The Best Organizers for a Cluttered Garage

A cluttered garage can be hard to handle if you’re using it for catchall storage. Here are the best ways to keep it organized.

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A garage is great because it gives you a place to store your vehicles, tools, and other odds and ends, but it’s also easy to let your garage become cluttered. If you’re prone to using your garage as extra storage, you may find it overflowing with tools, car parts, lawn mowers, gardening supplies, pantry items, and other miscellaneous items. If your garage is too cluttered, it may be time to invest in the proper storage solutions. 

Below, we rounded up the best organizers for a cluttered garage, including storage bins, organizers, pegboards, tool box organizers, and other garage storage systems. 

1. Pro Series 7-Piece Cabinet Set

The Best Organizers for a Cluttered Garage Option Pro Series 7-Piece Cabinet Set

A high-quality fix may be necessary if your garage is extremely cluttered. For that, we recommend the NewAge seven-piece cabinet set that we previously ranked as the best modular pick for garage storage systems. This modular garage cabinet storage system comes with two wall cabinets capable of handling 100 pounds, two lockers (800 pounds each), a base cabinet (600 pounds), a rolling tool chest (600 pounds), and a 56-inch worktop. You can add or subtract pieces as necessary to handle your garage clutter. 

Get the NewAge Products Garage Storage System at The Home Depot for $3,639.99.

2. SafeRacks 4-Foot by 8-Foot Overhead Storage Rack

The Best Organizers for a Cluttered Garage Option SafeRacks 4-Foot by 8-Foot Overhead Storage Rack

Overhead storage is a great option for getting clutter off your garage floor. The SafeRacks overhead garage storage offers an extra storage area up top for boxes, bins, and ladders. There’s also a variety of accessory hooks to hang bikes, tools, and other things for easier access.

Get the SafeRacks Overhead Storage Rack at Amazon for $219.98.

3. Metal Pegboard Standard Tool Storage Kit

The Best Organizers for a Cluttered Garage Option Metal Pegboard Standard Tool Storage Kit

A pegboard is a flexible storage solution if your garage is overflowing with tools like hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers, or drills. The Wall Control pegboard, made of powder-coated steel, is revered for its durability and versatility. When installed, it comes in three panels that measure 48 inches wide by 32 inches tall and can hold 200 pounds of tools. It can also fit any ¼-inch pegboard accessories along with a slew of other items, including hooks, plastic storage bins, shelf assemblies, and more. It’s also earned top spot on our list of the best garage storage systems

Get the Wall Control Metal Pegboard at Amazon for $133.51.

4. Blat Tool Storage Rack

The Best Organizers for a Cluttered Garage Option Blat Tool Storage Rack

Pegboards are good for smaller tools, but for larger garden tools you’ll want a tool storage rack like the StoreYourBoard. Measuring 36 inches long, this rack has four storage slots for shovels, rakes, brooms, power tools, extension cords, and other equipment. It’s made entirely out of powder-coated metal and can support 250 pounds, unlike cheaper rack options that come with flimsy plastic parts. It’s also a U.S.-based small business for those who prefer to buy locally. Despite this, the price is reasonable, and the rack is both corrosion-resistant and rustproof. 

Get the StoreYourBoard Blat Tool Storage Rack at Amazon for $49.99.

5. 5-Drawer Tool Center

The Best Organizers for a Cluttered Garage Option 5-Drawer Tool Center

If you’re not keen on mounting things in your garage or prefer a more mobile option, the Craftsman tool center is for you. It’s a two-piece wheeled floor-standing tool chest combo that we’ve previously recommended for garage storage systems. The top features three drawers with different depths and a lift-up lid to store power tools, paint cans, and other large items. It’s capable of holding 300 pounds of tools while also being mobile. If you need to wheel it outside to work on a car in your driveway, it also has a keyed lock for added security. 

Get the Craftsman 5-Drawer Tool Center at Amazon for $231.

6. Tstak IV With Double Shallow Drawers

The Best Organizers for a Cluttered Garage Option Tstak IV With Double Shallow Drawers

If you have a lot of tools and need a portable vessel to take them to a jobsite, check out Dewalt’s Tstak IV. It’s the best tool box organizer for its combination of durability, quality, and expandability. It has a carrying handle up top and two locking drawers with dividers for smaller tools and components. They can also be lifted out to allow storage of larger items, for up to a total weight capacity of 16.5 pounds. DeWalt is a well-known and reputable tool brand that is also a Bob Vila favorite

Get the DeWalt Tstak IV at Amazon for $38.19.

7. 44-Drawer Plastic Storage Cabinet

The Best Organizers for a Cluttered Garage Option 44-Drawer Plastic Storage Cabinet

Trying to find a place for small odds and ends like screws and batteries can be difficult; however, simple plastic storage cabinets like the ones from Akro-Mils can be an easy solution. There are numerous drawer options, ranging from 16 to 64 drawers, with additional drawer dividers included. They’re available in black, red, and yellow. The drawers are big enough to handle things like screws, drill bits, craft supplies, batteries, and other spare parts. The cabinet can be stacked and left freestanding or mounted for extra security. 

Get the Akro-Mils Plastic Storage Cabinet at Amazon for $43.49.

8. 4-Tier Shelving Unit NSF Wire Shelf 

The Best Organizers for a Cluttered Garage Option 4-Tier Shelving Unit NSF Wire Shelf

If you need your larger tools to be easily accessible, a simple wire shelf like the BestOffice four-tier unit might be the best solution. It’s affordable, easy to assemble, and can handle a combined 1,000 pounds of storage on its four shelves (250 pounds each). It’s available in various sizes and even has a model with wheels for added portability. The shelves are height adjustable, meaning you can also use them with storage bins for better organization. 

Get the BestOffice 4-Tier Shelving Unit at Amazon for $39.99.

9. Metal Golf Equipment Organizer

The Best Organizers for a Cluttered Garage Option Metal Golf Equipment Organizer

If your garage doubles as a mudroom or you’re a big golfer, you’ll likely need a place to store shoes, gloves, golf clubs, balls, and more. The Suncast golf equipment organizer comes with three different shelves of functional storage for golf shoes, towels, and other accessories. There’s also a rack that holds up to two golf bags, and it has foam strips to protect your clubs from damage.

Get the Suncast Metal Golf Equipment Organizer at Amazon for $99.

10. Oil Shelf Caddy 

The Best Organizers for a Cluttered Garage Option Oil Shelf Caddy

Oil cans are difficult to store because of how messy they can be. You don’t want them leaking out and covering your other tools with oil. To avoid this, an oil shelf caddy is a good option. The Pit Posse 563 is an aluminum shelf with predrilled mounting holes and enough space to hold six bottles of oil up to 6 quarts. Even if your oil spills, it shouldn’t damage the aluminum body of the shelf, and it allows for an easy cleanup. 

Get the Pit Posse 563 Oil Shelf Caddy at Amazon for $29.95.

11. Garage Hooks 

The Best Organizers for a Cluttered Garage Option Garage Hooks

Garage hooks are a flexible way to store a variety of tools, bikes, ladders, and more. The Kofani garage hooks come in a 16-pack set of five sizes. They include U hooks, J hooks, and extension cord organizer straps. The hooks are made of heavy-duty metal and can be installed onto wood, brick, and concrete surfaces. They offer plenty of vertical storage and can be placed wherever you want in your garage. They’re a highly effective and affordable Amazon’s Choice product. 

Get the Kofani Garage Hooks at Amazon for $25.99.

12. Leonardo Bike Rack Wall Mount 

The Best Organizers for a Cluttered Garage Option Leonardo Bike Rack Wall Mount

If you have one or more bikes to store in your garage, a bike rack wall mount is an excellent space-saving option. This stand locks the bike into a vertical, upright position and features a hook to allow you to mount and remove the bike quickly. The stand works with almost any bike size or type as long as the tire measures under 2.5 feet. It can also handle bikes up to 40 pounds. The company has a U.S.-based engineering and design team and has been in the market for 30 years, earning it the top spot on our list of the best bike racks

Get the Leonardo Bike Rack Wall Mount at Amazon for $17.03.


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