The Best Rotating Christmas Tree Stands for a Festive Display

Most holiday decorating schemes center around fully adorned yuletide trees. The best rotating Christmas tree stands show off these festive masterpieces in all their glory.

By Carol Benton | Updated Dec 6, 2023 8:45 PM

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Gold rotating Christmas tree stand supporting artificial tree with white and gold ornaments


Many holiday decorators try to expand the “wow” factor of their festive displays from one year to the next. For enthusiastic revelers, it might be time to amp up the decorating scheme with the best rotating Christmas tree stand for indoor exhibitions of yuletide cheer.

Ahead, discover ideas and options for revolving tree stands that accommodate either live or artificial trees in large or small sizes. Some of them even play music as they rotate, and one model offers the convenience of remote control operation. Read on to learn more.

  1. BEST OVERALL: RoseCraft 360-Degree Rotating Christmas Tree Stand
  2. RUNNER-UP: Best Choice Products 360-Degree Rotating Tree Stand
  3. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Puleo International Rotating Artificial Tree Stand
  4. BEST FOR LARGE TREES: Home Heritage Electric 360-Degree Rotating Tree Stand
  5. BEST FOR SMALL TREES: Teal Turtle Winter Wonder Rotating Tree Stand
  6. BEST FOR MYRIAD LIGHTS: Vickerman 24-Inch Electric Rotating Tree Stand
  7. BEST FOR LIVE TREES: Northlight 24-Inch Rotating Christmas Tree Stand
A person using a small remote to adjust the settings on the best rotating Christmas tree stand


How We Chose the Best Rotating Christmas Tree Stands

We chose the rotating Christmas tree stands in our Top Picks list after investigating more than 20 products available from several retail outlets. Searching for sturdy stands to support varying sizes and types of Christmas trees, we looked for usable and enjoyable characteristics. Primary differences among our choices include stands for live or artificial trees and those for large or small trees.

Revolving tree stands with ample accommodations for decorations made the cut as did those with toggle switches for selection of operational modes. We included tree stands that play music while they rotate as well as one model that functions via remote control. Rotating stands made of both metal and plastic made the list, with metal stands filling the need for heavy-duty support of larger trees.

Our Top Picks

The rotating Christmas tree stands on our list of top picks include viable options from reputable brands. Selections for live and artificial trees in a variety of sizes made the list, and the choices include revolving tree stands that play cheerful holiday music as they turn. Before creating a DIY stand, read on to discover the best rotating Christmas tree stand for holiday celebrations.

Best Overall

RoseCraft 360-Degree Rotating Christmas Tree Stand on a white background with product box

Product Specs 

  • Dimensions: 26 inches in diameter by 7.5 inches tall
  • Weight: 3.4 pounds
  • Tree-support capacity: Artificial trees up to 7.5 feet tall and 80 pounds


  • Stand is super simple to set up and compacts back down again for storage
  • Can support most artificial tree sizes and adjust to varying trunk thicknesses
  • Supports up to 80 pounds; plenty of room for all your decorations


  • Not compatible with live Christmas trees

With a 360-degree rotation every minute, you can effortlessly showcase every angle of your beautifully decorated tree with this adjustable rotating Christmas tree stand. The RoseCraft stand is suitable for artificial Christmas trees up to 7.5 feet tall with trunk diameters ranging from 0.9 to 1.25 inches, accommodating a wide variety of festive favorites.

Supporting up to 80 pounds, it ensures stability and peace of mind for your cherished ornaments. Assembly is a breeze—just slide the four legs into the base, and you’re ready to start decking the halls.

Get the RoseCraft rotating tree stand at Amazon.


Best Choice Products green 360-Degree Rotating Stand on a white background with coiled cord

Product Specs 

  • Dimensions: 26 inches long by 26 inches wide by 7.5 inches tall
  • Weight: 3.7 pounds
  • Tree-support capacity: Artificial tree up to 7.5 feet tall and 80 pounds


  • Provides continuous 360-degree rotation for a full view of the tree
  • 3 built-in 2-prong electrical outlets for lights; should be easy to assemble and light in any space
  • Sturdy construction can support most tree sizes and weights for added convenience


  • Suitable for artificial trees only; may not be ideal for some users

This rotating Christmas tree stand from Best Choice Products claims a 26-inch footprint and stands 7.5 inches tall. When in operation, the stand rotates continuously, making a full 360-degree revolution every 70 seconds. The tree stand has three easy-to-operate settings, so users may choose to operate with lights and rotation, with lights only, or to shut off both lights and rotation.

Constructed from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic, the stand provides a durable base for artificial trees up to 7.5 feet tall and 80 pounds (with decorations). Three built-in, two-pronged electrical outlets offer ample capacity for plugging in Christmas lights without entangling multiple cords.

What our tester says: Becky Helzer, Bob Vila copy editor and product tester, notes that the Best Choice Products rotating Christmas tree stand was intuitive and easy to use. “Our artificial tree easily slid into the stand, and the lights were easy to plug into the stand’s outlet. Once we clicked on the stand’s power switch, our tree rotated at a nice pace without tangling any cords.”

Get the Best Choice Products rotating Christmas tree stand at Amazon, Target, or Best Choice Products.

Best Bang for the Buck

The Puleo International green Rotating Tree Stand on a white background with foot pedal power pedal

Product Specs 

  • Dimensions: 26 inches long by 26 inches wide by 8 inches tall
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Tree-support capacity: Artificial trees up to 8 feet tall and 66 pounds


  • Rotation also has a reverse-direction function for a full view of the tree
  • Includes a built-in electrical outlet for lights to be plugged in for convenience
  • Made using flame-retardant and nonallergenic materials


  • Limited additional features; does not play music when operational

Puleo International is known for its some of the best artificial Christmas trees and wreaths for all seasons. This rotating Christmas tree stand is available at a budget-friendly price, and it highlights the beauty of a glimmering artificial tree by showing it from all sides.

The stand operates at one rotational speed, and users can reverse the direction by turning the tree slightly in the opposite direction. A toggle switch on the electrical cord lies flat on the floor, allowing users to modulate from “on” to “off” with a gentle press of the toe to prevent overnight fire hazards. This feature eliminates the need to bend over and reach under the tree. For safety, the Puleo International tree stand is both flame-retardant and nonallergenic.

Get the Puleo International rotating Christmas tree stand at Amazon, Lowe’s, The Home Depot, or Target

Best for Large Trees

Home Heritage Electric 360-Degree Rotating gold Tree Stand on a white background with pole adapters

Product Specs 

  • Dimensions: 22 inches in diameter by 9 inches tall
  • Weight: 15 pounds
  • Tree-support capacity: Artificial trees up to 9 feet tall and 120 pounds


  • Colorful finish options are more appealing compared to standard models
  • Comes with a built-in electrical socket for lights; convenient installation
  • Made using heavy-duty powder-coated steel instead of plastic


  • Would be nice if there was remote operation for more convenience
  • Lights or a tree skirt may get tangled during rotation if not set up properly

Most rotating Christmas tree stands hold trees up to 7.5 feet tall. But for revelers who like to go big with their decorations, this heavy-duty metal Christmas tree stand fits the bill. With its powder-coated steel construction, it’s designed to hold artificial trees up to 9 feet tall and weighing up to 120 pounds with decorations. Additionally, its gold metallic finish exudes a festive, seasonal vibe for users’ personal Christmas central.

The easy initial setup procedure requires only a screwdriver. A built-in power switch facilitates a 360-degree rotation to view the entire tree, and a built-in electrical socket provides ample power to connect Christmas lights. Home Heritage recommends that users should not exceed 8 amps and 960 watts total combined load for the two power receptacles.

What our tester says: Beth Cranston, Bob Vila editor and product tester, notes that, “This attractive, sturdy stand quietly twirled my 7.5-foot decorated tree and provided a more stable base than my tree’s included stand—no more wobbling!”

Get the Home Heritage rotating Christmas tree stand at The Home Depot or Target.

Best for Small Trees

Teal Turtle Winter Wonder green Rotating Tree Stand on white background

Product Specs 

  • Dimensions: 11 inches long by 8 inches wide by 5.5 inches tall
  • Weight: 3.15 pounds
  • Tree-support capacity: Artificial trunk diameter of 1¼ inches; weight up to 80 pounds


  • Full 365-degree rotation to view all lights and ornaments; creates a lovely ambience
  • 3 electrical outlets built into the power cord for added convenience when installing
  • Easy assembly; no tools or additional help required for setup
  • Legs detach for compact storage during the offseason


  • No power switch included on power cord; may not be ideal for some users’ preferences
  • Plastic construction, not metal; may provide limited durability

For safety and efficiency, the manufacturers of rotating Christmas tree stands set height and weight limits for the trees that their stands can successfully support. Here’s an attractive choice for a stand that will support a small to medium-size tree while it rotates 365 degrees. The revolving stand from Teal Turtle is intended for artificial trees weighing no more than 80 pounds when fully adorned with Christmas ornaments.

The manufacturer specifies that the opening in this stand accommodates an artificial tree pole of 1¼ inches in diameter, and two fitting adapters can accommodate multiple tree sizes. This unit also has three dual-prong power outlets so that lights can be plugged directly into the Christmas tree stand, eliminating the need for multiple cords stretching across the floor. The maximum electrical load should not exceed 400 watts. The only downside to this tree is that it does not have a switch on the power cord, and it must be unplugged after every use.

Get the Teal Turtle rotating Christmas tree stand at Amazon.

Best for Myriad Lights

Vickerman 24-Inch green, x-shaped Electric Rotating Tree Stand on white background

Product Specs 

  • Dimensions: 26 inches in diameter by 8 inches high
  • Weight: 3.92 pounds
  • Tree-support capacity: Up to 7.5 feet tall and 80 pounds


  • Durable and long-lasting construction; supports more lights than most revolving tree stands
  • Vickerman boasts excellent brand reputation for reliability
  • Versatile operating modes to suit a variety of preferences


  • Not able to support larger trees
  • Does not operate via remote control

Escalate the brilliance of the Christmas season by showing off the myriad lights on the decorated tree, which revolves 360 degrees every 70 seconds. The operating switch on this rotating tree stand allows users to choose from two modes of operation: “rotation with lights” or “lights only” without rotation.

This tree stand holds an artificial tree with a trunk diameter of 0.75 or 1.25 inches and a maximum height and weight of 7.5 feet and 80 pounds. For an extra-festive atmosphere, the Vickerman stand supports 1,500 lights that bring out the beauty of any embellished tree.

Find peace of mind with products from Vickerman; the company has been importing stunning Christmas decorations and making them available in the U.S. since 1940.

Get the Vickerman rotating Christmas tree stand at Amazon or Target.

Best for Live Trees

Northlight 24-Inch green Rotating Christmas Tree Stand on white background

Product Specs 

  • Dimensions: 24 inches in diameter by 7.75 inches tall
  • Weight: 2.5 pounds
  • Tree-support capacity: Live tree up to 7 feet tall, 65 pounds


  • Plays music while moving; not many other models have this feature
  • Includes a water reservoir to help keep live trees healthy and looking great
  • Versatile operating modes include “rotation with music” or “rotation only”


  • Does not rotate 360 degrees; may not be ideal for some users’ preferences
  • Artificial trees will be too narrow to fit
  • Not heavy-duty construction; may not last more than a few years

Fresh, live Christmas trees bring in the ambience of the season with their graceful evergreen branches and memory-evoking fragrance. Showcase a small, live tree with this Christmas tree stand that rotates 150 degrees in one direction and automatically reverses to rotate 150 degrees in the opposite direction. For additional holiday fun, the stand plays festive, seasonal music.

Northlight provides a water reservoir to keep a live tree fresh and healthy in this rotating stand. Claiming a 24-inch diameter footprint, the plastic Christmas tree stand will support a live tree weighing up to 65 pounds (with decorations) and standing up to 7 feet tall.

Get the Northlight rotating Christmas tree stand at Amazon, Lowe’s, or Target.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Rotating Christmas Tree Stand

Before purchasing a rotating Christmas tree stand, consider several factors. First, determine whether the stand will support a live tree or an artificial tree in a large or small size as well as whether a plastic or metal stand is best suited for the tree. Once those decisions are made, it’s fun to choose additional features for the revolving Christmas tree stand, such as music-playing capacity, remote control, and electrical receptacles for ornamental tree lights.


Rotating Christmas tree stands are generally constructed of either metal or plastic, and in most cases, metal is seen as a more durable material than plastic. If a large, heavy tree is to be displayed, a heavy-duty Christmas tree stand made of metal may be a wise choice.

For users who plan to celebrate the season with live trees, it’s important to select a revolving tree stand that is specially designed to accommodate the trunk of a live tree and that also provides a water reservoir. When displaying a live tree, a metal stand may be the wise choice, but there are many well-made, plastic revolving tree stands on the market that hold either live or artificial trees.

Tree Size

Before selecting the most suitable rotating Christmas tree stand, shoppers should consider the size of the tree they intend to display. Product descriptions include information about the maximum height and weight of trees that each Christmas tree stand will support. Be aware that the calculated weight of the tree includes all the ornaments and decorations that adorn it. In addition to weight, it’s important to observe height limitations to ensure that the Christmas tree stand can safely support the tree.

In addition, consider the diameter of the tree trunk before purchasing an appropriate Christmas tree stand. Artificial trees have center poles that measure approximately 1 inch to 1.5 inches in diameter. On the other hand, live tree trunks may be around 5 inches in diameter. Check out the center opening of a rotating Christmas tree stand before purchasing it to ensure it will accommodate the tree of choice.

Ease of Use and Settings

Some revolving tree stands require minimal setup, and many are ready to use straight out of the box. If setup is required, it usually takes only a couple of minutes and a screwdriver. Once it’s set up, the stand is ready to plug in and operate.

Many rotating Christmas tree stands offer versatile operating modes at the touch of a switch, including “on,” “off,” “rotation with lights,” “rotation with music,” and “rotation only.” For ultimate convenience, a few revolving tree stands operate via remote control. On some revolving stands, the operational switches are located directly on the stand. Other models provide toggle switches on the electrical cords. The second option offers greater convenience, as a simple push of the toggle switch with a toe operates the revolving tree stand, and users can avoid bending over and reaching under the tree.

Most rotating Christmas tree stands feature electrical outlets for the tree lights. With these receptacles at the base of the tree, users eliminate the hassle of multiple entangled cords snaking across the floor. Plus, many stands come apart or collapse for storing in a Christmas tree bag or closet.

Tips for Using Rotating Christmas Tree Stands

As with all Christmas decorations, safety is a priority when selecting and using a rotating Christmas tree stand. Shoppers can ensure safe and satisfactory performance by choosing an appropriate revolving tree stand to suit the type, height, and weight of their tree. Select the right type of stand for artificial or live trees and avoid exceeding the height and weight limitations stated by the manufacturer.

  • Use indoors only
  • Place on a stable and even surface
  • Place decorations evenly all around the tree
  • Use two tree skirts to cover the tree stand fully
  • Observe electrical capacity limitations when connecting tree lights to the revolving stand
  • Most effective when placed where the tree can be viewed from all sides
  • May not be a wise option for homes with toddlers or small children


As you make exciting plans for the upcoming holiday season, you may have questions about purchasing a revolving tree stand. Rotating Christmas tree stands represent a creative option to enhance the stunning effects of festively adorned trees. Whether you’re searching for a rotating stand to accommodate a live tree or a stand that’s suitable for a large or small artificial tree, you may find inspiration in the following answers to frequently asked questions.

Q. Who sells rotating Christmas tree stands?

Rotating Christmas tree stands are available from Amazon, Lowe’s, The Home Depot, Target, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Q. Can I use a rotating tree stand with a real tree?

Yes. Be sure to purchase a rotating tree stand designed especially for live trees. It will have a large opening for the tree trunk along with a water reservoir to keep the tree fresh.

Q. What can I use instead of a tree stand?

Purchase a live, potted tree that can be transplanted into the yard after the holidays. Alternatively, you can place the tree in the center of a galvanized tub and hold it upright with gravel and cinder blocks.

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