The Best Magnetic Screen Doors of 2021

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The Best Magnetic Screen Door Option


Warm weather means lots of comings and goings to and from the yard, deck, and patio. But when bugs barge in with you, talk about a fly in the ointment! They can land on your food, buzz in your face, bite, sting, and otherwise ruin your day.

A magnetic screen door can help you outsmart insects by closing quickly before they can follow behind you. These doors also effectively keep out dust and dirt while still allowing fresh air, sunlight, and breezes to come through. Most designs feature panels with weighted magnets sewn into mesh netting. The panels come together in the middle like a theater curtain.

After someone passes through, the magnets are drawn to each other to close the door quickly, gently, and silently at the seam. This automatic close function on the best magnetic screen doors makes them ideal for active families with kids and pets.

The models below represent some of the best magnetic screen door options on the market in various categories. Learn about what goes into a high-quality screen door and how to choose the most suitable one for your home.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door
  2. RUNNER UP: MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door
  3. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Homearda Magnetic Screen Door
  4. UPGRADE PICK: Wolf & Moon Products Bug Off Instant Screen
  5. BEST FOR PETS: Ownpets Dog Screen Door
  6. BEST LIGHT DUTY: AUGO Magnetic Screen Door
  7. BEST FOR SLIDING DOORS: Yotache Reinforced Sewing Magnetic Screen Door
  8. BEST FOR FRENCH DOORS: IKSTAR Magnetic Screen Door for French Door
  9. BEST FOR BREEZE: MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door Size 72 x 80
The Best Magnetic Screen Door Option


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Magnetic Screen Door

To shop wisely for the best magnetic screen door, factor in the following considerations.


Precise measurements are required to successfully replace doors and windows, and magnetic screen doors are no exception. Take measurements of the width and the length of the doorway and the existing screen door (if there is one) to accurately determine the correct size of the magnetic screen door to purchase.

Some brands come in one size only, but most offer multiple lengths and widths. If your door falls between standard sizes, you may be able to adjust a larger model to fit.

Measure the width of the doorway from the left side of the doorframe to the right side, then measure the height of the doorway from the ground to the top doorframe. Compare this length-by-width measurement to common screen door sizes to find the appropriate magnetic mesh door for your home.


Fiberglass and polyester are the main materials used to create the mesh on magnetic screen doors, but ABS plastic can be used for enhanced durability on specially made magnetic screen doors for pets. Metal and wood are the most common frame materials for these doors.

  • Fiberglass mesh is preferred by many people because the material allows ample fresh air to circulate in and through the home. Though it does come with a higher cost, fiberglass mesh is also more durable, making it the better choice in areas with heavy traffic, like a back door or sunroom.
  • Polyester mesh is more affordable, easier to see through, and lets in more natural light than fiberglass. However, it tends to be less durable, so if going with polyester, a higher fiber count is an indicator of good quality and efficacy.
  • ABS plastic frames encase a polyester or fiberglass mesh door in pet-size portals. Just a push on the screen gives pets access to the outside.
  • Metal doorframes are durable and resistant to temperature fluctuations; however, these frames are typically fastened to the home’s wooden framing. At this joint, the frame is vulnerable to rusting, corrosion, and moisture buildup. Install a hanging screen door using adhesives and Velcro when dealing with a metal frame because tacks and nails can loosen over time.
  • Wood doorframes may be susceptible to expanding and cracking when faced with extremely low temperatures or high humidity. Wood may also be vulnerable to burrowing insects, like carpenter ants and termites. Keep in mind, it’s much easier to use screws, nails, tacks, or other fasteners when dealing with a wood surface than with a metal one.


Magnetic screen doors can come with multiple types of fasteners to hold the door closed and to keep the door installed in its location. Fastener options, in addition to magnets, include tacks and wind-resistant hasps.

  • Magnets: These fasteners are used primarily for closing the two sides of the magnetic screen door. Heavy magnets are stitched securely into the hem of the screen, and their weight forces the door to automatically close.
  • Tacks: Most magnetic screen doors are installed with adhesive on the top and sides of the doorframe. Some manufacturers use reinforcing tacks on the doorframe to increase the strength of the installation. These tacks may have a brass finish or be colored to match the screen.
  • Wind-resistant hasps: If your door will be located in a windy area, wind-resistant hasps are a good idea. A hasp is a locking mechanism, such as a leather buckle with a button fastener or a slotted hinged plate and loop made of nylon. The hasp is located on either side of the magnetic screen door and meets in the center when the door is closed to keep the two sides of the magnetic screen door closed during high winds.

Single vs. Double Door

Doorways can be a single-door opening or a double-door opening, and before buying a magnetic screen door you need to determine which you have so you can invest in the correct product to fill the space correctly.

  • Single-door magnetic screens are screen doors that measure between 30 to 40 inches wide. They’re less expensive than double-door products because they’re smaller, but they cannot be used to fill double-door spaces.
  • Double-door magnetic screens are intended to cover double-door openings, such as a French door walkout to the back deck. These magnetic screen doors range in width from 60 to 80 inches, ensuring that both doors and any filler in between are covered by the mesh screen.

Additional Features

Magnetic screen doors can come with a few different extra features that make them easier to use, including full-strip magnets, pet doors, and side snaps to hold the doors open.

  • Full-strip magnets are used instead of individually placed magnets in some models. The entire closing strip of the magnetic screen door is filled with thin, rectangular magnets to help keep the door closed even in strong wind gusts.
  • Pet doors are small screen doors that open with a push from your dog, cat, or any similar-size pet. They can be installed directly into the mesh of a standard screen door. The pet door stays closed using magnets in the frame that hold the swinging portion of the door in place when not in use.
  • Side snaps, which are available on some models, keep the doors open without people having to push through the screen. They act like curtain ties to keep the two mesh screens open and can be unsnapped when closing the mesh screen is desired.


Magnetic screen doors are generally very simple to install by a DIYer if the manufacturer’s directions are followed. Though quality models stay in place quite well when properly installed, they may be considered as temporary screen doors since taking them down can be done easily. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind during installation:

  • Does your door open inward or outward? To avoid impeding the swing of the door, install the magnetic screen door opposite the swing. Inward swinging doors should have screens installed on the outside of the frame. Outward swinging doors should have the screen installed on the inside of the frame.
  • Magnetic screen doors must be affixed to the doorframe using a strong adhesive, finishing nails, or pushpins. The type of frame, be it metal, wood, or an alternate material, will limit your choice of installation fasteners.
  • After installing the magnetic screen door, check that the magnets at the end of each screen link to each other. If they don’t, the installation was done incorrectly and the door will not close properly. You’ll need to remove the door and reinstall it correctly so the magnets align.


A magnetic screen door must be cleaned and maintained properly to extend the life of the screen. Dust frequently with a microfiber cloth or other duster to remove the dirt and debris from the mesh, and wash weekly with a damp cloth and mild soap.

Mesh screens should always be left to air dry; do not put them in a dryer, which could damage them.

You may prefer to purchase a Velcro system that attaches to the doorframe and to the magnetic screen door edging using adhesive. The magnetic screen door is attached to the Velcro lining as needed and is just as easily removed for washing by hand in a sink.

Our Top Picks

The magnetic screen doors highlighted below are top performers in frame and mesh quality, price, and other important features.

Best Overall

The Best Magnetic Screen Door Option: Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door Closure

The tightly woven, upgraded polyester mesh of the Flux Phenom magnetic screen door offers the durability of fiberglass with the visibility and airflow of polyester. The edges are fully reinforced with thumbtacks for extra security, ensuring that the magnetic screen door can stand up to the vigorous comings and goings of pets and kids

This hands-free magnetic screen door fits door sizes up to 38 by 82 inches, meaning it’s suitable for any doorframe that is 38 inches or less in width and 82 inches or less in height. The mesh can be pushed open by most cats, dogs, or kids, and the 26 heavy magnets running down the seam will close the mesh behind them. A video tutorial with installation instructions is included with the door.


  • Reinforced edges add durability and security
  • Fits doors up to 38 inches by 82 inches
  • 26 magnets along seam close mesh
  • Video installation tutorial included


  • Does not have full strip magnets

Runner Up

The Best Magnetic Screen Door Option: MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door, Reinforced Fiberglass

The fireproof, corrosion-resistant, heavy-duty fiberglass mesh of the MAGZO screen boasts better durability than polyester mesh products. The 38-inch by 99-inch screen door opens with a push to let people and pets go in and out freely, while the weight of strong magnets sewn into the screen edging pulls the two sides back into place.

This magnetic screen door uses a windproof sticker hasp design on the middle and the bottom of the screen door to prevent it from being blown open by high winds. There are also extra pushpins to help secure the adhesive strips used for installation.


  • Fireproof and corrosion resistant
  • Opens with a push
  • Windproof sticker hasp prevents being blown open
  • Extra pushpins included to help installation


  • Each screen door only fits one size opening

Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Magnetic Screen Door Option: Homearda Magnetic Screen Door Fiberglass

To be bug-free on a budget, consider Homearda’s magnetic screen door. It uses Velcro strips for quick and easy installation to the doorframe via the adhesive backing, which allows the door to be put up and taken down with ease.

Weighted sticks in the bottom edges of the fiberglass mesh screen prevent the 39-inch by 83-inch door from blowing open by the wind. With 26 powerful magnets sewn into the reinforced edges, this magnetic screen door features a fast yet silent closing that will not disrupt activities indoors or out.


  • Easy installation with adhesive backing
  • Reinforced edges have 26 magnets for closure
  • Less expensive than other options


  • Size is not adjustable
  • Magnets may require adjustment with use

Upgrade Pick

The Best Magnetic Screen Door Option: Wolf & Moon Products Bug Off 32 by 96 Instant Screen

Folks with odd-size doorframes will appreciate this “instant screen” from Wolf & Moon Products, which includes two height adjustment tunnels at the top to allow for customized installation. This durable magnetic screen door uses high-quality polyester mesh to protect your doorway and heavy magnets that allow the mesh screen to close behind people and pets.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of this screen door is its hanging mechanism, which resembles a curtain rod. You simply stretch the rod within a doorway without having to use any potentially damaging glue or tacks.


  • Height adjustment feature allows for installation adjustments
  • Adhesive-free, tool-free, and tack-free installation
  • 14 standard sizes


  • More expensive than other options

Best for Pets

The Best Magnetic Screen Door Option: OWNPETS Dog Screen Door

The ingenious 14-inch by 12-inch Ownpets screen operates like a traditional doggy door but has a mesh portal to allow airflow into the home. It installs directly into a traditional screen door and opens with a nudge of the head or bat of the paw, allowing pets the freedom to use the yard at will—no scratching or whining to be let out.

Plus, there’s a magnetic lock for times when furry friends can’t be allowed free access in and out. The self-closing door is made of strong ABS material, and reinforcement screws enhance the sturdy design.


  • Installs inside screen door
  • Allows pets access to house
  • Magnetic lock
  • Works with screen windows or doors


  • Not suitable for large dogs
  • Paw print design may not be universally desirable

Best Light Duty

The Best Magnetic Screen Door Option: AUGO Magnetic Screen Door - Self Sealing

Instead of numerous individual magnets, the light-duty polyester AUGO uses just a single magnet on each side that runs the entire length of the edge, from top to bottom, to keep the door closed. For times when leaving the door open makes it easier for folks to file in and out, use the sewn-in snaps on the curtain to keep both sides of the screen parted.

The 38-inch by 83-inch screen is installed with adhesives, but tacks are included for added strength. The screen is hung from a Velcro lining, so it’s easily removed for cleaning.


  • Magnet runs along entire edge
  • Sewn-in snaps can keep screen open
  • Includes adhesive and tacks for installation
  • Hung with Velcro for easy removal


  • Only fits doors 35 inches by 82 inches

Best for Sliding Doors

The Best Magnetic Screen Door Option: Yotache Reinforced Sewing Magnetic Screen Door

This Yotache magnetic screen door can fit different doorway sizes, including common sliding door measurements, with a wide variety of options from 48 inches by 78 inches to 80 inches by 96 inches. To allow you to attach the magnetic screen door to either a metal or wood frame, there’s an adhesive Velcro strip as well as pushpins for additional security when working with wood.

This fiberglass magnetic screen door is a strong and durable option that keeps bugs out while allowing fresh air and sun into the home. Wind-resistant hasps on the center and the bottom of the door offer extra security, preventing strong wind gusts from pushing the magnets open. It also includes an anti-tearing logo label at the top to reduce the likelihood of rips occurring at the top and middle parts of the door.


  • Fits variety of doorway sizes, including sliding doors
  • Can be installed with metal or wood frame
  • Wind-resistant hasps on center and bottom
  • Anti-tearing feature in top middle


  • Size is not adjustable

Best for French Doors

The Best Magnetic Screen Door Option: IKSTAR Magnetic Screen Door for French Door

This magnetic screen door comes in a wide span of sizes so the door can be fitted to almost any doorway including common French door sizes. The range extends from 39 inches by 83 inches to 72 inches by 80 inches, with seven additional options that fall between these two extremes.

The mesh is made with lightweight polyester to keep bugs out while allowing fresh air and sunlight in. And it’s pet-friendly, so four-legged family members should have no problem coming and going. Install the door to metal or wood with the adhesive strips, and consider using the included pushpins for additional security.


  • Variety of size options
  • Pets can use it
  • Includes adhesive strips and pushpins
  • Easy to remove


  • Size not adjustable during installation

Best for Breeze

The Best Magnetic Screen Door Option: MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door Size 72 x 80

This MAGZO model is designed with wind-resistant hasps at the middle and bottom of the door to keep it closed, even in heavy winds. It’s made with durable fiberglass and attaches to either wood or metal frames with the included adhesive Velcro strips. The screen door also includes a package of pushpins for additional security (appropriate for wood frames only).

Pets can walk in and out through the screen without damaging the door or pulling it from the frame. This magnetic screen door comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from 40 inches by 82 inches to 72 inches by 96 inches, making it appropriate for standard doorways, sliding doors, and French doors.


  • Variety of size options
  • Quick installation
  • Windproof hasp prevents blowing open


  • Size not adjustable during installation
  • Less expensive than other options

Our Verdict

While the size and type of door can vary, the Flux Phenom is one of the best magnetic screen doors for standard entry doors. For shoppers who need a magnetic screen door just for pets, the Ownpets Dog Screen Door is a good option. It creates a screened area that’s big enough for most small- and medium-size dogs to use.

How We Chose the Best Magnetic Screen Doors

These recommendations for the best magnetic screen door include options that work with standard-size entry doors, products that are adjustable, and some that work with either French doors and sliding glass doors. Products that include size options and those that were adjustable during installation ranked high during evaluation. We also considered the installation method and the material type’s durability and chose products that are easy to install and can withstand winds and other inclement weather.

While this category of screen doors that use a magnetic closure naturally includes products that automatically close based on the attraction of magnets, there is variety among the type and number of magnets and how the screen door is installed. Our favorite products include either a strip of continuous magnets or a large number of magnets so there is little chance of a gap between the two screen panels.

The Advantages of Owning a Magnetic Screen Door

A magnetic screen door in your home, cottage, or trailer keeps your place bug-free while allowing light and air in for ventilation. It will prove especially useful for pet owners, as cats and dogs can pass through with ease.

Magnetic fasteners close quickly and quietly before insects like mosquitoes can get in. While this addition does require regular dusting and washing, magnetic screen doors are otherwise low-maintenance and really allow you to enjoy pleasant weather without the bane of bugs.

  • Having a magnetic screen door keeps a home well ventilated.
  • Magnetic screen door maintenance is minimal compared to the benefits.
  • Animal lovers truly appreciate not having to be at their pets’ beck and call when furry friends want to come in and out.


For more information on choosing and using the best magnetic screen door, check out the answers below to some of the most commonly asked questions about these products.

Q. How does a magnetic screen door work?

Magnetic doors have two mesh panels that attach to the doorframe. The panels come together in the center using weighted magnets that are sewn into the border of the mesh netting to magnetically close the door. Users simply pass through at will, and the doors close behind them automatically.

Q. What are the different types of screen doors?

There are several different types of screen doors including hinged, retractable, sliding, pivoting, and magnetic screen doors. Some people may also include storm doors in the classification of screen doors, though technically they don’t have a screen and do not fit this category.

Q. What should I look for in a magnetic screen door?

Look for strong magnets and wind-resistant hasps to help protect the door from strong gusts. This solution allows people inside their homes to still enjoy the breeze without the door being blown open or blown completely off the frame.

Q. How do you install a magnetic screen door?

Installing a magnetic screen door isn’t difficult following these simple steps. First, Identify the type of fastener. Tacks are appropriate for wooden frames, but for metal, you will need to use adhesive velcro strips.

For tack-mounted magnetic screen doors:

  • Line up the corners of the door with the corners of the frame.
  • Insert a tack through the border of the screen door and through the doorframe to secure the door to the frame.
  • Repeat with all tacks, ensuring that they are evenly installed around the sides and top of the magnetic screen door.
  • Check to verify that the door closes in the center. If the door opens and closes without pulling away from the frame, then the installation is successful.

For adhesive Velcro strip installations:

  • Begin by washing the doorframe and allowing it to properly dry.
  • When the doorframe is clean and dry, align and apply the adhesive Velcro strip to the doorframe.
  • Hang the magnetic screen door from the Velcro strip and use the door to test whether it opens and closes without a problem. If it functions properly, the installation is complete.