The Best Freestanding Hammocks for the Backyard

Rest and relaxation are on offer right in your own backyard! Ahead, see our top tips and recommendations for choosing a freestanding hammock—and don't miss our roundup of top-favorite picks. and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.

The Best Freestanding Hammock Options


Few things are as relaxing as lying back in a hammock and watching the clouds in the sky float by. Hammocks are for adults and kids alike, and if you’re lucky enough to have one or more in your backyard, it might be difficult to talk family members into leaving the hammock long enough to mow the lawn or do other chores. Even if you don’t have trees to hang a hammock from, you can enjoy the soothing sway of this comforting outdoor bed by choosing a freestanding hammock that comes with its own stand.

A great hammock supports enough weight to safely hold one or more people, features a durable yet comfortable lounging bed, and will withstand the elements to give you years of relaxing service.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall

The Best Freestanding Hammock Option: Zupapa Double Hammock with Stand

In true Brazilian style, the Zupapa Double Hammock with Stand has no spreader bars, which creates a cocoon effect with the fabric of the hammock wrapping closely around its occupants. The powder-coated, weather-resistant steel stand measures 120 inches from end to end. The double-wide fabric hammock bed will accommodate one or two adults, up to 550 pounds total. The fabric hammock stays in place with cotton ropes and comes in a carry case for convenient winter storage.


The Best Freestanding Hammock: Outsunny

Stretch out and soak up some relaxation in this attractive wooden hammock. The Christopher Knight Home Weston Hammock with Stand brings unique style to the backyard, with a stunning shape that can blend with modern wood furniture or bohemian decor. (The larch wood not only looks attractive, but it is also known for its natural resistance to rot and decay.) The base measures nearly 14 feet long and 4.5 wide, with the soft yet sturdy canvas hammock bed hung from steel chains on either end.

Most Portable

The Best Freestanding Hammock Option: MacSports Foldable Hammock

Do you want to experience the soothing feeling of lying in a hammock but aren’t quite ready to have one as a fixture in the yard? Check out the MacSports Foldable Hammock that sets up in minutes and folds away when you’re done using it. Perfect for teen outdoor sleepovers or backyard camping, the MacSports hammock measures 89 inches long and 39 inches wide when set up. The hammock bed stands 26 inches off the ground. Stow snacks or your favorite magazines in the handy mesh net beneath the hammock. This freestanding portable hammock features a heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame for durability and the ends of the spreader bars come with attachments that keep the hammock bed from tipping. The MacSports hammock also comes with a soft pillow and a carry case for storage.