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8 Ways to Upgrade Your Backyard with Pavers

Pavers are more commonly thought of as sturdy patio bases than as useful design tools for your landscapes. But these outdoor essentials are endlessly versatile, perfect for creating an interesting pattern, a clever walkway, or even a backyard game. Incorporate this functional material in your own spaces by thinking outside the patio with these fresh ideas for ways to use pavers in your backyard.

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A Fine Match

Design by Mark Ashby Design and David Wilson Garden Design

Concrete pavers and pea gravel are a lovely pairing. Working in tandem, they can create beautiful, clean, and modern patios like this one. Combine this dynamic duo in a backyard that incorporates other materials, such as stone or brick, to achieve an even more unusual and interesting display. 

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Pave the Way


Do you feel constrained by a tiny backyard? Filling it with tables, chairs, and other outdoor accessories can make it feel even more cramped. To add clutter-free visual interest, lay down pavers a few inches apart to form a modern garden path that creates an illusion of depth and makes your space feel larger. 

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Hop to It


Although pavers are thought of mostly as a go-to patio material, they can also be repurposed in more fun-filled ways. Use a bit of paint to transform ordinary pavers into stepping-stones for a classic hopscotch grid. Not only will this
backyard game add a charming element to your outdoor space, it will also keep kids entertained for hours. 

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Polish a Pool


Swap out your basic pool surround and substitute patio pavers instead. They make a sleek, modern statement while still providing a safe place to step or sit while relaxing poolside. Consider fashioning a paver path leading from the pool to your outdoor seating or barbecue areas for visual continuity and easy travel throughout the backyard.

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Get Glowing


Here’s a bright idea: If you’re fleshing out your driveway, footpath, or patio surround, consider swapping out a few of your standard pavers for something even more functional—lighting. Design your outdoor hardscaping with a pack of these paver lights, available on Amazon. These durable lighting cases, which come in standard brick paver size, will improve your after-dark experience outdoors.

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Pattern Play

Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

Pavers are typically laid close together, with their slim joints filled in by a mixture of sand and cement. An alternative approach is to create an interesting pattern by leaving the joints wide enough to accommodate grass, ground covers, or moss. Try square pavers to lend a tidy, modern appearance to your space, or irregular natural stone pavers for a more organic look.

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Craft a Pretty Planter


Large-size planters are a great way to add color and style to a backyard, but they can also be quite pricey. Instead of spending the big bucks, simply make your own industrial-style planters with some patio pavers and a few inexpensive supplies. 

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Furniture Foundation


Setting up your lounge chairs on the grass can result in unwanted small holes in your lawn. Instead, give your
patio furniture a rock-solid foundation with pavers and gravel. Not only does this help improve the appearance of your yard, it also creates a designated seating area that transforms your backyard space into a cozy retreat for visits with friends and family.   

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Paver Project


Pavers are a great way to upgrade your outdoor space. And with the right prep and planning, even a DIY novice can complete a paver project.