Lauraine Velez, Contributing Writer

Lauraine Velez

Contributing Writer


  • Specialties and interests: Founded Apothecratic Oath in New York City where she used her clinical knowledge of herbs to support hundreds of clients who suffered from burnout, stress, and anxiety. She has expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine,  Ayurvedic herbs, and is a master gardener.
  • Education: Graduated from Empire State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She completed David Winston’s graduate program in clinical herbal medicine and a one-year apprenticeship with Robin Rose Bennett. She has also studied under indigenous master herbalists throughout Central and South America.
  • Other work: Worked for Thomas-Xometry as a commerce content writer for 3 years, crafting engaging articles focusing on gardening, technology, and lifestyle.

Best DIY Advice

“The best way I’ve found to nourish my plants is to follow nature’s path and compost, whether it’s an indoor worm bin or an outdoor compost. You’re not only helping your plants but also the planet.”