The Best Soil Moisture Meters for Your Gardens

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Best Soil Moisture Meter


Water is a vital part of thriving plant life; without it, your plants would shrivel up and die. Ensuring your plants receive precisely the amount of water they need can be difficult, especially if you’re new to gardening. But even the most experienced gardeners over- and under-water their plants once in a while. When you’re taking care of a jungle of plants, it can be hard to remember the specific needs of each one.

While a quick poke in the dirt can tell you if the soil is soaking wet, it’s tougher to discern more subtle moisture levels. Checking moisture levels can also help you determine how well your soil is retaining water; if your soil feels dry after a rainstorm, it may be draining too well. With the help of a soil moisture meter, you can do away with some of the guesswork and get it right almost every time.

What do the best soil moisture meters have in common? A quality soil moisture meter will be accurate.  A soil moisture meter should also be durable, particularly if you’re planning to use it to measure moisture levels outdoors. And though it’s important to keep it out of the elements when not in use, it should be rust-resistant, as it will be exposed to a lot of dirt and moisture. A sturdy construction will also help prevent potential breakage when inserting the meter in heavy clay soils.

Some soil moisture meters also boast additional features like sensors for measuring pH, sunlight, and other factors. Multifunction soil moisture meters can provide a quick snapshot that may alert you to potential problems. If your soil pH reading is off the charts, for instance, you should complete a soil test.

A practical soil moisture meter will also have an easy-to-read display, whether that’s digital or analog is up to you. Either way, the characters on the display shouldn’t make you squint, both to ensure you’re reading the measurements correctly and to prevent eye fatigue.

Our Top Picks

Our top picks for the best soil moisture meters for your gardening needs reflect an array of products from simple, analog devices to high-tech, Bluetooth-enabled accessories. Read on to discover a selection of products to fit almost every budget and gardening scenario.

Best Overall

Best Soil Moisture Meter PentaBeatuy

The PentaBeauty soil moisture meter is a 3-in-1 device that reveals the soil’s pH, light exposure, and moisture levels, and you’ll have results in less than 15 seconds. It’s a handy tool for a gardener to have in a toolkit and makes an inexpensive gift for the green-thumbed person in your life. Because it features two probes, it provides better accuracy. Use the meter indoors or outdoors for all sorts of gardening endeavors. This small moisture meter—8.25 inches in length—is also lightweight, so you can toss it in your gardening tool belt without weighing yourself down.

Affordable Favorite

Best Soil Moisture Meter Gouevn

This inexpensive soil moisture meter is a simple device with no bells and whistles. If you want to test your soil’s moisture levels and nothing else, it’ll do the trick. The analog display is easy to read. The back of the meter also features a handy watering guide to help water your plants correctly, both indoors and outdoors. The 7.7-inch probe is sensitive and works without a battery. To receive an instant reading, just pop it into the soil, making sure not to hit rocks or pebbles, and then check the display.

Best WiFi Model

Best Soil Moisture Meter Ecowitt

Some gardeners love to implement high-tech gadgets into their hobby. If you love to have information at your fingertips, consider this WiFi sensor from ECOWITT. Readings take a little over a minute and are sent to the accompanying phone app via a wireless connection. Note that you’ll need a special GW1000 gateway to use this sensor. All the data from the sensor is logged so you can view detailed graphs. Because it’s IP66 waterproof, you can use it both indoors and outdoors to check on potted plants, tropical houseplants, lush lawns, and vegetable gardens.

Most Unique

Best Soil Moisture Meter AM

Kids can learn so much by joining you in the garden: they’ll learn how food grows and how different plants and insects, like ladybugs, work together to rid the ecosystem of pests. This moisture meter from AM Conservation Group is shaped like a ladybug, offering a colorful garden accessory that can help get kids excited about the less interesting gardening tasks. Watering isn’t the favorite chore of most gardeners. Still, it’s an essential one, and maybe this big-eyed ladybug can change your—and your kids’—tune.

Best For Compost

Best Soil Moisture Meter Reotemp

This soil moisture meter from REOTEMP is suitable for gardening-related tasks, but because it features a long 15-inch probe, it’s particularly ideal for probing your dark compost pile. If your compost is too dry, it can take a long time for the material to decompose. Leave it soaking wet, and you might end up attracting pests. The lengthy meter can help you stabilize moisture levels, thus speeding up the composting process. It’s made of rust-resistant stainless steel and provides instant readings. This meter runs off of one AAA battery.

Best For Indoor Plants

Best Soil Moisture Meter VegTrug

This stylish, Bluetooth-powered soil moisture meter from CHYBFU can help you get the hang of indoor plant care. It monitors not only moisture levels but also light exposure, along with soil fertility and temperature. The meter is compatible with iOS and Android devices, and the paired app features a database of over 6,000 plants, so you not only learn plenty of general information but also have access to detailed guidelines for caring for specific houseplants. The single CR2032 battery should last for at least a year, depending on use.