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12 Creative Catch-Alls for Keys, Wallets, and Phones

Save yourself the time and energy of searching from misplaced personal items with these 12 unique catch-alls.
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The average American spends an accumulated two and a half days each year looking for lost items such as their keys, phones, and wallets, according to the Lost and Found Survey by Pixie. Prevent these frantic searches for commonly misplaced items by giving keys, phones, wallets, and other accessories a designated spot in your home.

Dropping everyday essentials in a catch-all tray near the entryway can save busy individuals headaches later. With some resourcefulness, these landing spots can also add a fun design element to the space. Skip the plain generic tray and opt for one of these 12 creative catch-alls.

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1. Ceramics 

Senior woman decorating bowl made of clay on ceramics workshop.

Whether it’s a favorite piece of purchased pottery or a handmade piece, a unique bowl can serve as a design element and a catch-all for small items.

After losing her keys for a week, blogger Genevieve Cordery decided to make her own clay essentials bowl. Even amateur artists will be able to follow the step-by-step tutorial on her site, Blue Augustine. If working with clay feels too overwhelming, consider visiting a pottery painting spot for an easy way to add a personal touch.

2. Stackable Trays

Stackable Trays
Photo: Sonnihaus via

Save space by using a set of catch-all bowls or trays that can be stacked when not in use. Keep a set in the bedroom for jewelry and glasses and one in the entryway for keys and phones. This earth-colored stackable tray set by Sonnihaus at Etsy features a simple, modern design that is both functional and stylish.

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3. Wall Shelves or Racks

Hangers for Wall Decorative with 5 Key Hooks, Wooden Mail Rack Organizer with Shelf

Those low on space for furniture near the entryway will want to think vertically and consider a shelf or rack for the wall. In addition to keys and wallets, these storage options are excellent for mail and family notes. The OurWarm Wall Mounted Key Holder at Amazon has a shelf, small hooks for keys, sturdier ones for umbrellas and bags, and a bar to hold sunglasses.

4. Thrift Store Finds

Photo: GallivantsVintage via

For shoppers who want to save money and shrink their environmental impact, thrifting is a great way to find the perfect catch-all. The options are limitless, from old cigar boxes and wooden trays to egg baskets and antique bowls. Those who love a vintage look but can’t find the perfect thrifting purchase might like this 1970s green ashtry from GallivantsVintage at Etsy.

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5. Baskets

Small Woven Baskets

For those who prefer a soft and natural look, small woven or fabric baskets can make the perfect drop spot for personal items. The basket style allows keys, wallets, and phones to be stored in a central spot, yet tucked away for a clean look. Use a couple in different sizes, or stick with one like this 2-Pack of ABenkle Cotton Rope Woven Baskets at Amazon.

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6. Scrap Wood Holder

Closeup top view of carpenter man working and curving wood in his workshop, making wooden product in his joinery.

Get crafty with scrap wood for a simple DIY catch-all. Shara McCuiston, the voice behind the Woodshop Diaries blog, built a unique catch-all that features pegs for hanging keys and glasses, a place on the side for books and mail, and a flat surface on the bottom for random odds and ends. Follow along with her simple how-to post to get started.

7. Gardening Trugs

Woven Garden Trug

Gardening trugs typically act as vessels for flowers, fruits, and veggies, but they can also make for unique catch-alls for personal items. Perfect for farmhouse style décor, these cute baskets come in an array of styles, from a woven look like this Kouboo Vegetable and Flower Basket at Amazon to a more colorful style like this sweet plastic one from Kinsman Company.

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8. Chalkboard Boxes

Chalkboard Boxes

For organizers who love to label their storage, chalkboard boxes like these MyGift Rustic Brown Wood Decorative Storage Boxes at Amazon are a simple and fun way to keep items in their place. Label a smaller box for keys and a larger one for family phones. The latter of which can be used for much-needed moments of disconnection throughout the day.

9. Leather Valets

Leather Valet Set

Square valet trays in leather will add sophistication and functionality to the home’s busy thoroughfares. Because they’re lightweight and flexible, they can be tucked away for a portable catch-all while traveling. DIYers can make their own by following this simple tutorial from Lia Griffith that offers step-by-step instructions for creating a handmade leather valet set.

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10. Marble Trays

Marble Tray

Marble vanity trays don’t need to be relegated to the bathroom and kitchen. Sophisticated and shallow, they are a perfect choice for catching keys, phones, and wallets. Marble trays come in various sizes and shapes with natural variations and veining in browns, blacks, and grays for an organic and unique look. For a less expensive option, try marble lookalikes, such as this rectangular resin tray at Amazon.

11. Jewelry Trays

Jewelry Tray

Jewelry trays can do a lot more than hold earrings and bracelets. Relocate them from the bedroom to the entryway for a stylish and functional way to store everyday items. This Umbra Poise Double Jewelry Tray in Matte Brass Finish at Amazon offers vertical storage and a matte brass finish perfect for modern homes.

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12. Storage Caddies

Storage Caddy

Storage caddies can be used anywhere in the home for additional storage. Perfect for organizing items, these catch-alls have space for plenty of everyday items, and the handle makes it easy to move from room to room. This Enjoy Portable Caddy at Amazon features removable dividers, perfect for accommodating items of different sizes.