The 12 Best Wind Spinners

Choose one of these wind spinners to add interest and appeal to your garden space.

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Watching a wind spinner twirl around in your front yard or garden can be quite fascinating. Thanks to the intricate and colorful designs available today, a wind spinner does more than just tell you which direction or how strongly the wind is blowing—it also helps make your outdoor space more welcoming and exciting.

As you shop for a wind spinner for your garden, consider the size, colors, and overall design and appearance, both when the spinner is moving around and when it is still. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of your options, we’ve rounded up some of the best wind spinners below at major retailers like Amazon and Etsy.

1. Multicolor Mandala Flower Wind Spinner

Best wind spinners

Bring some colorful cheer to your garden with this mandala wind spinner, which is made with an entrancing hand-painted laser-cut stainless steel. A swivel hanging hook is included with the spinner, allowing you to hang it from trees, walls, balconies, windows, and other spaces.

Get the Fonmy Multicolor Mandala Flower Wind Spinner on Amazon for $14.99

2. Multicolor Tulip Wind Spinner

Best wind spinners

When you’re looking for the best yard spinners, don’t overlook this multicolor tulip spinner. It features multiple colorful and reflective metal rings that are shaped to look like a tulip and spin around as the wind blows, creating a brilliant display. A 3-inch solar glass ball hangs in the center and changes colors after dark, allowing the show to continue all night long.

Get the Bits and Pieces Multicolor Tulip Wind Spinner on Amazon for $79.98

3. Solar LED Garden Wind Spinner

Best wind spinners

This solar LED garden wind spinner offers a gorgeous flower design in blue, purple, and yellow to add both color and charm to your yard. The central color-changing LED glass ball light is solar-powered, so it charges during the day to provide up to eight hours of soft light in six different colors overnight.

Get the Maggfit Solar LED Garden Wind Spinner on Amazon for $43.99

4. Honey Bee Spiral Metal Spinner

Best wind spinners

Add this unique yard decor to your space to show your appreciation for our pollinating friends: the honey bees. Made from a copper-colored metal with a protective coating, the spiral-shaped beehive spins in the wind, giving the illusion that the surrounding bees are flying around.

Get the Honey Bee Spiral Metal Spinner at Etsy for $45

5. Kinetic 3D Helix Metal Wind Spinner

Best wind spinners

If you’re looking for kinetic wind spinners, enjoy a mesmerizing show as the wind makes this 20-inch helix-shaped rainbow spinner move around. The laser-cut metal is weather-resistant and long-lasting and each spinner conveniently comes with a metal S-shaped swivel hook.

Get the VP Home Kinetic 3D Helix Metal Wind Spinner on Amazon for $17.99

6. Flower Spin Rotator

Best wind spinners

Everyone will think you’ve purchased a new magic metal windmill as they enjoy watching this copper-colored flower spin around. The two flower blades even spin in opposite directions to add more intrigue. With the garden stake design, you can easily place it anywhere you’d like in your yard or garden.

Get the Plow & Hearth Flower Spin Rotator at Wayfair for $149.95

7. 3D Hummingbird Wind Spinner

Best wind spinners

Whether you have a hummingbird garden or are simply enthralled by the birds’ majestic beauty, this find may be one of the best garden spinners for your space. Crafted from a laser-cut stainless steel, the spinner is both durable and detailed, showcasing the central colorful hummingbird surrounded by the multiple spinning flower-shaped rings. Use the included 360-degree swivel hook to hang the spinner either inside or outside.

Get the Uoudio 3D Hummingbird Wind Spinner on Amazon for $23.99

8. Multicolor LED Wind Spinner

Best wind spinners

With its central solar LED light, this wind spinner can offer an entrancing display both during the day and after the sun goes down. To make the light show even more enthralling, the LED light changes color and is surrounded by two jewel-accented bronze flower spinners that move in opposite directions as the wind blows.

Get the Jewel Cup Multi-Color LED Wind Spinner on Amazon for $69

9. Blue and Green Feather Kinetic Garden Wind Spinner

Best wind spinners

Let this iridescent green and blue flower wind spinner animate your garden or patio area. The handmade spinner is crafted using durable metal that has been painted with automotive paint—ensuring that the color will last and that it won’t fade. The spinner is 8 feet tall and has a four-prong base to keep it stable in the ground.

Get the RedShedGarden Blue & Green Feather Kinetic Garden Wind Spinner at Etsy for $245

10. Water Drop Wind Spinner

Best wind spinners

The mirrored surface of this water drop-shaped wind spinner allows it to reflect light and the colors of the garden—giving it a unique appearance based on the surroundings. With numerous interior spinning prongs, the effect can be quite captivating.

Get the Water Drop Wind Spinner on Amazon for $23.99

11. Dragonfly Wind Spinner

Best wind spinners

The laser-cut, hand-polished, and powder-coated rings of this dragonfly spinner make it one of the best metal wind spinners. Choose from four size options and nine color choices to customize the look of the spinner based on your preferences and available space.

Get the RMountainMetal Decor Dragonfly Wind Spinner at Etsy for $17.99

12. Rainbow Double Spiral Rotator

Best wind spinners

This double spiral rotator features a rainbow of iridescent colors that will reflect the light as it spins. The spiral design is unique from that of many other wind spinners and can make this a statement piece for your garden or yard. The specially-designed swivel hooks help allow for maximum rotation even on days when there is just a light breeze.

Get the Wind & Weather Rainbow Double Spiral Rotator at Wayfair for $64.95


What are wind spinners good for?

Wind spinners can help you identify which direction the wind is blowing. However, they also can serve as garden or backyard decor. Some individuals even add wind spinners to their interior decor scheme thanks to the wide range of unique designs and vibrant colors available. Because they rotate as the wind blows, wind spinners help to liven up a place. They can be a nice complement to other garden decor, helping to draw more attention to the space.

Where do you place a wind spinner?

Yard spinners can be placed wherever you’d like. However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind when deciding where to place your wind spinner. First, make sure that the location you choose gets sufficient wind to keep the spinner spinning more frequently. Next, choose a location where the spinner can be easily viewed and enjoyed—both by yourself and by visitors to your home or garden. You may also want to place the spinner near a specific spot of your garden that you’d like to highlight, as it could help pull attention to the area.

How do you balance a wind spinner?

If your wind spinner isn’t spinning properly, and you’ve already ensured that it is in a location that gets plenty of wind, it may be unbalanced. To balance a metal wind spinner, follow the steps below:

  1. Confirm that the wind spinner’s pole is standing upright at a 90-degree angle.
  2. Bring the spinner inside (away from any wind) and inspect the blades. Ensure that they stay completely still when there is no wind. If they move, then they will need to be balanced again.
  3. Use a wrench to tighten the nuts on the wind spinner.
  4. If needed, use your hands to bend the arms at the bottom of the spinner up until the spinner’s weight is balanced.
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