The Best Home Repair Services of 2023

Appliances break and accidents happen. Don’t miss this guide for finding the best home repair services to fix your home’s problems.

By Glenda Taylor | Updated May 10, 2022 5:37 PM

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The Best Home Repair Services Options


All homes require regular home maintenance services, and sometimes, they need more—they need the services of home repair experts who can unclog a backed-up sewer, discover why an outlet keeps shorting out, or even take immediate steps to repair a roof after a tree limb falls through it.

Home repair needs consist of a wide variety of projects. While most are not emergencies, such as needing drafty windows sealed and weatherstripping replaced, others require prompt attention, and that’s where the best home repair services come in. They provide quality workmanship at competitive prices, and their workers are familiar with local building codes. Ahead, discover what to look for when shopping for the best home repair services, and find out why we chose the following companies among the top options for homeowners across the country.

  1. BEST OVERALL: The Home Depot
  2. RUNNER-UP: Mr. Handyman
  3. ON-DEMAND REPAIRS: American Home Shield ProConnect
  4. BEST FOR PLUMBING: Roto-Rooter
  5. BEST FOR ELECTRICAL: Mister Sparky
The Best Home Repair Services Options


What to Consider When Choosing One of the Best Home Repair Services

A house is often the single most expensive purchase someone makes, so it’s essential to keep it in good working order to protect the investment. After a major storm or flooding, out-of-state companies often swarm a community, handing out fliers advertising their home services, but is it a good idea to hire them? In many cases, the answer is no, not because they might not do good work, but rather because they’re not from the local area and may not be able to make callbacks.

Home repairs can be costly, and they’re almost always intrusive to a family’s way of life. Even if you’re in a crunch to find a home service company, it’s a good idea to take the time and vet them thoroughly, including researching the type of house repairs the company offers, where they’re located, and how quickly they can help—if the need is urgent.

Service Area

Most of the time, it’s in a homeowner’s best interest to hire a contractor that is located less than an hour’s drive away. This usually isn’t an issue in large cities, where many home repair companies compete for work. Still, it can be problematic in rural areas, especially if the homeowner is looking for a specific type of repair, such as repointing historic brick siding or repairing copper gutters.

Sometimes the best option is to hire a general home repair company that offers a wide range of services rather than looking for a specialized company if the specialized company is farther away. Many companies provide services within a set range of their home base, and they will tack on an extra fee if they have to travel farther.

Types of Repairs

A general contractor is among the best options for many home repair needs because the company offers common repairs, such as window and door replacement, siding and roof repair, limited structural and driveway, sidewalk, and patio repairs. But these general contractors often don’t provide emergency services, such as same-day furnace repair in winter or charging an AC with Freon in the summer.

A specialized home repair service may be necessary for urgent problems that threaten the home or family’s safety. Many general contractors don’t offer plumbing or wiring services, so it’s a good idea to keep a list of specialized companies that can come out within a day—or a few hours—when emergency repairs are necessary.

Scheduling and Availability

Many of today’s home repair companies still schedule their services over the phone—the homeowner calls in and explains the problem, and then the company coordinates a time when a service technician or repair person can visit and fix the issues. Some companies advertise same-day services for emergency needs.

A few of the more tech-friendly service companies have online scheduling available. Some even have their own apps that customers can download and use to schedule repairs, see invoices, and even pay their bills online. This is an appealing option for those who use their smartphones to handle several needs.

Customer Service

Home repairs don’t always go as planned. If something comes up and a homeowner needs to reschedule a repair date, it’s imperative to be able to get in touch with the company quickly and easily. This might mean making a phone call for some home repair service companies, although others may encourage contacting customer service via email. Still others will respond promptly to a customer’s text.

As part of the vetting process, the homeowner should find out how best to contact the company. Suppose a company is so small that it has only an answering machine to take calls during the day and doesn’t respond until evening. In that case, it might not be the best fit for customers who need emergency repairs or consultations, so consider how urgent the repair is and the level of customer service you’ll need.

Licensing and Insurance

The best home repair service companies often work with various independent technicians, but they take over the role of monitoring a technician’s current licenses and whether they carry liability insurance. For this reason, it may be best to go with a reputable nationwide company, which has already vetted the technicians it partners with and provides blanket insurance coverage.

Few things are worse than the nightmare scenario that can result if an unlicensed worker becomes injured on your property. Homeowners can check with their local building authority to determine whether a company (or a technician) is licensed to work in the community. However, finding out whether a technician is insured takes a little more effort. The homeowner should ask for a copy of the company’s proof of insurance before hiring.

Our Top Picks

We researched top-rated home repair companies across the nation that offer various repair services to put together this list. We based our criteria on the type of repairs the company provides, in addition to whether they provide emergency repair services and how easy it is to contact them to schedule repairs. The following companies have branches nationwide, making it easier for homeowners to find a branch near them.

Best Overall

The Best Home Repair Service Option: Home Depot

Why It Made the Cut: The Home Depot not only offers online scheduling and a variety of indoor and exterior repair services, but customers also have access to a wide array of materials and fixtures.

It’s a consumer-favorite home-improvement center, but you might not know that The Home Depot also offers virtually unlimited repair services in local and surrounding communities. With The Home Depot stores in most midsize to large towns, there’s likely one nearby.

The Home Depot works with a full line of contractors and technicians and can offer reliable repairs. It can also provide emergency repairs if needed, but same-day service won’t be available for every repair. Homeowners can visit a local store to check availability and schedule repairs or schedule online on The Home Depot’s website.

For many, The Home Depot is a one-stop repair shop that will send out a technician or handyman, replace a faulty appliance, or even install new carpeting.


  • Service area: Nationwide
  • Types of repairs: Whole home
  • Appointment scheduling: Online
  • Availability: Emergency and standard availability
  • Customer service: Phone, email


  • Services available at most store locations
  • Experienced professionals can service any area of the home
  • Emergency or same-day service available depending on the issue


  • Same-day service not available for all repairs


The Best Home Repair Service Option: Mr. Handyman

Why It Made the Cut: Offering whole-house services and branches nationwide, Mr. Handyman ranks near the top of our lineup, and customers can schedule appointments online.

Good customer service is of utmost importance for Mr. Handyman, a nationwide network of home repair professionals who are up for tackling interior and exterior home repairs. The company boasts of having served more than 1 million homeowners since 1996, offering reliable solutions for large and small home-repair issues.

Customers can schedule repair services online or by phone. Mr. Handyman syncs with the Neighborly app for Android and Apple devices, simplifying how busy homeowners can schedule repairs. Personalized offers are also available by using the app, such as coupons for a percentage off a home-repair service.

Mr. Handyman handles most home repairs, even installing new appliances, troubleshooting existing ones, and pinpointing and fixing plumbing problems. One potential downside is that since locations are franchised, customers may have varying customer service experiences. But with its overall positive reputation, this may be your one-stop shop for all home repairs.


  • Service area: Nationwide
  • Types of repairs: Whole home
  • Appointment scheduling: Online or phone
  • Availability: Standard availability
  • Customer service: Phone, email


  • Experienced professionals can service any area of the home
  • Each professional is knowledgeable with an average of 10 years’ experience
  • Done Right guarantee ensures homeowners are completely satisfied with the work completed


  • Franchised locations mean homeowners might have varying customer service experiences

On-Demand Repairs

The Best Home Repair Service Option: American Home Shield ProConnect

Why It Made the Cut: With American Home Shield ProConnect, customers can browse this national home repair company’s services, schedule repairs online, and pay when the job is satisfactorily completed.

The American Home Shield ProConnect family of professionals offers same-day repair services—in some cases, a professional could be at your door within the hour. The company partners with local professionals across the nation and vets them thoroughly, including running background checks, requiring insurance and licensing, and keeping score of customer satisfaction.

ProConnect doesn’t offer structural repairs, but it provides the services homeowners are most likely to need right now, like appliance repair, electrical repair, and plumbing services, so it’s well positioned for serving emergency repair needs. The company is still young and gearing up—right now, its services are located in larger cities and throughout New York state.

Customers can schedule online and receive same-day services, partnering with reputable professionals across the nation. The company offers up-front pricing, so no surprises here. Homeowners can see precisely how much a repair service costs before scheduling.


  • Service area: Nationwide
  • Types of repairs: Appliance repair
  • Appointment scheduling: Online or phone
  • Availability: Same-day availability
  • Customer Service: Phone, email


  • Transparent pricing, so homeowners know what they’re paying up front
  • Booking and payment are easy to do online or on the app
  • Homeowners automatically receive paperless estimates and invoices


  • Only available in select cities nationwide

Best for Plumbing

The Best Home Repair Service Option: Roto-Rooter

Why It Made the Cut: No clog is too big or messy for Roto-Rooter, which specializes in clearing sewer blockages.

It’s the repair homeowners are most excited to have taken care of right now! When a commode overflows or sewage backs up in a basement shower, no one can enjoy their home until it’s fixed. That’s where Roto-Rooter shines. This clog-removal company has plumbing professionals on standby 24 hours a day, and it provides not just emergency clog removal but other vital plumbing services. Roto-Rooter offers water removal, basement flood cleanup, mold remediation, and more extensive repairs that include excavation and sewer line replacement. However, not all of these services may be available at all locations, so check with your local branch before scheduling an appointment.

Roto-Rooter has branches nationwide, so most homeowners will be near a service outlet and able to receive emergency help within hours. These plumbing pros are vetted, insured, and know how to quickly solve plumbing problems to reduce the risk of additional damage to the home.


  • Service area: Nationwide
  • Types of repairs: Plumbing
  • Appointment scheduling: Phone
  • Availability: Emergency or standard availability
  • Customer service: Phone


  • Emergency technicians available 24/7
  • Wide range of plumbing and water damage restoration services available
  • Educational information available on website for homeowners to better understand their plumbing system and needs


  • Some repair services may not be available at all locations

Best for Electrical

The Best Home Repair Service Option: Mister Sparky

Why It Made the Cut: Wiring and electrical problems can be scary, but Mister Sparky is standing by to come out and troubleshoot the problem and offer a safe solution.

Mister Sparky, a nationwide home repair company that specializes in assisting homeowners with wiring and electrical safety issues, offers standard scheduling or emergency scheduling for those times it’s imperative to have an electrical issue checked out.

Electricity can be deadly, so if there’s one repair DIYers ought to think twice about tackling, it’s their home’s wiring. Mister Sparky is a franchise company with branches across the nation.

The company has a standing guarantee—the electrician will arrive on time, or the repair service is free. This makes Mister Sparky among the top choices for electrical repair companies. Homeowners can call or schedule online, but franchised locations mean that customers may have varying service experiences. The Mister Sparky website offers safety tips for immediately dealing with common electrical problems, such as the smell of wires burning or flickering lights.


  • Service area: Nationwide
  • Types of repairs: Electrical
  • Appointment scheduling: Online or phone
  • Availability: Emergency or standard availability
  • Customer service: Phone


  • Emergency technicians available 24/7
  • Technicians discuss all available options and pricing before work begins
  • On-time guarantee means the technician arrives on time or the service is free


  • Franchised locations mean homeowners might have varying customer service experiences

Our Verdict

Quality home repair companies are available in most communities, but it can be difficult for homeowners to vet workers and technicians adequately before hiring, especially if it’s an emergency. That’s where home repair services with a wide coverage area shine. All the picks in our lineup are highly recommended, but The Home Depot rises to the top of the list for providing an extensive range of services and offering emergency repairs. Mr. Handyman also takes top honors as our runner-up choice for nationwide availability, online scheduling, customer satisfaction, and emergency repair services.

How We Chose the Best Home Repair Services

We researched dozens of top-rated home repair services across the nation to find the ones that offered the best services, guarantees, and workmanship. We also rated the companies on how easy it is to schedule their repair services, whether they are available in an emergency, and how satisfied their customers are.

Our extensive research unearthed many highly qualified home repair companies. Still, the ones in our lineup are among the best options for most homeowners because they’ve earned good reputations and have comprehensive coverage areas. We looked at how well the companies vet the technicians and contractors they partner with and whether they insist on their technicians being licensed and insured to protect the customers.

Before You Hire One of the Best Home Repair Services

When homeowners aren’t sure about hiring a stranger to come into their home and make necessary repairs, they may put off repairs, and the damage can worsen. Consider these factors before hiring someone who left a flier in your door.

  • Does the person (or company) have adequate experience with the work you need done?
  • Is the worker licensed?
  • Is the worker insured?
  • Can you get in touch with the company if you need emergency repairs?
  • Do you have the time to check references?

We’ve done the footwork for you so you can feel comfortable about calling these professionals and having those little projects around the house repaired before they can worsen.

Cost of Hiring One of the Best Home Repair Services

The cost of hiring qualified professionals to make home repairs varies, depending on the extent and complexity of the project and the going rate of labor in the community. A typical roof replacement starts around $7,000, while other repairs are better gauged by the hours needed to complete them.

For instance, an electrician will charge around $100 per hour, and sewer line repairs average about $125 per hour, just in labor costs. Inexpensive home repairs such as winterizing or painting a room often run under $500 per project. At the low end, most homeowners pay around $730, but significant repairs could cost as much as $54,000.

The Advantages of Using One of the Best Home Repair Services

If neglected, simple home repairs can turn into larger, costlier projects, so the best course of action is to address home maintenance projects sooner rather than later. However, not all companies—or individuals—offering home repair services offer equal quality.

Many homeowners put off needed house repairs because they don’t know how to choose a reputable company. They’re concerned about having strangers in the home and upsetting the family’s schedule. Stories of hiring repair workers that ask for payment first and then never finish the job are sadly all too common. The best home repair services:

  • Provide quality workmanship at a competitive price
  • Stand behind their work and make callbacks, if necessary
  • Use only qualified and insured workers


Hiring someone to come into your home and perform maintenance or make repairs can be nerve-wracking. Using workers from a reputable and trustworthy company makes a homeowner more likely to be satisfied with the project and use the same repair company again in the future. A few questions are expected from those looking for a good home repair service to address house problems.

Q. How do I know when I need repair services?

This will vary, but in general, when an appliance isn’t working as well as it once was, or something in the home is broken or damaged, it’s a good idea to have an expert take a look and make recommendations.

Q. Do home repair services offer discounts on memberships?

If the homeowner joins a maintenance program, some home maintenance companies offer discounts on routine and seasonal maintenance, such as HVAC servicing or gutter cleaning.

Q. What are some of the most common home repairs?

These include garbage disposal issues, toilet problems, peeling paint, damage to drywall, and cracks in sidewalks or patios.

Q. What should I fix first in my house?

Homes need regular maintenance, but some repairs take precedence. When a budget is tight, prioritize repairs that involve faulty wiring, water leaks (exterior and plumbing), and foundation issues.

Q. What repairs do home repair services cover?

It varies. Some offer whole-home repairs, while others perform only specialized services, such as electrical or plumbing.