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10 Beautiful Stamped Concrete Ideas to Upgrade Your Outdoor Spaces

This subtle touch will pretty up the patio, walkway, driveway, and more in no time.

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Pretty Up Your Outdoor Spaces


Outdoor spaces are a place for leisure. They beg to be enjoyed with a cup of coffee in the morning, a book in the afternoon, and a cocktail and a companion as the sun sets. Making these special spaces comfortable and stylish should be a priority. One way to pretty up outdoor spaces and showcase personal aesthetics is with stamped concrete. The beautiful ideas ahead will give you plenty of inspiration to create an ideal setting for all the al fresco fun.

Rustic Elegance


This stamped concrete idea will complement your rustic style. The gorgeous rusty hue in the design will be a sight to behold as the sun hits the concrete during the golden hour. The curved, brick-like look pays homage to centuries past and adds historic elegance to your patio.

Wood Stamped Concrete


Want the look of hardwood flooring outdoors on your patio? Flexible polyurethane stamps like this example available at Amazon imprint an offset, wooden plank look to the concrete. The pattern contributes to a rustic, earthy aesthetic and will surely be a conversation piece.

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Stone Alternative


This option for stamped concrete resembles stone cut into pavers and laid out in a blocky pattern. The result is a gorgeous, timeless upgrade to the patio. When paired with a stone wall and wrought iron patio furniture, the look offers a secret garden vibe that begs for long, intimate visits.

European Fan Cobblestone


With a simple stamp, your patio can go from drab to fab. A texture mat like this example available at The Home Depot is an easy way to DIY a new al fresco space. The European fan cobblestone look provides a classic look.

Stone Pathway


Add dimension to the pathway with a stamped concrete concept that resembles stone. It’s a great alternative to adding individual pieces of real stone—allowing you to quickly and easily achieve the look while saving time and money.

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Red and Yellow Stone


Add a talking point to the exterior of the home with a stamped concrete patio that borrows the style of this pathway. The varying shapes and colors of the stone-like shapes of this design add visual interest and character.

Granite Mat Stamp


Achieve the appeal of granite with a stamped idea resembling stacked stone like this example available at Amazon—it’s particularly suited for walls. Along with being an economical way to beautify the garden area, the stamp’s high-quality texture highly resembles that of granite.

Groovy Stone Style


For a home with mid-century design, adding concepts that elevate the aesthetic is a must. This stamped concrete pattern resembles pavers placed in a funky style that pairs well with the inviting pool it surrounds.

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London Cobble Texture Mat Concrete Stamp


This look available at The Home Depot features a classic London cobblestone texture. The quality polyurethane of the concrete stamp is constructed to provide tough, long-lasting use while still being flexible for your needs.

Crazy Cool Pattern


There’s no denying this pattern is unusual! The crazy cool shapes resemble floating bubbles. When made in a mellow color that resembles brick and stone, the result is a fun yet sophisticated option for stamped concrete ideas.