The Best Small Greenhouses for At-Home Gardeners

Small but packed with protection, these mini greenhouses can help individual plants, seedlings, or edibles weather cold and winds. Extend your plants’ growing season with the help of one of these compact greenhouses. and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.

The Best Compact Greenhouse Options


You don’t need a large backyard to enjoy the benefits of a greenhouse. There are a plethora of compact greenhouse options out there, all enabling you to extend your growing season. The best of these greenhouses offer quick and easy assembly, are durable enough to last through multiple seasons, and feature adequate ventilation to ensure plant health. Though designed to fit where a full-size greenhouse would would be impractical, our favorite compact greenhouse options, highlighted below, sacrifice very little where it counts.

Our Top Picks

There’s a huge variety of small greenhouses available these days⁠—we narrowed down the market to present recommendations for some of the best models available.

The Best Compact Greenhouse Option: Nova Mini Walk-In Greenhouse


BEST OVERALL: Nova Microdermabrasion Mini Walk-in Greenhouse

The Mini Walk-In Greenhouse provides many of the same benefits you would get with a larger greenhouse in a modestly sized structure, making it our all-round top choice. 57 inches wide, 57 inches deep, and 77 inches high at the roof’s peak, the enclosure comes equipped with eight sturdy shelves and features a durable flexible polyethylene (PE) covering to diffuse harsh sunlight and protect tender plants from chilly weather. A roll-up door on the front of the greenhouse provides both ventilation and access.

The Best Compact Greenhouse Option: Nova Mini Walk-In Greenhouse, 6 Shelves


RUNNER-UP: Mini Walk-In Greenhouse, 6 Shelves

Get a jump on your gardening with the smaller cousin of our top pick. This compact Nova Mini Walk-In Greenhouse is 55.9 inches wide, 28.3 inches deep, and stands 75.6 inches high at its peak. Its frame is made from powder-coated metal tubing and its fabric-reinforced, polyethylene cover provides soft, diffused light for starting seedlings and growing tender plants. The greenhouse features six shelves, three on each side that each measure 11.22 inches by 28.34 inches, just the right size to hold seedling flats or other plants. The greenhouse assembles quickly without the need for tools, and it comes with its own storage bag.

The Best Compact Greenhouse Option: AHOME Mini Pop-Up Greenhouse


BEST VALUE: MINI LOP Mini Pop-Up Greenhouse

To protect sensitive plants on a budget, check out the Mini Pop-Up Greenhouse from MINI LOP. The structure stands just 31 inches tall when open and measures 27 inches in both width and depth. It comes with four steel spikes to secure it firmly to the ground, a clear PVC cover, and a zip-open window that offers ventilation on sunny days when the temperature rises. The pop-up style greenhouse pops open in a single movement, and when you’re done using it, just fold it back up—it stores flat in a garage or basement until you need to use it again.