Features and Finishes

With many features and finishes available, Closets by Design helps homeowners create a custom wardrobe and closet system that matches their interior design preferences. Some extra features will add to the cost of the overall closet system, but these can add convenience and may be worth it in the long run. Such features include adjustable shelving, hanging bars, shoe racks, laundry hampers, tie racks, jewelry boxes, and more.

These additional features will add to the cost of a basic custom closet. And to complete the closet design in modern, contemporary or traditional style, homeowners can also choose from several finishes for the handles and knobs.


Closets by Design offers free professional installation with all of its systems, so homeowners don’t need to add installation costs on top of closet costs. Typically, other closet installations can cost between $60 to $90 per hour if done by a general contractor, and contractors could charge between $55 to $200 per linear foot if estimating the job by length. Homeowners will want to weigh the cost of installation and factor it into the total cost when comparing closet design companies.

How Much Do Closets by Design Cost: Closet interior

Closets by Design Cost by Type of Collection

Closets by Design offers four distinct collections for its popular walk-in and reach-in closet systems. The Brio, Classic, Everyday, and Regency Collections offer different features and door profiles, including an option for crown and base molding to create a custom design perfect for any home.

Brio Collection

The Brio Collection features sleek corners, crown molding, and deco-style drawers that have timeless appeal. This collection captures the natural look of woods such as cypress and fir but without the cost. For homeowners who want their clothes to be displayed in stunning fashion, this is the system to command attention.

Classic Collection

Featuring half-overlay doors and drawers with softened edges, the Classic Collection is truly a classic system offering necessary organization in traditional style. To personalize this system, homeowners can customize the finishes, handles, knobs, accessories, and more.

Everyday Collection

For those who want a simple but customized closet, the Everyday Collection is the ideal solution. With simple closet layout ideas, a sleek appearance, and ¾-inch straight-edge panels and shelves, this collection fits well with any decor style that favors those clean lines. The half-overlay doors and drawers can be upgraded to deco doors at an additional cost for homeowners who would prefer that style.

Regency Collection

The Regency Collection is a sophisticated system with thicker ¾-inch shelving that makes organization easy and allows homeowners to show off their clothing collection in style. Adding preferred accessories and features will tailor this collection to a home’s specific needs whether the homeowner prefers a sliding belt rack, an island, or black velvet jewelry drawers.

How Much Do Closets by Design Cost

Benefits of Choosing Closets by Design

Closet organization can be tricky when one is packing an entire wardrobe into a small, unplanned space. Closets by Design offers lots of customization options and a range of features that can help homeowners improve organization and make efficient use of their space. A well-designed custom walk-in closet or reach-in closet system may even increase the home’s value when it’s time to sell. Here’s why customers will want to consider choosing Closets by Design for their custom closet project.


Closets by Design was founded in 1982, which means the company has over 40 years of experience designing and installing custom closet systems. That four-decade span has allowed Closets by Design to perfect its designs, so customers can feel confident that their custom design will suit their needs and make use of all available space.

In-House Work

Closets by Design handles every project in-house, from design to installation. This can give customers added peace of mind knowing that every person working on their project is a paid employee of Closets by Design rather than an unknown subcontractor. Each custom closet is built in-house as well, which means customers can expect consistently high quality for all their closet projects.

Floor-Based Design

Every custom closet installed by Closets by Design is based on one of four floor-based closet storage systems (Brio, Everyday, Classic, and Regency). This floor-based design allows the finished closets to have full-size doors, deep panels, and large drawers for maximum functionality and stability. Custom closet systems based on wall-mounted units tend to leave available space unused; opting for Closets by Design means the finished closet will make use of all available space for storage and organization.


A customized closet organizer from Closets by Design is a durable option that will last for years to come. High-quality panels, shelves, rods, and racks create the ideal place to organize an entire wardrobe. These materials, combined with professional installation, offer homeowners more robust storage options than simple racks and retractable rods that can be found in local stores.


Most customers likely think of bedrooms when they picture a custom closet. Closets by Design, however, builds custom systems for a wide range of rooms in a home, including the following:

  • Bedrooms, including walk-in closets, reach-in closets, and wall beds;
  • Garages, including cabinets, wall organization, and flooring;
  • Home offices, including desks, wall shelving, and cabinets;
  • Living rooms, including media centers with drawers and shelves to hide cable or streaming boxes;
  • Laundry rooms, including shelving, cabinets, and drawers;
  • Pantries, including shelving and drawers; and
  • Hobby rooms, including pull-out baskets, cubbies, and organizing slots.

Customization Options

Because Closets by Design offers lots of customization options, homeowners can bring their closet design ideas to reality. There are choices for finishes, materials, handles and knobs, and many add-ons or accessories. Each comes at an additional cost that can be quoted at the time of consultation.

  • Cubbies
  • Tie drawer
  • Sliding belt rack
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Chrome wire baskets
  • Base and crown molding
  • Black velvet jewelry drawers
  • Slanted shoe shelves behind deco glass doors
How Much Do Closets by Design Cost Options

Closets by Design Installation: DIY vs. Hiring a Professional 

Understanding proper installation techniques for a custom closet system requires an intimate knowledge of the system and installation methods—not to mention the layout and configuration of all the panels, shelves, accessories, and features. Closets by Design offers free professional installation to make sure the custom closet is installed in a timely manner and to the company’s standards.

Other custom closet systems may allow DIY installation. However, given the space constraints and the difficulties that can arise when a homeowner is deciding on the ideal configuration within a tight space, professional installation may be worth it no matter what closet system is chosen.

How to Save Money on Closets by Design Cost

Installing a custom closet can be a sizable investment, but there are a few ways to save money on the total Closets by Design cost.

  • Choose a simple design. Upgrading to a custom closet is almost always better than living with an existing closet (or lack of closet). But an upgrade doesn’t have to mean choosing the most expensive design.
  • Opt for fewer features. Add-ons can quickly increase the cost of Closets by Design or any custom closet. Homeowners following a strict budget can work with the design consultant to determine what are must-haves and what features can be skipped.
  • Be open about the budget. Closets by Design consultants are interested in helping homeowners achieve the goals they have for custom closets. Being transparent with them about budgets and needs can help avoid miscommunication and allow them to offer the right solution.
  • Choose a less expensive material and finish. Some materials and finishes will be cheaper than others, so homeowners are encouraged to evaluate what suits their preference and budget before deciding.
  • Hire a home organizer. Professional organizer costs are often worth it to help homeowners feel more in control of their own space.
How Much Do Closets by Design Cost: A cost-effective, streamlined design from Closets by Design

Questions to Ask About Closets by Design Installation

Asking some questions about Closets by Design cost and installation can help homeowners understand the process and what to expect.

  • What type of closet would work best in my current space?
  • What closet design can I install in the new house I’m building?
  • What do I need to do to prepare for the installation?
  • How long will installation take?
  • When would installation start?
  • Do you remove my existing closet system?
  • What can I mix and match with this style of closet, and how will that affect the cost?
  • What does your warranty cover?
  • How long is the warranty valid?
  • How many closets, on average, does each installation professional install?
  • Do you offer financing? If so, what is the interest rate and what are the repayment terms?


Installing a custom closet with Closets by Design and having an organized closet can be an exciting prospect. To ensure homeowners feel confident about their decision, the following questions and answers can help make the process smoother.

Q. How long does it take to install Closets by Design?

Typically, installing a Closets by Design system only takes a day, but if the system is large or complex, installation may take longer. The installation professional will provide a time estimate before beginning the installation process. Homeowners are encouraged to clear out any existing closets and the space around the installation area to help the installers get right to work.

Q. What is the average depth of a custom closet?

The depth of a custom closet depends on the company and manufacturer, but especially the homeowner’s space and what the closet designer offers. Average depths can begin around 12 inches and go as deep as 24 inches.

Q. What is a good size for a closet?

A walk-in closet can be almost any size. Walk-in closets in spaces such as apartments or small homes often measure about 5 feet by 5 feet, while large walk-in closets can be built as big as the allowable space. The average walk-in closet is about 100 square feet or 10 feet by 10 feet, which usually translates to about 30 linear feet of usable wall space. Reach-in closets are linear and typically fall between 3 feet and 6 feet long.

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