15 Budget-Friendly Finds for Your Backyard and Patio

Feeling uninspired by your outdoor space? Refresh a backyard or patio within a tight budget with these affordable decorative and practical finds.

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Updating a backyard or patio doesn’t need to break the bank. With a few economical picks, it’s possible to make your space all the more gorgeous and comfortable without spending too much cash. Items like new outdoor throw pillows and decor pieces can be very affordable but can make a big difference aesthetically. We’ve included some small, inexpensive items on our list, but we’ve also included larger ticket items, too. With everything from cheap outdoor cushions to cost-friendly patio furniture sets, here are some budget-friendly patio finds for your outdoor space.

1. Patio Set

Budget-Friendly Finds for Your Backyard and Patio Patio Set
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The Devoko 3-Piece Patio Set is our favorite budget-friendly patio furniture pick. A top-seller on Amazon, it includes two chairs and a small table, perfect for setting up an outdoor conversation nook. Made of all-weather plastic rattan, it has a classic design but is more hard wearing and low maintenance than real rattan. Put simply, this set is durable, practical, and affordable.

Get the Devoko patio set at Amazon for $89.99.

2. Patio Umbrella

Budget-Friendly Finds for Your Backyard and Patio Patio Umbrella
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An outdoor seating area might look beautiful, but without adequate shade, it won’t be comfortable to enjoy. Add affordable shade with the Sunnyglade 9-Foot Patio Umbrella, which is our best bang for the buck pick in our guide to the best patio umbrellas. The 9-foot canopy provides plenty of overhead cover and comes in a bunch of colors to suit different outdoor spaces. With a sub-$100 price tag, this wasn’t the most durable patio umbrella in our testing, but it did provide welcome protection for a fraction of the cost of similar-size options.

Get the Sunnyglade patio umbrella at Amazon for $49.99.

3. Double Hammock

Budget-Friendly Finds for Your Backyard and Patio Double Hammock
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What’s more relaxing than swaying in a hammock on a balmy summer day? Get the on-vacation feeling for an economical price with the Sorbus Double Hammock, our top budget pick in our guide to the best freestanding hammocks. It’s easy to set up anywhere and has a weight capacity of 450 pounds, making it a relaxing addition to any backyard or patio.

Get the Sorbus double hammock at Amazon for $94.99.

4. Solar Outdoor String Lights

Budget-Friendly Finds for Your Backyard and Patio
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In our test for best string lights for outdoor use, the Brightech Ambience Pro Solar Outdoor String Lights performed beautifully. Not only are these lights reasonably priced to start, but since they’re solar-powered, they won’t contribute to the electricity bill either. Ranking well for light quality, durability, and appearance in our testing, these waterproof and shatterproof lights are sure to bring attractive and bright lighting to an outdoor space. 

Get the Brightech solar outdoor string lights at Amazon for $31.99.

5. Charcoal Grill

Budget-Friendly Finds for Your Backyard and Patio Charcoal Grill
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In our tests for the best charcoal grills, the Weber Original Kettle 18-Inch Charcoal Grill held its own, even against much pricier grills. Assembly was easy, cooking was straightforward, and the results were delicious. Reflecting its lower price tag, we noted that this grill is on the small side and has a small ash pan that needs to be emptied more often. However, for those willing to do a little more work, this grill is an excellent deal. 

Get the Weber Original Kettle charcoal grill at Amazon for $119.

6. Outdoor Toss Pillow

Budget-Friendly Finds for Your Backyard and Patio Outdoor Toss Pillow
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New throw pillows can instantly brighten up a space. The Arden Selections Outdoor Toss Pillow is affordable, has so many patterns to choose from, and comes in a set of two. Its 100 percent polyester design is weather- and fade-resistant, ensuring this pillow pair performs nicely outdoors. As a bonus, the polyfill inside is made from recycled plastic bottles, making them a tad more eco-friendly than other pillows. 

Get the Arden Selections outdoor toss pillows (set of 2) at Amazon for $24.99.

7. Outdoor Curtain

Budget-Friendly Finds for Your Backyard and Patio Outdoor Curtain
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Whether to shield from prying eyes or to cover from the sun, outdoor curtains are a welcome addition to a patio. The PureFit Outdoor Curtain is our top pick for a budget-friendly outdoor curtain. Not only is it affordable, but it comes in various colors and dimensions to ensure you’ll get the proper fit for your patio space. 

Get the PureFit outdoor curtain at Amazon for $9.99.

8. Picnic Table/Bench

Budget-Friendly Finds for Your Backyard and Patio Picnic Table/Bench
Photo: amazon.com

As a two-in-one picnic table and bench, the Best Choice Products Picnic Table/Bench is one of our favorite products in our best picnic tables guide. It’s reasonably priced, and though it’s a bit smaller than a full-size picnic table, its dual function makes it a practical backyard addition. Use it as a comfortable bench for seating in the garden in the daytime, then transform it into a picnic table when you need an outdoor tabletop.

Get the Best Choice Products picnic table/bench at Amazon for $159.99.

9. Plastic Plant Pot

Budget-Friendly Finds for Your Backyard and Patio Plastic Plant Pot
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Planters elevate the landscape on your patio, but if you have a lot of plants, the cost can add up. Whether it’s a temporary stand-in for a nicer option or just a simple holder that does the job, the HC Companies Caribbean Planter comes at a much more sensible price tag than most. The planter has a no-frills design and is made of plastic, with several colors and sizes to suit different tastes.

Get the HC Companies plastic plant pot at Amazon for $14.16.

10. Garden Bench

Budget-Friendly Finds for Your Backyard and Patio Garden Bench
Photo: amazon.com

With a quaint design perfect for any garden, the Best Choice Products Steel Garden Bench is one of our favorite outdoor benches. It has a reasonable price tag, too. Made of steel, and fashioned into intricate floral details, this bench is attractive and sturdy and comes in three different colors. A weather-resistant finish ensures it looks nice in the backyard for years to come, rain or shine. 

Get the Best Choice Products steel garden bench at Amazon for $99.99.

11. Vertical Storage Shed

Budget-Friendly Finds for Your Backyard and Patio Vertical Storage Shed
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Out of space in the garage? Take storage outdoors with one of our favorite storage sheds. The Suncast Resin Vertical Storage Shed is a compact pick that’s reasonably priced and great for holding gardening tools. It’s a protective shed that will last for years, with an all-weather resin construction and multiwall panels to ensure durability. Plus, it has a lockable door to keep contents protected. 

Get the Suncast vertical storage shed at The Home Depot for $299.

12. Solar-Powered Pathway Lights 

Budget-Friendly Finds for Your Backyard and Patio Solar-Powered Pathway Lights 
Photo: amazon.com

Another cost-effective solar lighting option, the Maggift Solar-Powered Pathway Lights is one of our expert-approved solar path light recommendations. In our testing, they performed just as well as pricier lights. Harnessing power from the sun, these lights stayed lit all night without needing to connect to a home power supply. However, since they are made of plastic instead of metal or glass, they’re a little less sturdy.

Get the Maggift solar-powered pathway lights at Amazon for $33.99.

13. Lawn Lounge Chairs 

Budget-Friendly Finds for Your Backyard and Patio Lawn Lounge Chairs 
Photo: amazon.com

Two can lounge with the FDW Zero Gravity Lawn Lounge Chairs, a pair of affordable and comfortable outdoor chairs. These matching seats recline into a zero-gravity position and have a headrest for added comfort. Each chair comes with a cup holder tray to keep refreshments nearby. 

Get the FDW lawn lounge chairs at Amazon for $55.99.

14. Patio Area Rug 

Budget-Friendly Finds for Your Backyard and Patio Patio Area Rug 
Photo: amazon.com

Rugs serve the same functions indoors and out: they add noticeable warmth, character, and beauty to a space. Dress up a patio with our expert-approved outdoor area rug. In our testing, the Nicole Miller New York Patio Area Rug stood up well to various weather conditions over several weeks, drying quickly and staying nice and flat. It comes in several sizes and colors to suit a variety of patio spaces. 

Get the Nicole Miller New York patio area rug at Amazon for $44.94.

15. Bird Bath and Solar-Powered Fountain 

Budget-Friendly Finds for Your Backyard and Patio Bird Bath and Solar-Powered Fountain 
Photo: amazon.com

Add charm to any garden with a low-maintenance and affordable bird bath. In our testing, the Vivohome Bird Bath and Solar-Powered Fountain was a notable pick. It won’t break the budget, and it’s made of weather-resistant polyresin so it’s durable and long lasting. It also comes with a solar-powered fountain (which we found performed well, even on overcast days) to create a pleasant water feature for birds and humans alike to enjoy. 

Get the Vivohome bird bath and solar-powered fountain at Amazon for $59.99.


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