The Best Toolboxes for Weekend DIYers

For do-it-yourselfers, the toolbox is a trusty companion, storing and organizing a collection of tools, while also making it portable. Ahead, see our roundup of top-favorite picks among the best toolbox options available! and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.

Best Tool Box


You can’t get very far as a DIYer if you don’t own any tools, and you can’t finish (or even begin) any given project without those tools by your side. So the question is: What’s the best way to transport tools from one work area to the next? And in between jobs, how do you store your hammers, screwdrivers, and levels while keeping everything neatly organized?

For generations of handymen, the answer has always been the same. Once you accumulate more tools than you can comfortably fit on your belt and in your pockets, it’s time to invest in a well-made toolbox.

Isn’t one toolbox as good as another? To a degree, yes—so long as that toolbox is made of impact-resistant metal and powder-coated to discourage rust. That said, solidly built metal toolboxes don’t come cheap. Heavy-duty plastic, meanwhile, costs less but doesn’t offer the same durability (although the best plastic toolboxes do offer superior built-in organization options). Finally, there’s canvas. Those who don’t need to lug around a huge arsenal—or who want a more portable companion for light work days—often choose a lightweight, long-lasting canvas tool bag.

Our Top Picks

Top Pick

Best Toolbox Option: DEWALT Tstak I Tool Storage Organizer

Familiarize yourself with the DEWALT TSTAK line of tool organizers. It includes a wide variety of tough, tried-and-true options for specialized needs, plus at least a few everyday toolboxes. One standout in the line is the TSTAK Tool Storage Organizer. With its deep central storage bin, the Tool Storage Organizer accommodates larger tools (including some power tools) as easily as its segmented top tray accommodates small parts. Added bonus details are its metal latches and long, easy-carry handle. 

Design Pick

The Best Toolbox Option: Trusco 2-Level Cantilever Toolbox

Finished in a spiffy blue enamel, the Trusco 2-Level Toolbox features side hinges that allow the top to open in two directions, revealing a tiered interior storage area you can customize with reconfigurable metal dividers. If there’s a downside, it’s the relatively light-gauge metal the toolbox is made of. You may not mind if you’re a casual DIYer. However, if want a toolbox you can toss around and still rely on for years, look elsewhere. 

Also Consider

The Best Toolbox Option: Klein Tools Wide-Opening Straight-Wall Bucket

Not all toolboxes have to be, um, boxes. Case in point: The Wide Straight Wall Bucket with Pocket from Klein Tools. Believe it or not, this thing can carry up to 75 pounds! It’s not all brawn, though. There’s beauty too, in part thanks to the water-resistant rope handle. This makes the tool bag easily portable. Store all your tools in the Klein Tools bucket or load it up with only those tools you’ll need for a particular project or the day’s work ahead.