The Best Greenhouse Kits, Vetted

Start seedlings, extend the growing season, and keep prized plants protected year-round with the best greenhouse kits for home gardeners.

Best Overall

The Best Greenhouse Kit Option: Canopia by Palram Hybrid 6-Ft. by 4-Ft. Greenhouse Kit

Canopia by Palram Hybrid 6-Ft. by 4-Ft. Greenhouse Ki

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Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Greenhouse Kit Option: Nova Microdermabrasion Mini Walk-In Greenhouse

Nova Microdermabrasion Mini Walk-In Greenhouse

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Best Mini

The Best Greenhouse Kit Option: Ahome Mini Pop-Up Greenhouse

Ahome Mini Pop-Up Greenhouse

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Greenhouses provide a controlled environment for plants to grow year-round, and for hobby gardeners, greenhouse kits are easier to install at home and the perfect alternative to building a greenhouse from scratch. They have all the bits and pieces needed to assemble a greenhouse (and a few options don’t even require tools to put them together). To suit almost any home garden, they come in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials.

The best greenhouse kits are well designed and well made, crafted from high-quality materials and with ventilation features to maintain a stable growing environment. They’re also relatively easy to install, user-friendly, and are durable enough to last several years, if not over a decade. Keep reading for the best greenhouse kits for nurturing a green thumb.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Canopia by Palram Hybrid 6-Ft. by 4-Ft. Greenhouse Kit
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Nova Microdermabrasion Mini Walk-In Greenhouse
  3. BEST MINI: Ahome Mini Pop-Up Greenhouse
  4. BEST SMALL: ShelterLogic GrowIT 4-Tier Mini Growhouse
  5. BEST LARGE: ShelterLogic GrowIT Greenhouse-in-a-Box
  6. BEST FOR GARDEN BEDS: Eagle Peak Mini Garden Portable Greenhouse
  7. BEST WOOD: Giantex Garden Cold Frame Portable Wooden Greenhouse
  8. BEST LEAN-TO: Home-Complete Lean-To Greenhouse
  9. BEST EASY-TO-ASSEMBLE: Home-Complete HC-4202 Walk-In Greenhouse
  10. ALSO CONSIDER: Quictent 3-Tier Mini Walk-In Greenhouse
The Best Greenhouse Kit Options

How We Chose the Best Greenhouse Kits

The best greenhouse kits should be easier to assemble than DIY versions. That’s why we prioritized those that were the simplest to put together—in fact, some on our list don’t require any tools at all—as long as a quality greenhouse would be the result.

Durability and longevity are just as important as easy assembly. We chose sturdy greenhouse kits made of quality materials to last through several seasons. We also included some mini and pop-up versions that are a snap to pack up and store since some gardeners only need a temporary option.

To suit all types of gardeners, we chose greenhouse kits in a variety of sizes, from mini greenhouse kits to cover a potted plant or a flower bed, up to large walk-in sheds for serious planting. We prioritized greenhouses with ventilation features since it’s important to prevent a greenhouse from overheating. Lastly, we chose greenhouse kits with included accessories (usually shelving) when possible, as they offer gardeners more versatility and a better bang for their buck.

Our Top Picks

A hobby greenhouse can help home gardeners start new seeds, extend the growing season, and even grow sensitive and non-native plants throughout the year. They provide a stable environment to shelter plants from the elements and help them flourish. The best greenhouse kits ahead are easy to assemble, are durable, and create a predictable environment for tender plants.

Best Overall

Canopia by Palram Hybrid 6-Ft. by 4-Ft. Greenhouse Ki

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Sturdy, spacious, and beautifully designed, this greenhouse kit from Canopia by Palram is the best choice for any gardener looking for a practical and long-lasting greenhouse. It creates a proper freestanding greenhouse structure with ultraviolet (UV)-protective polycarbonate walls and an aluminum frame, both designed to last through season after season of harsh weather. Putting this greenhouse together is relatively easy as well. It doesn’t require any special tools since it has predrilled parts and precut panels that are designed to slide into place in the frame.

Once assembled, this greenhouse is a feature-filled option that creates a stable and protected growing environment. It has an integrated gutter system to help with draining in bad weather. A roof vent allows airflow into the greenhouse during hotter months, plus a hinged door provides easy access and even more airflow when needed.

This greenhouse measures about 4 feet long by 6 feet wide by 6 feet 10 inches high. Five other sizes are available, ranging up to 14 feet long by 6 feet wide. Lastly, this greenhouse is quite pretty to look at and comes in three frame colors: gray, green or silver.

Product Specs

  • Size: 4 feet 2 inches long by 6 feet 1 inch wide by 6 feet 10 inches high
  • Materials: Aluminum frame and polycarbonate panels
  • Shelving: No


  • Made of aluminum and polycarbonate to create a durable, long-lasting, corrosion- and weather-resistant structure
  • Built-in gutter system prevents water from pooling and makes it possible for gardeners to collect rainwater
  • Predrilled holes and sliding-panel assembly system simplifies putting the greenhouse together


  • Does not include any shelving or other gardening accessories

Get the Canopia by Palram greenhouse kit at Amazon, Wayfair, Tractor Supply Co., or Canopia.

Best Bang for the Buck

Nova Microdermabrasion Mini Walk-In Greenhouse

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Freestanding walk-in greenhouses (like our top pick) can come at a steep price tag. Gardeners on a budget who still want some space to move around may want to consider the Nova Microdermabrasion mini walk-in greenhouse. This walk-in greenhouse is pretty roomy, measuring 4 feet 9 inches long by 4 feet 9 inches wide by 6 feet 5 inches high. Plus, it comes with shelving included in its economical price. A smaller 4-foot-9-inches-wide by 2-foot-4-inches-long option is also available.

This greenhouse is a lower-priced option because of its materials; it has a powder-coated metal frame and waterproof and UV-protective polyethylene cover. It doesn’t have any windows or vents, but the door flap can be rolled up and fixed in place for ventilation. Included ropes and anchors help anchor this greenhouse in place, but it won’t be as wind- or snow-resistant as sturdier structures. However, this affordable greenhouse is suitable for a few seasons of growing in milder climates.

Product Specs

  • Size: 4 feet 9 inches long by 4 feet 9 inches wide by 6 feet five inches high
  • Materials: Powder-coated metal frame and polyethylene cover
  • Shelving: Yes


  • Walk-in freestanding style with a fair amount of space for an economical price
  • Includes 8 shelves (4 on each side) that run the length of the greenhouse
  • Anchoring system keeps the greenhouse in place through mild winds and snow


  • Not designed for inclement weather—won’t hold up to very windy or snowy conditions
  • Lacks any ventilation features other than the roll-up door

Get the Nova Microdermabrasion greenhouse kit at Amazon.

Best Mini

Ahome Mini Pop-Up Greenhouse

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For protecting a small plant from a quick frost, the Ahome greenhouse is a perfect pop-up option. This mini greenhouse looks like a small tent and sets up in seconds. It measures 2 feet 3 inches long by 2 feet 3 inches wide by 2 feet 7 inches high and, with an open bottom, it can be placed over small potted plants or plants in the ground.

This mini greenhouse has a thin alloy-steel frame and a PVC plastic cover, which helps retain warmth and humidity and keeps plants protected. A front tie-back panel makes it easy to tend plants inside. Four ground tacks keep the pop-up greenhouse in place. The small size and thin material make this greenhouse most useful as a temporary structure rather than a permanent one. When it’s not needed anymore, just fold it back up to place in storage.

Product Specs

  • Size: 2 feet 3 inches long by 2 feet 3 inches wide by 2 feet 7 inches high
  • Materials: Alloy-steel frame and PVC cover
  • Shelving: No


  • Very easy to set up; pops open and is ready to use in seconds with no assembly required
  • Front tie-back panel provides ventilation and makes tending to plants a snap, without needing to remove the mini greenhouse
  • Folds up into a compact and flat package for storage in the off-season


  • The thin PVC plastic material is prone to tearing; use with care around sharp objects and in areas with heavy snow

Get the Ahome greenhouse kit at Amazon.

Best Small

ShelterLogic GrowIT 4-Tier Mini Growhouse

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For gardeners who don’t have the space for a walk-in greenhouse, a vertical shelf model takes up little space while providing room for potted plants. Measuring 1 foot 6 inches long by 2 feet wide by 5 feet high, the ShelterLogic GrowIT 4-tier mini greenhouse is an excellent choice for a patio or small backyard.

This mini growhouse comes with a steel shelving unit with four shelves, which are removable to make room for taller plants and tools. A clear PVC plastic cover ties in place over the shelving unit to keep plants protected. For ventilation and easy access, the cover has a full-height, roll-down zipper door panel with convenient tiebacks.

Product Specs

  • Size: 1 foot 6 inches long by 2 feet wide by 5 feet high
  • Materials: Steel frame and PVC cover
  • Shelving: Yes


  • Compact footprint makes it an excellent choice for small spaces
  • A full-height, roll-down zipper door panel enables ventilation and allows access to shelves
  • Shelves are removable, which allows flexibility for taller plants and accessories


  • Lacks any pieces to anchor it in place; may be prone to tipping due to its tall design
  • Thin wire shelves are not suitable for heavy potted plants

Get the ShelterLogic GrowIT mini greenhouse kit at Amazon, The Home Depot, or Tractor Supply Co.

Best Large

ShelterLogic GrowIT Greenhouse-in-a-Box

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Building a large greenhouse is a big project, but it’s much easier with the ShelterLogic GrowIT greenhouse-in-a-box, our pick for the best large greenhouse kit. This greenhouse is big—it measures 20 feet long by 10 feet wide by 8 feet high—to hold a wide range of plants. To support its ample size, it has a sturdy powder-coated steel frame with ShelterLock stabilizers to add to the frame’s strength and longevity.

The translucent, ripstop polyethylene cover installs over the top of the frame. The cover is designed to fit snugly to the frame to withstand inclement weather. While this greenhouse may not last as long as one with hard panels, it can handle mild gusts and snowfalls. To provide plenty of ventilation, the cover has roll-up side panels and zippered half-moon end vents. Users enter the walk-in greenhouse through a roll-down zippered front panel.

Product Specs

  • Size: 20 feet long by 10 feet wide by 8 feet high
  • Materials: Steel frame and polyethylene cover
  • Shelving: No


  • Very large, with 200 square feet of area to house potted plants, plant beds, and small trees
  • Roll-up side panels and zippered end panel vents provide a lot of flexibility for ventilation
  • Frame-stabilizing and cover-tension system ensure the assembled greenhouse is sturdy and weather-resistant


  • Some users found the instructions unclear and the greenhouse hard to assemble

Get the ShelterLogic GrowIT greenhouse-in-a-box greenhouse kit at Amazon, The Home Depot, Wayfair, or ShelterLogic.

Best for Garden Beds

Eagle Peak Mini Garden Portable Greenhouse

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With a short-and-long design plus an open bottom, the Eagle Peak mini garden portable greenhouse is made to fit over a raised garden bed, but it’s suitable to cover a row of potted plants as well. The portable greenhouse features a steel frame with a polyethylene cover. It’s easy to assemble and disassemble (with no tools required) and only weighs 8 pounds, giving gardeners the flexibility to set up the greenhouse when needed and move it around. It comes with stakes to anchor it to the ground.

Perhaps the best part of this portable greenhouse is its side panel openings, which roll up all the way to the top of the frame and attach with ties to give ample space for gardeners to water, plant, and weed. This greenhouse measures 5 feet 11 inches long by 3 feet wide by 3 feet high. A longer 7-feet-11-inch long by 3-feet wide version is also available.

Product Specs

  • Size: 5 feet 11 inches long by 3 feet wide by 3 feet high
  • Materials: Steel frame and polyethylene cover
  • Shelving: No


  • Easy to assemble and disassemble—very lightweight parts and no tools are required
  • Zippered side doors open all the way up to the top of the frame for a large work space
  • Includes stakes to anchor the greenhouse to the ground


  • Panel openings are only on 1 side; the other side is completely closed

Get the Eagle Peak greenhouse kit at Amazon, The Home Depot (7 feet 11 inches long by 3 feet wide), or Eagle Peak.

Best Wood

Giantex Garden Cold Frame Portable Wooden Greenhouse

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It’s hard to beat the naturally rustic look of a wooden greenhouse. For gardeners who want a nice-looking and practical small option, the Giantex garden cold frame portable wooden greenhouse is a very worthy choice. Measuring 1 foot 10 inches long by 2 feet 6 inches wide by 3 feet 8 inches high, this greenhouse is the perfect size for the corner of a porch or patio.

It has a wooden frame and two sturdy built-in wood shelves. Durable polycarbonate panels surround the entire greenhouse. Since it’s made from wood, it’s got some weight at 23.7 pounds, which means it isn’t very portable but also won’t budge from a bit of wind. For gardening access, users can open up the two front panels or the top panel.

Product Specs

  • Size: 1 foot 10 inches long by 2 feet 6 inches wide by 3 feet 8 inches high
  • Materials: Wood frame and polycarbonate panels
  • Shelving: Yes


  • Sturdy and attractive-looking materials, with a solid wood frame and polycarbonate panels
  • Relatively heavy for a small portable greenhouse so there’s no need to anchor in mild weather
  • Multiple access points, with 2 hinged front panels and 1 top panel that open up


  • Rain and snow can collect on the top panel; must be dried and brushed free of debris to prevent damage

Get the Giantex greenhouse kit at Amazon.

Best Lean-To

Home-Complete Lean-To Greenhouse

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When there’s not enough space for a freestanding greenhouse, a lean-to option is a convenient choice. The Home-Complete lean-to greenhouse is a walk-in greenhouse, so it has enough space for shelving, but it fits snugly against the side of a house or garage. This greenhouse features a powder-coated steel frame and a polyethylene cover. It has zippered roll-down doors on each end for easy access or to provide a good channel of airflow.

Measuring 10 feet long by 5 feet wide by 7 feet high, this lean-to structure has plenty of space for the included shelving, which consists of two long shelves that span the length of one side of the greenhouse. Gardeners can add their own shelving or store items around the perimeter on the other side.

Product Specs

  • Size: 10 feet long by 5 feet wide by 7 feet high
  • Materials: Steel frame and polyethylene cover
  • Shelving: Yes


  • Tall zippered doorways on each end enable entry and exit from either side and excellent ventilation
  • Long and tall design plus large doors make the greenhouse feel open and pleasant to work in
  • Includes sturdy steel shelving that spans entire greenhouse length


  • No other ventilation features apart from the doors, which are large and may allow for too much airflow in some conditions

Get the Home-Complete lean-to greenhouse kit at Amazon.

Best Easy-to-Assemble

Home-Complete HC-4202 Walk-In Greenhouse

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The larger the greenhouse, the harder it can be to assemble. This isn’t the case with the Home-Complete HC-4202 walk-in greenhouse, our pick for the most easily installed greenhouse. This walk-in greenhouse is a medium size, measuring 4 feet 8.3 inches long by 4 feet 8.3 inches wide by 6 feet 4.7 inches high. However, it requires no tools at all to assemble. Just connect the rods and use the zip ties, rope, and anchor to keep it in place, and the greenhouse is ready to use!

This greenhouse features a steel frame and a PVC cover to provide seasons of plant protection. It comes with shelving that spans each side of the greenhouse. While it doesn’t have any vents, there’s a roll-down door for walk-in access and ventilation.

Product Specs

  • Size: 4 feet 8.3 inches long by 4 feet 8.3 inches wide by 6 feet 4.7 inches high
  • Materials: Steel frame and PVC cover
  • Shelving: Yes


  • Connecting rod design means no tools are required for setup
  • Clear PVC cover allows in plenty of light and is see-through for easy plant monitoring
  • Includes rope, anchors, and zip ties to keep parts together and structure in place


  • PVC cover is prone to tearing, so take care when placing it over the frame

Get the Home-Complete HC-4202 greenhouse kit at Amazon or Wayfair.

Also Consider

Quictent 3-Tier Mini Walk-In Greenhouse

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Looking for a walk-in greenhouse that won’t take up too much space? The Quictent three-tier mini walk-in greenhouse has a smaller footprint than many walk-in models, measuring just 2 feet 5 inches long by 4 feet 8 inches wide by 6 feet 5 inches high. This gives gardeners a little more space than a vertical greenhouse (this unit comes with two shelving units, one for each side), but it’s still small enough to fit on a patio or deck or in a cramped backyard.

This greenhouse has a powder-coated steel frame and transparent PVC cover. It features a roll-down door (with ties to keep it in place) with two layers: the PVC layer and an inner mesh screen. Alongside the two mesh side windows, this mesh screen door can provide ventilation while keeping pests out. The greenhouse comes with a couple of useful small accessories, including 10 S-shaped hooks to hang items on the wire shelves, 50 plant tags, and 30 zip ties.

Product Specs

  • Size: 2 feet 5 inches long by 4 feet 8 inches wide by 6 feet 5 inches high
  • Materials: Steel frame and PVC cover
  • Shelving: Yes


  • Walk-in design with a compact footprint for those who want a freestanding unit suitable for smaller spaces
  • Features a mesh door and 2 mesh side windows to allow ventilation while keeping bugs out
  • Includes a few extra accessories: S-shaped hooks, plant tags, and zip ties


  • Wire shelves are thin and not strong enough to hold heavy potted plants

Get the Quictent greenhouse kit at Amazon or Quictent.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Greenhouse Kit

Greenhouses work by allowing sunlight in and then trapping the heat inside to create a warm, stable environment suitable for plant growth. While home gardeners can design and build their own greenhouses, greenhouse kits simplify this process, providing precut parts and instructions for assembly. When buying a greenhouse kit, pay attention to the structure’s finished size, style, material, ventilation features, and any extra accessories that might be included.


Before shopping for a greenhouse kit, decide on its intended location, whether it’s the corner of a patio or a dedicated spot in the backyard. This will determine the size of the greenhouse that will fit. Ambitious gardeners may want to choose a greenhouse that is as large as can fit in their intended space—many gardeners find it easy to fill a greenhouse after seasons of experimenting with new plants!

Greenhouses come in a range of sizes, including mini tents that can cover a potted plant, covered shelving units, compact walk-in greenhouses, and very large shedlike structures. This means they can range from a few square feet to more than 100 square feet and even larger when it comes to commercial greenhouse kits.

The right size depends on the intended gardening tasks. For example, a gardener will need much less space to start seeds or protect a few seedlings than to overwinter a few fruit trees. Consider the items beyond plants that need to fit inside the greenhouse, like storage shelves, potting benches, greenhouse heaters or fans, and other accessories.


Greenhouse kits come in a few main styles, explained ahead:

  • Freestanding: Freestanding greenhouses are the most flexible option. These completely freestanding structures can be placed anywhere in the yard, as long as there is flat ground and enough space. They come in a variety of sizes, from single-shelf greenhouses to large walk-in structures. Freestanding greenhouses allow in more light than lean-to options. However, walk-in options may also require more heating in some climates due to their larger exposed surface area.
  • Lean-to: Lean-to greenhouses attach to a wall, such as the side of a house or garage. Some lean-to greenhouses depend on the wall for structural support. This design limits the greenhouse placement and size since the structure must be against (and no larger than) a suitable wall. The proximity to a wall can also limit the amount of light and ventilation the greenhouse receives. On the plus side, the wall can help the greenhouse retain heat. Also, since this type leans against an existing building, it can take up less free space than a comparable freestanding structure. Lean-tos are usually easy to access and closer to electricity, heat, and water sources.
  • Pop-up: Also known as portable greenhouses, pop-up designs are smaller and are considered more of a temporary structure. Portable greenhouse kits can be as small as a shelving unit or as large as a modest walk-in tent. They usually have soft plastic sides (often polyethylene film) and are less sturdy than more permanent freestanding and lean-to structures. While they can last for several seasons, pop-up greenhouses are generally best for those who just need a greenhouse for a short time, like to protect a few prized outdoor plants from a quick frost in the winter or to start seedlings at the beginning of a growing season.


When researching greenhouse kits, consider both the panel and frame material, which will affect the durability of the assembled structure. Choose sturdier materials in regions that get a lot of wind and/or snow. Greenhouse panels or covers can be made of glass, fiberglass, polycarbonate, or polyethylene film. The material will often have a UV-protective coating, so they will let light through while protecting plants from damaging UV rays.

Glass is less common in greenhouse kits since it’s heavy, fragile, and can be tricky to install. However, once installed, it can be more durable and long-lasting than plastic materials.

Polycarbonate is a durable plastic material that comes in a few thickness options, providing varying levels of insulation. It’s a popular greenhouse panel choice that can last over a decade, but it’s not as tough and scratch-resistant as glass. Fiberglass is another great panel material that can be cheaper than polycarbonate. It doesn’t tend to last as long and usually needs eventual replacing if the UV protection breaks down (usually within 10 years).

Common in cheap greenhouse kits but still a high-quality option, flexible and thin polyethylene film is affordable and easy to install. It gets the job done, but since it’s a thinner material, it’s prone to puncture and sagging (a factor to consider in areas that get lots of snow). Polyethylene also degrades faster than other materials, so it needs to be replaced every few years. PVC plastic is another thin and flexible cover material, common in mini greenhouses.

Greenhouse kit frames often come in plastic, metal, or wood. Plastic is inexpensive, won’t rust, and doesn’t conduct much heat (lowering heat loss), but it’s not as strong as metal. Metal frames are strong, but their conductivity allows for some heat loss. Aluminum frames are lightweight for metal and are rust- and weather-resistant. Galvanized steel is an even stronger and more durable metal material. Wood greenhouse kits are less common, but small ones are available. Wood looks very nice and also doesn’t dissipate heat, but it is prone to rot and needs upkeep to avoid moisture damage.

Choose materials that are well suited for the climate—wind, rain, and snow can cause damage to a flimsy greenhouse. Some greenhouse manufacturers share how much wind and weight from snow the structure can withstand, usually measured in miles per hour and pounds per foot, respectively.


In a greenhouse, ventilation is essential during the hotter months. It allows in necessary airflow to prevent the greenhouse from overheating in the summer. Greenhouses can include vents near the top and/or the base of the structure to allow for airflow and air intake.

Many greenhouse kits have manual ventilation features, which can include windows, louvers, vents, or simple tie-back panels. More substantial and upgraded structures can come with automatic windows or louvers. Automatic ventilation features can take the hassle out of monitoring airflow. Some connect to solar power or an electric source to monitor temperature and open and close the ventilation when needed. Others don’t need power at all and use opening mechanisms that expand or contract with heat to adjust the window, louvers, or vents.


Greenhouse kits can come with a range of accessories to help users start planting as soon as the greenhouse is installed. The most common accessory included with greenhouse kits is shelving, which is of course incredibly useful for holding potted plants and gardening tools. One major benefit of buying a greenhouse kit that comes with shelving is the fact that the shelving is the right size for the assembled greenhouse. It takes the guesswork out of outfitting the greenhouse interior.

Otherwise, greenhouse kits can come with other small bits and bobs that are useful for both beginner and experienced gardeners. This can include plant tags, hanging hooks for tools, and rolling wheels for shelves.


With such a wide variety of greenhouse kits out there, choosing the right one can feel challenging. The good news is that the wide variety also means there’s an option to suit almost any gardener’s greenhouse budget and preferences. Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers to help you choose the best porch or backyard greenhouse kit for your needs.

Q. What is the best month to buy a greenhouse?

You can buy a greenhouse at any time of the year. However, if you want the greenhouse for the upcoming growing season, buy in January or February. This gives enough time for shipping and assembly before the spring planting season. Shoppers looking for a greenhouse kit sale should shop on popular shopping sale dates, like Black Friday, Labor Day, or Memorial Day—this is when greenhouse kits are more likely to be a bargain.

Q. How long does it take to assemble a greenhouse?

It completely depends on the kit. Assembly time can take as little as a few minutes for a small pop-up unit or a few days for a large, commercial-size greenhouse.

Q. Where should you place a greenhouse?

Place the greenhouse over flat ground in an area that is as protected from the elements as possible (for example, an area that is less windy and clear from big overhead branches that can cause damage during storms). Consider proximity to resources like electricity and water. Choose an area that gets a minimum of 5 hours of unobstructed sunlight through the winter.

Q. What can you grow in a greenhouse?

There’s a huge range of plants you can grow in a greenhouse. Some favorites include lettuce, carrots, onions, microgreens, tomatoes, various berries, melons, herbs, and a huge array of flowers. There’s something you can grow any time of the year in a well-kitted greenhouse!

Q. Do you need a foundation for a greenhouse?

If it’s a walk-in size or larger, then yes, it’s best to have a foundation for your greenhouse. This gives the greenhouse a secure base. The simplest option is a compacted soil foundation, but with a bit of planning, you can opt for a more substantial wood or concrete foundation.

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