The Best Over the Door Shoe Racks for Organizing Your Closet

Don't spend your mornings digging around in your closet for shoes. The best over the door shoe racks keep your footwear organized and out of the way.

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Best Over The Door Shoe Rack


Whether it’s the kids looking for their shoes for school, your spouse searching for their work shoes, or you scrambling to find one of a pair for a night out, many of us have walked around the house wondering where our shoes have gone. With the best intentions, we spend weekends organizing the closet and lining up the shoes on the floor. Then life happens—things get kicked, tossed, or thrown around, and the closet is a mess again.

While everyone is getting ready in the morning, the last thing you want to deal with is finding a lost shoe. The best over the door shoe racks not only organize shoes in an easy-to-see format but also keep the shoes off the floor and out of the way, which means no more peeking under beds or tripping over shoes in the hallway.

  1. BEST OVERALL: SimpleHouseware Crystal Clear Over The Door
  2. RUNNER-UP: MISSLO Over The Door Shoe Organizer
  3. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: AOODA Clear Hanging Shoe Organizer Over the Door
  4. UPGRADE PICK: STORAGE MANIAC Over The Door Shoe Organizer
  5. BEST METAL RACK: Whitmor 18-Pair Over The Door Shoe Rack
  6. BEST STORAGE BINS: Lovotex 24 Slot Hanging Shoe Organizer In Closet
  7. BEST LARGE-CAPACITY: MISSLO Over the Door Shoe Organizer
  8. BEST SPACE SAVER: Simple Houseware 24 Pockets – 2PK
Best Over The Door Shoe Rack


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Over the Door Shoe Rack 

To avoid ending up with a product that doesn’t suit your needs perfectly, it’s essential to consider what features the best over the door shoe rack needs. Think about details like the material the rack is made of, its size or capacity, its design, how it hangs, and what other uses it could have, aside from organizing your shoes.


Shoe racks come in various materials, including canvas fabric, plastic, metal, and mesh, and the material the shoe rack is made of matters for a few reasons. First, the durability of the material is critical. Shoes are often dirty, and they tend to be thrown around or shoved back into the rack. A robust material will hold up over time.

Second, the material must be easy to clean. Many shoe racks feature a combination of fabric and clear plastic. The plastic makes it easy to see the shoes, and it’s easier to wipe the dirt off when dirty garden shoes get shoved in there.

Third, the aesthetics of the material will affect how the rack looks in the space. If the room has a muted, neutral color pallet, a bright pink plastic shoe rack will not blend very nicely.

Size and Capacity

Although some people might only have two to four pairs of shoes, many have 15 or more. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, the shoe rack’s size and capacity will need to fit those needs. There is no reason to purchase an extra-large model if you only need to store three pairs of shoes. However, ensuring there is enough space for your beloved shoe collection is vital.

There are also many over the door shoe racks that include storage for other items like socks, handbags, and more. These additional features can make getting ready in the morning much more manageable.


Hanging shoe racks come in three primary forms:

  • Soft-sided styles have pocket-like compartments to hold the shoes.
  • Stiff-sided cubbies allow shoes to sit inside on mini shelves.
  • Metal hooks enable shoes to slide over and hang.

All three of these forms come in several versions, but those are the basics. Depending on the space available, your specific needs, and the sizes of the shoes that need storing, one of those types may work better than the others.

For example, for collections of sandals and flip-flops, a soft-sided pocket shoe rack might be ideal. The pockets don’t take up too much space, but they hold the sandals nicely. Alternatively, for heels, boots, or gym shoes, cubbies won’t collapse down on the shoe and ruin any delicate material or designs.

Hanging Mechanism

Most over the door shoe racks are hung onto the door using a large hook that holds onto the rack and then reaches over the top of the door. These are popular because they don’t require extra hardware or put any holes in the door itself. The thin hooks don’t inhibit the door from closing, and the rack can easily be moved or shifted.

A few racks require extra hardware and might even need holes to be drilled into the door to hang hooks. Others have smaller, more rounded hooks that hang from a hanger rod within a closet. Both of these types are less common.


As mentioned above, some of the best over the door shoe racks come with extra-big pockets, cubbies, or cloth drawers to store items like socks or purses. Some also come with compartments of varying sizes to fit a broader range of shoe sizes and types. This is ideal for those who will be sharing the rack with a partner whose feet might be much bigger or smaller than theirs. This style also suits kids who might need to store play shoes alongside rain boots and next to a pair of sandals.

Our Top Picks

Heels, sandals, boots, gym shoes, water shoes, walking shoes, flats, slippers—the list of footwear goes on and on. It’s no wonder many people have a prized shoe collection when there are so many different types and styles from which to choose. However, those collections can quickly get out of hand and make organizing a closet tricky. Below are some of the best over the door shoe racks on the market chosen using the considerations above.

Best Overall

Best Over The Door Shoe Rack Simple

This pocket-style shoe rack is made with a fabric backing and clear plastic pockets. The plastic is easy to wipe off when dirt and grime inevitably build up. It measures 19 inches by 0.5 inches by 64 inches and holds up to 12 pairs of shoes. There is no need to bring out the power tools for installation; this rack hangs onto the door with the standard hook and does not require any holes or additional hardware.

This over the door shoe rack comes in three colors, including white, brown, and pink. These additional color options make it easier to match the rack with the rest of the room’s style.


Best Over The Door Shoe Rack Misslo

The mesh pockets and durable fabric backing of this shoe rack are more suitable for mature-style bedrooms. The mesh is breathable and allows shoes to air out after use, but it’s still easy to clean with a wet washcloth. This rack measures 56.5 inches by 22.33 inches by 2 inches and hangs onto the door with the traditional hook-style hangers. It holds up to 12 pairs of shoes, one shoe per pocket.

To make this rack more versatile, store items such as socks, workout clothes, crafts, toys, or toiletries. There are four color options available, including white, black, gray, and pink.

Best Bang For The Buck

Best Over The Door Shoe Rack Aooda

These affordable over the door shoe racks come in a convenient two-pack that’s ideal for those with extra-large shoe collections or with multiple kids who need better shoe organization. They are made with a vinyl material that is easy to clean and helps shoes slip in and out smoothly. The individual racks each hang on four metal hooks that easily fit over the top of the door, so no drilling or additional hardware is required.

Each rack holds up to 12 pairs of shoes and measures 57 inches by 22.6 inches, with each pocket coming in at 7.48 inches by 5.7 inches. This product comes in black or white.

Upgrade Pick

Best Over The Door Shoe Rack Maniac

Made with a neutral gray polyester canvas material, these cubbie-style shoe racks come in a two-pack that can either be hung separately or together. Each rack can hold 12 pairs of shoes and hangs onto the door with three hooks that don’t damage the door. For added convenience, there are three hooks on the bottom where the racks can hook onto each other to create one larger rack that holds 24 pairs of shoes.

Good for more than storing just shoes, these racks could also hold toys, crafts, socks, clothes, tools, belts, or even cleaning products. And the three hooks on the underside can accommodate handbags, backpacks, or hats.

Best Metal Rack

Best Over The Door Shoe Rack Whitmor

This metal shoe rack is easy to hang and comes in a simple white color that will match almost any style room. It holds up to 18 pairs of shoes and hangs onto the door with two standard door hooks that don’t require any drilling or screwing. The smooth metal is easy to clean when shoes mark it up or make it dirty and can be disinfected if germs are a concern.

The loops go into the shoe and hold them up, making it easy to see the shoes and grab them. The rack measures 5 inches by 22.5 inches by 62.75 inches.

Best Storage Bins

Best Over The Door Shoe Rack Caddy

Sometimes a shoe rack needs to hold more than shoes, and this cubbie-style, rod hanging shoe rack does just that. The two soft-sided drawers at the bottom can store items like socks, belts, and more. Made with breathable and durable fabric, this rack will hold up to 24 pairs of shoes.

The rack measures 11.5 inches by 16.5 inches by 48 inches and uses three hooks to hang from a closet rod. It’s also available in a six-shelf option or a combo option with more drawers.

Best Large-Capacity

Best Over The Door Shoe Rack Mesh

Sometimes items like boots cannot fit in the standard shoe rack; that’s when an over the door shoe rack, like this one, comes in handy. It comes with two smaller pockets on the rack’s outer edge and an oversize pocket in the middle where boots can easily fit. At max capacity, this rack can hold 18 pairs of shoes. While it holds fewer shoes than other options on this list, its larger pockets allow it to store shoes that other racks cannot.

The mesh material allows shoes or other items to breathe and reduces the risk of mold or germs spreading. It hangs onto the top of a door with four hooks and does not require any extra hardware or drilling. This rack measures 61.2 inches in length and 22.3 inches in width.

Best Space Saver

Best Over The Door Shoe Rack Houseware

Not everyone has an enormous amount of space to store shoes or even hang shoe racks. That’s where these thinner racks come into play. This two-pack of over the door, pocket-style shoe racks feature two columns of pockets, instead of the traditional four or five. This makes the racks thinner in width and allows for easier placement in smaller spaces. They hang onto the door with two metal hooks and won’t require any extra hardware or drilling.

The large mesh pockets allow the shoes to breathe, and the fabric backing is durable and easy to clean. Each rack can hold up to 12 pairs of shoes and measures 58 inches long by 12.5 inches wide. The racks are available in four colors, including black, bronze, gray, and pink.

FAQs About Over the Door Shoe Racks

After reading about over the door shoe racks, you might still have some questions. These are some of the most frequently asked questions about shoe racks and their corresponding answers.

Q. What else can a shoe rack be used for?

Shoe racks can be used to store almost anything that will fit in their compartments. Some of the most common uses are storage for socks, handbags, ties, or even to stow away toys or organize craft or cleaning supplies.

Q. How deep should a shoe rack be?

The necessary depth of a shoe rack will depend on the size of the shoes. Most shoe racks are anywhere between 12 to 17 inches deep.

Q. How do you install an over the door shoe rack?

Most over the door shoe racks have large hooks that simply need to be hung on the top of the door. Very few will require screws or nails to hang them.