The Best Outdoor Furniture Brands of 2022

Getting ready for patio season? Dress up your outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining with the best outdoor furniture brands.

By Jasmine Harding | Updated Jun 29, 2021 1:58 PM

The Best Outdoor Furniture Brands Options


The right outdoor furniture provides a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. Outdoor furniture should be comfortable and stylish, expressing your personal style while also functioning as a backdrop for patio hangouts and backyard barbecues. Plus, outdoor furniture should be durable enough to last beautifully through the seasons.

A wide range of outdoor furniture retailers offer plenty of choices, from affordable wholesalers to luxury brands. On this list, you’ll find some of the top outdoor furniture brands for shopping trendy furnishings or timeless pieces. Read on for the best outdoor furniture brands for upgrading your patio and backyard decor.

The Best Outdoor Furniture Brands Option: Brown Jordan


1. Brown Jordan

About the Brand: Brown Jordan works with acclaimed designers to create award-winning contemporary outdoor furniture.
Price Range: $$$ to $$$$

Recognized as an industry leader in luxury outdoor furniture, Brown Jordan creates beautiful furniture pieces in award-winning designs. As a major industry player since 1945, Brown Jordan works with acclaimed designers to create distinguished outdoor furniture collections. They aim to marry materials made to withstand outdoor living with the luxuries of indoor style.

Brown Jordan’s design style is simple, with a focus on craftsmanship made to last. Those looking to create a luxurious outdoor space can look to Brown Jordan for a refined and relaxed atmosphere for their furniture. The company offers a range of functional lounging furniture, including seating, tables, umbrellas, accessories, and decor.

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The Best Outdoor Furniture Brands Option: Tropitone


2. Tropitone

About the Brand: Tropitone is known for supplying durable, commercial-quality outdoor furniture for both commercial and residential outdoor spaces.
Price Range: $ to $$$$

Tropitone brings resort-quality outdoor furniture to residential backyards, patios, and poolsides. Originally established in 1954, Tropitone made their start as a furniture supplier for hotels and resorts. As travelers became familiar with the brand and started asking for where they could buy the furniture for their homes, Tropitone stepped up and started offering their commercial-quality furniture directly to residential customers.

Decades later, Tropitone continues to provide outdoor furniture for commercial and residential outdoor spaces. They apply their rigorous product requirements across the board to bring high-quality outdoor furniture to backyards and patios. Their stylish pieces are made for heavy use to withstand everyday life through the seasons.

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The Best Outdoor Furniture Brands Option: Harmonia Living


3. Harmonia Living

About the Brand: Harmonia Living straddles the middle ground between luxury and sensibility, creating approachable designs at a reasonable price.
Price Range: $ to $$$$

Harmonia Living designs furniture that is functional and accessible, both in design and price. The brand’s founders grew increasingly frustrated with the outdoor furniture market, noticing high luxury prices on one end and low-quality construction on the other, so they created Harmonia Living in 2007. With the average homeowner in mind, they set out with a goal of providing high-quality furniture at an affordable price.

Harmonia Living creates outdoor furniture featuring quality materials and designs, but at prices that don’t break the bank. Their designs are comfortable, versatile, and approachable, incorporating long-lasting materials to provide even more value. The brand shows an appreciation for function as much as style, balancing luxury and sensibility in various outdoor furniture collections.

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The Best Outdoor Furniture Brands Option: Woodard


4. Woodard

About the Brand: Woodard is known for its luxury outdoor furniture that masters the art of patio design and lasts through the years, rain or shine.
Price Range: $ to $$$

More than 150 years of furniture-making experience informs Woodard’s timeless designs. Their luxury outdoor furniture collections span a range of styles, from clean and contemporary to classic and romantic.

Woodard has two tenets to their design practices, stating that their furniture is built for extra comfort and to “overlast.” They incorporate smart product design and comfortable cushioning to create seating that feels as luxurious as it looks. Beyond comfort, Woodard also uses weather-resistant materials and construction to last for season after season of outdoor enjoyment. Each piece of furniture is crafted in Owosso, Michigan, to a high standard of style, comfort, and durability.

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The Best Outdoor Furniture Brands Option: Homecrest


5. Homecrest

About the Brand: Homecrest creates casual, comfortable, and contemporary outdoor furniture that is both stylish and affordable.
Price Range: $$$ to $$$$

Established in 1953, Homecrest brings affordable luxury outdoor furniture to homes nationwide. The brand combines a history of quality and classic designs with the furniture trends of today. They strive to build on the brand’s heritage of performance, high quality, and comfort while creating in-style designs. Since the company’s inception, Homecrest has designed and manufactured their furniture in the U.S.

The brand creates a variety of casual and contemporary outdoor seating and accessories. Homecrest’s designs are made to complement interior decor, creating a seamless flow from indoors to outdoors. Timeless frame designs and fashionable fabrics and finishes define their style across 30-plus collections.

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The Best Outdoor Furniture Brands Option: Ratana


6. Ratana

About the Brand: Ratana’s luxurious outdoor furniture strikes a balance between casual and elegant to enhance outdoor living.
Price Range: $$$ to $$$$

Ratana’s designs range from traditional to transitional to contemporary, but all of their pieces have the same goal: to enhance luxury outdoor living. Their furniture boasts quality craftsmanship, with thought-out, technical designs and quality materials. Each piece of furniture is finished with an attention to detail that makes it as beautiful as it is functional.

True to their name, many of Ratana’s collections incorporate rattan-inspired materials that maintain the charm of rattan but with better all-weather durability. They also offer a range of other materials and styles. Each collection is designed with precision and elegance in mind to upgrade luxury outdoor living spaces with a casual feel.

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The Best Outdoor Furniture Brands Option: Outer


7. Outer

About the Brand: Outer is known for its outdoor sofas, which feature comfortable memory- foam cushions and a protective cover designed to keep them clean and ready to use anytime.
Price Range: $$$ to $$$$

Outer is best known as an outdoor sofa brand, constructing ultra-durable and comfortable outdoor sofas. Their modular sofas are the mainstay of the brand and feature a patent-pending design that protects the sofa cushions and keeps them clean, dry, and always ready to use.

Outer also offers a wide selection of outdoor furniture pieces, including chairs, coffee tables, rugs, and furniture covers. Their minimalist designs can enhance the simple luxuries of outdoor living. Beyond a classic and modern design, their furniture should stay beautiful season after season, forgoing rusted frames and damp cushions for a better way to relax outdoors.

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The Best Outdoor Furniture Brands Option: Yardbird


8. Yardbird

About the Brand: Yardbird creates outdoor furniture with sustainability in mind; some of its furniture pieces incorporate eco-friendly materials derived from intercepted ocean plastic.
Price Range: $$-$$$$

Yardbird follows a factory-to-consumer model, cutting out the middleman to bring quality furniture directly to backyards and patios. Their business model allows them to provide beautiful and high-quality furniture without sky-high price tags. By working directly with suppliers, Yardbird streamlines their manufacturing process to offer quality materials for a better price than their competitors.

Beyond their focus on fair pricing, Yardbird also prioritizes sustainability. Some of their furniture is manufactured with recycled materials made from intercepted ocean plastic. Also, each piece of furniture is 100 percent recyclable. With their recycling program, Yardbird will reclaim and repurpose any retired pieces from their brand to give them a new life outside of the landfill.

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The Best Outdoor Furniture Brands Option: Frontgate


9. Frontgate

About the Brand: Frontgate carries a huge array of beautiful exclusive designs to suit any outdoor space and decor style.
Price Range: $$$ to $$$$

Frontgate’s goal is to help people create an outdoor space they love, whether for solo relaxing or entertaining friends and family. The brand has a range of outdoor offerings, including outdoor furniture, firepits, pool accessories, and accent decor. They carry a variety of styles to suit nearly any decor style and color palette, from angular and modern dining sets to soft and romantic bistro seating.

Frontgate carries exclusive designs, with each piece created with aesthetics, function, and livability in mind. Behind each design is attention to craftsmanship, which Frontgate backs up with policies like their 10-year structural frame warranty.

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The Best Outdoor Furniture Brands Option: Mamagreen


10. Mamagreen

About the Brand: Mamagreen furniture has a contemporary style that elevates the look of casual but luxurious outdoor spaces.
Price Range: $$$ to $$$$

Mamagreen combines style, sustainability, and durability to create lasting outdoor furniture. The brand aims to exemplify a luxurious, casual lifestyle in their pieces with clean and contemporary designs.

Mamagreen focuses on comfort and performance, but without leaving a large footprint. The company produces the furniture in their own manufacturing facilities in Java, Indonesia, using a variety of recycled or recyclable materials. For example, Mamagreen sources a large percentage of their teak from abandoned construction or buildings. Each piece is made to last in any outdoor environment. Mamagreen also creates custom outdoor furniture pieces.

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How We Chose the Best Outdoor Furniture Brands

Creating this list of the best outdoor furniture brands was challenging, as there are many reputable brands that create quality-made outdoor products. We focused this list on luxury brands that offer long-lasting and unique outdoor furniture for both solo enjoyment as well as those that offer outdoor gathering sets for entertaining guests.

Beyond just offering quality products for seating, dining, and lounging, the brands also offer their selections through easy-to-find online sellers, and many provide options for finishes, fabrics, and configurations for customization. Those brands that strive to use eco-friendly manufacturing practices were valued among the field of outdoor furniture brands, too.