The Best Garage Organization Companies of 2024

The best garage organization companies can help declutter and organize the garage with unique storage solutions.

Best Overall

Best Garage Organization Companies Option: Gorgeous Garage

Gorgeous Garage

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Best Garage Organization Companies Option: Garage Living

Garage Living

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Best for Repairs

Best Garage Organization Companies Option: Mr. Handyman

Mr. Handyman

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A garage adds additional square footage to a home, and it provides much-needed storage space for a variety of items. But many times, a garage becomes cluttered and crowded with tools, boxes, and seasonal decorations. If your garage no longer has room for your car or there’s no space to walk around, it’s time to declutter and organize your belongings. Luckily, the best garage organization companies offer storage solutions to tackle the clutter.

It can be difficult to decide how to organize a garage independently. Garage organizing companies can offer ways to get rid of the clutter and provide storage solutions that work. When a garage is neat and organized, it’s easier to find the tool you’re looking for, keep hazardous materials out of the hands of little ones, and ensure that every item has its own place. Professional garage organizers can recommend durable storage solutions for your garage that can include shelving, cabinets, racks, overhead storage, bin systems, baskets, hooks, and more. Different garage organizer companies provide varying storage solutions based on your individual needs to utilize the space best. Before searching online for “garage organization near me,” consider our recommendations for the best garage organization companies.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Gorgeous Garage
  2. RUNNER-UP: Garage Living
  3. BEST FOR REPAIRS: Mr. Handyman
  4. MOST INNOVATIVE: PremierGarage
The Best Garage Organization Companies Options

What to Consider When Choosing One of the Best Garage Organization Companies

Before you hire a garage organization company, there are a few factors to consider. These can include the services and products offered, the company’s warranty, service area, availability, and consultation costs.


All of the recommended garage organization companies offer organization and storage solutions, but some offer additional services related to the garage area. These include garage repairs and enhancements like floor coating, garage door opener installation, garage door installation, weatherstripping, ventilation and exhaust fan installation, and light fixture installation and repair. Other companies offer luxury features like car lifts, tire racks, and workbench construction and installation to provide customers with the most organized garages possible. Some services are subject to state and local licensing specifications, so some services may not be available in certain locations.


Some professional garage organizers will recommend and provide custom cabinetry, shelving, and other proprietary garage organization systems. These types of custom products make the best use of the space and solve individual storage needs. Custom-made solutions can maximize the storage potential and improve the garage’s visual appeal. A homeowner can personalize the color, shape, material, and size of cabinetry, shelving, bin storage units, countertops, and door pulls. Overhead garage storage solutions can keep floor space open, and custom features like built-in workbenches can also maximize a garage’s usable space by transforming it into a DIY area. Additional accessories such as garage shelf organizers, drawer types, hinges, hardware, garage storage lockers, and expandable storage systems can also be personalized. However, bargain garage organizers may be sufficient if you don’t have a lot of things that need to remain in your garage. Plus, custom shelving and cabinetry will typically be more expensive than items that you can buy at a local home improvement store.


Many garage organization companies on our list offer some type of warranty. It’s important to note that just because there is a warranty, it doesn’t guarantee a product will automatically be fixed or replaced. A full warranty means that the company must replace or repair the product during the defined warranty period. This period can range anywhere from 30 to 90 days or can even extend for the life of the product. Even a full lifetime warranty comes with some limitations, though, so be sure to read the warranty to see exactly what it entails. Keep in mind that a full warranty doesn’t cover normal wear and tear.

A limited warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of specific parts or other restricted conditions. Many times, the warranty covers the cost of the parts and not the labor to repair the product. There can also be a stipulation that the manufacturer and the owner split the cost of repairs. Always read the fine print to determine exactly what is covered under the warranty for the product you buy.

Service Area and Availability

Our list of the best garage organization companies includes companies with a wide service area and availability. Every company has a service area that encompasses the entire United States, and a few have availability in Canada. From filling out an online contact form to giving the garage organization company a call, scheduling an appointment is easy. After the initial contact, many companies will schedule an appointment for an in-home or virtual consultation and estimate. After they address your specific storage and organizational needs, they can recommend and design the perfect storage system. The time between your consultation and installation will vary depending on the company’s schedule and availability.


Most garage organization companies provide a free consultation before providing their organizational services, while others will schedule an appointment for work to be completed without any prior consultation. Some offer in-home or virtual consultations, although not every location offers a virtual option. During a consultation, the organization professional will assess the biggest organizational challenges in your garage and specific storage needs before devising a plan.

At-a-Glance Comparison

Service  AreaServicesProductsWarrantyConsultation
Gorgeous Garage41 states and Washington, D.C.Shelving, cabinets, flooring, workbenchesCustomLimited lifetime warranty on storage productsYes
Garage Living26 states, Canada, and AustraliaFlooring, cabinets, wall storage, car lifts, garage doorsCustom10 years on flooring Yes
Mr. Handyman38 states and Washington, D.C.; CanadaWeatherstripping, flooring, storage, opener installation, handrail installationCustom or store-bought1 year satisfaction guaranteeNo
PremierGarage34 states and Washington, D.C.; CanadaFlooring, cabinets, shelvingCustomLifetime warranty on products and laborYes
NEAT Method35 states and Washington, D.C.; CanadaOrganizing, virtual organizingStore-boughtNo warrantyYes

Our Top Picks

Factors such as the variety of services offered, pricing transparency, service area, warranty, online services, products, and consultation options were considered to determine the best garage organization companies. Each company was also thoroughly researched by evaluating its site, considering customer reviews and experiences, and getting quotes.

Best Overall

Gorgeous Garage

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Why It Made the Cut: Gorgeous Garage offers space-saving storage solutions by focusing on wall-mounted storage and shelving with a wide variety of accessory options. Customers may also appreciate the generous limited lifetime warranty, floor installation and refinishing services, and extensive service area.

Gorgeous Garage offers space-saving and efficient garage organization. The company’s primary focus is to take advantage of the vertical space within a garage with shelving and wall-mounted storage units. Its slatwall, ceiling storage, and shelving systems are durable and strong enough to store any item up and off of the garage floor. The premium slatwall storage systems are an attractive way to store bikes, tools, and sporting equipment. These storage systems can hold up to 100 pounds per square foot and are impervious to water, mold, and mildew. The company also offers a variety of products for specific storage needs such as sports ball bags, baskets, and hose and cord racks. These additional options can help homeowners customize their garage storage solutions to suit whatever belongings they have.

Storage options can be customized by color, and additional accessories such as hooks and bars are available for online purchase to expand and customize. Gorgeous Garage offers a free consultation via one of its 120 locations in 41 states and Washington, D.C., making initiating service convenient for most homeowners. The company’s storage systems prioritize wall storage and shelving, which may not be ideal if a homeowner is specifically searching for cabinetry. Gorgeous Garage does offer some cabinetry options, though, and the company can accommodate many homeowner requests. Gorgeous Garage also offers floor refinishing and installation services. The company backs its storage products with a limited lifetime warranty, and floor tiles have a warranty of 15 years, so customers can feel confident that their products are made to last.


  • Service area: 41 states and Washington, D.C.
  • Services: Shelving, cabinets, flooring, workbenches
  • Products: Custom
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty on storage products
  • Consultation: Yes


  • Relatively large service area covering 41 states and Washington, D.C.
  • Garage floor installation and refinishing services available
  • Limited lifetime warranty on storage products
  • Additional storage products and accessories available


  • Somewhat limited cabinetry selection


Garage Living

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Why It Made the Cut: With a variety of styles and luxury features available for garage organization and remodel projects, Garage Living can help those interested in significant remodels. The company even offers a large selection of garage doors for installation. 

From garage flooring to cabinets to doors to car lifts, Garage Living can provide a wide variety of garage storage solutions, including many high-end add-ons that may appeal to homeowners interested in a luxurious remodel. The company offers wall storage, cabinets, overhead storage, car lifts, specialty storage racks, flooring, garage doors and openers, and renovations. This means that many customers will be able to find solutions that fit their individual needs. With showrooms in 26 states (as well as locations in Canada), Garage Living offers a free consultation at the beginning of the garage transformation process. However, it’s worth noting that customer experiences and service may vary depending on the location, as each franchise operates independently.

If a homeowner is looking for a complete garage makeover, Garage Living offers eight distinct designer styles so customers can choose a look that matches their tastes and preferences. Garage Living can even help provide one of the best returns on investment by installing a new garage door with materials ranging from aluminum and wood to fiberglass or steel. Garage Living doesn’t use subcontractors, and the teams of installers, designers, and service personnel are well versed in everything for the garage. All of the company’s products are made in North America by local manufacturers. Garage Living delivers great quality and value for any homeowner searching for garage organization services.


  • Service area: 26 states, Canada, and Australia
  • Services: Flooring, cabinets, wall storage, car lifts, garage doors
  • Products: Custom
  • Warranty: 10 years on flooring
  • Consultation: Yes


  • Wide variety of garage doors available for installation
  • Luxury add-on features available
  • Wide range of unique designer styles


  • Customer service quality may vary between locations

Best for Repairs

Mr. Handyman

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Why It Made the Cut: Mr. Handyman offers repairs as well as store-bought or custom organizational system installation for the garage. The diverse service offerings and easy booking through the Neighborly app make the company a worthy choice for garage organization. 

If the garage needs repairs or improvements before an organizing system is put in place, Mr. Handyman can help. A homeowner might think they have to hire one company for repairs and another to help declutter and organize, but Mr. Handyman is one company that can tackle everything a homeowner needs for their garage. Mr. Handyman can install exhaust fans and new garage doors, coat the floor, repair light fixtures, put in weatherstripping, and increase the garage’s accessibility with new stairs or a handrail. However, some of these services, including electrical ones, may not be available at every location, so customers will need to contact their local Mr. Handyman to learn what services are offered. Prices may vary from one location to another as well.

Since some belongings or products may be sensitive to temperature changes, keeping the space warm all winter may be a top priority for some customers. For this reason, weatherstripping services may be particularly appealing to homeowners looking to make the most of garage storage. Customers can also hire Mr. Handyman to install lights in their garage if they’re considering a more extensive remodel of the space.

The professionals at Mr. Handyman can also install the best garage shelving or create custom shelving, countertops, ceiling-mounted storage, bin systems, and cabinets for garage storage. With so many options to consider, homeowners are more likely to find the right garage organization setup to suit their needs. To schedule garage organization services with Mr. Handyman, customers can download the Neighborly app, which makes it convenient to book the service directly. While the company does not provide a free up-front consultation, it does offer a 1-year satisfaction guarantee. If the job is not done to a homeowner’s satisfaction, they can contact the local franchise within 6 months of the service, and Mr. Handyman will make it right.


  • Service area: 38 states and Washington, D.C.; Canada
  • Services: Weatherstripping, flooring, storage, opener installation, handrail installation
  • Products: Custom or store-bought
  • Warranty: 1-year satisfaction guarantee
  • Consultation: No


  • Weatherstripping and garage light installation services available
  • Custom-built and store-bought storage systems available
  • Convenient booking via Neighborly app


  • Services and prices may vary by location

Most Innovative


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Why It Made the Cut: With space-saving installation practices, automated overhead storage features, and off-the-floor storage solutions, PremierGarage can tailor storage solutions to a space’s needs. The company’s free proprietary 3D rendering helps clients choose the right solutions for their space.

Serving more than 2,100 cities across the United States and Canada, PremierGarage has been featured on home improvement shows and in print publications. PremierGarage offers off-the-floor mounting for storage units to eliminate hiding places for pests and rodents. The company even has a SmartGarage option that uses home automation technology to lift and lower items from storage with just the press of a button. PremierGarage’s shelving is a full 1 inch thick and resists warping, sagging, and temperature extremes, and the shelving can handle heavy loads. PremierAccess storage cabinetry features sliding doors for garage spaces that don’t have room for traditional swinging doors, so homeowners can access storage even if a car is parked in the garage. The company offers additional services such as flooring, Murphy beds, custom closets, home office space solutions, and more.

While online information about the company’s products is relatively limited, PremierGarage offers free in-home or virtual consultations where representatives can provide specifics about available product offerings. Customers can even take advantage of PremierGarage’s 3D visualization technology to see their design ideas come to life before committing to a layout. The company’s accomplished professionals will then measure, design, and install storage solutions based on a homeowner’s individual needs. Once the system has been installed, a lifetime warranty applies so homeowners can enjoy their PremierGarage system for years to come. 


  • Service area: 34 states and Washington, D.C.; Canada
  • Services: Flooring, cabinets, shelving
  • Products: Custom
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty on products and labor
  • Consultation: Yes


  • Floating cabinet-mounting systems available
  • Smart-technology overhead storage solutions available
  • Free 3D garage design rendering and visualization


  • Limited product information online

Best for Decluttering

NEAT Method

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Why It Made the Cut: With both virtual and in-person options available, the NEAT Method’s professional organizers can help homeowners declutter their garage and make the most of their space.

The NEAT Method provides organizers that will declutter and buy organizational storage options. Instead of tackling the organization process independently, the professional organizers at NEAT Method offer a full-service garage organization from start to finish. While the company does not offer many products designed specifically for garages, its professional organizers will select storage solutions according to individual needs and style preferences. This service is also ideal for renters or those who don’t want custom cabinetry or permanent built-in shelving. Rates are charged by the hour and fluctuate due to location, so customers in some markets may pay more than those in other areas of the country. 

With locations in the United States and Canada, the company offers virtual appointments, and its organizers can formulate a plan to keep the garage neat and tidy. After a consultation and price estimate, NEAT Method organizers will go through a homeowner’s belongings, identify items that may no longer be used, measure the area for storage units, purchase needed items, and organize the area in a logical way. If a homeowner’s garage is a haven for clutter and piles that don’t seem to go away, NEAT Method could be the right choice to tackle it all.


  • Service area: 35 states and Washington, D.C.; Canada
  • Services: Organizing, virtual organizing
  • Products: Store-bought
  • Warranty: No warranty
  • Consultation: Yes


  • Personalized decluttering plans and organization systems created by experienced professionals
  • Virtual organizing services available


  • Limited garage-specific storage products
  • Prices vary by market

Our Verdict

Based on overall service, specific garage services, availability, garage flooring installation, and a generous limited lifetime warranty, Gorgeous Garage is the top pick for the best garage organization company. With luxury designer styles and features and garage door installation services available, Garage Living is a fantastic runner-up option.

How We Chose the Best Garage Organization Companies

To determine the best garage organization companies, companies were researched that catered to garage organization and garage storage solutions. These companies had to have durable storage options that can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations, and they needed to have good customer reviews. Also considered were service area, availability, consultation options, brand reputation, and a range of pricing options to fit every budget. Special attention was paid to businesses that have locations all across the United States and offer a warranty on their products, services, or labor.

Before You Hire One of the Best Garage Organization Companies

If you feel stressed out and overwhelmed every time you enter your garage, it’s time to get organized. If the thought of starting the project on your own fills you with dread, a professional garage organization company will have new ideas on how to tackle the piles of boxes and clutter. Hiring a professional will help save time and effort while bringing creative garage organization ideas. Many of the best garage organization companies offer custom garage storage cabinets, shelving, and slatwall options. If the custom-made route isn’t an option for homeowners, purchasing one of the best garage organization systems and having it installed may be best, especially if you’re a renter. A professional organizer has the experience and knowledge to maximize a garage space. Some organizers will use design software to show exactly how the garage will look after the storage solution is in place.

Cost of Hiring One of the Best Garage Organization Companies

The cost of hiring the best garage organization companies ranges between $500 and $5,000, with the national average around $2,750. High-end custom storage units will typically cost more. Prices can vary from the national average depending on geographic location and if additional insulation, heating, or cooling are added to the project cost. Companies tend to charge more in more densely populated urban areas since the cost of living is higher than in rural areas. Some professionals may charge by the project or by the hour. The average hourly rate runs from $55 to $75 per hour. Many professional garage organizers will work with a homeowner’s storage needs and budget to find options that will work the best. The final cost depends on your storage needs, garage size, materials, products, and installation.

The Advantages of Using One of the Best Garage Organization Companies

Professional garage organizers offer experience and a wealth of knowledge regarding garage storage solutions. They can provide ideas to maximize storage space, offer organizational solutions, and create systems to keep clutter at bay. Here are a few benefits of using a garage organization company:

  • Improve accessibility
  • Free up floor space
  • Add value to your home
  • Enhance curb appeal
  • Save time and effort
  • Create a comfortable space
  • Get organized and stay organized

With an organized space, you can feel comfortable using the garage area as a workshop for a new hobby, setting up a home gym, watching sporting events and movies, or showing off your cars or motorcycles.


Deciding on the best garage organization company while staying within your budget can be a bit of a challenge. Here are some frequently asked questions about garage organization companies to help guide you in your decisions.

Q. What is a garage organization company?

A garage organization company is a business that will come up with a plan to store your belongings and organize the garage. They will provide a storage solution that will best fit your needs and install the best garage organizer cabinets, shelving, bin systems, ceiling-mounted storage, slatwalls, workbenches, and more to fit your storage needs.

Q. How much does garage organization cost?

Garage organization can cost from $615 to $2,635, with the average around $1,455. Some professionals charge by the project or by the hour, with the average rate between $55 and $75 per hour. Custom-made storage solutions are typically the most expensive option.

Q. How do I organize my garage when I have a lot of stuff?

There are many garage storage ideas for homeowners to consider if they have a cluttered garage. It may also be worth getting rid of some items rather than trying to fit them all in a garage storage closet. It’s helpful to group your belongings into categories and decide if they need to be stored in the garage or if there is another place in your home that would make more sense. Donate items that are in good condition, and get rid of items that are in bad shape that you no longer need. Hire a professional to create a storage solution so everything has a place. This will make everything easier to find and create more free space to park the car or use as a work space.

Q. What should not be stored in a garage?

Certain items should never be stored in a garage, such as items that would attract bugs or rodents, valuable items, or hazardous materials. Items like pet food or birdseed could attract bugs, rodents, and animals, as the promise of a food source will entice them to make a cozy home in the garage. Valuable or fragile items may crack or warp due to extreme temperature fluctuations, and they could be at risk if the garage is a target for a break-in. Flammable materials like propane tanks should be stored in an open area and not an enclosed space like a garage.

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