The Best Christmas Light Projectors of 2022

Say goodbye to hours on a ladder with the best Christmas light projectors that make the night beautiful and bright.

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The Best Christmas Light Projectors Option


It doesn’t quite feel like Christmas until the lights twinkle on every house. However, the hours it takes to string those lights only to find that one of them is out (taking out the rest of the lights with it) just isn’t worth it. Save yourself time and effort by using one of the best Christmas light projectors. These devices may seem tech-y for Christmas lights, but they provide a festive display that takes a fraction of the time to set up.

Christmas light projectors display everything from snowflakes and snowmen to laser light shows with a kaleidoscope of colors. It comes down to determining the number of square feet required to display the light show and what kind of display would look best with the rest of the outdoor holiday decor. Take a look at some of the best projectors on the market, along with a shopping guide and tips to find the right one.

  1. BEST OVERALL: LedMAll Motion Outdoor Laser Christmas Lights
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: SunBox Live Christmas Holiday Lights Projector
  3. BEST CHRISTMAS DESIGNS: LedMAll Motion Pattern Christmas Lights
  4. BEST FOR KIDS: Yocuby Santa Claus Christmas Light
  5. BEST FOR BIG HOMES: XVDZS Christmas Laser Lights
  6. BEST FOR SMALL HOMES: COOWOO Christmas Laser Lights
  7. BEST SNOWFLAKE: YMING Christmas Snowflake Projector 
  8. BEST INDOOR: SPOOBOOLA Party Light DJ Disco Lights
  9. BEST FOR TREES: Poeland Outdoor Garden Laser Lights
The Best Christmas Light Projectors Option


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Christmas Light Projectors

Christmas projector lights, patterns, and display size are only a few of the considerations that factor into a projector decision. There’s also waterproofing, installation, and control to think about. Here are the considerations that will make a difference in performance, display quality, and whether or not the neighbors will be jealous of your Christmas display.

Patterns and Projection Range

Some projectors have a single pattern like twinkle lights or snowflakes, while others have up to 20. Many of those extra patterns go well beyond Christmas. They may include Halloween, Thanksgiving, and birthday projections, too.

Projection range indicates the farthest distance the projector can be from the target (usually the house) and still create a clear image or light display. Anywhere between 20 and 40 feet is normal, though some may only have a 10- to 12-foot projection range. If the projector is placed beyond this range, the displayed image loses clarity.

Durability and Waterproofing

An outdoor projector must withstand wind, rain, and snow unless you live in a mild climate. Check the projector’s IP rating. An IP rating indicates the waterproof level of the device. The IP rating may read IP67 or IP44. The first number indicates the particle-proof level of the projector, with a 0 offering no protection and a 6 being airtight. The second number indicates moisture penetration. It ranges from 0 to 9, with 9 being submersible and 0 being no protection.

An IP rating of IPX7 isn’t unusual. If there’s an X in the rating, it means that the manufacturer did not test the item particle penetration but did test it for water resistance. Outdoor Christmas projector lights should have a rating of at least IP65 to withstand rainy weather. However, projectors used in more extreme winters may require an IP67 rating.


Some projectors have a ground stake to secure it in place, which is pretty easy installation. Of course, the electrical cord needs to be plugged in, but installation usually only takes a few minutes. Other designs may have a base that rests on a table or a built-in tripod. Most models have more than one installation option.

Remote and Timer

Tromping out into cold weather to turn on a projector isn’t exactly holiday fun. Models that come with a remote and timer save time and money in the long run. A remote allows for light display adjustments and control from the front porch or even inside the house, depending on the range of the remote control.

Timers make sure the projector only runs when it will be visible, namely when it’s dark. They typically run on an 8-hour-on/16-hour-off or 6-hour-on/18-hour-off cycle. Some models come with several automatic timer settings, which lets users turn the projector on once and forget about it.

Our Top Picks

Christmas light projectors can be a hefty lighting purchase. We sifted through the options to find brands that rose above the competition with their performance, options, and durability.

Best Overall

The Best Christmas Light Projectors Option: LedMAll Outdoor Laser Christmas Lights

The LedMAll Motion 8 Patterns projector creates beautiful light displays in eight lighting patterns with three diode lasers. The images are light displays rather than discernible images like Santa Claus or a snowman. Laser movement creates the illusion of twinkling lights.

This model comes with two mounting options, making it usable indoors and out. It can rest atop a sturdy object like a table or be secured to the ground with a stake. The LedMAll includes a security lock to deter thieves—a lockable cable runs from the projector to an immovable object, such as a fence. It also comes with a few premium features such as a remote, choice of color combinations or single-color displays, speed control, and a timer with 2-, 4-, 6-, or 8-hour durations. Finally, this model has proved itself over time as a durable, high-quality display.

Product Specs 

  • Coverage: 3,000 square feet
  • IP rating: IP67
  • Display distance: 20 to 30 feet


  • Remote control with color, speed, and timer controls
  • Two mounting options
  • Includes security kit


  • Limited head movement

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Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Christmas Light Projectors Option: SunBox Live Christmas Holiday Lights Projector

The Christmas Holiday Lights Projector by SunBox Live comes with slides that project themes for a number of holidays, including:

  • Christmas
  • Thanksgiving
  • Halloween
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Easter
  • April Fools’ Day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Independence Day

Additional slides provide themed lights for birthday parties and other celebrations. Two installation options, a ground stake and base for clamping, provide versatile ways to secure the projector. Once the slides are in place, it’s controlled by a remote.

This projector provides versatile options for holiday lighting. However, it’s not without its flaws. Sometimes it arrives without all of the advertised slides, and durability can be an issue, with some users saying they only got a single season’s use.

Product Specs 

  • Coverage: NA
  • IP rating: IP65
  • Display distance: 12 to 15 feet


  • Can be used for multiple holidays and celebrations
  • Remote control
  • Easy to set up and run


  • Can arrive with random slides
  • Unpredictable durability past a single season

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Best Christmas Designs

The Best Christmas Light Projectors Option: LedMAll Motion Pattern Christmas Lights

The LedMAll Motion Pattern Firefly 3 Models takes Christmas up a notch with 18 moving Christmas patterns. Those patterns range from Santa and snowflakes to flashing light displays, depending on the setting. A remote control runs the show and includes speed control and color adjustments, like single- or multicolored modes. It includes two mounting options, a stake and base.

LedMAll includes a security kit with all of their outdoor projectors to protect the investment from thieves. This model also features a timer with 2-, 4-, 6-, and 8-hour settings. An IP67 rating makes this projector usable in wet climates. A longer-than-average 25-foot electrical cord may eliminate the need for an extension cord. At 25 feet, it can cover a 2,500-square-foot space. However, some units have trouble with the red laser, with some users reporting that it stops working.

Product Specs 

  • Coverage: 2,500 square feet
  • IP rating: IP67
  • Display distance: 25 to 30 feet


  • 18 Christmas-themed patterns
  • Four timer settings
  • Remote control
  • Includes security kit


  • Red laser goes out on some units

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Best for Kids

The Best Christmas Light Projectors Option: Yocuby Santa Claus Christmas Light
Photo: Walmart

The Santa Claus Christmas Light by Yocuby is simple but effectively adds a snowflake light display that kids can control themselves. It’s designed for use as a night light and projector. When the light is not on, the Santa becomes regular holiday decor.

It uses a USB cord or three AAA batteries for power. There’s practically no installation. Simply plug it in or insert the batteries, and it’s good to go. This model has a plastic cover and is only rated IP20, which is for indoor use only. While it has a relatively small coverage area, it’s mobile and easily used within different areas of the home.

Product Specs 

  • Coverage: NA
  • IP rating: IP20
  • Display distance: NA


  • Two power options—USB cord or AAA batteries
  • Easy to move and relocate throughout the house
  • Multicolored snowflake projections


  • Relatively small projection area

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Best for Big Homes

The Best Christmas Light Projectors Option: XVDZS Christmas Laser Lights

The Christmas Laser Lights by XVDZS covers a whopping 3,800-square-foot area when placed at a distance of 33 feet. A projector head that rotates 300 degrees helps users get the right angle and maximize the use of space for clear images. It comes with a remote control with which users can choose the pattern, movement speed, and lighting mode. Two installation options—ground stake or base plate for clamping—provide stability and ease of setup.

One issue with this model is the electrical cord. It’s 16.4 feet long, so it will require an extension cord to reach the full 33 feet. However, the adapter/electrical plug is only IP44 rated. That means it needs at least some protection from the weather. For some setups, that could mean some sort of cover over the adapter mid-yard.

Product Specs 

  • Coverage: 3,800 square feet
  • IP rating: Projector IP65, adapter IP44
  • Display distance: 33 feet


  • Large 3,800-square-foot coverage area
  • Rotating head helps get the best angle for projection
  • Clear images at up to 33 feet


  • Adapter isn’t waterproof

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Best for Small Homes

The Best Christmas Light Projectors Option: COOWOO Christmas Laser Lights

The COOWOO Christmas Laser Lights projector offers clear, small-scale projections. The maximum projection area of 600 square feet requires a 33-foot setup distance. The head angle adjusts to help get the best display possible. This model also features a built-in timer that turns on the projection for 8 hours, shutting it off for 16 hours. It comes with a ground stake, which is the only installation option. However, once it’s staked, all the projector requires is power, and the timer automatically turns on.

The COOWOO gets extra points for easy setup and operation, but that ease means there aren’t as many features.

Product Specs 

  • Coverage: 600 square feet
  • IP rating: IP65
  • Display distance: 33 feet


  • Automatic timer kicks in as soon as it’s plugged in
  • Easy setup
  • Adjustable head


  • One installation option
  • Few extra features

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Best Snowflake

The Best Christmas Light Projectors Option: YMING Christmas Snowflake Projector

The Christmas Snowflake Projector by YMING has a single pattern—snowflakes. For those who want to keep their home in a continuous winter wonderland, it’s perfect. The large, moving snowflake projection creates a 3D effect, where the snowflakes slowly fade away. A remote controls the speed of the effect and the four timer settings—2, 4, 6, or 8 hours. A 50-foot radius for the remote adds to the usability.

The head has 180 degrees of adjustment, and the YMING comes with a round base or ground stake as installation options. With an IP65 rating, the projector itself can withstand rain. However, the power adapter/plug is only IP44, which means it needs to be somewhat protected from inclement weather.

Product Specs 

  • Coverage: small (exact square footage unavailable)
  • IP rating: IP65 projector, IP44 adapter
  • Display distance: NA


  • 3D effect of snowflakes adds realistic effect
  • Four timer settings
  • Two installation options


  • Adapter requires protection from moisture

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Best Indoor

The Best Christmas Light Projectors Option: SPOOBOOLA Party Light DJ Disco Lights

The Party Light DJ Disco Lights by SPOOBOOLA takes the holidays beyond a simple display into dance territory. This model has three mode options—auto, strobe, and sound control. Sound control has two different light settings, too. Within these modes, there are fun light combinations that include plenty of holiday red and green. The remote control runs the modes, but it also lets users make adjustments to the display speed.

This model features a removable, adjustable tripod or a bracket for permanent installation. The flexible legs can hold the projector on a table or wrap around a sturdy object to get the best angle. A downside of this model is that the microphone requires proximity to the music source.

Product Specs 

  • Coverage: NA
  • IP rating: Indoor only
  • Display distance: NA


  • Red, green, or red/green color modes
  • Two music control settings
  • Flexible tripod installation option
  • Remote control


  • Poor microphone

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Best for Trees

The Best Christmas Light Projectors Option: Poeland Outdoor Garden Laser Lights

The Poeland Outdoor Garden Laser Lights creates a laser light show that shows up on trees just as well as it does on flat surfaces. It’s the bright, focused light that makes a difference.

The timer offers four timed settings of 2, 4, 6, and 8 hours. This model features two installation options, a ground stake and a platform that works for indoor use. A security kit locks the projector in place to deter thieves. It includes a remote control to adjust colors, movement speed, and to control the automatic timer. However, that remote can be a weak spot. A few units have had the remote stop working within the first season.

Product Specs 

  • Coverage: 2,500 square feet
  • IP rating: NA
  • Display distance: 20 feet


  • Focused light that makes colors appear brighter
  • Shows up well on uneven surfaces
  • Includes security kit


  • A few units have had a faulty remote

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Our Verdict

The LedMAll Motion 8 Patterns takes the top spot because of its patterns, durability, and focused light. For those looking for a projector for a smaller budget, the Christmas Holiday Lights Projector offers lights for all seasons at a fraction of the price.

How We Chose the Best Christmas Light Projectors

The products on our list had Christmas lights projector reviews that stood out from a sea of mediocre reviews. Four stars and up is where we started. From there, we looked at the combination of features with the quality of the projector. IP ratings helped indicate durability.

The coverage area, lighting options, and ease of installation all came into play when deciding on the models that made the list. We also thought about brand reputation. Does the brand have other trustworthy products? We considered more than 55 Christmas light projectors to find the models that eventually made the list. Some brands appear more than once because their projectors perform where others fail.


Maybe you have a projector in mind already, or maybe you don’t. If you have lingering questions, we have answers. Check out some of the most common questions to put your mind at ease.

Q. How many Christmas light projectors do I need?

The number of Christmas light projectors you need depends on the square footage of the display area. Some projectors can cover up to 3,800 square feet, while others cover only 600 square feet. Estimate the square footage of the display area, and buy a projector that will cover it. If it’s a particularly large area, you might need more than one projector.

Q. Can I project lights onto a tree?

Lights can be projected onto a tree with varying levels of success. The light displays best on a flat surface, which a tree is not. However, moving light displays can make a tree look like it’s lit because the light continually catches the branches.

Q. How do I set up a Christmas light projector?

First, read the manufacturer’s instructions, and then follow them. Depending on the projector’s specs, you may need a measuring tape to determine the optimum distance from the display area. From there, it’s a matter of adjusting the projector angle, securing it, and plugging in an extension cord.

Q. At what distance should I install a Christmas light projector?

The appropriate distance varies from model to model. Some models project best between 15 and 20 feet from the display area, while others display best at 30 to 40 feet. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Q. On what surface can the Christmas light project the image?

Christmas light projectors provide the best images on a relatively flat surface, like a house, garage door, or interior wall.

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