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10 Kayak Storage Ideas for Taking Back Your Garage

Big and awkward when not gracefully gliding in the water, kayaks tend to take up more room in the garage than anticipated. Check out these kayak storage ideas to help free up space and keep things tidy.

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Kayaking Lowers Stress Levels. Clutter Does Not.


Spending the day on the water lowers stress levels, calms anxiety, and can help boost your mood. It’s a fantastic pastime, particularly when the sun is shining and the skies are blue. But all of that relief and happiness can quickly disappear when you come home to an overcrowded garage that screams chaos. The stress levels rapidly rise along with the anxiety you just got rid of.

This collection of kayak storage ideas will help alleviate the mess and suggest simple ways of dealing with these bulky objects. Then, with your kayaks out of the way, you can get to work on the rest of your garage!

Ceiling Rack


Free up precious floor and wall space by keeping your kayaks on the ceiling. This two-kayak ceiling rack supports a total of 150 pounds, 75 pounds per side, and can hold kayaks up to 18 inches thick. The padded arms prevent scratching and are available in 25-inch or 30-inch lengths to support white-water, recreational, sea, ocean, and sit-on-top kayaks. The StoreYourBoard also allows for a 90-degree mounting rotation to run parallel or vertical along the rafters. Available on Amazon.

Simple Pulley System


Store your kayaks overhead using a pulley system equipped with a safety lock mechanism that not only makes it easy to lift but also prevents accidents. The set comes with two ceiling hoists that each hold up to 125 pounds and rubber-coated hooks to protect your kayak from scratches. Ideal for ceilings no higher than 12 feet. Available on Amazon.

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Wall-Mounted Rack


Protect your kayak and make room for your vehicles by utilizing wall real estate instead of the floor. This rack comes covered in extra-thick foam padding to safeguard against scrapes and dings. Safety straps keep your kayak securely in place until you’re ready to head out for some more fun. Capable of holding up to 125 pounds, the rack extends only 21 inches from the wall to keep the space used to a minimum. Available on Amazon.

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Folding Floor Stands


These kayak stands preserve your investment by taking the kayak up off the rough garage floor and placing it on a solid steel rack with soft rubber padding. Together the pair holds up to 100 pounds and requires zero assembly. Not only are the stands great for storage, but they’re also the ideal height for cleaning and maintenance. Available on Amazon.

Freestanding Rack


This two-kayak solution can safely hold up to 175 pounds and is great for keeping your kayaks off the floor and out of the way. It has stabilizing feet that you can permanently anchor to the ground for extra security, and it’s available with wheels so you can move it around the garage as needed. The adjustable arms fit most boat designs, and the soft foam helps stave off damage. Available on Amazon.

Wall Hooks


Store your kayaks on the walls inside or outside the garage (depending on the material) and take back lots of needed floor space. These 15-inch racks come in a package of six, allowing you to store up to three kayaks. Each pair of hangers holds up to 50 pounds and is designed not to cause damage. The racks support boats that are 13 inches in width or less. Available on Amazon.

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Kayak Cover


Waterproof, dustproof, and UV-resistant, this cover will secure your investment. It protects against water damage and dust, and if you have a window that shines directly on your kayak, it will help prevent fading. While wrapped in the cover, your kayak can be stored on a wall rack, a ceiling rack, or floor stands. The cover comes in a range of sizes suitable for kayaks from 9.3 feet to 18 feet. Available on Amazon.

Rack With Wheels


Move your kayaks around the garage as needed with this rack equipped with six lockable wheels. When the wheels are locked, the frame won’t move, providing a secure storage unit. The space-saving stand holds two kayaks, one above the other, and can support a total of 175 pounds. Its width is adjustable to accommodate wider boats and has padded arms to avoid scratches. Available on Amazon.

Cart With Wheels


Live by the water? Keep your kayak tied onto the RAD Sportz cart and be ready to take off at a moment’s notice. This cart on wheels holds a kayak of up to 150 pounds and lets you haul it with ease. Tie-down straps secure the kayak, and the cart’s 10-inch no-flat airless tires will really last. Even if you don’t live by the water, the cart comes in handy when you need to move your kayak around the garage. Available on Amazon.

Strap System


This adjustable strap system lets you hang two kayaks on a wall or suspend them from the ceiling. Each strap can hold up to 100 pounds, and the overall system can hold up to 200 pounds. The extra-wide 1.5-inch straps won’t damage the kayak and are easy to install, and quick-release buckles help make loading and unloading simple. Available on Amazon.