15 Hot Tub Deck Ideas for a Relaxing Backyard

Find inspiration for your backyard oasis with these hot tub deck ideas fit for royalty.

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Sit Back and Soak


Last summer, thanks to the pandemic, people found themselves cancelling vacations and trying to find happiness in their own backyards. Demand soared for pools and other outdoor amusements. In fact, many outlets sold out before August rolled around. This year, it’s looking like we’re in for a similar staycation-style summer. Make the most of your outdoor space and create the perfect spot to unwind with a hot tub deck. Check out these hot tub deck ideas to help you create the ultimate relaxation station just a few steps from your door.

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Raised Platform Hot Tub Deck


Those without enough room for a pool may wish to opt for an oversize hot tub instead. There’s plenty of room for the whole family and guests as well—at least once everyone is vaccinated. The deck surround lends an elegant aesthetic and provides seating space for anyone who isn’t keen on taking a dip.

Poolside Integration


A combo pool and hot tub is the height of luxury. Take a refreshing plunge in the pool and then, when the evening air turns chilly, warm up with a soak in the hot tub. If you have the space and the budget for an in-ground pool, consider a project that combines both so you won’t have the expense and inconvenience of retrofitting a hot tub later on.

Hot Tub Deck With Ample Space


Sinking a hot tub right into a deck elevates both, turning what could be a tacky eyesore into a classy chill zone. This recessed hot tub is spacious, but there’s still lots of room on the deck for lounging and mingling. Built-in mood lighting ups the ambience for a romantic evening or a fun get-together.

Infinity Hot Tub Deck

Baker Pool Construction

You’ll need an impressive yard to accommodate a hot tub/pool combo as opulent as this Grecian beauty. The spa sits right inside one end of the pool, while a waterfall and arcing fountains add glamour on the other side. A swath of vibrant greenery frames the pool and the focal water feature.

Stone Surround

Baker Pool Construction

Hot tubs often sport a modern look that doesn’t quite work with other aesthetics. If your backyard has more of a rustic vibe, consider a stone hot tub. In this luxe layout, guests can choose to hang out in the hot tub or gather by the swim-up bar and fire pit. The generous stone ledge of the hot tub provides a great spot for seating or setting down cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.

Tiered Hot Tub Deck

Timber Tech

Even those with no deck space at all can have an elegant hot tub, and it doesn’t just have to be plopped into the middle of a bare yard! Instead, they can invest in a roomy hot tub with a small seating area and an attractive surround made of composite decking. Thoughtful landscape design connects the hot tub to its environment, and rustic stepping-stones make it easy to get from point A to point B without tracking around dirt.

Hot Tub Deck at One With Nature

Leslie’s Pool

Hot tubs are inherently unnatural. They’re essentially large outdoor appliances with hard plastic shells that don’t usually blend in well with the soft beauty of nature. But a sunken hot tub fades into the background of this charmingly landscaped yard, complete with a rock garden and soothing water features. Imagine just lying back amid the bubbles, melting into the great outdoors.

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Composite Hot Tub Surround


Composite decks are all the rage these days. They’re a lot more durable than wood, they require less upkeep, and they’re resistant to sun, pests, and water—in other words, they’re prime real estate for a hot tub. Build a hot tub right into a composite deck, and create an ideal spot for relaxing in comfort after a long day.

Hot Tub Gazebo

Forever Redwood

Keep debris and leaves out of a hot tub by setting it inside a beautiful wooden gazebo. The structure adds a polished touch to an otherwise bare-bones area and makes it possible to enjoy a calming soak even on rainy days. A ledge along one wall provides bar seating for entertaining and helps define different functional areas of the deck.

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Hot Tub Hideaway


A cozier take on a hot tub enclosure, this canopy structure offers the promise of year-round relaxing, rain or shine, without a lot of wasted space. This is an ideal option for those who want a little privacy during their soak.

Built-in Hot Tub Bar

Swim Spa Manufacturers

The ultimate entertaining spot, this expansive wooden spa with bar seating can turn a boring dinner party into a hot tub cocktail soiree. A canopy prevents rain from ruining a good time, and built-in spa lights set the mood.

Housed Hot Tub Deck

Leslie’s Pool

Not everyone enjoys soaking in a hot tub. Some just don’t like the experience, while others, particularly those with certain health conditions, need to steer clear of sitting too long in ultra-hot water. That’s why it’s a good idea to combine your spa zone with a seating area for non-soakers so you don’t have to force guests to choose between jumping in or leaving. Whether your guests prefer to lie back and enjoy the warm jets or simply cozy up on the outdoor couch, everyone can chat and socialize together.

Off-the-Grid Cypress Hot Tub Deck


You can embed this country-chic hot tub into your deck or pop it right on top. The large tub is made of durable cypress, which is rot- and water-resistant and ultra-sturdy. It comes with three benches for seating, fits up to six people, and is available with either a gas or wood heating system.

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Urban Oasis


Take the pampering experience outdoors with a spacious circular tub. Simple design choices like concrete, wood, and a river of pebbles create a zen atmosphere, and privacy fencing ensures that your “me time” will go uninterrupted.

Zen Hot Tub Space


It can be tough to relax, especially these days, but with this hot tub design, you’ll be able to outfit your spa with all the accents and accessories you need to chill out in style. The wide ledge and lower shelves make it easy to array your spa area with plants, candles, towels, and other must-haves for maximum chill.

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