The Best Outdoor Cushions

Kick back and relax on cozy outdoor cushions in your backyard space.

Best Overall

The Best Outdoor Cushion Option: Quality Outdoor Living Deep Seating Chair Cushion

Quality Outdoor Living Deep Seating Chair Cushion

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The Best Outdoor Cushion Option: Greendale Home Fashions Outdoor Chair Cushion

Greendale Home Fashions Outdoor Chair Cushion

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Best Bang For The Buck

The Best Outdoor Cushions Option: Pillow Perfect Outdoor_Indoor Tufted Seat Cushions

Pillow Perfect Outdoor/Indoor Tufted Seat Cushions

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Private backyards, charming patios, scenic balconies—all of these lounging spaces can benefit from furniture with comfortable outdoor cushions. These cushions are specifically designed to handle outdoor weather and wear, and many include covers that are removable for washing.

Patio cushions come in different sizes and shapes to suit an array of furniture: outdoor benches and loveseats, lounge chairs, patio chairs, Adirondack chairs, and more. We examined popular options on the market, comparing the features—and, equally important, customer reviews—to come up with our list of favorites. We did in-depth research on the cushions in each category, focusing on customer satisfaction, product efficacy, and overall value.

Keep reading to explore comfortable and stylish options for some of the best outdoor cushions, and learn how to find the right ones for your outdoor space.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Quality Outdoor Living Deep Seating Chair Cushion
  2. RUNNER-UP: Greendale Home Fashions Outdoor Chair Cushion
  3. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Pillow Perfect Outdoor/Indoor Tufted Seat Cushions
  4. UPGRADE PICK: Comfort Classics Inc. Set of Sunbrella Chaise Cushion
  5. BEST ROUND: Greendale Home Fashions Outdoor Bistro Seat Cushion
  6. BEST CHAISE LOUNGE: Classic Accessories Montlake Patio Furniture Cushion 
  7. BEST LOVESEAT: Quality Outdoor Living Loveseat Cushion
  8. BEST BENCH: Classic Accessories Montlake Bench Cushion
The Best Outdoor Cushions Option

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Outdoor Cushions

When shopping for outdoor patio cushions, there are a lot of factors to consider. Aesthetics and size can play a significant role if you are trying to match existing outdoor furniture. Whether the goal is decorative or neutral colors for high-back patio chairs, lounge chairs, or patio benches, ease of cleaning can be another priority. And, for those who spend a lot of time sitting outside, comfort can be essential.


In the search for patio cushions, it’s important to first measure existing furniture. These measurements will help narrow down the choices to options that are appropriately sized. While many chairs are offered in standard sizes to fit standard cushions, there are exceptions. No matter the color or material, a poorly fitted seat cushion can be a source of buyer’s regret.

After sizing up your furniture, consider the ideal cushion thickness. Outdoor cushions have a standard depth between 19 and 23 inches. If a priority is comfort, opt for deeper cushions between 24 and 26 inches thick.

Cover Material

Since patio cushions spend a fair amount of time outdoors, the type of cover material matters. Different materials have their own functional benefits and downsides.

  • Vinyl (PVC) covers are among the least expensive options. Vinyl is durable, water resistant, and stain resistant. However, this fabric can get extremely hot in the sun, and PVC is nonrecyclable.
  • Polyester covers are similarly water and stain resistant. Polyester dries more quickly than vinyl, making it resistant to mold and mildew. While polyester is affordable, this material is one of the most detrimental to the environment.
  • Cotton canvas is another economical option, and it’s generally machine washable. Downsides to this fabric include lack of water resistance, which can cause problems with mold and mildew, and vulnerability to staining.
  • Textilene features a woven mesh of polyester yarns coated with PVC. This synthetic material is durable and waterproof, but it will get hot and experience color fading in the sun.
  • Olefin (polypropylene) is durable, stain resistant, water resistant, and maintains its color. This fabric is an upcycled material, so it’s better for the environment compared to vinyl and texteline.
  • Sunbrella is water resistant, making it suitable to keep outdoors on sunny and rainy days, and it’s easy to clean with soap and water. It’s also mold and mildew proof. The UV-resistant fabric provides sun protection and fade resistance.


The interior fill of a cushion can affect its comfort and longevity. The most common fill options for outdoor cushions are foam and polyester.

  • Foam varies in density, with denser options offering more support. Dacron foam, for instance, is very firm and gives cushions a full and well-kept appearance.
  • Polyester fiberfill is a fluffy and comfortable material that’s more affordable than foam. Unless the cushion contains extra fill or a combination of polyester and foam, these cushions will flatten out over time.


Some outdoor cushions include ties, which keep the cushions in place when you move around, stand up, and sit down. Usually made from the same fabric as the rest of the cushion cover, the ties also prevent strong winds from blowing cushions off furniture, and they help keep the cushions clean by preventing them from falling to the ground.

Depending on the type of furniture cushion, there may be different numbers of ties. For chair cushions, there may be just two ties, and cushions made for chaises and loungers may have several. Not all outdoor cushions are built with ties, so be sure to check for this feature if it’s something you’re interested in.


Cushions are a decorative element that can update or enhance a space, and outdoor cushions and covers are available in numerous colors, patterns, and prints. A neutral color scheme may blend in with surrounding decor or match the color of other outdoor furniture, and a bright hue or striking print may add a stand-out look to an outdoor area.

The details and other design elements enhance the aesthetics of different cushions. Some cushion covers contain decorative features like tufts and welting, which is the thin piping along the edge of the cushion cover that accentuates a cushion’s shape.

Ease of Cleaning

If you happen to find machine-washable cushions, cleaning them will be a lot easier. It also ensures a thorough cleaning as the detergent will penetrate through the pillow for a deep clean.

Some cushions have removable cases that can be thrown in the washing machine, but the pillows inside may be spot cleaned only. And then there are cushions without removable covers that may require vacuuming and hand-washing.

Read the cleaning instructions on the tags and follow the instructions carefully. Storing the cushions in a patio storage bench or inside the house when not in use helps keep them cleaner. Cleaning and caring for cushions will help extend the life of the product.

Our Top Picks

To make the search process easier, the following products were selected based on the shopping considerations discussed above. These top picks are among the best outdoor cushions for different types of patio, deck, and porch seating, and they may be exactly what’s needed to create a comfortable and stylish outdoor space at home.

Best Overall

Quality Outdoor Living Deep Seating Chair Cushion

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Quality Outdoor Living’s Deep Seating Chair Cushion is a durable and supportive option for larger patio chairs, measuring 26 inches from front to back. This two-piece set includes a 4-inch-thick seat cushion that provides firm support with a polyurethane foam pad and a plush overstuffed back cushion to rest against.

The olefin fabric is resistant to UV rays for up to 1,000 hours of exposure, and it also resists water, color fading, mildew, and mold. Spot clean only and treat more thoroughly by removing the cushion’s foam insert. This deep seat cushion set comes in 25 reversible color and pattern choices.


Greendale Home Fashions Outdoor Chair Cushion

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This high-back chair cushion offers comfort and weather resistance. The one-piece cushion is 5 inches thick and extra-stuffed for maximum plushness. Featuring a soft polyfiber fill made from 100 percent recycled plastic bottles, the eco-friendly inner material makes up for the polyester exterior fabric. The cushion comes in more than 50 colors to accommodate personal preferences.

The durable polyester cover is resistant to water, stains, fading, and mildew, with string ties for secure chair attachment. To extend the life of this cushion, store it indoors, in a deck storage box, or cover it when not in use. Spot clean as needed with a mild diluted soap solution.

Best Bang For The Buck

Pillow Perfect Outdoor/Indoor Tufted Seat Cushions

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These tufted Pillow Perfect cushions come in a deep red hue that can provide a splash of color and classic style to outdoor spaces. The indoor-outdoor cushions are filled with 100 percent recycled polyester fiberfill to give them a plush and cozy feel. This two-piece set is reasonably priced and can be purchased along with a pair of lumbar or throw pillows (sold separately).

The exterior fabric contains durable polyester that’s resistant to water and color fading. The cushions are 19 by 19 inches square and have a rounded back, so they won’t fit every patio chair set. These seat cushions should only be spot cleaned with water and mild detergent.

Upgrade Pick

Comfort Classics Inc. Set of Sunbrella Chaise Cushion

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Covered in an outdoor acrylic Sunbrella fabric, these chaise lounge cushions from Comfort Classics Inc. will resist water, mold, mildew, and UV rays. Safe and long lasting, the cushions also dry rapidly with quick-dry comfort technology.

The 5-inch-thick cushions have a waterfall edge construction for a smooth rounded look with no seams. Easily maintain the cushions with mild soap and warm water. The cushions are available in a variety of colors, so there may be a set that matches existing patio furniture. The cushions also have ties at the top and the middle to help keep them secured to a chaise lounge.

Best Round

Greendale Home Fashions Outdoor Bistro Seat Cushion

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Have fun with cushions that add some character to more neutral patio furniture. These round cushions come in a variety of colors and patterns. The 15-inch round bistro seat cushions from Greendale Home Fashions boast a heavy-duty outdoor polyester fabric covering that’s resistant to water, stains, fading, and mildew.

The overstuffed cushions provide ample support with a soft poly fiberfill made from 100 percent recycled post-consumer plastic bottles. The center-sewn circle tack construction and string ties help keep them in place. To wash the cushions, spot clean with mild detergent and warm water. Keep the pillows dry and stored when not in use.

Best Chaise Lounge

Classic Accessories Montlake Patio Furniture Cushion

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The Montlake chaise lounge cushion from Classic Accessories is a top pick for poolside and backyard lounging. This chaise cushion includes a semi-firm 3-inch foam fill that provides optimal comfort while relaxing in a reclined position. Its fade-safe, water-resistant, and stain-resistant cover keeps the rain out and protects the foam interior. Convenient ties on the bottom secure the cushion to the chair.

Double-stitched construction and bound interior seams offer additional strength and durability. The Montlake lounge cushion is designed to be enjoyed for years, and its high-quality construction offers incredible value. This lounge cushion is available in three sizes and 10 colors to suit many spaces.

Best Loveseat

Quality Outdoor Living Loveseat Cushion

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Sit back, relax, and enjoy the day with the Quality Outdoor Living’s loveseat cushion set that boasts a 4-inch-thick polyurethane foam pad in the seat and two 5-inch- thick overstuffed fiber cushions for extra support in the back.

The olefin fabric covering the set is water resistant, and the foam inserts allow water to permeate through and prevent the chance of mildew or mold growth. The weather coating protects the cushions against UV and fading for up to 1,000 hours in the sun. The cushions come in a variety of colors and patterns and should be spot cleaned only using a cloth and mild soap solution.

Best Bench

Classic Accessories Montlake Bench Cushion

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This Classic Accessories cushion contains one long piece of 3-inch-thick, triple-layered polyester foam seat padding. It comes in lengths ranging from 41 to 59 inches and can accommodate benches of different sizes. The fabric is solution-dyed to resist water, staining, and fading. The cover contains double-stitched seams for extra strength and durability through consistent use.

The Montlake patio bench cushion is built to provide firm support for years to come. It’s available in 10 different colors and five bench/settee sizes. Spot clean this cushion only.


There is a lot to consider when choosing new cushions for a deck, porch, or patio seating area. If you still have questions about outdoor cushions, then the following section may help. Check out these answers to some common questions about outdoor cushions.

Q: What are the best-quality patio cushions?

Sunbrella covered cushions are water-, UV-, and fade-resistant, and also mold- and mildew-proof. Denser foam fillings offer both comfort and support.

Q: Are patio cushions waterproof?

Some patio cushions are waterproof, but most are water resistant.

Q: Are patio cushions washable?

While some patio cushions are machine washable, most are spot clean only with a mild detergent and warm water.

Q: Can you leave outdoor cushions outside?

Some cushions can remain outside, while others need to be stored inside when not in use. Read the product instructions for more details.