The Best Cable Management for Your Collection of Cords

Are your electronic and appliance cables in a tangled mess? Choosing the best cable management will help with organizing these jumbled cords and wires in your home, office, or wherever they may be.

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The Best Cable Management Option


Electronics and gadgets are an essential part of our home and office settings. However, their endless cables and cords can be daunting and overwhelming to keep separate. Cables for TVs and laptops, printers and smartphones can take up a lot of unnecessary room. It’s also an eyesore in an otherwise well-organized space.

Keeping cables out of sight and nicely tucked away can be easier than it seems. Whether it’s to hide all the cables from the entertainment center or to devise a creative solution to organize all the cords dangling under your office desk, there’s a cable organizer that will fit each area’s needs. Check out this guide to learn about some of the best cable management options on the market in a variety of categories to keep your space tidy.

  1. BEST OVERALL: JOTO Cable Management Sleeve 
  3. BEST CABLE SLEEVE: MOSOTECH 120 Inch Cable Sleeve, Flexible Cord Bundler 
  4. BEST CABLE TIES: PASOW 50pcs Cable Ties
  5. BEST CABLE CLIPS: Viaky 30 Pcs Adhesive Backed Adjustable Cable Clips
  6. BEST CABLE MANAGEMENT BOX: TEYGA Bamboo Cable Management Box
  7. BEST FOR THE WALLS: D-Line Cable Raceway
  8. BEST FOR THE DESK: Yecaye Updated 94″ J Channel Cable Raceway
  9. BEST FOR TRAVEL: Jelly Comb Electronic Accessories Cable Organizer Bag
The Best Cable Management Option


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Cable Management

Selecting the best cable management will depend on the purpose, installation, and design that is best suited to your home or office.


One of the first factors to consider when choosing the best cable management for your needs is the purpose of the electronics, appliances, and gadgets whose cables you’re looking to wrangle. To start, think about how often you use them. Some electronics have cables you’ll need to frequently unplug and move to different areas of the home or office, while other electronics are stationary and have cables you’ll rarely touch.

With an array of options from which to choose, several cable-management systems will likely be a solution for your needs. Determining the purpose of each of your electronics will serve as a starting point for choosing the best cable organizer for your needs.


Many cable-management systems are simple and easy to install. However, considering the range of available products, the complexity and length of the installation processes vary. Installation largely depends on the type of wires that need tidying up and where they are located in the home or office. Some management systems clip cables into place, while others require inserting them through a sleeve or a PVC pipe.

Some installations require adhesive tape to secure the cables to a wall, baseboard, or furniture and need advance planning to ensure ideal placement. With this type of installation, once you’ve installed the system, It can be difficult to remove it or change the location, so spending the extra time to determine the ideal spot will save time and frustration in the long run.


Choosing the best cable management isn’t solely based on the purpose of your electronics and the installation process. Design also plays an important role, especially considering what is practical or fits best with the decor of your home or office. Designs range from minimalist to sleek to a decorative item that complements the decor. The main purpose of a cable-management system is to streamline a jumbled mess of cords, but you can also go the extra mile and choose systems that feature self-fastening ties or clips or entirely conceal cords—like a wall cover or desk organizer—to provide an orderly and spruced-up space.

Our Top Picks

Our top picks take into consideration the purpose of your electronics, ease of installation, and design elements to improve the look of your living space. Check out some of the best systems to untangle, sort, and organize the messy cables around your home or office.

Best Overall

The Best Cable Management Option: JOTO Cable Management Sleeve

These cable-management sleeves from JOTO are made of neoprene, a flexible and stretchy material that can hold from eight to 10 cords. The four-pack of sleeves is simple to use, convenient, and caters to a variety of needs for home or office use.

The sleeves feature zippers that are designed to connect two sleeves together, which widens each sleeve and allows for a larger capacity for thicker or more numerous cables. They are also customizable; you can cut slits directly into the sleeves for cords that are shorter, longer, or need to be separated. Overall, this is an easy-to-use cable-management solution: If you don’t need to make modifications, simply place the selected cables inside the sleeves, zip them up, and you’re done.

This design prioritizes inserting the cables and leaving them in place for a while, so if you plan on frequently removing or adding cables, this may not be an optimal product for your needs.

Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Cable Management Option: VELCRO Brand ONE-WRAP Cable Ties

These VELCRO Brand ONE-WRAP Cable Ties allow you to quickly and easily contain jumbled cables at an affordable price. As self-fastening thin ties, they are strong, reusable, and repositionable, making this a logical cable-management system if adding or removing cords often is necessary. They also serve to easily secure extra-long wires that can often be challenging to keep organized.

The convenient hook-and-loop design of these precut cable ties makes them self-securing and simple to use. Since they feature a waterproof coating, they are ideal for both your indoor and outdoor cable-management needs.

Best Cable Sleeve

The Best Cable Management Option: MOSOTECH 120 Inch Cable Sleeve, Flexible Cord Bundler

If you’re looking for a lightweight yet durable solution for containing your cables, these 60-inch cable sleeves from MOSOTECH are ideal for easily adding or removing cables. One sleeve has a diameter of 1.03 inches and can hold eight to 10 cables, depending on the width of each cable. The smaller sleeve is 0.87 inches in diameter and can hold six to eight cables.

These sleeves are designed to easily add or remove cables because the flexible material allows you to simply wrap the sleeves around them. Scissors aren’t necessary for installation unless you have a desired length in mind to hold certain cables. If you have pets or babies at home, these sleeves will protect your cables from being chewed on or played with, while protecting them from the potential danger of exposed cables.

Best Cable Ties

The Best Cable Management Option: PASOW 50pcs Cable Ties

This 50-piece set of cable ties from PASOW easily secures a variety of cables, whether they are for office equipment, entertainment center electronics, or household appliances. Durable and multifunctional, these flexible Velcro cable ties are a quick and convenient way to gather and sort different types of cables together easily.

Tighten the cable ties as needed, or keep them loose, and there’s no need for scissors to cut them to a specific size. These ties are reusable, making them ideal if you need to reorganize your cables or move devices around often.

If you plan to bundle cables more than 1 inch thick, these cable ties may not be ideal, as the Velcro isn’t guaranteed to stay in place.

Best Cable Clips

The Best Cable Management Option: Viaky 30 Pcs Adhesive Backed Adjustable Cable Clips

Secure an array of cables in a family room entertainment center to the multitude of power cords that keep an office space functional with these cable clips from Viaky. At less than 1 by 1 inches, these cable clips are small while keeping your space tidy and organized. Made of industrial-strength nylon that can handle high temperatures, they’re also designed for durability.

Both the opening for the cable and the hook are adjustable, based on the width of the cords, without the need for attaching screws or punching holes. The adhesive is strong and will adhere to different surfaces, including plastic, glass, faux wood, and metal. If you plan to frequently add or remove cables from your space, these clips are ideal.

Best Cable Management Box

The Best Cable Management Option: TEYGA Bamboo Cable Management Box

Looking for a more eye-catching option to conceal your cables? This cable-management box from TEYGA is made from sustainable bamboo and features a stylish design that can serve as a minimalist piece of home decor. The box is spacious enough to store up to two power strips and their corresponding cables to keep them out of sight. Velcro ties are included to keep the cables tucked neatly inside.

Though it may seem like a relatively expensive option to choose a decorative box to store cables and power strips, you likely will find yourself opting for a second or third one because of how effectively it keeps your cables hidden from view and serving as an attractive piece of home decor as well. Choose from four colors: white, natural, antique brown, and dark brown.

Best for the Walls

The Best Cable Management Option: D-Line Cable Raceway

If you have cables that span across the length or width of a room, this on-wall cable cover from D-Line, made of PVC pipe, is subtle and blends in nicely along the wall. Use this cable cover over molding, trims, and baseboards and behind desks or other furniture. It’s available in an array of colors but also easily paintable if none of the options match your current wall color.

Installation is quick and easy. Once you have decided on the placement, just remove the strong self-adhesive backing and place the cable cover over the selected—and clean—area. Keep in mind that it’s important to be certain of where you want to install the cable cover because it can be difficult to remove or change position later.

Best for the Desk

The Best Cable Management Option: Yecaye Updated 94" J Channel Cable Raceway

Most office spaces are overrun with cables from computers, printers, routers, lighting fixtures, and more. The innovative desk organizer boasts a minimalist design and includes six 15.7-inch sections that total 94 inches of flexible channeling to remove cables from the floor. These sections fit underneath or behind a desk and are attached vertically or horizontally to keep dangling and jumbled cables out of the way, so they’re not a hazard to pets, kids, or even the vacuum cleaner.

Installing these channels is easy, thanks to the adhesive tape. Once you adhere them to a desk, it’s recommended that you wait a full day before organizing and adding the cables. The versatile nature of the design lets you rearrange and remove cables at your convenience without the hassle of undoing the entire set.

Best for Travel

The Best Cable Management Option: Jelly Comb Electronic Accessories Cable Organizer Bag

If you’re headed on a business trip or vacation, this spacious organizer will keep smaller cables and electronics safely in one spot. Made of waterproof nylon for extra protection, this convenient carrier bag fits nicely in briefcases, backpacks, and other hand luggage without taking up much room.

Aside from holding a range of charging cables, including for cellphones, tablets, e-book readers, and laptops, this organizer also has pockets to store items like portable power banks, USB drives, and SD cards, as well as room for actual devices like cellphones, mini tablets, and earphones. With a lightweight design and mesh lining, it’s easy to see if you have everything you need with a quick glimpse. A detachable hand strap gives you the option to carry the organizer if tucking it under your arm is more cumbersome when on the go.

FAQs About Cable Organizers

You may have questions regarding cable-management systems and cable organizers. There is a lot to consider when deciding on the most ideal options for your home and office needs, and even when on the go. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions and answers about effectively managing cables.

Q. What is the best size for an electronic travel organizer?

An electronic travel organizer should fit comfortably in your hand luggage, backpack, or briefcase, so opt for a small, lightweight product.

Q. How do you use a cord organizer?

A cord organizer is designed to keep your cords tidy. They can be clips, sleeves, ties, or other options—like decorative boxes or desk channeling—to keep your cables sorted and contained.

Q. How do I organize my bedside cords?

Messy bedside cords can be distracting; consider cable clips to keep them neat and orderly.