The Best Misting Systems to Keep Your Patio Cool and Comfortable

Few things feel better than a fine mist of cool water on a scorching hot day. Get affordable relief from the outdoor heat with a misting system for your patio.

Best Overall

The disassembled components of the Orbit Performance 20070 PVC Mist Cooling System on a white background.

Orbit Performance 20070 PVC Mist Cooling System

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Best Bang For The Buck

The disassembled components and box of the Pocket Panda Outdoor Misting Cooling System on a white background with a small image of it installed on a stucco home.

Pocket Panda Outdoor Misting Cooling System

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Best For Small Patios

The disassembled components of the Orbit 20066 Portable Mist Cooling Kit on a white background.

Orbit 20066 Portable Mist Cooling Kit

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Warmer weather and longer days means more time spent on the patio, but when the weather gets a little too hot, you might want to invest in an outdoor misting system to keep cool. These systems often channel water through tubing and release it in a cooling fine mist. Pulling water from an outdoor water source, they’re affordable and efficient. Plus, some can be easy to install, too.

There are two types of misting systems: mounted and freestanding. Mounted misting systems are installed overhead, like around the ceiling perimeter of a patio, pergola, or gazebo, and emit a fine mist of water from above. Freestanding misting systems don’t need to be mounted and are portable, blowing or otherwise dispersing their mist in a smaller area. Depending on the model, both may need access to a power source and an outdoor water source.

When choosing between the two, consider your space and your needs. Mark Buskuhl, founder and CEO of Ninebird Properties in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, explains: “If you have a designated outdoor seating area or patio space, a mounted misting system may be the better option. However, if you want to use the misting system in various locations or do not have an existing structure to mount it on, a freestanding system may be more suitable. Consider factors such as cost, ease of installation, portability, and coverage when making your decision.”

With these factors in mind, and to suit different homes and uses, we’ve included a variety of misters on our list so you can pick the best misting system for patio use at your home. Read on to find out what you need to know so you can beat the heat in the great outdoors.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Orbit Performance 20070 PVC Mist Cooling System
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Pocket Panda Outdoor Misting Cooling System
  3. BEST FOR SMALL PATIOS: Orbit 20066 Portable Mist Cooling Kit
  4. BEST FOR LARGE PATIOS: Lifeegrn Misting Cooling System
  5. BEST MISTING FAN: Lasko 15-Inch Pivoting Misto Outdoor Misting Fan
  6. BEST PORTABLE: Ego Power+ 18-Inch Misting Fan
  7. BEST FREESTANDING: Orbit 10718 Telescoping Mist Tower
  8. BEST HIGH-PRESSURE: The Patio Misting System Pro
The Best Misting System installed along a front porch to keep the area cool.

How We Chose the Best Misting System for Patios

We researched more than 15 misting systems and products to narrow down the options in order to create our list of top picks. We considered the intended use, materials, and performance of the misters, based on extensive research and consumer reviews. Outdoor spaces come in all kinds of layouts and sizes, so we’ve included options that range from freestanding misting fans to expandable, mounted misting systems that can cover a large patio.

Since we were focusing on the best DIY misting system for patio use, we considered ease of setup. Even the most professional option on our list can be set up by most users, as many of these products require just an outdoor outlet and standard garden hose.

This guide includes the type of misting systems that can be delivered right to your door. There are also a range of professionally installed and commercial-grade misting system options available; look for an installer in your area if you want to explore this option.

Our Top Picks

The best misting systems ahead can help cool down an outdoor space, even on the hottest of days. Get summer ready with an outdoor misting system for patio use.

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Product Specs 

  • Type: Mounted
  • Coverage area: 12 feet
  • Power source: Water power


  • Hard PVC piping is durable and long lasting; it’s not as prone to punctures like flexible hoses
  • Layout is customizable, and the system is expandable up to 250 feet
  • Kit includes all the parts needed for installation, including hanging clamps and PVC cement


  • PVC piping with lengths and elbows limits layout ability
  • It’s not possible to bend the piping like with more flexible hoses

Install a customizable, durable, and long-lasting misting system with the Orbit Performance 20070 PVC mist cooling system kit. Once installed, it creates a 12-foot mounted misting system. It includes nine lengths of 22-inch PVC tubing; six mist nozzles; and the various couplings, elbows, and hanging clamps that are needed to set up the system. It also comes with PVC cement, so it has everything that’s required right in the box.

Since the system uses hard PVC tubing rather than softer plastic or rubber tubing, it’s less prone to punctures and breaks. This kit still allows for a lot of setup flexibility since the couplings can be used to create different layouts. However, this also means it’s not bendable, so users will want to set each section up in straight lengths.

If 12 feet of pipe isn’t enough, this system is expandable up to 250 feet (as long as there’s enough water pressure). It’s a low-pressure misting system, which means it doesn’t have any pumps and just uses the water pressure from an outdoor water tap. This means there’s no need for a power source, adding even more flexibility in terms of installation location.

Get the Orbit 20070 misting system for patios at Amazon, Walmart, Drip Depot, or Orbit.

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Product Specs 

  • Type: Mounted
  • Coverage area: 50 feet
  • Power source: Water power


  • Economical misting system; provides up to 50 feet of coverage for a very affordable price
  • DIY system is customizable and includes all the necessary tools and parts for installation
  • Flexible hosing makes it easier to install in irregularly shaped spaces


  • Users assemble the system completely from scratch, including cutting the tubing to length
  • Some reviewers report leaks from the connectors or misting nozzles

Installing a misting system doesn’t need to be expensive. The Pocket Panda misting system is an economical choice, though it will take a little extra effort to set up. This misting system includes 50 feet of soft, flexible tubing and 20 tee fittings.

The tubing isn’t precut, so it also comes with a pipe cutter and Teflon tape for users to set up the system. However, cutting the tubing opens up even more flexibility when it comes to placement. Plus, since the tubing is bendable, it can be installed on curved surfaces, like around the perimeter of a circular gazebo or a round trampoline.

For a large

plant mister

alternative for a greenhouse, this is an affordable option (though it won’t replace some garden tools like a

pump sprayer

). It’s another low-pressure system, which means no pumps or power source are required and it hooks right up to an outdoor tap.

Get the Pocket Panda misting system for patios at Amazon or Pocket Panda.

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Product Specs 

  • Type: Mounted
  • Coverage area: 10 feet
  • Power source: Water power


  • Very easy to install; comes preassembled and shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes to set up
  • Includes alligator clip hanging system rather than screw-in mounts for easier and damage-free setup
  • It’s possible to mount this system to more delicate surfaces, such as a patio umbrella or outdoor fence


  • While the clip system makes it easier to install, it’s also less durable
  • Some reviewers report having to replace broken clips

The Orbit 20066 portable mist cooling kit is a great choice for many outdoor spaces, but it’s particularly well suited to small patios. The 10-foot-long system is able to outfit a small patio with misters or add extra misters to a large patio. The simplified setup and flexible hose makes it easy to mount this system on a patio umbrella, awning, fence, or other surface.

To simplify installation, this system comes preassembled. All that’s needed to do is attach the alligator clips to an overhead surface, clip it to the hosing, insert the nozzles, and then attach the threaded end to a standard garden hose. This is another low-pressure system, which means it doesn’t require a power source—beyond water—to work.

Get the Orbit 20066 misting system for patios at Amazon, Walmart, Drip Depot, or Orbit.

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Product Specs 

  • Type: Mounted
  • Coverage area: 82 feet
  • Power source: Water power


  • Comes preassembled; no need to cut tubing or attach the mister nozzles
  • Includes screw-in clips and cable ties to ensure the hosing is installed securely
  • Available in varying lengths (up to 82 feet) to suit different patio sizes


  • Some note the system gets clogged rather quickly, particularly in areas with hard water

Need ample coverage? The Lifeegrn misting cooling system offers plenty of length, providing up to 82 feet of coverage. It’s another DIY misting system that uses flexible hosing to distribute water. It comes preassembled, which makes setup straightforward. Since the hose is bendable, it can be twisted around to suit a patio layout. The 21 misters are spaced along this system’s length.

If 82 feet of length is a bit too long, Lifeegrn also sells the same product in shorter lengths: 20 feet, 40 feet, and 60 feet. The set comes with both screw-in clips and cable ties to suit different installation applications.

Get the Lifeegrn misting system for patios at Amazon.

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Product Specs 

  • Type: Freestanding
  • Coverage area: Not specified
  • Power source: Electrical outlet


  • Very easy to set up; just requires an outdoor outlet and a standard garden hose
  • Compact, relatively lightweight, and has a built-in handle for improved portability
  • Adjustable settings: an oscillating fan option, 3 fan speeds, and a 90-degree pivot adjustment


  • Lasko does not share a coverage area for mist range

If the goal is to find a mister that can be carted around the patio, pool, or even to sports and camping events, then the Lasko Misto outdoor misting fan is an excellent choice. This misting fan is portable; it just needs a power source and a standard garden hose to get hooked up. Weighing in at 16 pounds and with a built-in handle, it’s too much of a hassle to carry around.

Users can choose from three mist settings and an oscillating option. When switched on, the oscillating fan blows the mist around with louvers to create a cooling, sweeping airflow. Or switch that setting off and adjust the head up to 90 degrees to direct the mist where it’s most needed.

Get the Lasko misting system for patios at Amazon, The Home Depot, Walmart, Target, or Lasko.

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Product Specs 

  • Type: Freestanding
  • Coverage area: Up to 540 square feet
  • Power source: Battery power


  • Does not require an outlet or a garden hose for operation—this fan is battery-powered and works with a bucket of water
  • Provides up to 60 hours of cooling on a fully charged battery
  • Comes on a wheeled base with a telescopic handle for easy carrying
  • Users can choose from 5 air speeds and 2 misting modes (intermittent and continuous)


  • Battery and charger are not included; must be purchased separately
  • Pricey, especially since it doesn’t include the battery and charger

The Ego Power+ 18-inch misting fan is the most portable option on our list. It’s battery-powered, which means it doesn’t need to plug into an outlet. It also doesn’t need to connect to a garden hose—instead, it has an intake hose that users can drop into a bucket (not included) full of water, and it will suck it up to create mist. This fan also comes mounted on a wheeled base with a telescopic handle, making it easy to move around. A fully charged battery (not included) offers up to 60 hours of runtime.

The fan is 18 inches across, so it’s not particularly huge, but it is powerful enough to cool up to 540 square feet of space. It has five fan speeds and two misting modes (intermittent and continuous), so its flow can be adjusted. Just keep in mind that the battery and charger are not included. For those who have other Ego tools with batteries, they should be set. This fan is compatible with all Ego 56V ARC lithium batteries.

Get the Ego Power+ misting system for patios at Amazon, Lowe’s, or Ace Hardware.

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Product Specs 

  • Type: Freestanding
  • Coverage area: Not specified
  • Power source: Water power


  • Does not require a power source; works with just a standard garden hose
  • Lightweight tower design is easy to adjust and move around
  • Height is adjustable from 42 to 84 inches to cover more area as needed


  • A few reviewers did report leaking from the connector to the hose

For those who don’t want to install a mounted misting system and don’t have easy access to an outdoor outlet, the Orbit Mist Tower is an excellent alternative to the other misters on our list. It doesn’t require any power; like low-pressure mounted misting systems, it just uses the water pressure. Attach it to a standard garden hose to start misting.

This misting stand is more like a personal mister—it has a rather narrow reach, but since it’s lightweight, users can set it up next to a sitting area on the patio, bring it close by while gardening, or leave it poolside. Since it has a raised tower design, it feels more like a mounted misting system; the mist comes from a higher source rather than at foot level, like with most misting fans. The stand height is adjustable from 42 to 84 inches, so users can modify it to their liking.

Get the Orbit 10718 misting system for patios at Amazon.

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Product Specs 

  • Type: Mounted
  • Coverage area: 100 feet
  • Power source: Electrical outlet and water power


  • High-pressure system has pumps to ensure a fine and even mist across the system
  • Pump is quiet with an operating level of 56 decibels
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows control from a smartphone
  • Stainless steel nozzles are durable and longer lasting (compared to plastic) and have a more professional look


  • Very expensive; the professional features and commercial look comes at a higher price

The Patio Misting System Pro is the most professional system on our list. The features of this kit rival professional installations, but users can set this system up on their own. It’s a high-pressure misting system, which means it has a motor that raises the water pressure to 1,000 pounds per square inch. This means it needs both an outdoor outlet and a water source.

The kit includes everything needed for setup, including flexible tubing, the pump, professional-looking stainless steel tubing connectors, and 50 stainless steel nozzles. It does require a fair amount of setup work; users will need to cut the hose to length and attach each nozzle. The stainless steel parts give this system a more upscale, commercial look, and it is possible to upgrade to stainless steel tubing when ordering directly from the manufacturer.

This kit is designed to provide mist to around 100 feet of patio or deck space. The pump helps create a finer mist and reliable water pressure all around—a must for such a large system. Best of all, the pump is quiet (running at 56 decibels) and can connect to Bluetooth for control right from a smartphone.

Get the Patio Misting System at Amazon, Walmart, or The Patio Misting System.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Misting System for Patios

A wide range of misting systems and products are available these days, so if you’re just starting to browse, it may feel overwhelming. When narrowing down the best misting system for a patio, first consider if a mounted or freestanding option is best for the available space. Then, take into account the coverage area, installation process, and ease of use, which are three aspects that we describe in detail ahead.

Coverage area

Mounted misting systems display their length in feet. DIY kits often offer some flexibility when it comes to mounting it, so the hosing can be adjusted to cover the intended area. Some mounted misting systems are also expandable using extension kits from the same brand. Freestanding misting systems will sometimes display a coverage area; expect them to cover less space than mounted systems.

If the misting system has pumps or fans, it will need a power source. Many mounted misting systems on the consumer market are low-pressure misting systems, which means they don’t have a pump and just operate solely from the water pressure. A medium- or high-pressure misting system for patio use will have a pump and motor to pressurize the water and provide more reliable coverage.

Mounted systems connect via a hose to an outdoor water source. Most freestanding misting systems also attach to an outdoor water source, but users can invest in a portable misting system that has a water tank or intake to provide hose-free misting. This setup is a good choice for areas where there isn’t a water source handy.

Assembly and Installation

Mounted misting systems require installation. Most of the time they are intended to be installed overhead and need to be mounted to a surface. DIY misting system kits often come with mounting hardware, but just keep in mind that they will often involve installing screws or nails into a patio, pergola, or gazebo ceiling. Mounted misting systems need an outdoor water source, but they don’t always need a power source.

For those who don’t want to go through the installation process, a freestanding misting system is a better choice. Most of these will require an outdoor outlet (though a few are battery-powered) since they’ll have a pump and a blower inside to create and disperse the mist. Many also need an outdoor water source, but as mentioned above, some include a water tank or intake hose for ultimate portability.

Ease of Use 

When it comes to a mounted misting system for patio use, installation is often the most difficult step. Once installed, most misting systems are easy to use. Switching it on can be as simple as turning on the hose or the pump system. Simple mounted misting systems, like the DIY kits on this list, don’t usually include settings to adjust the mist.

Freestanding and portable misters are similarly easy to use, just requiring their power and water source to be set up before switching them on. These can include additional features to make them simple to move around and adjust, including lightweight construction, carrying handles, mist settings, and adjustable misting or fan direction.