The Best Hammock Stands

Enjoy superior stability as you laze the days away with the hammock stand that suits your size, budget, and swaying style.

By Andreana Lefton and Tom Scalisi | Updated Mar 14, 2022 4:09 PM

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Best Hammock Stand Options


Sitting in a hammock is one of the greatest summer pleasures and an excellent way to kick back on the weekend. But the comfiest hammock is only as good as its stand—the structure keeping it, and you, off the ground. Some hammocks come as sets with a stand, ensuring a good fit, but stands are also available for separate purchase.

Stands for hammocks come in three main styles: Brazilian and spreader bar (to accommodate those hammock types), and hammock chair stands. Keep reading for shopping tips and top picks, then choose the best one of this outdoor furniture type to suit your lazy-day needs.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Sunnydaze 550-Pound Capacity Steel Hammock Stand
  2. BEST BUDGET: FDW Hammock Stand Portable Heavy Duty Hammock Stand
  3. BEST LUXURY: Vivere Solid Combo Wood Hammock
  4. BEST SMALL: Zupapa 550LBS Weight Capacity Steel Hammock Stand
  5. BEST PORTABLE: Tranquillo QG7F Universal Hammock Stand
  6. BEST HAMMOCK CHAIR STAND: FDW Hammock Chair Stands Solid Steel Heavy Duty
  7. BEST BRAZILIAN SET: Vivere Double Hammock with Space Saving Steel Stand
  8. BEST SPREADER BAR SET: Sorbus Hammock with Stand & Spreader Bars
The Best Hammock Stand Options


Types of Hammock Stands

There are many different types of hammocks, each with its own style and design. While the right hammock stands can handle several styles, they aren’t necessarily a universal product. From Brazilian to portable hammock stands, this section will explain some of the most common hammock types, as well as what to look for in a stand from which to hang them.


Brazilian hammocks are large and designed to have a deep sag. Rather than the hammock-lounger lying with feet and head in line with the stand’s posts, Brazilian hammocks allow the user to lie across the hammock perpendicular to the brackets from which the hammock hangs.

In general, Brazilian hammocks require taller hammock stands to allow for the deep sag without the user sitting on the ground. But, many standard hammock stands do feature adjustable heights. The hammock material simply loops over the hammock stand and attaches to a hook, holding a Brazilian hammock in place as necessary.

Spreader Bar

Spreader bar hammocks are the traditional style, taking up residence in backyards across the globe. These hammocks feature rope or fabric material looped through two bars on either end. The bars keep the fabric open, allowing the hammock to retain its shape even when occupied. Users can sit in these hammocks similarly to sitting in a chair or kick back for a snooze by lying lengthwise in the hammock.

Hammock stands for spreader bar hammocks are fairly traditional. They typically involve a frame with two raised arms from which the hammock hangs. They might feature adjustable heights, though spreader bar hammocks typically come in preset lengths.

Hammock Chair

For those who prefer to kick back in a cocoon-like setting, hammock chairs might be the way to go. Hammock chairs feature fabric, rope, or even basket-like materials woven together to create a chair. They might also feature a spreader bar to keep the fabric open, depending on the design.

Hammock chairs typically hang from just one point, allowing the chair to spin, rotate, and sway unobstructedly. The stands that hold these hammocks in place generally are just large arms connected to sturdy bases, though many feature shock-absorbing springs to make getting in and out more comfortable.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Hammock Stand

Hammocks might seem simple as outdoor furniture goes, but there can be a lot to know about choosing the best hammock stand. This section will point out some of the most important considerations to keep in mind while shopping for the best hammock stand. Each segment can play an important role in the decision, so be sure to do some research.


Hammocks are not a one-size-fits-all proposition, and as such, neither are hammock stands. Choosing the best hammock stand might have a lot to do with the size of the stand, as well as the size of where it’s intended to sit.

Most traditional hammocks come in sizes between 9 and 12 feet, with some longer models measuring up to 15 feet long. In a wide-open backyard, a 15-foot-long hammock might seem like a true luxury. On a small deck, that 15-foot hammock might be a nightmare. For those more compact spaces, small patio furniture and a 9-foot model will be a wiser choice. Choose a hammock (and the hammock stand that holds it) according to the area it will occupy.


Choosing the best hammock stand might have a lot to do with the material it’s made from. For instance, those who would prefer a reasonable and low-cost material might have different opinions on materials than those who want a bit higher-end hammock and stand.

In general, the most affordable hammock stands are made of metal tubing. These are less expensive and plenty strong, but they might only last a few years before corrosion becomes an issue. For those who want a more luxurious touch for their expensive hammock, tropical hardwoods are available that will resist rot and harsh weather while also looking great.

Weight Capacity

Let’s face it, sometimes a hammock is more fun with two people cuddled up instead of one. To make sure a romantic afternoon of sunbathing or an evening of stargazing doesn’t end with you and your partner feeling like a double-stuffed human burrito, choose a hammock stand with the appropriate weight capacity.

Most hammock stands can handle in excess of 400 pounds, which is generally what the industry considers a two-person stand. For hammock chairs, 300 pounds is a typical weight capacity. There might be an opportunity to save money with a lighter-weight hammock stand, but the risk might not be worth the reward.


Hammock stands are usually pretty straightforward to put together, requiring the user to slide a few poles into one another, tighten a few bolts, and hang the hammock from the hooks, but there are a few things to expect.

Some hammock stands feature hex-head bolts and nuts, so a set of wrenches and sockets will speed up the process. Also, be sure to tighten everything completely before loading up the hammock. And remember that the chains that most spreader bar hammock stands feature make up quite a bit of the adjustability, so don’t worry about cutting off excess links—they might be necessary if the hammock ever needs replacing.

Some hammock stands fold up for easy setup and portability. These stands work best for camping or for moving around a property.

Our Top Picks

The stands featured below support Brazilian hammocks, spreader bar varieties, and hammock chairs. Choose between a solo stand or set—which is often less expensive compared to buying a hammock and stand separately.

Best Overall

The Best Hammock Stand Option: Sunnydaze 550-Pound Capacity Steel Hammock Stand

For anyone looking for a mega-tough stand suited to both Brazilian and spreader bar hammocks, the Sunnydaze measures up with its 550-pound capacity. Weighing in at 33 pounds, it’s sturdy but also portable enough to jockey around the yard as the sun moves.

The bars of this portable hammock are 1.5-inch tubular powder-coated steel, which resists rust and most weather conditions (though it might not be the most stylish). It’s also easy to assemble without tools: The joints lock together with spring-snap mechanisms, and all the required hardware comes in the kit.

The Sunnydaze steel hammock stand fits Brazilian and spreader bar–style hammocks ranging from 9.5 to 14 feet long, making it flexible enough for smaller oases as well as expansive backyard getaways.

Product Specs

  • Style: Brazilian and spreader bar
  • Size: 9.5 to 14 feet long
  • Weight Capacity: 550 pounds


  • Works for Brazilian and spreader bar hammocks
  • Adjustable length for flexibility
  • Steel frame is powder-coated for durability
  • Toolless setup is fast and easy


  • Steel stand might not be the most stylish

Best Budget

Best Hammock Stand Options: FDW Hammock Stand Portable Heavy Duty Hammock Stand Portable Steel Stand Only for Outdoor Patio or Indoor with Carrying Case

While it’s never a good idea to skimp on quality or engineering when it comes to something that holds a person aloft, it is possible to find an affordable, well-built hammock stand. FDW’s 9-foot portable heavy-duty hammock stand features sturdy, powder-coated steel construction. It fits most Brazilian-style hammocks, and it’s completely adjustable to the user’s height preferences.

The weight capacity for this stand is 400 pounds, but it functions best with one-person hammocks due to its size. It is easy to assemble and break down, and since it weighs less than 30 pounds, it is one of the most portable stands on this list (especially with the included carrying case).

Product Specs

  • Style: Brazilian or spreader bar
  • Size: 9 feet
  • Weight Capacity: 400 pounds


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Features powder-coated steel stand construction
  • Easy to set up and take down


  • Smaller size is most suitable for one-person hammocks

Best Luxury

The Best Hammock Stand Option: Vivere Solid Combo Wood Hammock

Anyone looking for a stylish solution for both a Brazilian hammock and the stand to hang it from should check out Vivere’s Solid Combo Wood Hammock. This kit comes with a wooden hammock frame made from FSC-certified pine, as well as a double hammock (available in a variety of colors) for tandem relaxation (thanks to its 450-pound weight capacity). Also, the hammock features a cotton bed with polyester end strings for long-term durability.

The pine hammock stand comes in several pieces, which the user will have to put together. This requires a basic set of hand tools. However, the hammock hooks are easily adjustable, allowing users to tailor the stand to their preferred height for single and double hammocks.

Product Specs

  • Type: Brazilian
  • Size: Adjustable
  • Weight Capacity: 450 pounds


  • Made from FSC-certified wood
  • Comes with a Brazilian hammock
  • Works as a single or double hammock
  • Adjustable height


  • Requires a basic set of hand tools to assemble

Best Small

The Best Hammock Stand Option: Zupapa 550LBS Weight Capacity Steel Hammock Stand

Anyone who wants a hammock but worries they haven’t the space for it should give Zupapa’s Steel Hammock Stand a look. This stand features powder-coated steel tubing and offers a weight capacity of up to 550 pounds, despite its small size. It also features rubberized feet to protect decking and finished floor surfaces.

This is the perfect hammock stand if you need a model that assembles easily, allowing the user to set it up and take it down in minutes without tools (it features easily tightened knobs to tighten the hardware). Once broken down, it fits into the included carrying case to easily transport this 25-pound stand back and forth.

Product Specs

  • Style: Brazilian
  • Size: 8 to 10.5 feet
  • Weight Capacity: 550 pounds


  • Fits smaller hammocks
  • 550-pound weight capacity despite its size
  • Toolless assembly
  • Comes with a carrying case


  • It isn’t suitable for spreader bar hammocks

Best Portable

The Best Hammock Stand Option: Tranquillo QG7F Universal Hammock Stand

When it comes to blending portability with capability, Tranquillo’s QG7F Universal Hammock Stand might be the way to go. This product features an assembly-free design that simply folds and unfolds, allowing for easy setups and adjustments. The Tranquillo Universal Hammock Stand isn’t just a stand, either; it comes with an 8.5-foot-long hammock that’s available in 13 different colors.

Like most portable hammock stands, the folding frame is easy to set up and doesn’t require any tools or assembly. Simply unfold the arms, snap the height adjustment arms into place, and spread the base—all of which benefit from ball-bearing joints. Like some portable stands, it also comes with a handy carrying case that the 30-pound frame fits into for easy transport. And, for those concerned about weight capacity from a folding stand, this one can handle up to 550 pounds.

Product Specs

  • Style: Spreader bar
  • Size 8.5 feet
  • Weight Capacity: 550 pounds


  • No assembly required
  • Ball-bearing joints
  • Lightweight design
  • Comes with a spreader bar hammock


  • Not designed for longer hammocks

Best Hammock Chair Stand

The Best Hammock Stand Option: FDW Hammock Chair Stands Solid Steel Heavy Duty

Unlike lie-down varieties, a hammock chair keeps folks upright and elevated with a woven seating area suspended on a hanger. FDW’s solid C-shaped stand supports this seat properly and allows for dangling in just about any direction, thanks to the stand’s 360-degree rotation. The secure X-shaped base provides maximum balance, so there’s no need to worry about tipping, and the powder-coated steel frame resists rust and most weather damage.

With a weight limit of 450 pounds, it’s perfect for both kids and adults. Easy to assemble and even easier to enjoy, the FDW hammock chair stand is a fun addition to porches, kids’ rooms, and playrooms thanks to its indoor-outdoor design.

Product Specs

  • Style: Chair
  • Size: 44 by 31 by 86 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 450 pounds


  • 450-pound weight capacity
  • Swings, sways, and spins freely for maximum relaxation
  • Indoor-outdoor design


  • It doesn’t come with a hammock chair

Best Brazilian Set

The Best Hammock Stand Option: Vivere Double Hammock with Space Saving Steel Stand

Those fretting over finding a superior hammock and a stand to support it can breathe easy! This Vivere hammock set includes a top-of-the-line steel stand and a stunning double Brazilian hammock. The frame features tool-free assembly, and the hammock is made of high-quality cotton (or opt for polyester, mesh, or Sunbrella fabric), with tough polyester end strings for added strength.

The stand can easily bear the weight of two people (or up to 450 pounds) without buckling, and the sleek black poles won’t detract from the woven hammock, which comes in dozens of different colors. With the adjustable hooks on the stand, users can decide how low or high they want the hammock to swing.

Product Specs

  • Type: Brazilian
  • Size: 9 feet
  • Weight Capacity: 450 pounds


  • Wide range of Brazilian hammock choices
  • 450-pound capacity
  • Tool-free assembly


  • Not designed for spreader bar hammocks

Best Spreader Bar Set

The Best Hammock Stand Option: Sorbus Hammock with Stand & Spreader Bars

Folks who don’t like to sink into a hammock should check out this Sorbus model. Its spreader bars stretch the hammock to provide a flat surface for lounging, sunbathing, and snoozing.

This hammock bed comes complete with a freestanding frame, spreader bars, detachable pillow, and a cotton hammock that accommodates two adults (up to 450 pounds total). The sturdy hammock stand features powder-coated steel construction for weather resistance to maintain its black finish. Easy-to-assemble joints lock together with snap-button mechanisms (no tools required), and the Sorbus comes with all hardware and instructions.

Product Specs

  • Style: Spreader bar
  • Size: 9.5 to 12 feet
  • Weight Capacity: 450 pounds


  • Comes with a spreader bar hammock
  • 450-pound weight capacity for double hammocks
  • Tool-free assembly


  • Not compatible with Brazilian hammocks

Our Verdict

Anyone hunting for a backyard oasis should consider a Brazilian or spreader bar hammock, making the Sunnydaze hammock stand a considerable option for its durability and flexibility. Those looking to save some cash on their relaxation should think about FDW hammock stand for its usefulness at an affordable price point.

How We Chose the Best Hammock Stands

When we compiled the list of the best hammock stands, we looked for durability and plenty of weight capacity with single and two-person options. We also examined price, assembly requirements, and focused on stands provided by trusted brands.

The featured list accommodates different types of hammocks including Brazilian hammocks and hammock chairs. We searched for strong materials; the types included are primarily powder-coated steel and wood hammock stands for longevity and weather resistance. The top hammock stands can accommodate between 450 and 550 pounds. A few stands on the list also come with a hammock, and some options even include toolless assembly.


With all that information about the best hammock stands, there could be some additional questions hanging around. This section includes some of the most frequently asked questions about hammock stands, so be sure to check for an answer to your question listed below.

Q: Are hammock stands safe?

Hammocks can be tricky, but once you get the hang of them, they’re not so bad. Along those same lines, as long as a hammock stand is still in good shape and not over its weight capacity, it’s safe.

Q: Can hammock stands hold more than one person?

Most hammock stands feature weight capacities of more than 400 pounds, so as long as the hammock is rated for two people, it should be fine.

Q: How long should a hammock stand be?

It depends on the hammock size, which generally ranges from 9 to 15 feet.

Q: Can I leave my hammock stand outside year-round?

Snowy and wet winters can do a number on a hammock stand, even if it’s powder-coated material. It’s best to bring your stand inside in the winter, which is why so many are easy to disassemble.

Q: How long does a hammock stand last?

Powder-coated hammock stands can last a few years if they’re taken care of and not left out in the winter. Wooden hammock stands can last much longer if appropriately maintained with an outdoor sealer.

Q: What can I do to prolong the life of my hammock stand?

Metal hammock stands are most likely to rust from the inside, so be sure to keep any exposed opening covered or plugged if possible. Also, disassemble the stand and bring it in each winter (spraying some WD-40 or similar rust-preventing spray into the tubes will help). For wood stands, be sure to sand and seal them each year to get the most life out of them.