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The Best Organizers to Buy for Under $5, $15, and $25

An organized home doesn't happen overnight. It's a process of adopting better practices and filling your space with optimum storage solutions. Here's a list of some of our favorite buys that promise better organization on a budget.

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Kitchen Wrap Organizer

When cooking, a home chef needs spices and serving utensils to be extra convenient—less so the plastic wrap. Regain a whole drawer to stash the essentials by the stove when you relocate food storage supplies to stack neatly in the pantry or cabinet, thanks to this simple, supremely clever wire rack. The tiered design saves precious shelf space, too, and holds up to six rolls of wrapping, aluminum foil, sandwich bags, or parchment paper. Available at The Container Store; $4.99.

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Decorative Storage Bins

Slide these bright, stackable bins beneath your bed or onto closet shelves for instant organization and a pop of color. At 14 inches long and 10 inches wide, the medium size can easily contain a pair of shoes (maybe even multiple sandals) or a collection of craft supplies. Whatever you stuff in there, count on its opaque exterior to mask any messiness. Available at Target; $4.99.

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Ceramic Trinket Dish

Create a spot to drop off small accessories and valuables—rings, watches, earrings, and more—when you unwind at the end of the day by employing a plate designed just for that purpose. Set out on the nightstand or vanity, this dish’s scripted visual reminder will help ensure you always remember where you left your bits and baubles. Available at Cost Plus World Market; $4.99.

Hanging Fridge Door Organizer

Somehow, the seasoning packets and bottled condiments always seem to get lost in an overstuffed refrigerators. Hang up these mesh bags from Demarkt from the shelves of your refrigerator, though, and you can keep even your smallest snacks, spices, and more in sight. The durable blue and pink mesh lets labels peek through, requires little effort to clean, and even brings a dose of color to the stark white interior of your fridge! Available on Amazon; $5.19 for two mesh bags (one blue and one pink).

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Drawer Dividers

Drawer dividers may set boundaries to keep everything in place, but their handiness knows none. Use them to impose order on an unruly sock drawer, arrange the tangle of pens and phone chargers in your desk, or even deploy them in a bathroom vanity to separate the first aid items from personal hygiene products. Wherever you place these handy helpers, they’re sure to divide and conquer in a way that makes your space—and your life—more streamlined. Available at The Container Store; from $5.99.

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Hang It Up

Relocate your hairdryer to a home that doesn’t allow the sprawling cords to creep across your countertops or the bottom of a drawer. When placed on the front or the back of any bathroom storage door, this handy hook makes sure your hair styling tools are accessible when you need them—and out of the way when you don’t. Available at The Container Store; $7.99.

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Cable Label

If you color-code and label all those cords behind the media center, you’ll never again have to go on a trial-and-error hunt to figure out which plug to pull out of the wall. Each of these cable IDs wraps around a cord’s end and has space to write a label with a ballpoint pen or marker. Available at The Container Store; $7.99 per package.

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Shelf Divider

Increase your home’s storage capacity by stacking your stuff between InterDesign Classico Shelf Dividers. Sold in sets of two, these handy wire dividers slide right over standard shelving and require no special tools or mounting hardware. Available on Amazon; $8.79.

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Bedside Storage Tray

How many times have you gotten out of bed to locate your misplaced phone, reading glasses, lip balm, or medication? Keep everything in one place with the bedside storage tray by HappyDavid. With an easy-to-clean leather texture, the tray is both functional and attractive. The small structure fits perfectly on a dresser or nightstand, and convenient corner snaps allow you to quickly assemble the bowl, or lay it flat for storage. Available on Amazon; $8.99.

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On a Roll

Ah, the question of where to put the bulk packaging of toilet paper rolls you picked up from Costco. When bathroom space is high-value real estate saved for shower necessities and other toiletries, the paper goods often end up in an inconvenient hall closet. Keep two rolls stashed where you need them with an ingenious dispenser that hooks directly to your toilet tank. You’ll never get stuck without a spare square again! Available at Amazon; $8.99.

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Clever Caddy

Beef up storage by your bedside and save floorspace simultaneously. Sure, if you already have a nightstand (or two), your bedroom probably wouldn’t benefit from additional storage. But if there’s limited square footage, or if you’d rather not spend on new furniture, a canvas caddy like this one stands to become the problem-solver you’ve been searching for. Simply slip the fabric flap over your boxspring and let the weight of your mattress hold the product securely in place. Now, in order to retrieve the essentials you keep on hand for mornings and nights, it’s unnecessary to do anything more strenuous than roll over and reach out your arm. Available on Amazon; $9.45.


Irregular in size yet essential to any wardrobe, scarves, ties, and belts often frustrate those who try and fail to maintain an organized, clutter-free closet. The solution? Try a specially designed closet hanger, intended to keep clothing accessories tidy, visible, and easily accessible. With loops of varying sizes, 18 in all, the hanger fits on a standard closet rod, not only making it easy to corral otherwise unwieldy items but also helping you dress and get out the door that much more quickly on a hectic morning. Available on Amazon; $10.94.

Pyramid Scheme

If your fondness for icy-cold drinks leaves little room in the fridge for last night’s leftovers, remember this: Storing soda, beer, and other beverages satisfactorily requires the efficient use of space. Enter Tifan’s Easy Stacker. Simple in design—nothing more than a slip-proof silicone strip, inset with ridges and cutouts—the organizer enables you to stack bottles and cans on top of one another. That way, you can capitalize on the full height of the refrigerator shelf and free up a surprising amount of space in the process. Available on
; $9.99 for two. 

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Tie Game

Day by day, our lives seem only to get more and more enmeshed in a tangle of cords and cables. Of course, we love our gadgets and rely on them for productivity, amusement, and everything in between. But each device needs to plug into the wall to operate or recharge, necessitating a bevy of unsightly, tricky-to-keep-track-of gadget peripherals. Here’s a hint: You can organize them all, quickly and easy, with a set of cable ties inspired by the familiar shape and texture of common shoelaces. Embedded with bendable steel and coated with grippy silicone, ties keep cords contained and right where you need them, out of your way. Available at The Container Store; $9.99 per pack of four.

In the Bag

Walk into any home on any street in any town and you’re bound to find—under the sink, at the back of the junk drawer, or in the utility closet—a bunched-up collection of plastic shopping bags. Knowing their usefulness (and harmfulness to the environment), homeowners hate to throw these away. But homeowners also hate when their plastic-bag collection gets out of control. Need a way to tame yours? Plenty of options exist, but few match the sleek design and hassle-free usability of the Wall Mount Grocery Bag Dispenser from simplehuman. Available on Amazon; $9.99.

Tablet Ready

When it’s time to prep for a meal, it can get messy. Your cooking tools and ingredients spread out everywhere and things seem to get gloppy no matter how hard you try to keep the counter clean. This cutting board from CTA Digital is perfect because it contains the clutter. It provides a convenient place for your knives and a handy slot for your tablet as you follow along with your favorite recipe. Available on Amazon; $11.19.

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Double-Hanging Rod

Can’t find your favorite shirt? It’s pretty easy to lose clothes in the dark vortex that is your tiny closet. While we don’t know of any tool yet that magically increases closet sizes, a double hang closet rod will definitely make it seem bigger. This expandable rod adjusts to any closet size and will provide twice the hanging space. Now you can actually see what is inside there. Available on Amazon; $11.98.

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Organize-It-All Ironing Board Holder

It’s already been addressed that closet space is precious, and ironing boards take up valuable room in there. Make life easy, and hang your ironing board behind a door along with the rest of your ironing tools. Available on Amazon; $11.99.

Special Delivery

Why does it feel like you spend every day cleaning clutter from your counters? Probably because the mail comes almost daily. Stop repeating the same chores and get a mail organizer. Now your countertops will stay organized and you won’t have to worry about where you tossed that credit card bill you wanted to forget about. Available at Amazon; $12.55.

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Over-the-Washer Storage Shelf

It’s difficult to do your laundry when all the supplies you need are stacked on top of the machines. Throwing a load in shouldn’t have to turn into another chore of cleaning. A storage shelf to hang above the washer and dryer will provide an easy-to-reach spot for your detergent and fabric softener. Available on Amazon; $12.55.

Divide and Conquer

Fact: You can transform the junkiest of junk drawers into an organizational oasis. It requires a little discipline on your end—don’t jam the drawer full of odds and ends—and a pro organizer like this set of adjustable drawer dividers. Slip one into a kitchen utensil drawer or put it to work in the home office to separate pens, sticky notes, and other little extras. Plus, with a low price tag and streamlined design, this is one of the smartest additions to your organizational arsenal. Available on
; $12.98.

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Cord Organizer

Tangled cords pose more than an organizational challenge. As a matter of fact, when cables become knotted and improperly twisted, they can incur damage. To keep your cords in tact and in order, employ these rubber grips with four slots to tame clutter while giving you easy access to all your digital connections. Available at Quirky; $12.99.

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That's a Wrap

Although today’s ever-connected travelers need to charge on the go, an unkempt charger cord is the last thing anyone wants to pack. Keep your charging cords neat and tidy with the Goldie CableKeep. It’s stunningly simple goldfish design slides over an Apple charger plug and creates a space to wrap the remaining cord. Say goodbye to tangled knots crowding your bag—not that you’ll miss them. Available at The Container Store; $12.99.

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Copper-Toned Beauty

This copper coat rack proves that a little storage goes a long way. Perfect in a laundry room or guest bedroom and bath, this over-the-door hanger provides clothes storage where there was none before. Not only is this hot item a storage boon, but its simple installation (no measuring, no drilling, no nothing) makes it a perfect temporary solution for homeowners and renters alike. Available on Amazon; $13.63.

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Paper Tray

Some say that a messy desk is the sign of a creative genius but on the other hand, it’s not a sightly feature in your home office. If your workspace has been swallowed by loose papers and scatted notebooks, bring them to order with a stacking letter tray system. When balanced on the corner of your desk, this little organizer can bring order to any desk. Now that’s genius! Available at Amazon; $14.77.

Hangers When You Need Them

Storage when you need it. That’s the motto of the InstaHanger. Slip this little organizer over a laundry room door for an instant storage spot for ironed shirts. Fold up the mini closet when laundry day is done. The handy hanger will stay out of the way yet at the ready for your next ironing session. Available on Amazon; $14.99.

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On the Grid

Every backpack- or handbag-toting man, woman, and child has had the experience of reaching into the depths of a bag and digging for a loose phone, camera, charger or other gizmo that’s been swallowed by the surrounding clutter. Make the search for essentials an easier operation when you store your electronic accoutrements in the GRID-IT. The simple but effective elastic straps provide a safe and secure spot to stash your stuff, and the slim organizer fits easily into most bags or purses. Available at The Container Store; $14.99.

Crystal Clear

An oldie but a goodie, clear plastic bins are a staple of at-home organization. They’re equally useful for storing off-season clothes in the closet, seldom-used stuff under the bed, sports equipment in the garage, or craft supplies in the kids room. The fact that these storage saviors are totally see-through helps you spot what you need in an instant, and empowers little ones to help organize their own toys and treasuresAvailable at The Container Store; from $14.99.

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Shelf Help

Double the storage in an ordinary cabinet simply by hanging a set of wire baskets over an existing kitchen shelf. Simple to install and just as easy to remove, these racks fill wasted vertical space above your coffee cups or servingware while providing a smart spot to stash your daily kitchen necessities. Available on Amazon; $14.99 for two.

Desk Drawer Organizer

Whether you make your home office in the spare bedroom or the corner of the kitchen, you deserve a desk that works as hard as you do. That’s where this organizational workhorse comes in. When balanced atop the sides of the drawer, it sorts any number of workspace staples from pens to Post-its, while leaving room for larger must-haves below. Now you have a place for every tack, rubber band, and paperclip. Available on Amazon; $14.99.

Put a Lid on This

Whether you’re stuck with a cramped kitchen or enjoy and open, airy space, one thing’s for sure: you’ve to optimize whatever storage space you have. Kick inefficient organization methods to the curb when you opt for a clever lid organizer like this one. Its shelves can expand to fit lids or bakeware of all shapes, making finding what you need for dinnertime a whole lot easier. Available on Amazon; $15.99.

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A Real Hang-Up

Closet clutter, meet your match! No mess can stand up to the organizational power of this accessory stashing powerhouse. Fit any combination of accessories—purses, shoes, shades—quickly and compactly inside the fabric cubbies of a Kennedy Home Collection Hanging 16-Shelf Organizer. The strong Velcro straps make it easy to hang (and unhang) this low-budget storage staple, depending on your household’s needs. Available on Amazon; $15.99.

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Toothbrush holder

Where, oh where, to store the toothbrushes. Though absolutely essential to dental health, it seems there’s no perfect place to store them. Too often they end up crowding a medicine cabinet or cluttering a vanity countertop. If you’re tired of fumbling over them in the bathroom, here’s a hint: move them to the wall. This colorful organizer can be mounted up high and out of the way or within reach of little ones. The genius contraption boasts 3 rinse cups, storage hooks for as many as 9 toothbrushes, and space for toothpaste and mouthwash. Admit it—this is the bathroom organizer you’ve been waiting for. Available on Amazon; $15.99.

Swap Your Shower Curtain

No one would argue that a clawfoot bathtub has nostalgic appeal, but its lack of ledges make storing shampoos, soaps and loofahs a creative challenge. In storage-starved bathrooms, you’ll be thankful for this better-than-basic shower curtain from Maytex. It provides a smart way to stockpile your supplies when space is an issue. And don’t worry about mildew—the mesh pockets allow air in and out, helping to keep your bathroom clean. Available at Amazon; $16.84.

Have a Ball

Store awkward sports equipment on the wall? But of course. Throughout the ages, homeowners have been improvising ways to organize awkwardly shaped toys like basketballs and footballs. The frustration that arises from that storage struggle becomes a distant memory with the introduction of the Ball Claw. This simple yet genius wall-mount vanquishes what had previously been a petty but nonetheless real frustration for many families. Indeed, it’s so convenient, your kids might not pretend it’s not there! Available from Amazon; $16.86.

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Give 'Em The Boot!

Boots may be stylish in the street but they can look like a hot mess when shoved in a bedroom closet. Because boots are often too large for conventional shoe racks, the question of where to store seasonal footwear is a perennial challenge for any clotheshorse. Luckily this is one sartorial storage problem that can be solved with a budget organizer: the Whitmor Boot Organizer. The rack stores up to three pairs of boots, maintaining their shape while at the same time helping them air out between uses. Available on Amazon; $16.99.

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Over-the-Sink Shelf

If you make do in a tiny bathroom with a skinny pedestal sink rather than an expansive vanity, you know that storing bathroom essentials can be a balancing act. Expand your storage beyond the rim of the sink and claim space for your personal effects with an over-the-sink shelf like this one. A rust-proof metal frame makes it perfect for sinks of all materials, while the removable plastic storage trays allow for easy cleaning. Available on Amazon, $17.00.

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Magnetic Magic

Clear out crowded drawers or banish the knife block from a cluttered countertop when you move your chef knives to a wall-mounted magnetic strip. Not only does the storage trick give you more room for cooking, but the impressive display makes you look like a culinary hero. If you think that’s neat, mount a magnetic strip in the garage to corral tools and hardware, or in the craft room to store scissors within reach of your next DIY project. Available on Amazon; $17.65.

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Slide-Out Storage

Put afternoon snacks on display where everyone can see them and win the fight on fridge blindness forever. Tasty morsels can’t hide in the Alpheligance’s Kitchen Storage Rack. To add this storage staple to your icebox, slip the stainless steel rods over your existing shelves to create a slide-out drawer that’s perfect for stashing extra fruits, veggies, or grab-and-go snacks. Available on Amazon; $17.99 for four. 

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Easy Arm's Reach

Make the most of an under-sink cabinet in the kitchen or bathroom by outfitting the space with one or more slide-out bins of the appropriate size and shape. The clutter-cutting gliders keep your most frequently used cleaners or toiletries essentials within easy arm’s reach. How’s that for convenient? Available at The Container Store; starting at $19.59.

If the Shoe (Pocket) Fits…

The best kind of storage happens behind closed doors, and these back-of-the-door organizers are no exception. Not just for stashing shoes, the deep pouches of these organizers can corral cleaning supplies, toiletries, spools of yarn, doll clothes, markers or pencils, or collections of pretty much any pocket-size items. Available at The Container Store; $19.99.

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Turn a New Leaf

Keep your most frequently used pantry items within easy reach by sticking a lazy Susan in a kitchen cabinet close to your food prep station. This rotating shelf saves space while allowing you to quickly and painlessly locate everything you need in an instant. This Crazy Susan Turntable improves upon the classic storage unit by adding slide-out shelves to make access even easier. Available on Amazon; $19.99.

Suck it Up

If you have a bathtub, its sides give you a convenient ledge on which to rest your toiletries. If your tiny bathroom boasts no such amenities, you’ll need to look up. Take your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash to great heights when you stash them in this stainless steel and suction cup shelf. This shelf is movable (and removable), so there’s no need to drill holes through tile for mounting, which gives you total design freedom. Available on
; $19.99. 

Cascade Effect

Crowded closets are no match for Closet Complete Magic Cascading Hangers. Each cascading hanger can hold five items—whether button-downs, slacks, or sweaters. As a matter of fact, these sturdy storage essentials are strong enough to hold a family’s worth of winter coats. This set of 10 can fit up to 50 garments, where ordinary hangers might store a dozen pieces of clothing. Available on Amazon; $20.25 for 10.

Corner the Market

Any corner in your shed, garage, or mudroom can be turned into a storage zone when you add a sturdy, easy-to-assemble Stalwart Corner Tool Rack with Storage Bag. The contraption holds up to 19 long-handled tools and includes a removable pouched bag for smaller gear. Storage has never been simpler. Available at Wayfair; $20.80.

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Stack Attack

Plastic storage containers are a necessary evil of the kitchen. Sure, we need them to house our leftovers and lunches, but its almost impossible to keep each base matched with the proper lid, or keep them stored in a neat and clutter-free arrangement. Improve your storage outlook with these classic containers from Rubbermaid. The easy-find lids snap together and to the bottom of the specified containers. Neat freaks will need to find a new hobby; their work here is done. 
Available on Amazon; $22.01.

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A Boost for Your Bikes

No need to choose between weekend bike rides and your midlife-crisis Mustang purchase—you can have and fit both vehicles in the garage thanks to this creative ceiling storage. The pulley system from RAD Cycle Products hoists your two-wheeler overhead and can support even bulkier bikes that weigh up to 100 pounds. Available on Amazon; $22.99.

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Corral the Cords

Tangled extension cords can trip you up in the garage, but they can also cause fraying and damage to cords. Prevent both of these undesirable events by bringing home a cord winder. Just crank the handle of this wall-mounted device and stow away 100 feet of cord in just 30 seconds. Available on Amazon; $23.07.

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Hook, Line, and Sinker

For the Shakers of early America, cleanliness and organization took on an almost spiritual importance. With pared-down simplicity central to their religion, you can bet that the Shakers developed more than one way to conquer clutter. Among their hallmarks, none has stood the test of time better than the peg rail. Hundreds of years later, it remains as effective and versatile as ever, providing an easy, within-reach storage solution for miscellaneous belongings in virtually any room. Available at Peg and Rail; starting at $24 (depending on size and style).

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Souped-Up Storage

Canned food is a home cook’s best kept secret. Quick and easy to prepare, this shelf-stable money-saver is a must for cooking up a weekday meal in a hurry. The conundrum comes in storing the cans, which can quickly clutter your pantry or countertop. Bring order to the chaos with a rack that holds 36 cans at a time. The tiered design that makes it simple to see what you have and what you need to add to your shopping list. Available on Amazon; $24.87.

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