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15 Brilliant Garage Organization Ideas

Is your garage a cluttered mess? Maximize storage, reclaim floor space, and keep necessities within easy reach with these practical garage organization ideas.
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Turn your messy garage into an organized storage space.


The garage can become a catch-all area for all sorts of items, from tools and sports equipment to bins of old toys and clothes waiting for donation. While a roomy garage is an obvious storage space for stuff that doesn’t have a designated place, there’s no reason it has to be a mess. The right organization system can keep your gear neat, and leave plenty of room in the garage for vehicles. Tidy up your garage and make the most of precious storage space with these ingenious garage organization ideas.

Classic Wood Tool Organizers


Put unused wall space to good use and store tools in style in a tool organizer shelf. With a wall-mounted organizer like this one you can say goodbye to your old toolbox, which can be unwieldy to store, not to mention a disorganized jumble inside. Included in this set are three shelves with storage holes and cutouts to fit a variety of hammers, screwdrivers, and pliers. These minimalist pine organizers are each just 13.8 inches long but can hold plenty of tools: the plier caddy holds 10 pairs, and the screwdriver shelf can accommodate 10 to 15 screwdrivers depending on their sizes. Available on Etsy.

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Rolling Storage Shelves


Rolling storage shelves offer a lot of flexibility for those who dream of a tidy, organized garage. Not only can this shelving unit hold a whole lot of bins, boxes, and loose items, it can also be moved from one area to another when needed. Made of durable welded wire, this four-shelf rolling unit is a heavy-duty pick for jam-packed garages. Available at Walmart.

Magnetic Shelves


Sleek magnetic shelves are contemporary and stylish, and quite practical: These wall shelves also offer an easily customizable layout. Although they do not hold as much weight as a standard shelving unit, magnetic shelves are an attractive way to organize smaller bits and pieces. This magnetic shelf has a strong magnet and a thick, lipped edge to keep items in place. Available on Etsy.

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Mobile Garden Storage


Store garden items and prepare potted plants with a two-in-one potting and storage bench. This rustic-style wooden unit has shelving and a small drawer to store gardening items like tools, seeds, and bags of soil. A set of wheels makes this bench easy to move, so you can roll it out of the way when needed or move it outdoors to garden on a sunny day. Available from Wayfair.

Sleek Steel Cabinets


With sturdy doors to protect the items inside, sleek steel cabinetry is more secure than wire shelving and offers a more finished look. Tuck away valuable tools, sports equipment, and hazardous household supplies in this modular cabinet system. Included with this 6-piece set are two base cabinets, two wall cabinets, and two stackable modular cabinets. The pieces fit together to create a cabinet system with a small worktop. Each cabinet is made of durable steel and locks to keep its contents safe. Available on Home Depot.

Convenient Charging Station


A dual-purpose design makes a simple storage shelf even more convenient. This practical wooden shelf organizes power tools, and provides plenty of room for their batteries and chargers. Wall-mounted shelving keeps power tools safely within reach, freeing up counter and drawer space. The open design has holes to string electrical cords through so you can plug in power tools to charge on the shelf—there’s no need to pull them from the toolbox and waste worktop space. Available on Etsy

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Racks on Racks


Shelving racks are a popular garage storage solution, and for good reason. Open shelving racks can accommodate a wide variety of items, from stacked tote bins to bulky sports equipment. Made of heavy-duty steel with a weight capacity of up to 150 pounds each, these wire grid shelves are stable and versatile storage options. This set of two 1-foot by 6-foot shelves turns empty wall space into sturdy storage. Available on Amazon.

Slim Slat Wall


A slat wall provides customizable storage at an affordable price. Their slatted design makes it easy to move shelving and hooks anywhere along the panel. The panels of this heavy-duty PVC slat wall system are lightweight, durable, and click into place horizontally or vertically so you can customize your storage wall to your liking. The panels cover 24 square feet of wall space and include 18 hanging hooks. Additional shelves, cabinets, and bins can be purchased separately to complete your ideal storage space. Available on Home Depot.

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Cluster of Compartments


Small bits and bobs can easily create a mess of their own in a cabinet or tote bin. Compartment shelving is an excellent way to keep smaller items organized. This sleek cube organizer has 15 cubbies, each measuring 5.75 by 4.5 by 11 inches, and is ideal for storing shoes, cleaning supplies, and tool kits. The shelving has a smooth, white laminate finish to give it a finished and contemporary look. Available on Home Depot

Corner Tool Rack


Those with small garages should consider corner racks and shelving that utilize space that would otherwise go unused. Corner shelving takes up very little space, but can offer ample storage: This one, for example, keeps garden tools upright and organized. With a sturdy, non-tip base and 30 storage holes, it corrals up to 30 long-handle tools like brooms, rakes, and mops. Available on Target.

Customizable Pegboard


A wall-mounted metal pegboard is a budget-friendly, customizable storage option that keeps frequently used items within easy reach—and easy sight. This pegboard kit includes three metal pegboard panels to cover 48 inches by 32 inches of wall space. With its two shelves, three hanging bins, screwdriver holder, hammer holder, and 20 assorted hooks and brackets, what can’t you corral on this wall board? Available on Wayfair.

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Wooden Yard Tool Rack


Keep yard tools easily accessible with a wall-mounted storage rack. This wooden version has sturdy, angled dowels that hold tools horizontally and close to the wall to save on space. Available in heights of 2 to 6 feet, depending on how many tools you need to store. Each tool slot can hold up to three devices to keep brooms, rakes, shovels well organized. Available on Etsy.

Sports Equipment Bins


An open bin system is just the ticket for sports equipment storage. This storage rack has soft, open baskets, making it easy for kids to throw bats, rackets, and balls into an accessible spot. The metal frame, polyester baskets, and front mesh pockets keep items contained and easy to find—no more soccer balls rolling out of the garage, or pricey tennis rackets getting scratched on hard shelving. Available on Amazon.

Unique Storage Labels


Tote bins are affordable and practical garage organization ideas. Those who use them know how easy it is to lose track of items in a sea of opaque totes and baskets. Label your bins with custom storage labels to keep them organized—and make them look prettier to boot. With these custom labels, you can pick your wording, font, and colors for a truly unique look. Available on Etsy.

Mason Jars Made for Hardware


Bring the rustic farmhouse vibe into your garage with this sleek, metal mason jar shelf. Each shelf holds three 8-ounce jars (not included) and is useful for sorting very small items. The open, wall-mounted system keeps screws, craft supplies, keys, and other odds and ends accessible and organized—an ideal antidote to a cluttered junk drawer. Available on Etsy.

An organized oasis for your tools


It’s time to take the organization plunge! Cleaning up your garage will not only make it look good, but make you feel good.