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10 Stepping Stone Designs to Elevate Your Garden Pathway

Pull your garden together with the help of one of these stepping stone designs.

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A Tidy Garden


Adding a path to an outdoor garden space can be both practical and beautiful. A well-designed path can bring disjointed spaces together and turn a confusing layout into one that’s orderly and attractive.

While dirt pathways can undoubtedly serve a purpose, stones deliver an added level of sophistication. With stones, you have a wide variety of design options at your fingertips. Whether you’re looking to build a formal English-style garden or a rustic backyard hideaway, stones can deliver the look you’re after. They also happen to be durable and require virtually no upkeep. Additionally, stones are relatively cost-effective and easy to install—so long as you have strong arms!

Here are ten ideas to spark your imagination as you consider a stone pathway garden upgrade.

Gorgeous Geometry


Even though they don’t cover the whole area, these square paving stones readily delineate an outdoor space. Keep in mind that if you place stones in this manner, you’ll need to maintain the grassy spots in between. This kind of layout is ideal if you already have a well-maintained lawn and want a way to clearly define an area.

Rustic Elegance


This combination pathway involves crushed gravel and staggered paving stones. The rustic style is a perfect pairing with unruly wildflower gardens. Combining crushed gravel with stones is a great way to save money on your landscaping project since gravel is budget-friendly. Make sure your heart is set on gravel, though, because it’s a pain to remove.

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Modern Stones


These sleek, rectangular stones are simple and uncomplicated, making them perfect for the modern garden. The wide design is a good choice for high-traffic areas. The larger size of these slabs may also give the illusion of a wider space. When choosing stones for a pathway, always remember to consider textures. These polished stones, for instance, will look best set against buildings with similar exteriors.

Rippled and Round


If sleek and uniform isn’t your thing, consider a round-shaped stone like these cement stepping stones made up of small pebbles. The rippled appearance adds interest and provides plenty of texture. However, this type of stone is not ideal for high-traffic areas—especially in places where people are often going barefoot, like around a pool or jacuzzi.

Spa Vibes


This pathway, flanked by a perfectly manicured lawn, gives off a zen-like vibe. The inclusion of loose materials, like the large round pebbles, likely means a cheaper project. An orderly path like this one is best paired with a garden with a geometric layout. This type of path might also make a good lead up to a garden centerpiece, such as a fountain.

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Natural Landscape


This is an excellent choice if you want to create a path that feels like it’s blending into the natural landscape. When placing large flagstones like these, make sure you wear proper footwear and gloves to protect your hands. Decide on a layout that takes into account your natural stride. Mark where your feet tend to fall and place the stones accordingly.



If you’re up for a game of Tetris, consider this type of pathway that combines different-sized stone slabs. The high-impact design makes an even bigger splash because of its position directly over and beside a water feature. The path makes a statement on its own, so there’s no need to pair it with much plant life.

Stone Wheels


These pretty circular stepping stones provide an organic look and feel thanks to how they’re laid out. If you’re not a seasoned DIYer, consider hiring a professional to help with a stone pathway install. And while the stones in the photo look pretty puddled with rain, dry weather is ideal for installing garden paths.

Zen Garden


Installing these irregularly-shaped stones won’t require much more than some muscle. The result will depend largely on how you decide to place the different shapes and sizes of stone. Achieve maximum zen-garden style with the help of fine gravel. Just be aware that gravel can be high-maintenance. The advantage is that it’s inexpensive and doesn’t require defined borders.

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