The Best Key Lock Box for Securely Storing Spares

You can breathe a sigh of relief the next time you lock yourself out of your home. With a key lock box, you can be back inside in no time without calling for reinforcements.


Best Key Lock Box MasterLock

Master Lock 5400D Set Your Own Combination Lock Box

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Best Key Lock Box Kingsley

Kingsley Guard-a-Key Black Realtor’s Lockbox

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Best Key Lock Box MasterLock Electronic

Master Lock Box Electronic Wall Mount Key Safe

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Your home is your sanctuary. Of course, you want to keep it safe and secure. But there are times when you cannot be present on-site to unlock the door yourself to allow entry to someone who needs to get inside, be it a family member, a worker, or a renter. That’s where a lock box comes in.

Lock boxes are security accessories that provide a safe place to secure keys outside the home. These boxes typically unlock with a simple code, providing access to the key or keys held inside.

The best key lock box models are durable, secure, and weather resistant. Ahead, see our roundup of top-favorite picks!

Our Top Picks

In choosing the best key lock box for your needs and budgets, factor in ease of use, the lock box’s mounting options, and its storage capacity. This list of top picks can help you make the right choice for your home.

Best Key Lock Box MasterLock

BEST OVERALL: Master Lock 5400D Set Your Own Combination Lock Box

Master Lock’s 5400D Set Your Own Combination Lock Box is a reliable and popular option. Many real estate agents use these models on properties they’re selling. This lock box allows homeowners to program their own code so they can choose one the entire family will remember. It’s also large enough to hold an entire key ring, but the vinyl-coated shackle fits behind almost any standard doorknob. The metal construction and sliding shutter door covering the dial will help keep this lock functioning for a long time. This lock will only install with the shackle, so wall-mounting is not an option. This box is portable, secure, and reliable.

Best Key Lock Box Kingsley

BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Kingsley Guard-a-Key Black Realtor’s Lockbox 

As an affordable option, homeowners should consider the Kingsley Guard-a-Key Black Realtor’s  lock box. Thanks to the side-mounted combination wheels, this lock box has a slim profile yet can hold up to 10 keys if stacked and slid in properly. The slim design enables installing the lock box on a gate latch or behind a porch railing. If installing it on the door, the vinyl-coated shackle will keep it from scratching the doorknob. This lock boxes should be easy to use and simple when it comes to resetting the code. Keys on a keyring won’t fit inside the Kingsley Guard-a-Key lockbox, but they can stack individually to fit neatly inside of the storage space.

Best Key Lock Box MasterLock Electronic

UPGRADE PICK: Master Lock Box Electronic Wall Mount Key Safe

For key lock box convenience, this wall-mounted electronic key safe from Master Lock has some great features. The safe operates as a stand-alone keypad (without WiFi or Bluetooth), but has other access options. Owners of the box can update key codes, gain access through Bluetooth, and track who’s been using the key safe through the free app. This is great for those with busy schedules who need to provide access to a dog walker or family member. Simply sending a code via the app lets a visitor have access in real time. It also has ample interior storage space, allowing users to store several keys at once, including vehicle smart keys, if necessary. This unit mounts on the wall only.

Best Key Lock Box MasterLock Portable

ALSO CONSIDER: Master Lock 5422D Set Your Own Combination Lock Box

Not everyone is good with numbers, so those who prefer passwords should appreciate the Master Lock 5422D Set Your Own Combination Portable lock box. The vinyl-coated shackle installs behind most doorknobs without scratching the knob’s surface. It holds up to five keys but also can hold large keycards and vehicle keys. To maximize convenience, this key lock box has a removable hook. The flip-down dust cover helps to prevent dirt and water from getting into the keypad, helping this lock box remain durable and long-lasting. This lock box only works with the shackle, but that’s a good benefit for renters and makes it easy to take along in a move.

Best Key Lock Box RudyRun

ALSO CONSIDER: Rudy Run Key Lock Box for Outside Wall Mount 

Anyone looking for an affordable, wall-mounted key lock box will do well to check into this Rudy Run Key Lock Box for Outside. This lesser-known lock box takes a page or two out of the book of some industry leaders to deliver a safe, durable, easy-to-use lock box that will stay put. It has a large capacity, holding up to five keys, and can be set for up to 10,000 combinations. The slide-down dust cover protects the number wheels from the elements, ensuring it can stay on a home for a long time. Rudy Run says this lock box is heat resistant as well. The size and appearance can stand out, which might affect location selection for this lock box.

Best Key Lock Box KIdde

ALSO CONSIDER: Kidde AccessPoint 001414 KeySafe Original Slimline

Key lock boxes are great for children that come home from school before their parents, but not if they lose the key, and the Kidde AccessPoint 00414 Keysafe Original Slimline key lock box can help. The box attaches to a keyring, making it much more difficult to misplace or forget to replace. The box can be set to thousands of different combinations, so children should be able to remember a basic code. This wall-mounted lock box also comes in several colors to closely match a home’s exterior. The box holds only two keys and is a great option for lock-out protection combined with access for school-age children.

Best Key Lock Box Mofut

ALSO CONSIDER: MOFUT Key Lock Box With 4-Digit Combination

Those who struggle to keep their spare keys organized can store them all in one spot with the MOFUT Key Lock Box With 4-Digit Combination. This key lock box is large enough to hold multiple keys, keycards, or other important items. It uses a four-digit code input through the rolling number wheels, which reset easily at any time. It also comes with all the hardware to mount the key lock box to the exterior of a home. The flip-down dust cover helps to protect this lock box from the weather as well. Its large capacity also makes this lock box obvious, which can be good for some uses but might concern those who want a less obvious mode of entry.

Best Key Lock Box AdriOffice

HONORABLE MENTION: AdirOffice 40 Keys Cabinet with Digital Lock

Those who have lots of toys like project cars, four-wheelers, boats, and other key-requiring pursuits can use the AdirOffice 40 Keys Cabinet to keep the keys to all their prized possessions secure and organized. The capacity of this sturdy key box makes it a one-stop spot for several key storage needs. The digital lock programs easily with a positive-locking latch to flip upon code entry. It even features a drop slot on the side, giving guests and visitors a place to drop a spare set of keys upon leaving. This key lock box is not weatherproof, so it takes a little planning for installation. The box works well as an addition to a garage or shed, provided there is access to its location.

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