The Best Halloween Projectors

There’s an easier way to set up large-scale ghouls, graveyard mist, bats, and spiders this Halloween season.

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With Halloween approaching, it’s time to prep the home and yard for the seasonal fright fest. That means draping cobwebs over banisters, adorning the front door with a witch’s broom and cauldron, and setting up your choice of inflatables or animatronics in the yard. But nothing adds quite the same eerie effect of a haunting as a great Halloween projector casting the glowing image of a ghost or a trippy display of neon pumpkins out in front of the house.

There are a lot of holiday projectors out there, but not just any will do! That’s why we put in the research to find the cream of the crop. Whether you want something high-tech or budget-friendly, portable or secured, you’ll find the tech you need in this curated collection of the best Halloween projectors.

1. BEST OVERALL: Xhaus Halloween Projector

The Best Halloween Projectors Option: Xhaus Halloween Projector

This projector gives you everything you need for a frustration-free experience. The LED projector is equipped with two projection heads. One head offers 16 slides that span various holidays; Halloween’s selection includes creepy scenes like floating eyeballs, devils, graves, and coffins. The other projection head establishes a your choice of 10 colors with a moving pattern to create an overall eye-catching experience.

The imagery requires slides to be manually swapped out on the first projection head, but shoppers love how easy the included remote makes switching between colors and speeds throughout a night. It also offers a timer, which allows you to set a shutoff time in 2, 4, or 6 hours—after the trick-or-treating hour or Halloween party ends. It’s also more affordable than most inflatables and waterproof for even a wet October. It’s recommended to place the floodlight at a distance of 10 to 15 feet from the projection surface.

Get the Xhaus Halloween Projector on Amazon for $32.99

2. BEST UPGRADE: Bigasuo Pro302 

The Best Halloween Projectors Option: Bigasuo Pro302 

The two-in-one design features a projector with a built-in DVD player, so you can project whatever you like right from a DVD of your choice, be it a scary movie, scary Halloween animations, and more. A great option to accompany the projector is the AtmosFX Ghostly Apparitions Digital Decorations DVD. AtmosFX is a reputable graphics company that sells DVDs and downloads of intricate holiday graphics that you can project onto a wall, window, or even pumpkin. Reviewers say the DVD is even better than the description, pointing out in particular how spooky both the images and the sounds are. Meanwhile, the Bigasou projector has two built-in powerful speakers, so you can really set the tone with scary sound effects. The Pro302 is an exclusive patent design, and has received over 5,700 reviews, with customers raving about how convenient it is to slip in a DVD with exactly what you want and have it projected in seconds. The max projection size of this projector is 200 inches, while the recommended size is about 100 inches, and the recommended distance is five to eight feet.

Get the Bigasuo Pro302 on Amazon for $118.98

Get the AtmosFX Ghostly Apparitions Digital Decorations DVD on Amazon for $39.99

3. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: EcoGuru Halloween Projector

The Best Halloween Projectors Option: EcoGuru Halloween Projector

Upgraded for 2022, the EcoGuru Halloween Projector offers a no-frills, single-head holiday projector at an incredible price with the current coupon. This waterproof light projector is 50 percent brighter than its predecessor to illuminate one of 12 graphic options—Halloween, sure, but also Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, birthdays, and more. Select one for the night to manual set, and the non-fading HD slide produce a delightfully horrific display of zombies, eyeballs, ghosts, witches, graves, bats, skulls, and pumpkins.

The projector’s 16.4-foot-long power cord (potentially paired with an outdoor extension cord) will let you set this up to 32.8 feet from your home so that graphics can be up to 441 square feet. For best results, the manufacturer recommends positioning it 10 to 15 feet from the surface you’re projecting on, creating a display about 256 square feet.

Get the EcoGuru Halloween Projector on Amazon for $35.99 (plus, save an extra 20% with coupon)

4. BEST LASER: Yinuo Candle Store Laser Projector

The Best Halloween Projectors Option: Yinuo Candle Store Laser Projector

The Yinuo Candle Store projector used a laser light to project Halloween scenes, which make for incredible vividness and brightness. Choose from seven patterns, including a ghost, pumpkin, spider, cobweb, and skull, and three color modes. Reviewers appreciate that this projector is capable of displaying up to 3,900 square feet at a distance of 33 feet while remaining clear and bright. Even more, the laser projector can last up to 50,000 hours while consuming 80 percent less power than traditional LED models.

Get the Yinuo Candle Store Laser Projector on Amazon for $28.99

5. BEST SPECIAL EFFECTS: AAXA HP3 Halloween Projector

The Best Halloween Projectors Option: AAXA-HP3-Halloween-Projector

If your goal is to have the most realistic holograms in the neighborhood, the AAXA HP3 Halloween Projector should be your top pick. The handheld projector is tiny in size and easy to hide while offering full-featured projection with 100 inches of screen size. It’s pre-loaded with six holographic effects including flying ghosts and wraiths, scary specters, and phantom and bloody pirates’ battles. Equipped with a great selection of inputs, including HDMI, USB, TF, and 3.5 mm Audio Out, you can customize the sound to your liking and use it year-round for movies, gaming, and more.

Get the AAXA HP2 Halloween Projector on Amazon for $119

6. BEST FOR KIDS: Auxiwa Halloween Lights LED Projector

The Best Halloween Projectors Option: Auxiwa Halloween Lights LED Projector

This projector features built-in auto-moving patterns that provide an interactive experience for the whole family, including ghosts, pumpkins, bats and cats. Its bright and simple graphics make it enjoyable for even the little ones who are just getting started with the Halloween spirit. The projector can be used both inside and out thanks to the waterproof design, 16-foot cable, and zero noise (great for indoor use!). Reviewers note that the projector is very easy to set up. You can simply position a ground stake or stand base in the ground, plug in the projector, and watch the magic unfold.

Get the Auxiwa Halloween Lights LED Projector on Amazon for $37.99 (plus, save an extra 5% with coupon)


The Best Halloween Projectors Option: MOKOQI Halloween Projector

Create an epic indoor party with this simple globe design of this Halloween projector. The curved surface of this LED light projector offers nearly 80 percent ceiling projection coverage—and the design itself rotates 360 degrees! The result is less creepy and more like a fun and festive night light. In addition to a lense dappled with Halloween characters, it comes with a truck-themed pattern, too. Power it by tethering to a computer or outlet adapter using either the included USB cable or 4 AAA batteries (not included).

MOKOQI Halloween Projector on Amazon for $19.99 (plus, save an extra 30% with coupon)

8. MOST VERSATILE: Mintom LED Projector

The Best Halloween Projectors Option: Mintom LED Projector

Keep the spirit going strong from Halloween through Christmas, and even all the way to Valentine’s Day with the Mintom LED Projector. Manually set your choice of 16 holiday patterns (slides with four images apiece) and use the remote to cycle through 10 colors, making it ideal for the festive type who enjoy decorating for all holidays. It’s additionally versatile for its ability to be staked into the ground, fixed on the wall or ceilings, or placed on the floor with the included base. The waterproof projector also comes with a wireless remote control to conveniently turn on or off the projector light. The projector features 13.1 feet of optimal projecting range and 2,137 square feet of maximum projecting coverage.

Get the Mintom LED Projector on Amazon for $38.99 (plus, save an extra 10% with coupon)

How We Chose the Best Halloween Projectors

Finding the best Halloween projector requires extensive research based on user reviews, cost, design, and various features. For this roundup, we looked at options with variable screen options, such as different colors, patterns, and holographic image quality and diversity. We also took into consideration portability, from the ability to switch corded projectors from being staked in the ground to mounted on the wall or ceiling, to battery-powered options. Waterproof designs were also taken into consideration, making them the most versatile for indoor and outdoor use. Light source was an important factor as well, with both traditional LED and laser options both highlighted. Projection size and distance was researched to offer the best choice based on the size of the surface being used as a display. Finally, we looked at kit inclusions that may help the user, especially timers and wireless remotes.


Q: How do I project Halloween pictures outside?

Choose a side of your home, shed, or large tree that is large enough to display an entire image or images projected upon them. Then, place the projector a short distance away based on the manufacturer’s recommendation—often 10 to 15 feet.

Q: How do you hide a projector for Halloween?

A small machine can hide behind other holiday yard props, such as one or more tombstones. Or, build a small black box around the projector to conceal it.


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